But soon he was relieved.

Poison Flower Demon has always been helping him, but he didn’t pay anything from her. Even when she knew that she might be hurt, Poison Flower Demon didn’t leave rashly. It was her heart that helped Mo Xiaoxie feel guilty.
He hope to make it up to her by some means if possible.
With this in mind, Mo Xiaoxie decided to go back and find her and get her forgiveness. After all, she came this time because of him. She couldn’t come after all, but she finally came and was badly hurt. How can she be mistreated?
After deciding, Mo Xiaoxie checks himself.
Poisoning is very smooth, and it is impossible to jump directly to level 55, but he can’t get rid of gloom because of the poisonous flower demon.
The source of poison extracted from the spider female demon has been completely assimilated by him. Now he has mastered more than 3,000 toxins, and he can casually release highly toxic drugs to attack the enemy.
Mo Xiaoxie tried a wave of his hand, and a thick cloud of poisonous gas landed on the spider witch’s body. After a while, he corroded it and left a pool of black and smoky substances on the ground.
Poisoning has come to hand. It’s after that that Mo Xiaoxie decided to go back to the poisonous flower demon and explain it clearly.
A thousand miles teleport!
Whoosh! Mo Xiaoxie’s figure disappeared in the same place. In a blink of an eye, he has come to the huge cave in the nether stream.
When Mo Xiaoxie first appeared here, he saw Sofia, Buck, Snake Demon Ji and so on all here. Obviously, he was attracted by what happened in advance. His arrival immediately attracted all eyes.
What are you doing here? Mo Xiaoxie asked that this cave is the residence of the poisonous flower demon and the nest of that huge flower. The poisonous flower demon doesn’t like who will disturb her. Generally, no one is allowed to come here.
Sophia replied, Sister Hua suddenly came back to pick up her flowers and left without leaving a message. She seemed very angry.
Mo Xiaoxie was frightened in his heart. Looking back, he found that the giant flowers were really gone. The ground was full of cracks. Once the roots of that flower were all out, and the magic well was completely covered. At the moment, it was also open.
Boss, what’s going on? Buck hurriedly asked.
Viper Ji also wondered, Without that flower, the ghost stream is no longer a ghost stream. The poisonous fog barrier has become thinner and will disappear soon. What’s the matter, King?
Mo Xiaoxie didn’t want to answer the question. The poisonous flower demon left without saying goodbye, which made him very sad. He was about to leave when Pumpkin Head said, Your Majesty Mr. Jeff came when you left. He heard that something happened in the valley of the dead, so he came to have a look, but you weren’t there. He left and said he must inform him if something happened.
Mo Xiaoxie nodded and then returned to his abode of fairies and immortals alone.
Sitting crosslegged on the ground, Mo Xiaoxie was depressed. He didn’t even know the name of the poisonous flower demon. Poison flower demon was her title. She couldn’t have called it that.
For the first time, Mo Xiaoxie wanted to keep someone so badly, but there was no chance at all.
Now that things have come to this, it’s okay for him to dwell on it again. Now the poisonous fog of the Ghost Stream has gradually dissipated with the departure of the poisonous flower demon. Without this expanding Ghost Stream, those adventurers are rampant, which is very dangerous for everyone.
But now that you have mastered the level 55 poisoning technique, Mo Xiaoxie naturally has a way to solve this.
夜生活As planned, he decided that the center of the Ghost Stream would poison the whole valley of the dead and cover the whole area with poisonous gas.
The ambitious plan was immediately put into practice smoothly.
Mo Xiaoxie kept releasing poison in the abode of fairies and immortals. Because of the magic, the poison gas kept flying out.
When he was busy for half a day, he felt that it was too much trouble to release words in person, and he simply made an automatic magic circle when he spent a lot of time.
When I came to the cave of Poison Flower Demon, Mo Xiaoxie made a lefthanded solid magic circle. He directly drilled a huge magic circle outline, and then the gems were filled with lines to enlarge the gems at some key points.
He has already mastered the knowledge of making entity magic circle, although he seldom makes it, but now the process of making it is not hindered.
The physical magic circle magic drawing magic circle is different, the former is longterm and the latter is temporary.
After the magic circle is made, Mo Xiaoxie will sneak his own poison into it and add a little bit of his own poison source. This magic circle can automatically release the poison, and it is not a problem to have magic well to consume magic.
In the process of poisoning, the poisonous fog barrier of the ghost stream is back soon.
The poisonous gas continues to spread to places outside the ghost stream, and more and more places are covered with poisonous gas, but these poisonous gases will slowly dissipate and be blown away by the wind.
It’s not that Mo Xiaoxie wants his poison gas. Although it has poisoned mountain animals and plants, it’s not costeffective if the law is kept for a long time and blown away by the wind.
This is a big problem. The gas root will not stay in place for long unless the gas stops flowing.
For example, solving this problem has become a toxic key to Mo Xiaoxie’s development.
If we can turn the earth into poison, we may succeed as he changes. Mo Xiaoxie thought about it and decided to try various means to achieve this.
He sent a lot of hands to dig tunnels to let the poisonous gas spread all over the place, so that the poisonous gas could be sprayed into the air from the ground. The experiment finally failed.
So Mo Xiaoxie asked his men to block the gap and prevent the poisonous gas from spewing out to see if they could poison the earth, but the effect was poor.
Finally, Mo Xiaoxie thought that liquid was highly toxic to assimilate the soil, which of course consumed a lot of venom. After all, the density of toxic gas and venom was almost day by day.
So the research can be carried out on a small scale.
At this moment, Mo Xiaoxie came to a green land outside the ghost stream alone. Here, birds and flowers are singing and the scenery is pleasant. The ground is full of green grass and flowers, and trees are surrounded by trees. Occasionally, a few birds and insects sing.
But this place is destined to be a Mo Xiaoxie experiment sacrifice.
Mo Xiaoxie raised his hand to create a rain cloud. He used poison to release poison gas, but the poison gas was concentrated in high density. The rain cloud gradually took shape and hung in the 100meter high school, and the color became stronger and stronger.
Venom is formed when the density of those toxic gases exceeds the critical point.
You can release the venom directly when you come to Mo Xiaoxie, but it is not conducive to sowing. It is definitely more convenient to control the movement of poisonous rain clouds and spread the venom.
Drop poison rain from that small cloud of poison rain, which of course contains no water and is pure venom.
Poison fell like raindrops in this green land, and soon the color changed here, and the flowers and trees were yellow and the black leaves fell.
Flowers and plants on the ground will soon become soft and rot on the ground.
The surrounding trees will soon be bare, and the leaves will fall off, and the branches will gradually be dissolved and corroded by venom.
The poisonous rain continues here, and it will soon end. There is no life except Mo Xiaoxie. Jeff said that it is true that killing plants can also get evil points, but it is very few and will not get evil points, but it does get Mo Xiaoxie. Judging from the total number of evil points, it is estimated that every grass killed can get a few evil points.
Killing trees gains more evil values, while killing insects and animals also gains evil values. The amount of evil values obtained varies according to the size of organisms.
These Mo Xiaoxie have long known that what he wants to find out now is whether these poisonous rains can assimilate this place and become poisonous.
With the rain of poison falling on the ground, more and more venom seeps into the ground and corrodes the land, which gradually and completely loses the ability to breed life and the possibility of life again.
The experiment lasted for three days, and the poison rain lasted for three days. Fortunately, the experimental site chosen by Mo Xiaoxie was not large, otherwise his poison source would not be replicated.
These released poison fogs are transferred to a small part of the other body’s poison source and then copied out, which has a loss on the amount of other poison sources. When it is necessary to restore the poison source reserve, once it is consumed, it will be used again.
For three whole days, the venom immersion made this land completely dead and permanently lost its ability to breed life, so Mo Xiaoxie also gained a considerable evil pointkilling the land
As a result, this land has become highly toxic, and it will not disperse, and it will spread to the surrounding areas, causing the nearby flowers and trees to wither gradually. This land seems to have come back from death, but it is no longer beautiful but full of malice.
This also shows that the Mo Xiaoxie experiment was a great success! Please browse and read the mobile phone for a better reading experience.
Chapter 232 Sneak into Clark City
After the experiment was successful, Mo Xiaoxie immediately expanded the highly toxic area.
He continued to cast spells to keep the poisonous rain cloud raining and move to other places to destroy more lives.
Poisonous rain was widely spread in the mountains, and all animals and plants were devastated. Because of the limited recovery speed of other toxic sources, it is not possible to further expand the coverage of rain clouds. It is not possible to complete the whole valley of the dead in three to five days.
I talked too much about casting spells myself. Mo Xiaoxie made some changes to the magic circle of the nether world to let it replace other workers, so he freed up his hands

Good advice, but … it’s all nonsense afterwards …

When I was Wei Wei, I was obsessed with soldiers, but I was relegated to the Great Wall because of a ghost fire, but I couldn’t throw away my soldiers or I would suddenly become someone else’s sword ghost.
Of course, I can throw away my official position at that time and return to Liangzhou, where I will be reunited with Dad.
But on eagle wings, birds can never fly.
Besides, the eagle … doesn’t like me very much.
I’d like to be idle and be a county, but … Who the fuck will let me go to a peaceful county and enjoy my retirement?
However, Zhang Wen’s kindness can convince me that my uncle will inculcate my little nephew to keep it in mind, and I will think twice about my future choices.
I hope you don’t forget this statement. Zhang Wen will be like a copper Jue, throwing Chen Dao out casually, leaping gently and catching it firmly with his hand is clean and neat.
My dear nephew, let me ask you a question. He stroked his beard and paced for two steps. Are you going to Liaodong for an expedition?
Why do you and Lu Zhi have to ask this question?
I replied, My elite fighters attacked one of them and then lured the enemy to reinforce one and broke it to win.
What if he gathers his forces and sticks to the fortified city? He asked Lu Zhi exactly the same.
Linking Liaodong cremation of diplomatic attack on the enemy lines won the first world war, so I can answer the same question.
Zhang Wen nodded and added, If you want to pacify Liaodong, you need to pay special attention to the terrain and climate of Liaodong. Liaodong is not shorter than the crisscross of the Central Plains mountain plains in spring and autumn, but a long rain and snow in summer and winter may reverse the war situation. My dear, please ask the local guides to be careful.
I nodded modestly. Thank you for your advice.
He waved his sleeves. I’m a little tired. I’ll see you later, my dear nephew.
11 Chen … to
Ask uncle I hurriedly hand to leave.
The child will send Ma’s adult on behalf of his father. Zhang Ren asked Nai’s father for instructions and got permission. He gestured to me Dear Brother, please.
Please, Brother Zhongye, I nodded and he walked side by side. Chen Dao followed us easily.
Zhongye still has brothers? After a few steps, I asked him kindly about his family members.
He nodded. My brother is ten years older than me. He has not been back to Luoyang for a long time, and there are two younger brothers at home.
Do you have sisters? I continue to ask
He smiled and asked me, Why does my good brother want to marry my Zhang family? He rolled his eyes. Well, I know you’ve had several concubines since you were young …
I slapped him on the back nonsense! Although I have been in your father’s family for three years, I have never known much about your family. That’s why I asked you about Zhongye. Don’t think about it.
Hey, I have a sister and a younger sister, but they have all been betrothed. Even if you are young, you have no chance. Zhang Ren also slapped me back and laughed.
You … I quickly converged and was so angry that I shocked him. Unexpectedly, this fellow’s palm was not weak and his back was hurt. You are really joking … Are you married yourself? Is he born with a natural personality?
I have already made an engagement with Xun’s daughter and will get married in September. His smile suddenly disappeared but instantly resumed.
why? I also decided to joke with him, Xun’s daughter is ugly? Is it terrible?
Fuck you! He shook his head and denied that he was still a beauty.
Then you don’t seem very happy. Do you have another love? I think everyone doesn’t like this kind of free paternalistic marriage system
Hey, it’s not that I like that girl very much. Zhang Ren held her arms across her chest. But … I like Yang’s that girl very much … very upset …
I turned out to be an asshole when I puffed out heavily!
桑拿He lifted his foot over the threshold, put his arm around my shoulder and laughed. I heard that several wives and concubines in my brother’s family are as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade. Why don’t you take this opportunity to feast your eyes on me?
I glanced at him warily, and my horse will leave Luoyang, and my wives will stay at home to take care of it. If you take the opportunity to break in … How can those old servants in my house stop with your love!
So I quickly shook my head and denied peerless beauty? You are really joking. You can tell by looking at my fatherinlaw, Cai Yong, what kind of beauty his daughter can be?
Hey, what’s adult Cai like? He bowed his head and thought about it, and finally gave up the idea of coming home with me. … My good brother is right … My foolish brother will give you this?
I handed him my hand. Brother Zhongye is welcome. Actually … he has arrived at my door.
He raised his hands and smiled.
I didn’t forget to ask another person, Brother Chen, your name is Chen Dao?
Chen zheng and then nodded good.
Which one is the word? I confirmed
Yes … to reach
I was overjoyed and quickly reconfirmed, What do you mean … is it uncle? I still remember that it is not easy for Chen to write a word, because there are almost no scenes in both romance and annals
He first froze and then shook his head again and again.
I was immediately disappointed and found a Zhao Yunlevel bodyguard …
He shook his head and explained, I haven’t picked up the words until I’m twenty …
I don’t know what to do. How should I judge? Chen Dao’s goods are not listed in the annals of the Three Kingdoms. I don’t remember his native place and experience!
But I quickly calmed down. I wonder if Chen Xiaoge is interested in going to Liaodong with me?
Hey, hey, Zhang Ren turned around and interjected, My dad just recruited him from Nanyang and you want to grab the readymade?
eh? Called up? When I raise my eyebrows, isn’t this fellow a janitor? Is it a local youth hero? No wonder, no wonder, he has the conditions to practice martial arts since childhood, but he is still not weak! In principle, it must be a local welloff family background.
Liaodong? Chen to hesitated for three seconds and then shook his head in spite of some work, after all, he was born in the south at an early age. I’m afraid he can’t stand the bitter cold in Saibei … Lord Xie Ma’s wrong love …
Bah, you’re young and you’re full of firepower, and you say like an old man that you can’t stand the cold? !
I sighed disappointed tunnel that’s a pity

In this way, he studied hard

A few hours passed and it was getting dark.
Let’s call it a day. I’ll come back early. Because the school has been demolished, it will take a few days to repair the school. These days, the school has been enlarged.
Before Ziyue left, Mo Xiaoxie said a sentence of thanks to her. He also wanted to say sorry. After all, she had disrespected her twice before, but she came to help him by letting bygones be bygones. However, he felt that it was too embarrassing to open a demon king to apologize to a woman. He couldn’t say it.
Purple moon was very happy to hear him thank you. She never thought that she could jump out of his mouth and apologize. She dared not think about it.
For several days, because the school is undergoing emergency reconstruction, the students are on holiday. Ziyue will come back to Mo Xiaoxie early and late every day to study the blue crystal structure together.
Finally, on the third day after Ziyue successfully completed this step (Ziyue will not do it either), Mo Xiaoxie also succeeded. It seems that his talent in magic is much worse than Ziyue’s.
During the epiphany, Mo Xiaoxie’s spirit suddenly soared by more than 100 points, which simply made him happy.
Of course, the strength of blue crystal is still far from enough. Mo Xiaoxie must master tougher substances
These two days, Ziyue’s trip caught the attention of her best friend Long Jingjing. Ziyue, what are you doing every day these days? It’s hard to have a holiday. Why don’t we go back to the imperial city and have fun!
I can’t leave something. I’m sorry, Jingjing. You’d better find another sister to play.
Hey, what’s the matter with you? Even I don’t want to accompany you? Tell me what’s going on!
Don’t ask Jingjing, you will know.
Is it so mysterious that you didn’t even tell me? Forget it. Forgive you. You are my best friend.
After several days, the college has finally been renovated and can be transported normally.
Although Mo Xiaoxie is not in the mood to go to class to learn those who have no knowledge, he can deduce all kinds of materials in his mind to make progress. Sitting in the classroom is the same as sitting at home.
I saw Ghost again in the classroom. She came to greet Mo Xiaoxie as usual. However, Mo Xiaoxie ignored her. When Mo Xiaoxie found out that she was there, she would have an inexplicable impulse. This would affect the female cesium now and slow him down, so he didn’t want Ghost to come near him again. His attitude was quite indifferent.
And his indifference did great harm to spirit, although it was invisible on the surface.
The black dragon queen hey, sister spirit, how dare you do this to you? Aren’t you still good the other day?
Spirit bowed their heads and sink a way don’t say it again
Did he bully you? I’ll settle accounts with him?
The black dragon elder sister just out of the chaos, you don’t bother him again, you don’t care about this matter.
The black dragon queen suddenly felt that the situation was wrong and quickly asked, You … you don’t really like him, do you?
约茶Ghost expression no longer mouth.
During the class, however, Mo Xiaoxie put his consciousness on the platform of deducing the material structure, and Ziyue got the message and didn’t bother him.
Lions and Scorpions Lord Krulu and Hell Rider Wang Feisi chatted with Mo Xiaoxie after class, and made good friends with these monster leaders, so that they could lend their strength to Mo Xiaoxie in the future, so that they could put things aside and enhance some friendship.
After school, Mo Xiaoxie immediately returned to Langya Castle to study his magic, and Ziyue will come to study with him soon, which is more of a guide for Mo Xiaoxie.
Time passed quickly, and a month passed quickly.
After studying hard in Mo Xiaoxie, he finally mastered the black crystal structure and was able to make a closed armor from black crystal to wrap himself.
Ziyue was very surprised at the speed of Mo Xiaoxie’s progress, and even more impressed with him. I didn’t expect him to be so serious, but he forgot everything and devoted himself to the research.
Of course, she also learned this magic, but this is not what she wants.
The black crystal seems to be able to resist the violent and pure magic of the magic well, so Mo Xiaoxie can’t wait to try it.
When he came to the wellhead, Mo Xiaoxie immediately summoned a big demon to guard the black crystal, making the package look like a stone and then throwing it away.
Purple Moon can’t stand the saying that Mo Xiaoxie doesn’t treat summoning as life. Can you stop being cruel? Of course, Mo Xiaoxie ignored it again.
Soon the result came out, and the big demon guard died at a depth of about 100 meters in the well, which means that it was safe at 100 meters.
Mo Xiaoxie was very satisfied with the result, and he couldn’t wait to see it at once.
Chapter 4 Well
Mo Xiaoxie impulse let purple month involuntarily picked up the heart, she was worried about him.
You’re crazy. It’s too dangerous. Everything you summon is dead!
Mo Xiaoxie said nonchalantly, It was 100 meters. I won’t be so deep!
There are still many unknown things in the face. You can’t risk listening to me! Purple month insisted very much.
Please don’t be so longwinded, okay? Mo Xiaoxie has been a little annoyed.
I think of you! How can you be so relaxed with such a dangerous move? It’s a joke on your life! No, I’m against you! It’s not too late for you to go after I have successfully deduced the crystal structure together!
Listen to Ziyue, Mo Xiaoxie’s temper is getting angry. If she didn’t help him a lot, he almost couldn’t help reprimanding her. In the end, he didn’t say anything and directly acted on his own.
Root regardless of purple month block Mo Xiaoxie directly jumped into the magic well.
Seeing him dive into the well, Ziyue immediately followed him and almost stopped beating, turning pale.

When will you get up? Jia Mu pushed him again and remained motionless.

It’s cruel to deceive others. I agree with Xiao Dai.
What happened to the connection? Even Xu Huang did not know when he became an audience.
49 Cheng Yuhei History
Chapter is pure fiction.
Cheng Wu went on to say, I’m from the Cheng family, but hundreds of men from three families are looking for the door to swear to tear down the ancestral graves of our ancestral homes. My uncle is a wussy plowman holding each other’s thighs and begging. He was interrupted by everyone and thrown to the roadside uncle’s house to rush out to stop them from being surrounded by a dozen people, and then he became blind … He fell into a sad past.
Son of a bitch!
I OO his ten ancestors!
Suddenly there was a scolding behind him.
We are all startled. I don’t know when a large group of idlers have been sitting outside our small circle listening to Cheng Wu’s story.
Who told you to eavesdrop! Pang gan got up.
Huh? A brigade commander asks, You can listen to Brigadier Pang … and we can’t listen to it? What is the truth? !”
Pang gan snorted, but there was no way to argue.
Cheng Paichang continues to speak! Someone urged
Still talking about it? Li Dian asked the parties for advice. After all, the first half of the story was very bitter.
Cheng Wu lightly smiled nothing
Sit down and don’t make any noise. I glanced around.
One hundred people suddenly quiet.
Auntie was scared silly at that time, or his children cried and ran to my house to report … Cheng Wu continued to tell the story of the Cheng family. My father pulled up a kitchen knife from the chopping board and rushed out …
kitchen knife? Jamu questioned.
Yes, it’s a kitchen knife Cheng Wu nodded to confirm.
How to chop people with a kitchen knife? Jia Mu murmured
I don’t know who was holding a kitchen knife and was going to learn martial arts from me! I exposed his own past.
He shut up and stopped interrupting.
My father just rushed out but returned home and told my mother to take us brothers to the next house to hide. My mother knew this was dangerous, but she couldn’t stop my father from going … Cheng Wu’s narrative seemed calm. After my father left, I secretly followed my brother to my uncle’s house … I didn’t expect to find my father’s shadow just after I left the door …
Is there a trap at the door? A dishonest soldier cut in and was despised by comrades for his IQ.
夜生活  title=When we arrived at the uncle’s door, we almost scared me to death … Cheng Wuyin trembled. At that time, the whole lane … was a bloody body … My brother and I smelled a choking bloody smell before we walked into his door. Two people couldn’t help but pee their pants together …
The scene was silent.
I can’t help but feel cold in my heart. How can Cheng Yu kill dozens of people with a kitchen knife?
Cheng Wudao From my brother’s hand, I just walked into the yard and saw dozens of bodies lying in the yard with a limp in my legs … Uncle and big son sat in the middle and my father … My father pulled up a person’s hair and asked,’ Do you kneel, do you kneel? ?’ He suddenly high audience stand on end.
My brother and I looked at my father at the gate of the courtyard, but my father didn’t look at us at all, so he stared at the man in his hand … The man shook his rope and said,’ Kneel, I kneel!’ Seeing him prostrate on the ground and kowtowing to his uncle, I still heard him keep saying,’ Mr. Cheng forgave me, Mr. Cheng was gracious.’ My uncle advised my father to say something, but my father shook his head … until the man’s forehead was full of blood, my father said,’ Get up!’ Cheng Wu lowered his eyes.’ The man just straightened up and my father stabbed him in the heart with one knife! He didn’t even roll his eyes directly.
No one is talking at this time.
I was so scared that I couldn’t help but pee in my pants … I killed everyone in the courtyard before my father turned to see me and said,’ Who told you to follow me!’ His voice, his eyes are exactly the same as when he killed people. I can’t stand being shivering all over again, so I pulled it in my pants. Cheng Wu made no secret.
No wonder … I frowned. No wonder Cheng Wu has always respected and feared Cheng Yu and respected his father far more than the average woman. It seems that when I was a child, Dad left a psychological shadow for killing people …
Cheng Wu paused for more than ten seconds and didn’t speak in silence because he told the story of his father becoming a murderer. No one in the audience dared to urge him to continue.
Then he said, My late father asked my brother to go to the doctor to treat uncle and his eldest son’s ribs. After two years, he recovered slowly. After all, he was too old to do heavy work and his eldest son’s left eye was completely blind … His tone was very heavy. My father was sitting at the gate alone with a kitchen knife full of blood, afraid that I wouldn’t dare to talk to him. After a quarter of an hour, he got up and glanced at me and turned around and walked out of the door …
What did Mr. Zhong De … do? I’m going to slightly ease the atmosphere and kill the illegal demolition personnel … Then it’s time to run around, right?
In the evening, my father returned to the uncle’s house alone … he was covered in blood. The kitchen knife had already rolled up his mouth but was still tightly held in his right hand … Cheng Wudao His left hand … carried the head of that family!
All the audience trembled.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
Kill the door? Li Dian low asked.
Cheng Wu nodded. My father said,’ If you don’t destroy your family today, it will be difficult to protect the peace of your neighbors.’ He killed 64 people in your family one night and killed more than 40 people from home along the way. His tone suddenly became easier.
More than a hundred mouths? Xu Huang frowned tightly.
Before Canada, there were 260 mouths. Cheng Wu will never forget this bloody figure in his life.
Xu Huang clenched his fist.
shouldn’t battalion commander Xu recognize my father?
He shook his head. No wonder your father had to.

The football he hit landed on Ribery’s foot outside the penalty area.

The Frenchman did not hesitate to shoot.
In order to ensure that the football will not deviate from the goal and be higher than the crossbar, he chose to keep the football down.
However, the restricted area was full of people. Ribery shot finally hit Alonso’s leg and bounced off the baseline.
Bayern Munich fans sighed at the Allianz Stadium, and many fans folded their hands nervously on their chests as if they were praying.
Bayern Munich made a corner kick in the second minute of injury time.
Ram’s corner kick was headed over the baseline by Kuyt, the former defender.
Bayern Munich continues to kick corners.
Ram’s corner kick was directly picked by Reina in the small restricted area.
Bayern Munich retreated in frustration.
Reina dawdled for a while and it took almost more than twenty seconds to kick the ball out.
The last minute of injury time came.
Reina went out to goal kick and was headed to the frontcourt by Demichelis after halftime.
Schweinsteiger stopped the ball with his back to Liverpool’s restricted area and quickly shifted the ball to the side.
Bayern Munich continued to get the opportunity to attack. Ram scored a 45degree goal on the wing before the ball went fast. The ball landed beautifully near Klose.
At this time, Kuyt took the lead in grabbing the position and failed to let Klose move to the football landing point. Even though Klose barely jumped, he failed to touch the football in the middle of the game. Kuyt kicked the ball directly out of the penalty area.
The football just flew to Qin Xiong in the middle of the middle field.
Schweinsteiger came behind Qin Xiong and prepared to fight back after Qin Xiong stopped the ball.
Qin Xiong slightly sideways facing Gerrard’s right foot also made a ball gesture. When Schweinsteiger saw it, he immediately lifted his leg to block Qin Xiong’s ball line.
However, Qin Xiong buckled the ball in the opposite direction and protected it from the other side of Schweinsteiger’s body.
When Schweinsteiger recovered his center of gravity and turned to chase Qin Xiong, he found that Qin Xiong was getting farther and farther away, and his speed was not fast, which was dwarfed by Qin Xiong’s dribbling speed.
Qin Xiong broke out his speed advantage, and his eyes were very wide in the process of rapid dribbling forward.
Van Bommel can meet Qin Xiong without retreating. Before he made a defensive move, Qin Xiong went straight to the right and made a big combination. The speed change broke through Van Bommel.
This is also Qin Xiong’s choice to break through the line.
Steven Gerrard finally rushes forward on Qin Xiong’s right side. Qin Xiong will definitely give Steven Gerrard the ball.
Then if he wants to break through, it should be in the opposite direction, which led to Van Bommel’s mistake in the prediction.
After passing Van Bommel, Qin Xiong had three defenders left in front of him, and Bayern Munich was the defender.
Bad Stuber Demichelis Van Bitten
And Liverpool have three offensive players.
按摩Gerard Qin Xiong Torres!
Budd Stuber tried to stop Gerrard in the movement, in other words, Gerrard helped the team attack and pinned down a defender of the other team.
Qin Xiong, with two central defenders left, quickly went to the front of the penalty area.
Torres starts his decisive oblique insertion behind Van Bitten!
Just then Demichelis met Qin Xiong, and Qin Xiong suddenly stopped dribbling. From moving to static, Demichelis tried to extrapolate.
He wants the ball?
He wants the ball for Torres!
Just when he made such an idea and hesitated, Qin Xiong may have a second from moving to static and then from static to dynamic.
And this second made Demichelis’s thinking hesitate.
But Qin Xiong is wild and decisive, as well as calm and cold!
He just wants Demichelis to think too much, fear too much distraction!
Qin Xiong suddenly started again and kicked the ball directly to Demichelis’s legs and then bypassed Demichelis and rushed behind him!
Wear crotch!
The whole scene is coherent and looks very strange. Qin Xiong suddenly stopped with the pace, and Demichelis also stopped. Then the two men were deadlocked for a second. Qin Xiong wore a crotch and Demichelis was played by Qin Xiong like a puppet!
Demichelis turned to shovel after the reaction, but he couldn’t touch Qin Xiong on his toes!
He wants to foul, but even a foul is an extravagant hope!
After crossing the crotch, Qin Xiong entered the penalty area without delay. He looked at it and abandoned the door. Bout didn’t make a clear shot, as if he had adjusted his pace in the dribble. His right foot arch pushed the ball out.
The football rolled to the near corner of the goal against the ground!
Bout immediately fell to the ground and stretched his legs to stop it. It was not too late, but his feet still couldn’t touch the football.
Bout closed his eyes in despair.

I immediately turned to the theme I don’t know if I am ready to do things for my husband before?

At the earliest, the master said that it was not appropriate to sew the rank on the military family. He said, Most of our soldiers wear leather armor and a small amount of armor. It is better to make another nameplate and engrave the corresponding rank.
It’s also much easier to massproduce like this. I just casually asked, You can leave this matter to Wei Ji first. I have more important things for you to do.
Master commanded Hua Xin to keep his lips closed and wait for the order.
The prefect of the East County has sent an envoy to surrender and he will arrive in Luoyang in a few days, so I have decided to send Taishi Ci to guard the East County. I looked at him seriously and said slowly, I hope you can help him manage the county.
His lips split a thin seam.
I also want to tell you before the bridge has lost the east county general county control this is not a leisure and peace … of course, you can also refuse …
Thank you for your letter! He Lang interrupted me and explained, I will cooperate with General Taishi to defend Dongjun for my Lord!
I thought about it and asked, Did Mr. Wenhe talk to you?
We talked for a while not long ago, he nodded.
I also nodded. Well, go back and get ready for Taishi Ci.
Hua Xin long body deeply yi to me slowly out of the hall.
I heard him take a deep breath when he turned to quit.
Then the steps become brisk.
Can I trust this man?
27 Wancheng came to announce the ambassador.
On the morning of May 21st, I had breakfast and did morning exercises all day.
Good morning, Jia Xu walked over with his hands over his sleeves and easy.
Good morning, fatherinlaw. I occasionally call him that when there are two people present.
He smiled. There are many things to do today and many people want to see you. I will inform you before I leave.
I made a windmill on the horizontal bar with my arms, and made a complaint, Generally, you and Mr. Zhong have dealt with it, but don’t always let me be magical.
These things are very important to say. Jia Xu was unmoved.
I landed with a jerk. Don’t you think I’ve been dealing with too many things these days? Every day is not a meeting or a conversation. I feel as if I have stopped!
He corners of the mouth to raise Liu Xie sent someone to announce a letter to you. Do you think I can accept it instead of you?
Ah? I was taken aback and immediately nu way he still dare to give me a letter? Do you still want me to bow down?
Even on weekdays, you need to kneel down and listen to the call. Jia Xu woke me up. When did you kneel before the call?
Oh, oh, yes, yes. I wiped my forehead sweat. What else?
Liu Xie sent you some important people.
That’s more like it. I rubbed the back of my hand.
But your fatherinlaw, Cai Boxiao, is not among them. Jia Xu pulled out a letter from his sleeve. He has a letter for you.
I casually wiped my hands and sweat on my pants and took a look.
Xian admitted close rev.
品茶论坛The old man pretends to be a loyal minister. He committed himself to Dong Zhuo for a long time. Today, if you can’t talk about it, you can’t be unfaithful to the country’s virtuous husband. This time, it shows that the Han Dynasty is loyal and false. If you can slightly reduce the virtuous husband and destroy the old man’s heart, it is fortunate that you can’t have any more delusions. If you can’t be kind to Cai Yan, please send Wanchengrotten Weng Cai Yong.
Sigh is this idea … I sighed.
Even if he is not in Wancheng, I can’t send troops to destroy Han in the short termare you sleeping when Yuan Shao and Cao Cao in Hebei Province?
There are also whitehaired messengers and Qingzhou spies who have news, Jia Xu said. Do you want to listen to the imperial edict first?
Let Xuanzhao people wait a little longer I don’t want to tell the whitehaired news first
Sun Jian is already struggling with Hebei, so he is quite in favor of our alliance meeting, Jia Xu said. But according to Bai Fa, he doesn’t belong to us.
I had expected that Sun Jian was not a happy person. I nodded and he walked towards the main hall together.
Jia Xu added, And the spies in Qingzhou direction reported that Cang Ba and Sun Guan, thieves of Mount Tai, were linked to each other in the border area of Qingzhou, Yanzhou and Xuzhou, plundering Yanzhou secretariat Zhou Zhongli’s conquest. Ying Shao, the satrap of Mount Tai, went out to Sun Jian and Xuzhou secretariat Zhao Jian for help. Sun Jian sent Liu Bei, the state of Qi, to send troops to cooperate with Zhao Jian, Ying Shao, and ordered Xiao Jian to send troops in three ways to conquer Xiao Jian for half a month. Instead, he was slightly defeated by Zangba.
Xiao Jian? Celebrity I shook my head and suddenly asked, Is there any movement of Cao Cao in Bing?
Cao Cao? Jia Xu thoughtfully replied for a moment, Cao Cao was suffering from a lack of talents, and now he is looking for talents everywhere, and all counties in Bing are also gearing up their military forces. In addition, Bing troops are mobilized on a large scale.
oh? Yuan Shaozheng is pushing Cao Caohui hand in hand in two ways. I’m puzzled.
Cao Cao’s strength is far less than Yuan Shao’s. Jia Xu explained to me that although Yuan Shao fought on three sides, he prepared for many years in Bohai Sea and brought in a considerable number of Wuhuan soldiers, so the total number was quite large.
What’s the total? I asked
Add up the armies of Jizhou and Youzhou … 200,000. He quoted a figure.
Rao is that I boast of my courage and I am also shocked by this astronomical general number. Too much, isn’t it? !”
Is it much? Jia Xu shook his head. Have you calculated our total strength now?
No … I scratched my neck.
He did the math for me. There are thirteen counties in Liangzhou, and Pang Rou gave me the latest number of 43,000 the other day, including the newly recruited soldiers.

&nb After he finished sliding on his knees, he showed his ecstasy in the face of the visiting fans’ stands, closed his eyes and lifted his head slightly, enjoying himself and cheering wildly at Liverpool fans.

&nb stands rang with songs from Liverpool fans, who sang praises to Qin Xiong repeatedly and sang their love and support for Qin Xiong!
&nb Is this still Chelsea? Is this still Chelsea?
&nb Qin Xiong completed the goal hat trick in less than 30 minutes! At Stamford Bridge!
&nb boas’s highranking robbery can be thrown into waste!
&nb That’s rubbish!
&nb That makes Chelsea’s past defense completely worthless!
&nb Now Chelsea’s defence is riddled with holes and ravaged by opponents!
&nb In the first ten rounds of the Premier League, Chelsea tied the record of the worst consecutive goals conceded in the Premier League except for the first round. On winning and losing games, the opponent broke the goal!
&nb Today is the 12th round of the Premier League. Counting today’s game, Chelsea conceded a goal in the first 12 rounds of the Premier League!
&nb My God, what has boas built Chelsea’s defense into? Public toilets? Anyone who wants to shit and pee in Chelsea’s goal is welcome?
&nb Unbelievable game Unbelievable Chelsea
&nb is worse than before when Ancelotti led it without any progress!
品茶&nb Qin Xiong scored a hat trick more easily than when he played against Chelsea in the past!
&nb Well, I really want to be right again. Forget it. I’d better say less about the Red Devils players in the player era, but David Lewis’ defense is really like a oneyearold child’s game console.
&nb Stadium, Chelsea’s defense line is in chaos, and the players’ unbelief and accusation make the team spread an impetuous pessimism.
&nb Terry stopped blaming Ramirez and Mikel.
&nb Just now, he asked Qin Xiong to send the ball into Chelsea’s goal before his eyes.
&nb What qualifications does he have to blame others?
&nb It has become a big joke that Ramirez and Mikel were told by boas before the game that the QinXiong combination would be frozen.
&nb The momentum here in Liverpool is like a rainbow!
&nb boas raised his hand and looked at his watch, so he calmly gestured toward the field.
&nb, retreat!
&nb finally dare not rob at a high position!
&nb It seems so easy for Chelsea to get through the defence.
&nb If it weren’t for the problem during the game, boas would definitely have to make a substitution now.
&nb Chelsea’s defense cannot be solved in an instant.
&nb But in boas’s view, Chelsea’s attack can be improved through substitution.
&nb, changing players at halftime will make his young marshal make enemies in the locker room.
&nb makes boas feel even colder than making enemies. The thing is that the players don’t seem to see him gesturing.
&nb He kept whistling at the court to attract players’ attention, but no player wanted to look at the sidelines.
&nb Perhaps boas is a disaster in the eyes of many Chelsea players!
&nb had expected that perhaps this magic bird II could have Mourinho’s seven successes before he came.
&nb did not expect that his coming to Stamford Bridge would completely destroy the soul that Mourinho had laid a foundation for!
&nb But in the ruins, the Blue Army and Chelsea were defeated, and instead of making progress, they were going backwards!
No player in &nb is willing to listen to boas’s command at present, and there is already a deep feeling of resentment in his heart.
&nb However, the midfield defense should be strengthened.
&nb Lampard’s retreat further curbed Qin Xiong’s play.
&nb David Louis is always watching Qin Xiong’s forward insertion.
&nb Chelsea’s attack is fragmented
&nb is a threat to Liverpool’s defence.
In the 43rd minute of &nb match, Mata tried to break through the flank and was stabbed by Mascherano from behind.
&nb Johnson boldly crossed the ball into the penalty area when Mata countered.
&nb Skrtel will cross the ball again when Drogba comes to grab it.
&nb Tiago Silva calmly handed the ball straight ahead to Tiaote, who went straight again.
&nb Football has reached the front court of Qin Xiong’s foot.
&nb After Qin Xiong stopped the ball and turned around, he saw Lampard coming to snatch it. He quickly kicked the ball to Lampard’s right and then bypassed the forward insertion from Lampard’s left.
&nb people pass the ball.
&nb Lampard has already killed some red eyes. He jumped too hard when defending, and Qin Xiong keenly grasped that he would break through.
&nb Lampard immediately turned back to chase Qin Xiong’s ball and strode forward.
&nb A tight blockade was formed in front of him.
&nb Mikel Ramirez and David Luis moving towards him.
Behind &nb is Lampard, the pursuer.
&nb He is too close to Mikel and Ramirez to play the ball, but Qin Xiong is not worried.
&nb Chelsea’s morale is in chaos, and the defense is as thin as paper.
&nb He crossed the ball in front of Ramirez and suddenly hit the ball with his heel.
&nb The Blues will look back and see Steven Gerrard coming. Stop the ball with his left foot and adjust it, and then pick the ball in front with his right foot.
&nb One foot over the top straight plug!
&nb Suarez obliquely inserted behind David Louis. When Terry put the shovel in the first place in the area, he failed to touch Suarez. If he did, it might be a red card!
&nb Terry is losing his mind!
&nb Suarez dropped the ball with his left foot after offside and controlled a key stop to ensure that he could kill the Chelsea penalty area without further adjusting the ball control.
&nb The Blues fans in the stands of Stamford Bridge are completely heartbroken!
The &nb defence was once again penetrated by the Red Army!
&nb Suarez went to the meeting singlehandedly. This time, he didn’t make a wedding dress for his teammates, but after Cech abandoned the door and rushed out, he broke through Cech in the same way!
&nb is too big!

It’s a kind of public contempt that Ajax doesn’t even send a bigname player. Maybe we can win the game and get rid of them!

Tell them not to underestimate people!
But Ajax fans have no such worries.
Dekoizer, they are not the same as before. They are less crazy and more carefree.
They not only drank beer, but also grabbed a herring and said cheerfully, Three more, three more will be worth the fare. Playing an amateur team and winning four will be guaranteed.
As the game continues, urk is more aggressive, but the tactical accomplishment of the team is indeed comparable to that of the professional team. They always seem to be in full swing, but they are full of mistakes in defense.
Qin Xiong kept a slow pace, never stepped into the dangerous area of 40 yards in front of the opponent’s door, and no one forced him to rob him. He always kicked the ball and then ran to catch it again. urk wanted to harass others and couldn’t even touch his jersey. It was in this relaxed and leisurely state that he repeatedly sent a light straight ball to the audience, which almost became his longdistance footwork performance of 3 yards to 4 yards.
[Text 6 Walking Emperor]
Thanks for the reward of Drunk Pig Fat!
Compared with Ajax’s substitute and reserve team, the gap between an amateur team like urk is still very obvious.
Especially when urk scores are behind, not playing football at home at ordinary times may be greater than the pursuit of meaning, and the gap is even more obvious after you have no idea to stick to it and desperately Ajax!
With the passage of time, the physical and tactical bureau has a high degree of teamwork and they are completely at a disadvantage.
In the 23rd minute, Qin Xiong sent an oblique long ground ball, which created Soetaers’s offside on the left. Songke outflanked in front of the door and sent the ball to the goal.
In the 27 th minute, Qin Xiong Lindegren suddenly sent a straight plug after two consecutive goals in the midfield area, and cut Luther Riddle from the side to enter the penalty area, but it was a golden opportunity.
In the 29 th minute, Qin Xiong Rustenberg suddenly crossed the top of each other and went straight to the right winger Derridel. This time, Derridel did not have a godsend opportunity to skillfully push the ball into the goal.
In the 35th minute, Qin Xiong held the ball in the middle position of midfield, which attracted the opponent’s three players to doubleteam him. It seemed that he was too glued to the ball, but he just didn’t lose the ball and got rid of the defensive entanglement. After Lindegren ran forward and caught the ball, he sent it out steadily. Unfortunately, an antiaircraft gun was fired from the periphery of Lindegren.
In the 42nd minute, Qin Xiong sent a kick across the left side of the middle and back court. Derridel moved to pin down the ball and covered the same side defender Trabelsi. Seeing that Trabelsi was flying from the side, Qin Xiong’s ball crossed the defense zone as scheduled and it was one meter and a half high from the ground. There were few urk defenders, but they were always one or two meters away from each other to form an interception on the football. Finally, it was very difficult to watch Trabelsi get the ball on the side and Trabelsi stopped and took a trip directly to the restricted area. Cut in and then in the middle button, I chose to knock back the arc top of the restricted area. This time, I followed up with Lindegren. There was no chance of waves. The arch pushed the ball to ensure the angle and kicked the ball into the right corner of the goal
In the final stage of the halfcourt, Qin Xiong took the initiative to slow down the pace and clean up the time. The referee saw that the score gap was so big that he didn’t make up the time and directly blew the whistle at the end of the halfcourt.
Ajax fans in the stands stood up and clapped for a long time.
People are talking about Qin Xiongshen.
His style of playing football at halftime reminds people of Lei Dongduo.
Rui Costa!
Hey, hey, don’t forget to train Seedorf ourselves!
Qin Xiong almost didn’t sweat, but he was still able to be the best person in the eyes of the audience.
His longdistance and longdistance precision, strong penetrating power and straight plug are unforgettable.
Also because the opponent’s level is not high, the defender’s loophole is too big, and it can be easily grasped by Qin Xiong.
Koeman didn’t praise a player at halftime. 4: Leading. Of course, he still emphasized that at halftime, even if the reserve players were transferred to play an important Dutch Cup, Koeman might not be able to explain to Van Basten if he was injured. Obviously, the quality of the reserve league and the reserve cup will be higher than today’s game. At the very least, it is a professional team confrontation
Urk has a good mentality.
It’s not that they haven’t been washed away by professional teams, they’re not mixed up in professional football. It’s an honor to play Ajax. It’s unacceptable to lose any number of goals. At half time, they are still full of energy or will not stick to their goals. I just want to enter you!
No matter how many goals we lose, one goal can be our victory!
Urk recovered some physical strength after the intermission, and he grabbed a lot at halftime.
But they can’t do anything about Qin Xiong.
Qin Xiong’s halftime performance has already recruited his opponent!
There he is!
A small regional activity
喝茶约茶  title=But no urk player can break Qin Xiong’s ball and stop him from exerting a precise long threat.
Halfcourt striker and midfielder are doubledecked with Qin Xiong. Qin Xiong controls the ball in a small range and turns around flexibly. He sticks to the opponent’s body and wipes across the opponent’s small range. Suddenly accelerates to get rid of Qin Xiong, just like a slippery fish, which makes the opponent unable to catch him unless he hands.

Ji Guoqiu now has the highest vertical bounce record of 3m, and the highest runup bounce of 92m is measured in the team. His jumping ability has entered the firstclass ranks among linesmen.

Nba line players bounce vertically to M, even if the firstclass player exceeds 9m, the player who is above 1 m should have never seen the peak of Wolf King, Little Overlord and Warcraft, that is, around 9 m95 m.
Ji Guoqiu’s bounce has almost reached his limit now, even if there is a maximum increase in the future, it will be 1 or 2 meters higher, and then it will drop a few centimeters every year for six or seven years, and it will drop even faster after the age of 30. This is the growth and decline process of a player’s sports ability. If he suffers from serious injuries, such as miniinvasive surgery, this health process will be greatly accelerated.
Castle’s athletic ability has declined again after this injury. Aliens are now able to play nbalevel games, but Clippers Black Parker is also not qualified to play nba starting substitutes. Relatively speaking, Castle has less consciousness and experience.
The Raptors Calderon’s defensive ability is generally not good at forcing, but today it was very fierce. Cassel delivered the basketball to the frontcourt and immediately handed it over.
Ji Guo Qiu pulled the ball to the line and the fox brother immediately inserted the basket and received the panda brother’s precision ball, forcing the basket to cause the opponent to foul.
Bagnani indicated to the referee that he didn’t commit a foul, but the slowmotion playback clearly showed that his hand really hit Ji Guo’s wrist, which made him throw the basketball out of bounds.
The Clippers don’t have a point guard now, so the panda warrior’s offensive end responsibility will change greatly. He must work with the point guard.
At present, there are many fans in China who call on the Clippers to get Liu Wei or Sun Dasheng, but these discussions have been bombarded by many netizens, and I am afraid that these two people may not even be able to dribble through the halfcourt when they arrive in the nba.
The Raptors’ offensive end inherited their longstanding tradition of killing opponents by jumping shots. Their offensive ability is not bad, but their defensive ability must be counted from the back of the league team
The arrival of new coach sam mitchell in the season has improved their defensive ability, although it has risen from the countdown to the middle position, but it is enough for them to make the playoffs in the East.
Calderon dribbled through. He doesn’t always do this. Today, it’s bullying Castle.
Ji Guoqiu made up for the fox’s brother and had to make up for his brother’s position, so Bosh made a shot.
The Clippers rotated Artest to defend Bosh, but still prevented the Raptors from shooting as the star.
Bosh stepped back and shot the Raptors to get the first point.
This is how the Raptors play. Calderon and J Ford rely on the cover to break through and attract the defense, and then divide the ball. Bosh and Bagnanila will assist a group of outside shooters. If they want their opponents to help them break through, they will have to bear the Raptors’ outside and middlerange precision strikes. This kind of play just restrains the weak Clippers in the No.1 position.
After the first quarter, the Raptors led by 4 points with a score of 114.
Old Deng Liwei Black Parker for Cassel According to the performance in this half, Old Deng Liwei has decided to let Black Parker play the first round. Cassel’s defensive end has too many loopholes, and there are fewer comprehensive advantages and disadvantages. Black Parker is better in this game.
Bosh has scored 7 points in the first quarter and made 3 of 4 shots.
Ji Guo was ashamed to make up the hole in the line, which made Bosh get too many shooting opportunities. The Dragon King’s accurate midrange shooting is not focused, and it is very likely that he will be killed by two points.
Bagnani didn’t get a point to be proud of the Italian top online players in the first half, and his speed and flexibility were restrained by Ji Guo Chou He. In the first half of the game, he didn’t get a shot, and he couldn’t even touch the rebound. He handed over the embarrassing data of points, rebounds, assists and 1 mistake in the first half of the game.
During the timeout, Clippers fans were laughing at the Italian champion without fear.
What nonsense champion? I think it’s an Italian bear or a noodle bear!
Clippers reporters mocked Toronto in person on the sidelines, but they couldn’t fight back. It was Bagnani who couldn’t attack and didn’t defend himself. Even they wanted to spray their own players like this
Ps restore two more for collection, for recommendation!
Chapter one hundred and thirtythree Relief
Ji Guoqiu scored 4 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists against spaghetti in the first half. This is a tripledouble rhythm!
Ji Guo shamed 5 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist and performed equally well. The two brothers almost scored all the points of the team. It seems that Bosh’s attack is excellent, but his defense seems to be not much higher.
Canadian journalists, who were ridiculed by their colleagues in Los Angeles, tried to fight back when they were in a hurry, but their words were stifled because the twin brothers are still Canadian citizens.
Now the people of Canada are inviting the twin brothers to join the Canadian national team and trying hard to make Bosh, no matter how good it is, it’s also an outsider. The twins are our own people. We can’t give up. The Canadian journalists didn’t have any difficulty before the game. Instead, the two brothers hoped that the two brothers would explode Bosh. This guy is always looking for a deal. It is estimated that sooner or later he will grow wings and fly away by himself!
After the timeout, Black Parker restrained Calderon’s breakthrough to a certain extent. Artest and Garcia were excellent in single defense and would not easily let their opponents enter the Raptors to break through the ball. The tactics were controlled.
When the Raptors saw this, they quickly changed their style of play. Bosh turned his back more to discipline the national humiliation and strengthened the ball running to help his teammates cover up and find opportunities for high shots.
Bosh is not too afraid of Ji’s national humiliation. His height and wingspan make him naturally restrained from this kind of attack. The doctor failed in two consecutive singles, and the cunning dragon king no longer tried this trick to deal with Ji’s national humiliation. More ball cover and rollandroll search for scoring opportunities.
桑拿会所Ji Guo’s speed and flexibility are better than Bosh’s, including his jumping and speed. He is better than Bosh’s comprehensive sports ability. It is reasonable to say that he should also limit Bosh, but in more important experience, he has missed too many Bosley teammates to cover and run backwards, and he can always find a shot to gain points for his excellent projection ability.
Old Deng Liwei shouted at Ji Guo’s shame at the scene, Do you get as many points as he gets?
The magician laughed at the live broadcast. Old Deng Liwei seems to be very demanding of Fox’s brother. I don’t think a guy can play with Bosch for a few games. He is in daydreaming.
Reggie miller disagreed with ervin johnson. He retorted, chris bosh has never been an excellent single defense player. The Raptors’ line defense is very bad. Besides, we all know that defense depends on experience and attack depends on talent. Even if the defensive end is passive, it will not affect the attack. I think Brother Fox has the ability to get 2+ and more.
This game quickly verified the two people’s view that Ji Guo’s humiliation is also beneficial for teammates to cover the middle distance and hit the shot!
Many experts in the American media believe that Ji Guo’s humiliation theory is closer to chris bosh’s body shape or style of play, and the fox has a better threepoint wingspan. In addition, it is very similar to Bosh, but they are different after all. Now there has been a debate about who is the template of Ji Guo’s humiliation.
To say that he is like gart, he is not that hard; To say that he is like Nowitzki, he has stronger impact and athletic ability; Said he was like bosh, with a longer range and better physical fitness …
Now the panda warrior template is recognized as Duncan, but there is really no more recognized template for Ji Guo shame.
If it were in China, it would be blown into a fivestriker complex by the media …
At the end of the first quarter, the Clippers were 2 points behind at home at 24:26.
Ji Guoqiu scored 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocked shots. Ji Guojiao scored 7 points, 3 rebounds and 1 blocked shot. Artest scored 5 points and Mobry scored 4 points.
In the first quarter, Bosh scored 11 points and 2 rebounds, Calderon scored 4 points, anthony parker scored 4 points, J Ford scored 4 points and delfino scored 3 points.
Old Deng Liwei was dissatisfied with Ji Guo’s shame in the first quarter and made adjustments to the team’s defense. Brother Panda and Brother Fox exchanged defense objects after the second quarter, little fox. If you let that Italian soft egg get more than five points, I will exchange you for a slap in the face!
Ji Guo’s shame threatened old Deng Liwei so much that he could make a military order and said, Don’t worry, coach, I’ll let him get five points and come here himself.
Artest laughed. You have to really get here.
Other Clippers players have been booing to see what Ji Guo’s humiliation will be like.
Bah, I can’t stop Bosh from believing and killing that spaghetti!
Old Deng Liwei turned to Ji Guoqiu after beating his younger brother, and immediately changed his face. He was kindhearted and praised Brother Panda and encouraged him to make persistent efforts. It would be great to try to seal Bosh again in the second quarter.
Ji Guoqiu was a little embarrassed by the coach’s praise and looked at the opposite Twilight Girl. Christine wore his No.6 jersey today and sat opposite the Clippers bench to see him. She looked at him and secretly gave him a thumbsup sign.
Boss, we are going to the Raptors’ home now. Do you think the fans will cheer for us? Ji national humiliation in the second quarter and brother sitting in the heart asked.
I think so? Ji Guoqiu replied uncertainly
Should we be booed if we join the China team?
Do you want to join the Canadian team again?
Ji Guo was ashamed and smiled. No, I just casually said that it’s too easy to behave suddenly and get better recently. I got 15+ in several consecutive games. When I was browsing Guomen. com, I noticed that the wind direction there changed again. Who knows what those damn bureaucrats think?
Ji Guo Qiu Wenwen frowned. He knew what his brother meant, but he still thought of himself as a China native. Of course, he wanted to fight for his own country. Going to a foreign country to help others play games would further encourage the arrogance of those damn traitors and immigrant parties! The more famous they are, the less they can take this lead. They would rather not play the Olympic Games and feel that they should not play for other countries.
In the second quarter, the Clippers fielded Kassel, Black Parker, Mobry, Garcia, and Thomas.
Clippers fans burst into tears. Three players were missing from the team, and Livingston, Brand and Shareef AbdurRahim were reimbursed for the extra season. A total of six players were sent to the injury list. Now only one player can play, and this can be rotated.
After three minutes, the score has become 27:31.

What GongSunXiong said is in line with God’s will. I replied to him appreciatively, We can’t let thieves leave Liaodong because of the country and the people.

He smiled all over his face. As soon as I wait for my adult, Gongsun in western Liaoning is willing to go home with the general!
Don’t be so explicit in public.
For the Gongsun family in western Liaoning, of course, I need to win over so that the Liaodong will be more handy.
The Gongsun brothers retreated left and right respectively, and each reached out to give way to Gongsun Lianglang, saying, Welcome the general into the city.
I’m not at all welcome to take the lead in marching from the crowd to Lingzhi City.
Pang gan and Chen to, of course, followed me closely on both sides.
I suddenly stopped when I came to the door
Brother gongsun hurried forward and asked, does the general have any orders?
I’m asking, I said slightly to GongSunLiang. Where are the officials?
GongSunLiang bowed his head and replied, The commander was ordered by Gongsun Du, and the dog officer has been killed by my father.
I don’t comment. I walked through the gate with my back.
Whether your family is doing justice for heaven or taking the opportunity to retaliate, it’s nothing to do with me.

The welcome banquet was arranged in the mansion built by the Gongsun family in the city.
I didn’t realize the prosperity of Gong Sun’s family until I saw the busy crowd in the courtyard.
Half of the people in the whole order are surnamed Gongsunalthough the total population of urban and rural areas in this county is less than 10,000.
And Gongsun Zan is the parent of this generation of Gongsun’s family.
Moreover, according to my information, Gongsun Zan’s mother was born in a side room, and his ability to be a patriarch made me admire him even more, and made my affection for Gongsun Zan surge in an instant.
Put yourself in the position that if I were the head of thousands of people, I would never be willing to be a county magistrateeven if I were willing to be a county magistrate, other ethnic groups would not agree.
I immediately understood Gongsun Zan’s desire for fame and status.

The Gongsun family is really diligent in my false expedition to the North, and the Liaodong satrap is quite respectful. Gongsun Zan’s peers take turns to array their nephews in each room, but they hold a nephew ceremony for mealthough it feels a little contrary, I have long been used to it.
But obviously, the elders of other branches seem to have less status in the family than Gongsun Yueer, so I simply didn’t spend brain cells to remember their names. I just nodded frequently and smiled occasionally when I saw them pleasing to the eye.
GongSunLiang duly invited me, General, please sit down. He directly led me to the chairman of the North.
I shook my head and refused, You’re the host and I’m the guest. How can you lose your manners?
Sun Xu said to his cousin before, General Ma won’t stick to such red tape, so it’s better to get seated quickly.
Good GongSunLiang hurriedly ordered to wine!
Although I just said that Gongsun’s family is a big house in western Liaoning, western Liaoning is a big fellow who is richer and more prosperous than the Central Plains. No, I didn’t expect to eat any good wine and food hereand I’m not a picky eater.
桑拿会所However, being served as a guest in Gongsun’s home makes people feel comfortable all over, which is impossible to enjoy treatment in Luoyang.
I can see how much the Gongsun family attaches to me by setting up rich dishes one after another. Of course, I understand what they need.
But I won’t talk easily
At this time, I need someone who is good at reading the master’s mind to speak for me. Unfortunately … Cheng Yu would never do that. Xu Huang and Seibel don’t like to say much; Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye are not made of this material. They are immersed in drinking with Chu Yan, ignoring the situation here …
It suddenly occurred to me that I actually have the most experience in this field, but Zhang Ji Zhang Zhongjing.
Brother Liang will tell you the truth, I raised my glass and asked the Lord Gong Sunliang, Does your father have a court position?
GongSunLiang hands cupped bluntly replied, Report to the general that my father is a humble Beowulf. Although he is over forty years old, he is still white and can’t enter the government.
I smiled. I’m new to western Liaoning, but I’m suffering from people’s holiday. I wonder if your father can help me deal with the affairs of making a county official temporarily? Considering the educational level of the other party, I didn’t get to the point at all.
It’s so straightforward. If GongSunLiang doesn’t speak vernacular, he’s absolutely stupid. He immediately put the wine bottle away. After a few days, he lifted his robe with his left hand and knelt firmly in front of my seat. The grass people thanked the general on behalf of my father!
He couldn’t hide his trembling voice and bowed down to the ground.
73 accompany sleeping maid
After getting my verbal promise, the Gongsun family became more respectful to me, which made me quite popular.
In the eyes of other elders in the Gongsun family, I can feel different degrees of envy, which is also human nature.
Anyway, just six hundred stone county magistrate, I don’t think I need special talentshalf of them are county magistrates’ families.
In the sun brothers repeatedly vomitinginducing toasts, this luncheon was eaten for an hour.
I have already sent cattle, sheep, wine and food to hundreds of people to help cook in the big army city outside the city. I also have to worry about the soldiers starving.
After a full meal, I borrowed a quiet hall and called a closed meeting.
The situation in Lingzhi County is not bad. The theme of my meeting was Is it necessary for us to visit the other three counties?
If you are fat as well as in Chongqing, you will inevitably pass by when you walk along the official road in the East, but Haiyang is in the south of the branch, depending on your master’s wishes. Cheng Yu, the oldest adviser, first said
To tell you the truth, Seibel frowned slightly. The soldiers are expensive and fast. If you delay one day in western Liaoning, Gongsun Kang will be able to prepare for one more day, and it will be more difficult for our army to recover Liaodong.
Brother Bo ‘an is right, Xu Huang chimed in. Hope the master’s overall situation is heavy.
I wonder if it was influenced by Cheng Yu, and the two of them also changed their names to call me master.
I have to admit that I seem to have forgotten the most important thing again …
Cheng Yu said lightly, We don’t have to fight to the death in Gongsun Kang.
Sir, do you have a clever plan? I picked my eyebrows.
We can let Gongsun Gong take the troops back. He also shrugged his long eyebrows. Can Gongsun Du and his son get along safely when they die suddenly?
Although I know a lot about everything, I am familiar with the excellent system of the Chinese nation, and there are living examples of Yuan Shao Yuan Shu, Yuan Tan Yuan Xi Yuan Shang, Cao Pi Cao Zhi Cao Zhang …
But I still have doubts about this plan. Our army is under siege in Gongsun Gong and Gongsun Kang, and it is impossible to have a war with a Liaodong satrap, right? If let GongSunGong led the troops to return to the east, it’s just that Gongsun Kang increased his fighting power. It’s better to eat GongSunLaoEr first and then GongSunLaoDa won’t give each other a breather.
After the opinion was questioned by me, Cheng Yu laughed instead of anger. What meeting is here, master, since you have priorities?
His smile made me a little nervous. Mr. Laugh?
He looked very natural and angry. It’s just a relief that the master can judge for himself.
Well, I believed his explanation, I think you are unhappy and deliberately laughing …
Hey, he shook his head and denied that the speed of marching is not a problem. Even if Gongsun Kang reorganizes the army and wants the master to command ten thousand cavalry properly, it will be enough for him to fall again. Of course, the shorter the time, the less casualties our army will have.
I nodded, but I remembered the trick before him. In fact, if Gongsun Gong really has the strength to compete with Gongsun Kang, it is an excellent choice to let him go back to Liaodong.
Cheng Yu corners of the mouth slightly become warped quietly looked at me.
But I don’t know about their brotherhood. I didn’t send me information from party member. So I decided not to adopt this opinion.
Master still believes in his own army. He smiled. Let’s kill the past and kill the past.
No comments, right? I asked others.
No one objected to Qin Zhen’s it’s rare to hear such a bloody sentence from Mr. Cheng.
I spit out a sigh and got up. It’s forbidden to gather people to stay up late for half a day! March immediately after dawn. I want to sprint for 400 miles!
Cheng Yu sighed, Four hundred Li … It seems that we can sleep in the fields.

But Shang Tang Lian is also confident that even if Meng Shiru really kills her, she won’t lose. Who is she?

Shang Tanglian looked at it and found that Meng Shiru was also an orientation talent like her. She couldn’t help but nod with satisfaction. Sure enough, it is unusual to look at people by herself, which proves that her eyes are still good.
Shang Tanglian then went to read this information. Speaking of the Slote family, the United States is also famous. The only Chinese family in the United States is like the Oran family. The United States has to shake three times. However, compared with the huge Oran family, the Slote family seems to be a bit dead. After so long development, the Oran family did not know that it has developed for several generations. From the beginning, one family slowly developed to the present, and the whole family is very large and prosperous.
The Slote family is a little different. Meng Shiru is three generations of Vivi alone, but the Slote family values quality rather than quantity. Although the number of people is more than that of the Oran family, it doesn’t mean quality.
Anyway, the Slote family has developed to the present scale, and it is also a struggle with the Oran family. Although there is a patriarch of the Slote family, Meng Shiru, who has a long face but no old man, I have never heard of another relative, the Slote patriarch, who has been looking for it but has never found it.
To tell the truth, the Slote family was not so thin before, and there is a reason for this. At the beginning, the Slote family was also prosperous, but the current patriarch of the Slote family was not allowed to be a patriarch according to the previous rules, and Slote was not as capable as the eldest grandson at that time, even if he wanted to compete, he didn’t have that ability. At that time, the current patriarch of Slote still had many brothers and sisters.
However, there is another reason that the head of Slote’s current family still had an illegitimate identity that was rejected by a group of brothers and sisters:
Chapter 32 robbery
At that time, because of one thing, the Slote family was a little aggressive with dupont family at that time. At that time, although the Slote family was powerful, it was just gaining a foothold. At that time, dupont family wanted to make an example for some things because of some decline. Suddenly, the Slote family became a little dirty with them.
Now the head of the Slote family was in his youth, and the accident happened on the same day when he was a bear child. Because he was always bullied and rejected by his brothers and sisters, he played the role of running away from home. When he came home in a mess and couldn’t stand the hardships outside, he suddenly found that his family was gone overnight, but there were a bunch of strangers coming in and out of his house. Because he was dirty at that time, he couldn’t tell what the clothes were, and the materials were all mud, but there were holes everywhere. Instead of begging outside, he was expelled.
But that’s why he escaped. At that time, he was stupid. Later, when he reacted, he didn’t lose control and shouted. Instead, he calmly watched those people go in and out, moved their things in ecstasy, and received all their things in ecstasy. He never forgot the smug and greedy look.
After being a beggar at home for a few days, he is still very dedicated to begging from those who he can’t wait to spit out one by one. Although he is disgusted and expelled, no one doubts that he is a member of this family.
Moreover, the Gaslot family is Chinese, and his compatriots have the heart to help even if they want to help. Besides, the Slote family is too high, and they are not the only ones who can lend a helping hand, but the Oran family turns a blind eye.
Three days later, he wanted to leave, thinking about revenge later, but before he left, he accidentally found a servant tied up and thrown into a remote place. Now the patriarch of Slote suspected that which servant was sent away and followed him. At that time, there might be cars everywhere, which is why he was so young that he could follow him to his destination.
After the throwers left, he stepped forward and took a closer look, only to know that it was their housekeeper. He touched each other and gasped with surprise, and found that there was still a breath, saying that the man was not dead. Immediately, the current patriarch of Slote dragged him away.
品茶论坛It’s not too difficult. It’s true that people like them have money, but their lives are always threatened because of it. For some of the most basic healing methods, I still know that the current patriarch of Slote learned the medical knowledge of tripods by himself at that time, and took some hemostatic herbs to give each other some bloodenriching things. This is naturally the effect of begging in those three days, plus the fact that he was premeditated to run away from home or some small fortune.
At an early age, he naturally knows that wealth does not reveal the truth. Not only that, but even he is not as good as his cousin Cong, the long grandson, who is much more intelligent than ordinary children. He should know or will know more than ordinary children, and he is precocious.
Only after the great changes have been discovered can we be so calm. Now, the patriarch of Slote just pulled a dying man back with a few meager things, but this man is also in good health, that is, he is the most loyal housekeeper. He was instilled with loyalty to his family from an early age and cannot betray it. Ideology is also a means to protect his family. It is inevitable that he will have no effort and be in good health.
Slote’s current patriarch’s name is Meng Qi, and his English name is Alice Slote. At that time, he didn’t dare to take the housekeeper to rent anything, but took him to stay in someone else’s ranch, which was a deserted ranch, hidden and safe.
It was a surprise to see Meng Qi after the housekeeper woke up. At that time, she told Meng Qi that he couldn’t finish the biggest thing at this time. I didn’t expect to be lucky. How could the housekeeper not be surprised?
The housekeeper immediately told Meng Qi where to put the most important things in their house, including the deeds and the company documents, and all the departments kept them in a secret place waiting for him to get them when he could.
It turns out that the former slot patriarch had some ominous premonitions, but he didn’t know what would happen. These things were prepared consciously, and then he took precautions. If you don’t know what it is, you will naturally make mistakes, and if you make the right move, the result will be the same.
It turns out that Chief Slote’s things were right, but it was only a few days before a prosperous family collapsed. After Meng Qi knew it, he didn’t listen to the servant’s advice to find those things, but first raised his body with him, and then Meng Qi let the housekeeper either choose to stay here and wait for the opportunity or go back to China with him.
The reason why Yu Mengqi is going back to China is very simple, because he remembered that his former father once told him that there was a very powerful martial arts master in China.
Yes, Meng remembered that he had to learn Kung Fu from a teacher first. Although he is old, he has no Kung Fu body and no ability to protect himself. Then he will have the heart to take revenge.
At that time, when the housekeeper was still flustered and didn’t know what to do, Meng Qi made a decision for him. After the housekeeper stayed in the United States to continue her studies and learn higher knowledge, she could help him regain his family.
After hearing Meng Qi’s decision, the housekeeper immediately felt at ease. His management is also more talented. The former head of the Slote family also meant this. After letting the housekeeper continue her studies, she will be a good helper for their family.
Then Meng Qi went back to China and found it after many twists and turns. At that time, Master didn’t become the other brother, but Meng Qi felt that Master was no different from his brother.
Meng Qi was very moved at that time, but later Meng Qi learned something and went back to the United States for revenge when the time was right.
At that time, Meng Qi returned to China with a very strong posture. Although his kung fu was not as good as those people, he had little ability to protect himself. In addition, he got to know some Jianghu people and was not afraid of each other’s force. So Meng Qi regained his family and the housekeeper helped to grow the Slote family again.
The only regret is that the head of the Slote family married a wife, but it was difficult to produce Meng Shiru when he was born, and he died:
Chapter 33 is her
So the Slote family became thin now, and Meng Qi didn’t marry anyone else. Of course, Meng Shiru thought that he didn’t have this idea.
However, even if there is a single Vivi Meng Shiru, it is so precious, but it is not that Jin Gui should fall and beat Meng Qi, but he also insists that children can grow up only by beating.
Let Meng Shiru go wherever Meng Qi was at that time. Meng Shiru worked hard and hired a master to teach the fact that Meng Qi and his wife’s genes were too good and powerful. So Meng Shiru was not only a martial arts genius, but also showed Uberlike talent from all aspects. If he was not strong enough, he would really be unable to control him.
Then when Meng Shiru was ten years old, she began to live independently, wandering outside, even practicing kung fu by herself.
Seeing Shang Tang Lian here, I can’t help but imagine a tenyearold boy with a straight face doing big things and can’t say how cute he is.
Shang Tanglian forgot that she seemed to laugh at others like this in her previous life.
And Meng Qi went back and began to have a vendetta with the Oran family. It was because of the Oran family that from ruin would have such a situation.

March less than half an hour, the sky turned slightly dark.

I really can’t go with a bunch of Ukrainian farmers.
General …! Zulie suddenly chased after enemy attack!
My face changed. Li Dian and Qin array threw arrows to meet the enemy!
Yes! Li Dian immediately reined in a 100degree turn.
Qin Zhen was worried about the slaughter of farmers, so he pulled out his long knife.
The ground was thrown with bows and arrows. I told Pang Gan to send someone to gather them.
How many people are there in the enemy?
Five thousand Zulie gasped All cavalry!
Cavalry? I can’t help but frown. Just now, there are not many ways left to continue the volley … Do you want to recklessly?
5 thousand versus 7 thousand, although our army is well trained, it is impossible to do any damage
Ma Dai and Zhao Cheng put extra arrows and then led the army around the sides. I never put all the combatants together, even though the number is small.
Yes is another bunch of bows and arrows. I distributed them to the soldiers in my own camp, each with 20 arrows. Of course, considering my own rapid consumption and lethality, I specially reserved twice as much shit for myself.
Pang Gan, you should be careful about Jia Mu’s safety. I assigned Pang Gan to Jia Mu again. Although he was dissatisfied with being transferred from me, he was still deployed from me
Zhang Ji, you are responsible for continuing to lead them forward to contain the meeting of General Lu of Yan County. I feel that it should not be too far away from Yan County, and it may take three quarters of an hour to get there.
There are 50 people left in the logistics brigade, so the 10,000 rioters are escorted slowly to the north.
I also ordered the soldiers to give orders to several battalions respectively. I shot two rounds on both sides of Ma Dai, Zhao Cheng, and then attacked the enemy’s wings. Then Li Dian Qin array defeated the enemy’s positions with one puff. There must be no mistakes.
The cavalry really came so fast. In the southern sky, a strong wind swept over the ground and rolled up the loess all over the sky.
prepare an arrow! I picked up two feather arrows and moved slowly forward over the Qin array and the Li Dian cavalry. Two thousand riders lined up at the southernmost tip.
The dust is getting closer and closer, and the speed is increasing instead of decreasing, which is to prepare us for a hard fight.
Their horse speed has reached the limit and we haven’t started yet. If we fight hard, we will definitely lose a lot.
Do not touch hard! Qin Zhen Li Dian sides to avoid! I drink backwards.
Two thousand people suddenly retreated to one side.
I also gave Pang Gan and Jia Mu a total of 1000 people to retreat to both sides.
The enemy is coming hard to stop.
I can’t tell the number of people even if the former army shoots from the flank, it will cause some confusion to the enemy.
When our enemy passed sideways, Ma Dai Zhao Cheng had already sent troops to stop it, and then Li Dian and Qin Zhen also violently inserted into the enemy camp.
spa会所The enemy’s forward speed has obviously come to a standstill.
I’m one step behind, and I’m rushing back in pursuit.
The enemy completely moved.
Divided into seven pieces by us, we fought separately, but we didn’t fight. It seemed that the arrogance when we charged before was just a show to scare us.
When I encounter a little setback, I will take care of myself, and there is no powerful general to coordinate and command these mutinous soldiers. So much for their fighting capacity. I suddenly feel relieved.
I am the emperor of heaven in Runan! A thief who looks like a crooked melon and cracks dates, but can make people remember, roared, If you go against the thief and ruin the country and the people, you will not give up when you meet the emperor today!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m Jincheng Tai Sui Qin array! I have come to meet you! Dozens of feet away from him, Qin array rushed to him with joy.
Go to hell! Instrument just twist a head to see the Qin array was sneak attack from behind Zhao Cheng a knife split on the shoulder directly tumble horse.
Grandma laozhao dare to grab credit with grandpa? !” Qin Zhen was furious but suddenly stopped. I sincerely congratulate you, Battalion Zhao, and I hope you will make persistent efforts to achieve better results!

Asked by a reporter, Is this the first time you have faced Arsenal since you moved from Arsenal?

Qin Xiong replied faintly, I was calm before coming, but I was happy after seeing the Emirates Stadium. During my two years with Arsenal, the club including fans were talking about the new stadium. I am glad that Arsenal has realized its dream and has a new stadium with matching club strength, which is very important for Arsenal’s development.
You will still bet on Arsenal after you leave, won’t you?
Of course, I have good memories in Arsenal and friends here. I wish Arsenal better and better in my heart.
But you scored twice and got an assist in the game today, which made Arsenal’s hope of promotion to the top team very slim.
This is two different things. I am a player. Of course, I will give my best performance on the court and strive for the contribution of the team I play for.
So all you can do is not to celebrate Raul after scoring, and not to congratulate Raul after scoring, right?
But I don’t want Arsenal to be rivals if possible.
Do you have anything to say to Wenger?
If I have anything to tell him, I will call him directly.
Have you called him since you left London?
Yes, when I got married, I called him to tell him the news and invited him to my wedding, but he couldn’t go to China because of something. After all, it’s too far away. I’m glad he blessed me.
Will Real Madrid kill at the Bernabeu?
I won’t know this until after a round of competition.
Wenger told the press conference after the game that the team lost by luck and insisted that the referee had made a mistake.
Henry shot over the goal line, but the referee made a huge mistake. If that goal was awarded, the correct game would not be like this.
Spanish media reporters retorted, Raul was violated twice in the restricted area but was not punished!
The implication is that Arsenal have nothing to complain about here.
The topic has returned to Qin Xiong’s body. The Spanish media seems to want to ridicule Wenger for letting Qin Xiong go in those years, which has attracted Qin Xiong to rebel against his old master today!
Wenger said naively, You don’t know anything about the situation at that time. I have no problem with Qin Xiong. The whole team is trying to hope that Qin Xiong will stay, but he finally moved and left. This is Arsenal’s regret. In the end, we wish him that we can do so much for the players who have helped the club set foot on the top of Europe.
Bosco showed the winner’s demeanor after the game.
桑拿The game is not over yet. There are still nine minutes left before the game is played. Arsenal’s strength has caused us great trouble. Real Madrid won a great but extremely difficult victory.
Every player has done a great job. Of course, Qin Xiong’s performance is as outstanding as in the past. He is gradually playing a leading role in Real Madrid.
After returning to Madrid, Real Madrid was greeted by many fans, who sang the names of the team’s players outside the airport, especially when Qin Xiong appeared with a travel bag, which caused cheers on the spot.
When I got home late at night, Sylvia was still awake. Qin Xiong held her cheek and said, I told you many times that I went outside to play the game, so you went to bed early at home. Why don’t you always listen?
Sylvia put her arms around his waist and leaned her head against his chest and whispered, I can’t sleep without you.
Qin Xiong bowed his head and kissed her forehead, then picked her up and took a simple bath, lying in bed and hugging her to sleep.
Marca and Aspen all reported on the following day that Real Madrid beat Arsenal 32 away, and Qin Xiong took the lead and claimed that Real Madrid would easily advance to the Champions League.
Because the semifinal of the King’s Cup will be played in two rounds of leagues, and after the two rounds of leagues, there will be the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinal Arsenal game in the middle of the week.
Bosque made a rotation adjustment of the schedule.
Real Madrid vs Getafe Madrid mini derby in the 25th round of the league.
Real Madrid sent a large number of substitutes at home to rest the main players after a fierce 9minute game in London in midweek.
Qin Xiong’s teammates sat in the Bernabeu box to watch the team game.
Nine minutes later, Real Madrid disappointed the fans with a 11 draw with Getafe at the Bernabeu.
Bosque also felt a little nai after the game.
The gap between the main players and the substitutes is too obvious, and it must be said that the dazzling achievements of the main players in the second half of the season also put great pressure on the substitutes.
However, fortunately, the huge lead ratio of Real Madrid League can also be regarded as a decompression factor for the substitute players.
On February 2nd, the first leg of the King’s Cup semifinal arrived.
Real Madrid vs Santander at home.
The elite soldier Real Madrid of they nest didn’t give Santander a chance at the Bernabeu.
45 minutes before Ronaldo scored a hat trick at halftime, helping the team seal the victory.
In the half game, Qin Xiong scored a goal directly to expand the score by 4:
In the 72nd minute of the game, Diarra Jin Tianhua locked the score at 5:
Although Raul didn’t score a goal, he was also well received after the game, because he scored an assist hattrick in the front line.
In March, Real Madrid beat Virva 32 in the 26th round of La Liga.
Virva is a member of the league’s relegation corps, and Real Madrid’s paper strength is much better than that of its opponents even on the bench.
However, it was very thrilling to win the game, which made the outside world full of doubts about Real Madrid’s substitute team.
After two years, the bigger the exhibition, the less likely it is for the club to do the preliminary work of signing in summer.
Why do you have to make preparations in the previous year or two when you have a helper?
The question of being in Real Madrid is whether young Higuain can carry the Bernabeu gun in the future, which has become the focus of attention from the outside world to be continued 3.
[The first volume of the sword has not been drawn and has become a front. 4 Give up C Ronaldo! ]
On the eve of Arsenal’s arrival in Madrid, the original event, the Champions League lifeanddeath match, was ignored.
It seems that the Spanish media don’t recognize what Arsenal can do in the Bernabeu.
Instead, it focused on the future signing construction of Real Madrid.
In March, according to cruyff, the team’s signings can be at this time.
However, the specific problems should be analyzed concretely. Real Madrid, despite its gorgeous game scenes, occupies the top spot in the standings, and the number of wins and goals are the highest stability among the leaders of major leagues, which should be the team theme.
However, the performance gap between the team’s main force and the substitute is large, and the performance of Higuain, the key cultivation, is average in limited playing opportunities, which causes the speculation of Real Madrid striker signing.
Calderon hinted that there will be no largescale cleaning or introduction of Real Madrid in the summer.
He used to be if the team succeeded in La Liga and won the Champions League!
Real Madrid is a team with a complete squad. We have replaced 19 players in the past 16 months. We are not going to do any major surgery against each other this year. Of course, there may be unexpected signings, but I have to say that we are not ready yet.
The chairman of Real Madrid deliberately sold it and refused to reveal who the unexpected signing was. One thing is certain: World Sports News and Aspen both agree that the focus of Real Madrid’s season introduction is on the front line, and there is still some discrepancy between the two newspapers.
The Aspen newspaper listed a list of one person yesterday, saying that the investment in transfer in summer was about 100 million euros, and the photo of Drogba at the head revealed that this summer’s Warcraft almost definitely left Chelsea was the focus of Real Madrid’s attention, but this song depends on whether Real Madrid can win the La Liga championship and the Champions League.
Compared with Aspen and World Sports, the news is more specific. The newspaper revealed that fuentes, the agent of Seville striker fabiano, visited the Bernabeu half a month ago. After the contact between the two sides, fuentes Ma said in the media, I can say that there are big clubs interested in fabiano. Real Madrid? Which player doesn’t want to play in Real Madrid?
Fabiano is currently in the third place in La Liga shooter list, second only to Qin Xiong Raul, but his performance is that he can replace Ruud van Nistelrooy or Raul shooter.
According to Seville President Delnido, fabiano’s breach of contract is 60,000 euros. If you want his club, you have to pay this amount. However, the fact is that fabiano’s personal ownership is more complicated. Seville originally spent 10,000 euros to get 35% of fabiano’s ownership, and the remaining 65% is in a brokerage company. That is to say, Seville can’t be established until it pays 150,000 euros to the brokerage company.
Fabiano Seville’s contract renewal talks have not made much progress. Previously, he said, If Seville can’t enter the Champions League, I can’t guarantee to stay in this club.
Comprehensive Spanish media list fabiano is the closest person to Real Madrid, but Real Madrid also faces competition from other clubs. For example, it is in Spain that Juan Ramos coached Tottenham Hotspur and Bianco really integrated into European football.
In addition to fabiano’s World Sports News, Real Madrid is also considering contacting Arsenal midfielder Flamini.
Flamini’s contract expires in June this year, but Arsenal has not renewed it. The performance of the French in these two seasons has attracted the attention of Milan, including A, in major clubs. The main purpose of Real Madrid’s contact is to pressure Diarra to give up the salary increase and stay at the team. Secondly, once Flamini has made progress, Diarra will transfer to Inter Milan, but the transfer will not be too low, it should be around 20 thousand euros.
In fact, the main players in the dressing room of Real Madrid are not worried about the signing of Real Madrid like Qin Xiong. What is there to care about?

You have married Yan son don’t want to go in the northwest as rude? !” Cai Yong stopped drinking.

Today, I have been dazed for many times. Is this the same as when I was a Nuo Nuoonly Cai Yong? Before getting married, he racked his brains and tried his best to ask me to agree to this marriage. Now he is so stubborn on this topic!
In my opinion, dressing or undressing is not a matter of principle, and it is not even necessary to discuss it
I’ve never heard of anything that forbids men to go shirtless in hot weather!
Chapter seventytwo milli meaning struggle
If Cai’s adult is dissatisfied with people, he will never insist. I threw Cai Yan in my robe and said to Cai Yong hazily.
… Cai Yong zheng what do you mean?
I smiled, Cai’s adult noble family Hai Daru’s vision is naturally extremely high. I’m not allowed to be a rude and vulgar northwest savage. My name is Ma, and I have overreached myself and married Cai’s darling daughter.
I grew up with a light smile. I said earlier that this marriage was not appropriate. I’m afraid that Lord Cai is determined to marry a woman to me. I am humble and can accept it. After a few days of marriage, Lord Cai blames me for not being able to have fun with the wild grass people, so I will leave.
Cai Yong’s face suddenly changed, and his face was as white as paper. Cai Yan and Mrs. Cai have not yet responded, but they are speechless.
I bowed my hand without long sleeves, and I was really uncomfortable.
Cai Yong’s facial muscles trembled, but his eyes narrowed slowly.
Wenchi clenched her teeth and stared at me with a glassy stare, shaking her head.
I still have a trace of sympathy in my heart. After all, she has had several onenight stands.
Ma is not worthy of Chua’s daughter, please forgive me for blasphemy. I gave a deep bow.
… my husband is going to … divorce my concubine? Wenchi as if just to react ru asked
It’s like ending in Cai’s adult. I don’t watch her grind her teeth and turn to her father.
Cai Yan’s eyes drooped and her eyelashes were stained with tears.
Cai Yong also completely closed his eyes and stopped looking at me.
I let out a long sigh and turned around. Xiao Zhao, Shuang’er, The Story Of Diu Sim and Xiao E were not surprised.
Xiao Zhao quickly close low way lady virtuous male think twice!
If her parents don’t agree, I can! I openly drink a way
The Story Of Diu Sim took Shuang’er and kept silent.
Small moths lips micro sound fine not smell … male …
I know she is more pitiful, but I can sigh to myself and put my hand on her head and gently caress her.
Xianxu … Stay! Someone behind quiver advised
I immediately stopped. Mrs. Cai still has a charge?
He was just … just talking nonsense. Don’t take it seriously … Mrs. Cai explained acerbity. Although Yan Er has been married to Ma Fu for only five days, she has already settled with you. Where can she rest?
I quietly left them a figure in the same place.
Mrs. Cai even asked, Yan Er, Yan Er! Do you think it’s you?
… CAI wenji silent did not answer.
Mrs. Cai was in a hurry. Say it, you persuade Chaoer!
品茶论坛I slowly turned my attention to Cai Yan, and saw her row of teeth biting her lips tightly, but still refused to let go.
Sister Yan I whispered, What’s your opinion?
Me? Cai Yan looked up slightly, and there were two tears streaming down her face.
I stretched out my hand to wipe away her tears, but I froze at half a fingertip, half an inch away. I withdrew my hand and said to Cai Yong, If Master Cai insists on it, he won’t dare to move a point.
This is, after all, a dispute between Cai Yong and me. Even Mrs. Cai, Cai Yan, dare not say anything to the owner.
Cai Yong’s dead face finally moved again. He slowly opened his eyes and his throat trembled violently. Xianxu … is an old fool … you can’t take a rest … old man won’t dare again, dare again … His solemn face suddenly burst into tears in a flash!
Mrs Cai saw her husband at a loss for a moment.
I shake a shake before the corners of the mouth to help Cai Yong fatherinlaw’s adult YanChong you get up quickly
Cai Yong recovered from his career, and Mrs. Cai quickly took out her husband Kimpa to wipe her tears.
Madam, wipe your tears. I reached into Cai Yan’s jaw and bounced her tears.
She sobbed and wiped her tears. You made me cry twice today …
I sat crosslegged and patted her shoulder, but I didn’t say anything to comfort her.
Not everything needs my words to explain.

Since someone sent the door to play for themselves, Shang Tanglian felt that if she didn’t have a good time, she would be sorry for the other party. Yu Wangpai planned to postpone it, so as to maximize her happiness.

In May, the weather was not so hot, and many people thought that they were strong and had changed their summer clothes. Shang Tang Lian was honest and dressed in a long dress. The waist was a wide belt with a big bow on the back, and some tassels hung on both sides of the belt, which was very beautiful.
Shang Tanglian always prefers dresses in all clothes, which not only makes it convenient to put on and take off in the group, but also makes her pure face more fresh and refined, just as beautiful and pure as Hua Xian, which makes people dare not blaspheme. To put it bluntly, you love to dress up at thirteen o’clock. The Queen smiled gently at the readers and said that you forgot to take medicine. Don’t mind.
What is the best time to go out to play this season, especially in places like Huadu? May is a season when everything has recovered and spring blossoms. The economic class one decided to organize a spring outing, which coincided with the May Day holiday, and they sometimes played.
When the location is studied, I will go to the seaside for two days. There will be a bonfire party and swimming, and there will be not too many beautiful women and handsome men on the beach.
Shang Tang Lotus has no opinion on this kind of thing. Shang Tang Lotus is following the crowd because Shang Tang Lotus knows that although she can arrange it better, it will not be perfect if she does. If everything is arranged like her, it will be very good, but it is not fun.
Chapter 6 She is cold
Shang Tang Lian seems that students should be as energetic as they are on a whim. What Ji Yanxian and Tang Tian ask Shang Tang Lian to do, Shang Tang Lian will not refuse.
Maybe Yan Xian, they think Shang Tang Lian is right to make a decision, but they don’t know Shang Tang Lian. It seems that they are right to make a decision, which is in line with a student’s thinking and a college student should have vitality.
They went to the place at 9: 30 in the afternoon and drove directly to the beach. All the students in the class thought that they would play if they wanted to play. They all decided to book a room in the wooden house on the beach directly, and Yan Xian had already connected.
A cabin on the beach is not cheap. An ordinary room costs 500 yuan a night, which is more than that. However, they still booked two students who are later than the class and have less money. How much can they pay? The rest is sponsored by Li Ai, a few local students.
As soon as they arrived at the seaside, they felt the wind blowing on their faces. They booked a room for three people, and one room was not expensive. They all went to salute themselves and then they were all ready to go to the seaside to play first.
Shang Tang Lian also followed everyone to step on the sand barefoot to feel the softness, and soon her feet were covered with sand.
If it is the average human foot, it will definitely make people feel very ugly. However, the white and delicate sand of Shang Tang Lotus is more attractive like a piece of white jade, and the white calf sea breeze is looming in the Tibetan skirt, which is even more attractive.
Shang Tanglian didn’t run crazy with everyone, but walked slowly step by step. Today, the sun is high in the sky, and the hot sunshine is sprayed on the earth before eleven o’clock. However, this weather is more suitable for seaside play.
There are more and more people at the seaside, many of whom rent folding chairs and lie in the sun, and many handsome guys can’t wait to swim in the rough sea.
There are also a few girls in class one of Economy who can’t wait to change their swimsuits to show their beautiful figure. For example, Song Muyang’s proud posture and walking are really attractive, especially the rough waves. Well, many boys can’t wait to plunge into the beautiful sea, and Song Muyang doesn’t give up.
I got a lot of whistles along the way, and even a few men came to strike up a conversation. Of course, Song Muyang refused with a charming smile.
Then I went to the place where the economic class rented a folding chair with a sun umbrella and lay down. Yan Xian looked at Song Muyang’s swimsuit and couldn’t help whistling and poking. She kept walking slowly. Shang Tang Lian Oh, Shang Tang Lian, look at Song Muyang’s swimsuit fabric. It’s really enough to tell the truth. I have heard of bikinis before, but it’s the first time I’ve seen people wear them in reality. Sure enough, the effect of wearing them is too good.
Shang Tanglian felt a flash of color and let Yan Xian not touch herself. She just glanced at Song Muyang lightly. It’s nothing strange. On the contrary, Yan Xian’s words made her feel strange. It’s not that she’s strange, it’s that you’re strange. It’s normal for her to wear a bikini. If she doesn’t wear it, she will be surprised. Okay.
Speaking of which, Shang Tang Lian added, And not only she can wear it, I think there are girls in our class who can wear it.
Tang Tian heard this conversation just after running from time to time. Tang Tian also saw it and gasped and said, Yes, Song Muyang is really this style, but no one in our class will wear it except Song Muyang. Anyway, Tang Tian stopped running when he was a little tired. Anyway, he was a little tired, so he followed them honestly and slowly. To tell the truth, it was warm and hot when the sun shone, but it was cool and not comfortable when the sea breeze blew.
Yanxian also directly ignored Shang Tanglian’s fuss and looked at Shang Tang Lotus with a face of disbelief. It’s impossible. You have to say that Song Muyang will wear it. I believe you said that he is a girl in our class. I think it is impossible.
Is Tang Tian is also looking at Shang Tang Lotus with a face of disbelief.
Shang Tang lotus light way don’t say others YunYunZhu and Xiong Dailin will definitely wear his girl? Well, Tang Tian, how can I remember that your swimsuit is also a bikini type?
Tang Tian, the Queen’s eyes are so sharp. It’s rare for people to have a place to show off. Why not, Queen? What’s your tone and eyes?
For a moment, Tang Tian felt the dense malice of the Queen’s adult, quite wronged. What’s wrong with people finally having a chance to show their own information? Are you doing this?
Shang Tang Lianshi Tang Tian’s grievance tone affirmed a few words that made Tang Tian’s words cold
Shang Tang Lotus others don’t know, but they know that Tang Tian will be cold. Yan Xian and Tang Tian are both super afraid of cold, but this period of beauty is so thin, and normal people at this seaside know that although the temperature will be higher in winter than in other places, the sea breeze keeps blowing. Are you warm and endothermic?
And when it’s half cold and not hot like this, it’s fine at noon. If you don’t freeze to death in the evening or early, you’ll be surprised if you wear so little sea breeze and keep blowing without a heat source.
It’s not like it’s summer. When you say you’re wearing a bikini and blowing the sea breeze, it’s really comfortable, but this kind of Shang Tang lotus can express itself twice, which is purely seeking abuse
So this time I came to the seaside to play Shang Tanglian, and I didn’t even plan to go swimming in the sea. I thought that my swimsuit was just in case I brought it with me.
Tang Tian hesitated. No, he cried in his heart. No, I still want to take the opportunity to show my proud figure.
Shang Tanglian stopped talking, pointing to the back and seemingly calmly enjoying the sea breeze. Song Muyang showed them that from Shang Tang Lotus’s side, she was quickeyed or saw that someone was shivering.
Isn’t that nonsense? This kind of weather is semicold and not hot. It’s a good thing that you hide under the umbrella and don’t exercise and wear so little and not cold.
Yanxian also let Shang Tanglian say that it seems to be cold. She turned to look at Song Muyang with Tang Tian and really wanted to ask, Girl, are you cold?:
Chapter 69 Delicious seafood
Let Shang Tang Lian say so. They really feel the cool sea breeze. It seems that the Queen’s adult said it makes sense.
Yanxian comforted Tang Tian and couldn’t bear to see her depressed. It’s okay. There’s no chance for us this time. And maybe the weather is fine these days. At noon, we can still wear swimsuits to show off. Don’t listen to the words of the Queen’s alarmist, which were swallowed back by Yanxian.
However, Yan Xian is really able to understand Tang Tian, let alone Tang Tian. Even she is such a mentality. It is rare to show her feminine side once. Of course, we must seize the opportunity.
After walking for a while, the sun is getting hotter and hotter. Shang Tang Lian also decided to hide under the umbrella and enjoy the sea breeze. This is really a very enjoyable thing at the moment.
Yanxian and Tang Tian are at the end of their lives. What is the life of Shang Lian? Of course, they are afraid of being despised by the Queen. That taste is really bad
In particular, when these two people followed Shang Tanglian back to their area, they found that there were two more girls in bikinis. It was Shang Tanglian’s mouth that Xiong Dailin and Yunyunzhu felt that what the Queen said was right.
This is even more unwilling to act casually. Let’s listen to the Queen. Don’t look back and show your figure. It’s a shame.
桑拿论坛Shang Tang Lian has a good feeling for Song Muyang. Be less of a roommate. In the past six months, this roommate has not only failed to find trouble for himself, but also helped himself invisibly from time to time. Shang Lianlian declined to comment. Besides, Song Muyang has seen much abroad. This is nothing.
And compared with Yunyunzhu and Xiong Dailin, Shang Tanglian still prefers Song Muyang to dare to be a little less.