into! Of course! Sun Damo didn’t hesitate. But … Little Martial Uncle, can you do it alone? Wrong novel network does not skip words.

Don’t worry, Xin Tong patted Sun Damo’s shoulder and smiled. Some people say that your little martial uncle Fuze is extremely profound and has reached the realm of earthshattering and making the gods cry! Ha ha ….. Don’t forget that I’m a patriarch now … And there’s a jade eagle and I’ll be fine with you silently at any time.
Xin Tong told me in detail from beginning to end that he accepted the seal from the little emperor of South Hande, and asked his parents not to worry about their mirror image secret method. After sealing this statement, he repeatedly told Sun Damo to give it to the old thief personally, so that the old thief could open it in front of his parents personally and could not be known by others.
Sun Daheita’s eyes turned over and said, Don’t you worry about my old blackhanded junior uncle? Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Xin Tongyuan wanted Sun Damo to bring Yu Pei, who already belongs to him, to the old thief. On second thought, in the process of rescuing Qin Yuhan and the little princess, he might go to Yu Pei or hand it over to the old thief himself.
Because Sun Damo didn’t practice the magic weapon of flying, Xin Tong found Leng Yubing and asked her to arrange two trusted brothers, Sun Damo, to start together.
After seeing off Sun Damo, Xin Tong rushed to Nanhande Palace to ask about the progress of Xuanyin’s real person. As a result, he was very disappointed. Many times, he beat about the bush made him believe that people including the little emperor really knew that the little princess was reincarnated as a flower demon. He tried to say several times and finally gave up the little flower demon. She has been hiding this matter for more than ten years. Naturally, Xin Tong likes to talk about whether she is a person or a demon.
w w w
Since you can’t tell my girl’s true identity, let’s change it! Xin empathized with his thoughts and asked, Who are the people or sects who are famous for their alchemy?
There are hundreds of sects and practitioners listed in Xuanyin reality, and there are twenty or thirty Xin Tongtou who meet the requirements one by one. They are much bigger than these people or sects. If you go to search one by one, maybe you can’t find half of them, and you will be refined into a ghost pill.
After another rigorous screening, eleven sects and six practitioners’ preferred targets were finally locked.
Located in the territory of North Hande, Baitou Mountain brings together four suspects, Xin Tong, who decided to go there according to men’s intuition.
This trip is likely to be a blind cat’s death, but even so, it must be touched!
Baitou Mountain is one foot away from Beijing. If Jade Eagle can fly to Vandory in less than a day, it will be a lot slower to come with Xin, besides Leng Yubing and Wen Yurou, and a servant in Nanhande.
Flying sword or flying magic weapon, whether the flying speed is fast or slow, whether the flying distance is far or near, directly depends on the messenger’s manpower and then the poor practitioner is no exception, even if he forms a baby practitioner, he can’t bear it.
After the fight, Mo Yunshan, the equivalent of Ci Xin, fled in defeat because he flew for more than ten hours in one breath, and the four people of Xuanyin consumed the rest of their true qi and had to slip away.
God knows if there will be any conflict during the trip to Baitou Mountain. Although Xin Tong is in a hurry, just in case of continuous flight for seven hours, a Fucheng stopped at an inn to have a rest in the early hours of the morning.
Covering the sky, the fog and the ground suddenly burst into a strong wind. If there is a strange fragrance, if there is a call, Come and save us … Come and save us …
Xin Tong woke up suddenly!
I had the same dream last night! In addition to the call sound seems to be slightly higher than last night, he is different!
Feeling frightened, I feel that Yong Xin is in the same heart. Is it that my little girl is no longer alive? Is this her ghost’s dream?
The next night, sympathetically, the girl’s call reappeared in Xin Tongmeng, which became clearer and clearer.
Leng Yubing listened to Xin Tong’s account of Xiu Mei and made a beautiful wrinkle, saying This is a dream, but it’s not over.
Then Europe, please help me understand that this is, but not over, Qimxy.
The little princess is a beautiful fairy haze and the patriarch once ate the essence of fairy haze and condensed the flower dew. Will the little princess have some mysterious associations? According to Europe, it should be like this. Otherwise, how could the patriarch have had three identical dreams in succession? In the first dream, the patriarch was in Beijing, and in the second dream, the patriarch was still close to Wan Li, while in the third dream, the patriarch was three or four thousand miles away from Baitou Mountain, and the little princess in the dream called for more clarity every time … Leng Yubing’s words revealed some excitement. This means that we are right and the two princesses must be in Baitou Mountain!
At noon the next day, Baitou Mountain finally appeared in front of Xin Tong’s four people.
The majestic snowy peaks rise and fall like a huge ancient beast across the world.
There has always been a close relationship between the Fengge of Han Dynasty and the spiritual world. The snow Sect of Baitou Mountain and Wulaofeng Mountain is Xin Tong, the southern Han Dynasty’s disciple who came with him to serve Wusihe.
Jade Eagle carried Xin Tong and Lengwen, followed closely by Feng, who flew through layers of clouds and verdant valleys towards Wulaofeng. There was no doubt that they went to visit Wu Sihe as planned, and then asked Daxuezong to assist in the search.
Xin Tong suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, Stop!
Today is two shifts.

The sixth volume Spirit bead The second chapter Magic corpse ()
The sixth volume Spirit bead The second chapter Magic corpse ()
As soon as I entered the Baitou Mountain, Xintong began to work hard, and my eyes were searching for the soul, and I hoped to gain something with a little luck.
Now that Xin Tong’s knowledge covers a wide range, it may be abnormal.
At this time, they are surrounded by mountains. Generally speaking, practitioners will turn back when they encounter mountains rich in mineral deposits. If he is a practitioner of the then Dan order, this kind of situation will be bound to be limited by the terrain, but the brave man … is really fierce! His knowledge of god is not limited by mountains at all, and he has crossed mountains to places where it is impossible, which means a lot.
When the dense fog covering the sun appeared in the gods, Xin Meng was shocked; When a flying white dragon rushing from the mountainside appeared in the gods like a waterfall, it was amazing!
The guy who was elated told Wu Sihe that the situation was waiting for him to drink a fly to the right and stopped talking. The gods locked tightly the same place he saw in his dream for fear of accidentally losing their bearings.
On the right side, the cliff is steep and the rocks are ferocious. It takes a while for ordinary people to get there, but it’s just a snap to the extinct Green Jade Eagle.
Xin Tong’s word fly has not landed yet, and the Jade Eagle’s right wing suddenly appeared in front of the two women!
Leng Yubing and Wen Yurou are both sympathetic, but that doesn’t mean that they are also courageous. All this is so sudden that a cluster of sharp branches seems to have touched their eyes!
What woman doesn’t care about her appearance? At this moment, they forgot that they were practitioners who could fly into the ground and have great magical powers, and they became two little girls who were very worried that their jade would be destroyed.
Two shrill screams and the valley rang at the same time!
Is about to hit the cliff in front of the jade eagle suddenly broke a mass of bright silver and two women screamed. The jade eagle has turned from vertical to parallel with the mountain wall, avoiding the cluster of trees and flying like arrows.
桑拿会所Jade Eagle’s flight path turns too fast, which makes Xin Tong’s cold jade ice and warm jade soft on both sides fall back involuntarily.
Although Xin Tong’s knowledge of God is mostly in the middle and far distance, how can you not know what is happening around you? Arms stretched out and hugged Lengwen two women kept screaming and two women were hugged by Xin Tong at that moment and magically stopped calling at the same time.
Many times, I took the Jade Eagle Xintong and groped for a clever trick. My feet stretched out two qi to form a rope strap, which was folded back and forth to tie the Jade Eagle, so that no matter what kind of movement the Jade Eagle made, he would never fall off.
From Xin Tong’s calling on him to fly to the right, he hugged two women. This series of changes happened. At this time, Xin Tong’s left arm hugged Lengyubing, and his right arm hugged Wenyurou. They folded their chests and hung upside down, still keeping a parallel posture to the mountain and flying to the high flying jade eagle.
Nephrite Wen Xiang embraced Xin Datong’s heart pounding uncontrollably with such a point of mind knowledge. Xin Tong was so startled that he almost bit his tongue to restore the heart of the heart in a commotion.
I don’t know if it was intentional or intentional, or if I got Xin Tong’s instructions for the Jade Eagle to fly over the mountain peak, but I didn’t stop to let the three of them hang upside down. So Xin Mengren hugged two fairylike stunning women and came to the place where he had been several times in his dream.