Since someone sent the door to play for themselves, Shang Tanglian felt that if she didn’t have a good time, she would be sorry for the other party. Yu Wangpai planned to postpone it, so as to maximize her happiness.

In May, the weather was not so hot, and many people thought that they were strong and had changed their summer clothes. Shang Tang Lian was honest and dressed in a long dress. The waist was a wide belt with a big bow on the back, and some tassels hung on both sides of the belt, which was very beautiful.
Shang Tanglian always prefers dresses in all clothes, which not only makes it convenient to put on and take off in the group, but also makes her pure face more fresh and refined, just as beautiful and pure as Hua Xian, which makes people dare not blaspheme. To put it bluntly, you love to dress up at thirteen o’clock. The Queen smiled gently at the readers and said that you forgot to take medicine. Don’t mind.
What is the best time to go out to play this season, especially in places like Huadu? May is a season when everything has recovered and spring blossoms. The economic class one decided to organize a spring outing, which coincided with the May Day holiday, and they sometimes played.
When the location is studied, I will go to the seaside for two days. There will be a bonfire party and swimming, and there will be not too many beautiful women and handsome men on the beach.
Shang Tang Lotus has no opinion on this kind of thing. Shang Tang Lotus is following the crowd because Shang Tang Lotus knows that although she can arrange it better, it will not be perfect if she does. If everything is arranged like her, it will be very good, but it is not fun.
Chapter 6 She is cold
Shang Tang Lian seems that students should be as energetic as they are on a whim. What Ji Yanxian and Tang Tian ask Shang Tang Lian to do, Shang Tang Lian will not refuse.
Maybe Yan Xian, they think Shang Tang Lian is right to make a decision, but they don’t know Shang Tang Lian. It seems that they are right to make a decision, which is in line with a student’s thinking and a college student should have vitality.
They went to the place at 9: 30 in the afternoon and drove directly to the beach. All the students in the class thought that they would play if they wanted to play. They all decided to book a room in the wooden house on the beach directly, and Yan Xian had already connected.
A cabin on the beach is not cheap. An ordinary room costs 500 yuan a night, which is more than that. However, they still booked two students who are later than the class and have less money. How much can they pay? The rest is sponsored by Li Ai, a few local students.
As soon as they arrived at the seaside, they felt the wind blowing on their faces. They booked a room for three people, and one room was not expensive. They all went to salute themselves and then they were all ready to go to the seaside to play first.
Shang Tang Lian also followed everyone to step on the sand barefoot to feel the softness, and soon her feet were covered with sand.
If it is the average human foot, it will definitely make people feel very ugly. However, the white and delicate sand of Shang Tang Lotus is more attractive like a piece of white jade, and the white calf sea breeze is looming in the Tibetan skirt, which is even more attractive.
Shang Tanglian didn’t run crazy with everyone, but walked slowly step by step. Today, the sun is high in the sky, and the hot sunshine is sprayed on the earth before eleven o’clock. However, this weather is more suitable for seaside play.
There are more and more people at the seaside, many of whom rent folding chairs and lie in the sun, and many handsome guys can’t wait to swim in the rough sea.
There are also a few girls in class one of Economy who can’t wait to change their swimsuits to show their beautiful figure. For example, Song Muyang’s proud posture and walking are really attractive, especially the rough waves. Well, many boys can’t wait to plunge into the beautiful sea, and Song Muyang doesn’t give up.
I got a lot of whistles along the way, and even a few men came to strike up a conversation. Of course, Song Muyang refused with a charming smile.
Then I went to the place where the economic class rented a folding chair with a sun umbrella and lay down. Yan Xian looked at Song Muyang’s swimsuit and couldn’t help whistling and poking. She kept walking slowly. Shang Tang Lian Oh, Shang Tang Lian, look at Song Muyang’s swimsuit fabric. It’s really enough to tell the truth. I have heard of bikinis before, but it’s the first time I’ve seen people wear them in reality. Sure enough, the effect of wearing them is too good.
Shang Tanglian felt a flash of color and let Yan Xian not touch herself. She just glanced at Song Muyang lightly. It’s nothing strange. On the contrary, Yan Xian’s words made her feel strange. It’s not that she’s strange, it’s that you’re strange. It’s normal for her to wear a bikini. If she doesn’t wear it, she will be surprised. Okay.
Speaking of which, Shang Tang Lian added, And not only she can wear it, I think there are girls in our class who can wear it.
Tang Tian heard this conversation just after running from time to time. Tang Tian also saw it and gasped and said, Yes, Song Muyang is really this style, but no one in our class will wear it except Song Muyang. Anyway, Tang Tian stopped running when he was a little tired. Anyway, he was a little tired, so he followed them honestly and slowly. To tell the truth, it was warm and hot when the sun shone, but it was cool and not comfortable when the sea breeze blew.
Yanxian also directly ignored Shang Tanglian’s fuss and looked at Shang Tang Lotus with a face of disbelief. It’s impossible. You have to say that Song Muyang will wear it. I believe you said that he is a girl in our class. I think it is impossible.
Is Tang Tian is also looking at Shang Tang Lotus with a face of disbelief.
Shang Tang lotus light way don’t say others YunYunZhu and Xiong Dailin will definitely wear his girl? Well, Tang Tian, how can I remember that your swimsuit is also a bikini type?
Tang Tian, the Queen’s eyes are so sharp. It’s rare for people to have a place to show off. Why not, Queen? What’s your tone and eyes?
For a moment, Tang Tian felt the dense malice of the Queen’s adult, quite wronged. What’s wrong with people finally having a chance to show their own information? Are you doing this?
Shang Tang Lianshi Tang Tian’s grievance tone affirmed a few words that made Tang Tian’s words cold
Shang Tang Lotus others don’t know, but they know that Tang Tian will be cold. Yan Xian and Tang Tian are both super afraid of cold, but this period of beauty is so thin, and normal people at this seaside know that although the temperature will be higher in winter than in other places, the sea breeze keeps blowing. Are you warm and endothermic?
And when it’s half cold and not hot like this, it’s fine at noon. If you don’t freeze to death in the evening or early, you’ll be surprised if you wear so little sea breeze and keep blowing without a heat source.
It’s not like it’s summer. When you say you’re wearing a bikini and blowing the sea breeze, it’s really comfortable, but this kind of Shang Tang lotus can express itself twice, which is purely seeking abuse
So this time I came to the seaside to play Shang Tanglian, and I didn’t even plan to go swimming in the sea. I thought that my swimsuit was just in case I brought it with me.
Tang Tian hesitated. No, he cried in his heart. No, I still want to take the opportunity to show my proud figure.
Shang Tanglian stopped talking, pointing to the back and seemingly calmly enjoying the sea breeze. Song Muyang showed them that from Shang Tang Lotus’s side, she was quickeyed or saw that someone was shivering.
Isn’t that nonsense? This kind of weather is semicold and not hot. It’s a good thing that you hide under the umbrella and don’t exercise and wear so little and not cold.
Yanxian also let Shang Tanglian say that it seems to be cold. She turned to look at Song Muyang with Tang Tian and really wanted to ask, Girl, are you cold?:
Chapter 69 Delicious seafood
Let Shang Tang Lian say so. They really feel the cool sea breeze. It seems that the Queen’s adult said it makes sense.
Yanxian comforted Tang Tian and couldn’t bear to see her depressed. It’s okay. There’s no chance for us this time. And maybe the weather is fine these days. At noon, we can still wear swimsuits to show off. Don’t listen to the words of the Queen’s alarmist, which were swallowed back by Yanxian.
However, Yan Xian is really able to understand Tang Tian, let alone Tang Tian. Even she is such a mentality. It is rare to show her feminine side once. Of course, we must seize the opportunity.
After walking for a while, the sun is getting hotter and hotter. Shang Tang Lian also decided to hide under the umbrella and enjoy the sea breeze. This is really a very enjoyable thing at the moment.
Yanxian and Tang Tian are at the end of their lives. What is the life of Shang Lian? Of course, they are afraid of being despised by the Queen. That taste is really bad
In particular, when these two people followed Shang Tanglian back to their area, they found that there were two more girls in bikinis. It was Shang Tanglian’s mouth that Xiong Dailin and Yunyunzhu felt that what the Queen said was right.
This is even more unwilling to act casually. Let’s listen to the Queen. Don’t look back and show your figure. It’s a shame.
桑拿论坛Shang Tang Lian has a good feeling for Song Muyang. Be less of a roommate. In the past six months, this roommate has not only failed to find trouble for himself, but also helped himself invisibly from time to time. Shang Lianlian declined to comment. Besides, Song Muyang has seen much abroad. This is nothing.
And compared with Yunyunzhu and Xiong Dailin, Shang Tanglian still prefers Song Muyang to dare to be a little less.