Lu Bu was able to repel it cleanly in World War I, from which I gained great confidence. The shadow left in my heart by injury and coma five years ago is no longer there at this moment.

I suddenly felt that I had entered a delicate realm.
Huang Yi told me that after defeating a powerful opponent, it is easy to become immortal and broken.
Dr. Otaki said that with experience, you can evolve.
So I think I have reached a new level in my skill.
So I first took a deep breath and urged me to learn from the whitehaired hand the magic of land pressure in West Kunlun to see if I could soar.
Then I shipped Jiuyang magic to see if the true qi was getting deeper and deeper.
Finally, I opened my eyes and swore, Go play with eggs!

I slept till noon on April 17th.
I stepped out of the tent and jumped a few times with my arms and legs moving.
Then he took Pang Gan’s hand and wolfed down the lunch with hot air.
Are they gone? I wipe the corners of the mouth dozen satisfied burp asked ZuLie.
The scout brigade commander replied, The army left for the south early in the morning, while watching Pang Gan tidy up the dishes and chopsticks.
I nodded and looked up at the blue sky, feeling the warm sunshine in early summer.
Listen to Taishi battalion commander, Zulie yawned at the sun. The soldiers he sent to warn Li Dian have also come back to Hebei, and no enemy soldiers have been found.
Lyu3 bu4 probably really withdrew. After all, it was so badly injured. Pang Gan casually wiped his job and laughed.
I’m not so optimistic. It’s not a fatal injury. Lyu3 bu4 can recover in less than two months.
Zulie whistled for two months? ! I think the master has only had two or three moves with him, and he is going to recuperate for two months? !”
Lu Bu had three moves with me in those days, but I was in a coma for a whole year! I’m joking now that the shadows are gone in my heart.
How can this be compared! ZuLie immediately connect a way master was only fourteen years old! At that time, there were few people who could retreat in Lu Bu’s hand!
Well, don’t kiss up to the old man! I smiled and waved my hand. Different orders!
Pang Gan threw a rag in his hand Yes!
桑拿论坛Today, I will rest in the same place and set up camp in the afternoon! I turned around and returned to camp for a new day’s rest.
Sleeping for a long time is really exhausting!

On the 10th, I watched Marten’s troops slowly pass by the camp and finally reached the marching order.
Brotherinlaw, take another day off! Jamu breathlessly asked me.
Military orders are like mountains, so you can change them casually! I stared at him and wondered, You’re all sweaty and smelly … What the hell are you doing?
What else can I do to play football! He wiped his dirty face. As a result, his little face can’t be seen anymore. We played football for two days and we really can’t climb a horse today!
I looked at Marten’s troops who were still marching slowly and sighed heavily. Then continue to rest and be sure to go.
We haven’t brought much food at all, and now …
Fuck! What am I thinking? !
We are now … In Wei County!
Why not take Wei Jun away by the way? !
I immediately sent scouts to Wei County to inquire about the news and expand the territory to actively prepare.
A day later, Tanma rushed back to report that Lu Bu had earned the Wei County Magistrate’s Office while Wei County was unprepared!
Hearing this news … My friends and I were shocked!
It is said that Lyu3 bu4 often repeated but … It was only two days before he turned his back on his main ally, Yuan Shao? !
It’s so crisp and neat? !
I wanted to think about it. At this moment, it’s a bit overwhelming to spread the front so scatteredSanfu and Hongnong are symbolically leaving thousands of down archers with almost no defense. If Wei Jun is occupied, it means that I will directly face the double pressure of the imperial army rebels in the futurealthough I am also a rebel all the way.
Forget it, let’s go back to Hongnong! I waved decisively to withdraw my troops.
In the battle of Lyu3 bu4, the flying soldiers were full of vigor and vitality. After several days of rest, their mental outlook was weak. On the first day of marching, they saw that they had walked 120 miles and cried and cried.
The front is the master of Liyang City! Zulie pointed to the south side of the city and shouted to me, A few miles south is the big river ferry. I’m afraid I won’t cross the river today.
Then camp on the spot, eat and sleep! I looked at it. It’s not tall or low. Liyang City pointed to a large area of the city.

The next day, instead of crossing the river, I marched southwest against the Yellow River.
March more than 200 miles a day, and our army has arrived in Huai County before it gets dark on the afternoon of the 20th.
Along the way, patrol Qingqi scouts can often be seen. The ravines in Huaixian County are crisscrossed with antlers and fences, and the city head is heavily guarded with crossbows.
General Lee is running the army well, Taishi Ci praised behind me.
I didn’t seem to see it when I was in the north. Huangfugu laughed.
I nodded and looked at Li Dian from the city quickly walked out.