I haven’t heard you mention this recently, and I don’t want to tell youI’m trying to lose weight, and I couldn’t wear clothes last year.

Sister, what’s wrong with you? Suddenly you’re being hard on yourself.
Generally speaking, everyone is used to joking with fat people, and it seems that most fat people are goodnatured and can afford to joke.
Xin Xiaotian, too, is used to being laughed at by her colleagues at ordinary times. Sometimes she will reply with a word or two, but at this time she is in a good mood, so she doesn’t deliberately respond to anything. She smiled and said with everyone that she bowed her head and changed her shoes, and put on her feet again. She put away her shoes, put her clothes and shoes in a bag, and then sat down and went on working.
Class, after all, has the discipline to ask everyone to talk and laugh for a few words, and then they also scattered their places.
Finally, after a night, Xin Xiaotian endured her appetite, ate seven full minutes and rested for half an hour. Then she changed her sports equipment and wore headphones to walk to the small park near her residence.
The fourth chapter is very important.
There are fewer people in the small park than expected at this time.
There will be middleaged aunts exercising with all kinds of equipment. I didn’t expect that there would be three people for four people in two taistrollers.
There is an uncle who walks alone and casually throws his legs.
It seems that square dance is more attractive.
Xin Xiaotian came to the farthest place from Uncle, with his feet firmly on the handrail and a light breath, and began to take a step.
In my heart, I inexplicably came up with a thank you. Taxpayers thank the public facilities for their welfare.
Openair park Tai Stroller, a kind of equipment, has a fixed trajectory, and the leg swing amplitude is limited to a certain area. Although this equipment is simple and simple in the open air, and the room equipment seems to be so poor, it is actually scientifically designed, with its principles and good results.
Say it’s simple
In reality, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone really develop into a devil’s figure with such simple equipment.
Xin Xiaotian has no confidence in herself. She’s not a professional. She’s still forced here, and this method is recognized by Xiaolan. Does anyone know? A month has passed and we’ll see the results.
Xin Xiaotian is thinking while swinging. It is said that people love rambling and thinking when they are doing monotonous activities.
But soon her thoughts were brought back by footsteps and she began to pay attention to herself, and combined with some broken knowledge teachers she had seen in the past two days, she realized something.
On the surface, this kind of equipment is limited by a certain swing and trajectory, and the legs are alternately moved back and forth to complete the movement. In this process, the position of the feet is always fixed and the bust is also fixed.
桑拿网At first glance, it looks like this, and many people probably do the same.
Then it’s probably wrong.
The same movement, even a very simple movement, will definitely have a different final effect if the parts and methods of force are different.
That’s why it’s also running. Some people will run into big muscles and thick legs, while others will run with more symmetrical and slender legs.
Although you can’t see any difference with your eyes, you know best whether the parts and methods of exerting force are correct or unreasonable when you move.
Xin Xiaotian tried it and found that this simple instrument has at least three methods of exerting force.
One is that the foot forces the sole of the foot to pedal the pedal, so as to drive two connecting rods or movable rods connected with the pedal. I always don’t know the scientific name of this thing and move in tandem.
After that, it is driven by the displacement of the foot and the two movable rods, so that the thigh moves back and forth to form continuous movement. This force will obviously bring great pressure to the sole of the foot and burden the ankle.
The second is that the thigh force drives the calf and the foot pedal to complete this continuous movement. This force may make the muscles in the front and side of the thigh develop slowly. For most girls, it is the expected goal. If you persist for a long time for several years, you should probably get a pair of strong thighs like ChunLi in the famous game.
I think it’s a bit exaggerated. Xin Xiaotian smiled at herself and tried the third method at first, which is also the most suitable method for her needs.
It is the most suitable and sometimes the most difficult thing to master. It is almost impossible for a girl like her to touch her abdominal muscles by taking a deep breath and finding abdominal strength.
Tighten the abdomen to find the feeling, and then apply force to the thigh. As far as possible, there are almost no small muscles in the deep abdomen to apply force to drive the thigh and the whole leg to complete the whole movement.
Relax your thighs and your calves; Knees should not be too straight and slightly bent; You can’t pedal too hard on the soles of your feet
Keep your knees and toes in line.
Just as the ancient martial arts masters practiced, it was just the strength of the abdomen that drove the legs to swing in tandem.
That’s it. The main focus is on the middle abdomen, which is the most effective way to lose weight.
Xin Xiaotian was secretly happy that she felt right. This kind of thing was wonderful, but she could feel in her heart that this dynamic and peaceful method would be effective if she insisted on it.
And the uncle next to him is the fourth kind. He can’t afford to throw himself around without rhythm and order. At most, he just relaxes and exercises his body. It didn’t take long for him to feel monotonous and chat, so he left with his hands behind his back and went for a stroll elsewhere.
There is Xin Xiaotian left here, and it is just quiet for one person.
Xin Xiaotian pondered it clearly, and then followed the correct method she realized for ten minutes. Gradually, she felt that her whole body was getting hot, especially her abdomen began to feel sour and hot, which spoke of the effect.
For another five minutes, Xin Xiaotian looked at the simple bicycle and no one made it, so she rode over as planned for a while and felt a little uncomfortable, so she switched back to the legthrowing machine
It was not easy, but not very tired, not as tired as I thought, that a person who was often unqualified in physical education at school like her insisted on it.
It can be seen that aerobic exercise is not so torturous, and the most important way is to run without the help of the equipment in this small park.
This is the first day. I don’t know if I can hold on like this, and I don’t know if my legs will hurt so much that I can’t lift them.
Xin Xiaoxin was thinking about going back to her residence and just getting ready to change clothes and take a shower, but Xiaolan showed a line at once.
It is very important to relax muscles after exercise. Please be sure to complete this step.
To tell the truth, although it has been several days since it was unified, Xiao Tian is still not used to it at all, because I don’t know when it will suddenly display a line of words, which is scary and annoying.
Well, well, well, I’ll just let me go.
Xin Xiaotian took off her shoes and didn’t change clothes. She tapped her legs at random before and after kneading them for a while. She felt a lot lighter and didn’t go to take a shower.
Although it is not professional at all, this method can effectively relieve muscle tension after exercise, especially for people like her who are usually inactive, the effect will be more obvious, and their legs will not hurt so much the next day:
The fifth chapter small sugar packets
When I got up the next day, I found that my legs really hurt. After all, I haven’t moved for a long time. Yesterday, I moved again for 5 minutes. It didn’t hurt, but it didn’t hurt. It’s too exaggerated to try. I can still lift my legs. It seems that there is still some after exercise and kneading for a while
The leg pain is late. Do you want to continue? Xin Xiaotian is in a daze while dressing for class.
Continue to insist on it tonight, and we can’t relax at all. Xiaolan showed this sentence with great affection.
It’s like a death warrant for you to give such a pledge before you wake up early in the morning. People who just get up sometimes have a little temper.
It is necessary to wake up when you feel that you want to be lazy.
I haven’t said anything yet. Well, did I say that I don’t want to go today? I feel my leg hurts. Xin Xiaotian suddenly felt very upset that she could detect her thoughts.
Leg pain must be persisted and leg pain must be persisted.
I don’t think surfing the Internet means taking a day off so that your body can have a recovery process. Xin Xiaotian remembered that she saw a sentence there and began to argue with Xiaolan.
Xin Xiaotian didn’t really want to be lazy and didn’t insist on being unified, but she couldn’t help but want to tell her a few words.
Small blue to hear her say that unexpectedly also up.
First of all, practice for a day and rest for a day. That’s muscle building exercise. Do you want to gain muscle? Do you need to gain muscle at present? At this stage, you should lose weight and enhance heart and lung function? If you persist in leg pain every day, you can accelerate lactic acid metabolism and make your body recover faster. If you don’t move, it will hurt more for two days. Third, many girls who are determined to lose weight unconsciously give up because of leg pain the next day. After a few days, they think about it and run again and experience leg pain again. If they do, they really give up completely.
Xiaolan spluttered a long paragraph of text, and Xiao Tian was a little dizzy.
Such a long pile of words doesn’t even divide a paragraph
Okay, okay, sister, don’t be unreasonable. I understand the truth. I’ll just listen to you later. Now please be quiet. I have to go to work in time. I’ll talk later.
Small blue hear xin xiaotian said finally discretion to hide.
Evening Xin Xiaotian simply changed her clothes after dinner and walked to the small park in the street center to continue her exercise, without giving Tong a chance to nag.
On the third day and the fourth day, Xin Xiaotian insisted on exercising after work every day. Although she felt lazy and didn’t want to move at home every day, she still gritted her teeth and set off for the small park at the thought of unifying the rows of blue and shiny words.
In the past few days, there have not been many people there, which is just like the private venue of Xin Xiaotian Bao. This situation is just what you want. No one grabs the place and no one bothers you. To be honest, if there are too many people, Xin Xiaotian may feel shy and can’t let go.
The exercise is simple and monotonous, and she insists that she has now found the abdominal muscles to feel her legs relaxed, and the abdominal strength drives her limbs to swing, so that her belly feels super after practicing for 5 minutes every day.