Huangfuda nodded. "When have I ever cheated Ms. Park?"

Shuiyunjin completely lost this man, who is not to be taunted.
Chu Chengxuan took Gu Chenxi to the boat at the other end of Liuli Lake. It is quiet and gentle here than before, with a little moonlight pouring over the lake.
"ChuChengXuan" Gu Chenxi was held by ChuChengXuan and came to the bow, which made her dizzy for a moment. The whole person shook uncontrollably, and she didn’t come to see the surrounding scene clearly. The boat shook violently, and she quickly grabbed ChuChengXuan’s sleeve.
ChuChengXuan also lost the center of gravity, and the whole person followed the shaking. Suddenly, there was a strong attack. The two men hugged together and fell from their heads to the cabin. ChuChengXuan took one look at the outside and saw a few ways passing by like an eagle. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly. How could the "dirty" one miss him easily?
Hearing Gu Chenxi’s pain, Chu Chengxuan immediately withdrew his mind. In front of him, Gu Chenxi’s face was close at hand. Her beautiful eyebrow eye was slightly twisted with her gentle face. She dyed the moonlight as white as jade and her pink lip was slightly sipping her body. This scene, Chu Chengxuan’s eyes were suddenly tight and bottomless, and Gu Chenxi’s face was glued. All her senses had drifted away. Only she was the most beautiful scenery in his eyes.
"Busy also seen you please" Huangfu da’s eyes of black jade recovered from a distance and glanced at the crowd lightly.
Ling Xiaoyao looked pale and didn’t seem to hear Jiang Yu’s smiling face watching ChuChengXuan lively, which is better than watching Huangfudi Theatre. Naturally, he also didn’t want to go. Huangfudi stared at Huangfudi discontentedly, which was because they were redundant.
"My county king spot shadow coloured glaze specially set up a small wine dishes to entertain you, please" Yi Sen suddenly came from the dark and made a sign to the three people.
Looking back, the three men saw dozens of dark guards after Yesen. Judging from their breathing and strong Shaqi, the martial arts were all good. This is to shock them even if Ling Xiaoyao and Jiang Yuqi’s martial arts are unfathomable, they will suffer if they want to fight so many feet with their fists.
"The king didn’t have a good time to drink when he fought." Jiang Yu qi was very sensible to lift his foot into the spot shadow glass.
LingXiaoYao dark eyes looked at the eyes Huangfuda lift heel without saying a word.
"One of them is enough to deal with me." Huangfu Yun stared at Huangfu Da and said a sentence sullenly.
At this time, Shuiyunjin doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh. This man has been writing on his face since he met ChuChengxuan halfway. He thinks that today is Begging for Beggars’ Day. What should he have done to prevent people from following him? This man?
"You’ve been laughed at. Don’t be sick when you offer sacrifices to your sovereign."
"You and I are one, and you can still laugh when I am laughed at." Huangfuda’s face is light and faint, and you can’t see that she should be ashamed and ashamed after being laughed at.
"That’s true, but I can’t do it like you." Shuiyunjin thought for a moment and paused.
"I what" Huangfuda asked.
"I can’t do your share of" dirty "water cloud park thinking about this person means and line think he is really dirty, even Ling Xiaoyao and Jiang Yu qi can’t compare with him.
Huangfuda picked his eyebrows and looked a little casual. "It is necessary to take extraordinary measures to deal with extraordinary people. If I don’t put on a show to make them feel uncomfortable, they will be so accommodating."
"Well, it’s all your right." Shuiyun Park thinks that this person has studied Sun Yat-sen’s Art of War or 36 tricks.
"I’m naturally because I’m your man." Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin with great pride.
Shuiyunjin frowned and didn’t understand. Is there a man with her?
Huangfuda’s mood is excellent at this time, and the eyesore can finally be quiet. He took Shuiyunjin’s feet and walked out of Liuli Lake.
"Where to go?" Shui Yunjin was curious.
"Go to know" Huangfuda temporarily don’t want to say anything.
Shuiyunjin smiled. She followed him wherever he went and simply didn’t ask.
When they walked out of the busy street, the night was getting darker and darker. The city gate was not as busy as the city, and the moonlight was shining, and the dim light of glass lamps on both sides shone on the road ahead.
Huangfuda took the water cloud and hibiscus, and the two men were entangled in the dim light and shadow.
Without a trace, Huangfuda looked at his side. Is it really unnoticed to follow him all the way from Liuli Lake? Suddenly, his feet were holding Shuiyunjin, and they suddenly blinked and crossed the wall for only a moment and then disappeared.
Slightly hectares Huangfuheng fell to the wall, and his eyes were like the darkness of the sky at the moment. He was so careful not to let Huangfuda find it, but he still lost it.
At this time, Huangfuda has flown out of the gate with Shuiyunjin and crossed the heavy road to a deserted place.
Here is the suburb of Xishan in Beijing with beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains and rivers, moonlight like water, quiet night and quiet outside.
As soon as Shuiyun Park arrived, it was attracted by the exquisite lanterns on both sides. It was such a beautiful scene in the middle of nowhere. The dim light of the lanterns glowed and reflected Shuiyun Park’s face, giving her a white face and a layer of haze. It was very beautiful and dusty. Her mouth raised a gentle smile. She didn’t even know that Huangfuda had arranged these.
Huangfuda seems to feel the joy of Shuiyunjin overflowing from his heart. His eyebrows and thin lips evoke and pull Shuiyunjin all the way to a water bank. Suddenly, his toes tap and two figures fall across the lake and fall to the top of the lake.
Shuiyunjin looked at the black hill and Huangfudan took her to a higher mountain cliff before opening her mouth.
The cliff is steep and difficult to climb, but the scenery is excellent. The green pine tree grows in the gap of delicate flowers, and everything in the distance can be seen from here.
Shuiyunjin noticed that the tall and straight pine tree was hung with a circle of small lanterns, and each lamp was hung with a brocade cloth, which was very dazzling and meaningful.
Shuiyunjin looked at the rarity and earned Huangfudi’s arm. Huangfudi didn’t say anything. The pale yellow halo lingered in the lantern. Shuiyunjin couldn’t tell the beauty. Her delicate and beautiful figure was graceful and exquisite, which made his eyes feel fixed. Tsinghua’s eyebrows had a burning light
In front of the Shuiyunjin pine tree, I was looking carefully at the elaborate lantern. Suddenly, she was touched by a piece of brocade cloth. She reached out and took it to meet and wrote two lines of small words: "Holding hands and carrying the old."
Her heart was amazed, and the ripples suddenly appeared. She once again reached out and looked at another piece of brocade paper, which said, "May one heart and one mind never leave each other" and "It’s hard to be old."
Shuiyunjin has read all the love words in every brocade poem, and the moist eyes reflect the dim light, which is soft and clear. Suddenly, when the waist is tight, it sticks to warm the chest and ears, and Huangfuda’s low charm sounds. "No one has ever been to this precipice before and after, there are footprints of you and me. I have prepared everything here for several days, and I personally made it and hung it to like it."
"Like" Shuiyun Park sound choked me. She has never been a melodramatic person, but at the moment, her heart is as soft as a hot spring pool, and she can’t help but tremble and be moved.
Huangfuda’s mouth was hooked with a thin lip and a fragrant neck, and she took a hard kiss. She was pure and fresh and fragrant. In a moment, he turned around and covered her head with a thin lip print. Shuiyunfu’s forehead was bright and clean, and her eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks and corners of her mouth were carefully painted with a lip shape, and their breath was gently licked. They became hot from shallow to hot.
For a long time, the tip of the tongue was opened and two lips were entangled in a soft kiss. The kiss was as light as it could be, but it was more exciting.
At the same time, the sky was ablaze with dazzling fireworks, and the two men hugged each other tightly and kissed each other to the bone. The picture was as beautiful as a picture scroll.
Shuiyunjin was carefully laid flat by Huangfudan. His thin lips were wrapped around Shuiyunjin, and he trembled uncontrollably. His jade hand pulled open the waist ribbon and the long skirt slipped down lightly, revealing her skin. If Huangfudan’s eyes were tight, she whispered "Yunjin".
Breathing was taken away from the water, and Yunxi was almost breathless. Listening to Huangfu’s mouth almost whispering, Yunxi’s heart slammed out of her cheeks, and a layer of water mist filled her beautiful eyes. Huangfu’s neck suffered from his love and enthusiasm, and her voice became dull.
Huangfuda listened to this call, and the whole person suddenly became feverish. He left the red and swollen lips, and the lips became hot. The delicate neck and delicate clavicle skin smelled sweet through breathing. His slender body suddenly became hot, and enchanting and gorgeous flowers bloomed quietly and lingering at night, which started the prelude.
Shuiyunjin didn’t know when she slept in the past, and when she was so tired that her hands and feet were weak, she begged for mercy and Huangfudi still didn’t let her go.
桑拿会所Shuiyunjin opened her eyes again because Huangfuda gently woke him up, and the cool and elegant breath was unscrupulously permeated with the breath in her mouth, which made her have a bad sleep.
Shuiyunjin’s eyes narrowed into a crack. Last night, she didn’t even know how long Huangfuda had been pestering her. It was so sleepy that she couldn’t open her eyes. If she wasn’t afraid that Huangfuda would spoil her again, she wouldn’t even want to open a crack.
"I’m not sleepy at all." Huangfudi’s voice seems to be gentle and moist with a smile.
I heard that Shuiyunjin was dying and closed her eyes again. "You are alive and kicking to take advantage of it."
"Ha ha" Huangfuda smiled in a low voice, like a clear spring flowing. "Ms. Jin praised me so much, and my heart is very happy that my wife meets her opponent."
Shuiyunjin grumpily sneered at her, but I can assure God that it was not a compliment.
Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin with eyes full of addiction, and her little face was very vivid. She loved this guy more, and his voice was as happy as a wind chime. "You are really like a leprechaun now, and I can’t help it."
ShuiYunJin heard this sentence, and the sleepy heart was scared to death. More than half of them gave HuangFuDa a glad eye. She leaned on his arms lazily and opened her eyes. She had a feeling that "what time is it now?"
This glance at Wei Chen didn’t have the slightest power. Instead, the eyes were bright and bright, and the eyes were blurred. Huangfuda’s eyes suddenly became dark, but he also knew that Shuiyunjin was very tired and pressed his heart to be crazy. "You open your eyes and have a look."
Shuiyunjin blinked, raised an eyebrow and looked into the distance. Suddenly, a bright sunrise appeared in her eyes.
When the first ray of dawn overflowed with thousands of golden lights, the lake was dyed with a layer of carmine through the treetops, such as flowers blooming like water waves scattered with its own spectacular and magnificent red sun, and the sea of clouds in Ran Ran was full of colors.
Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin’s eyes with surprise, and his mouth was hooked. This is the perfect place to watch the sunrise.
Two people on the precipice sit next to each other, and the sun shines like a jade flame, and the whole body seems to be stained with a layer of Xiaguang, and absolute beauty is free from vulgarity.
I don’t know how long it took before the sun rose and it was a little dazzling to hear Huangfuda say "Go home"
Water-cloud hibiscus gently, well, like a Tathagata, Huangfuda flew off the precipice pine tree with water-cloud hibiscus, and the exquisite lanterns and silk paper swaying with the wind stayed there forever.
Huangfuda’s figure is extremely fast, but they have already entered the city with a stick of incense, but they have left Shuiyunjin. They have never seen a roof. "Where is this?"
Huangfuda didn’t say anything, pulling Shuiyunjin to stay in front of the hospital, and the words "Qingyue Pavilion" were written on the facade.
Shuiyun Park knows that Jiang Qiuwu is inside at the moment and has changed back to the face of Guan Yueyue in the previous autumn. Huangfuda brought her here just to let her see for herself that Jiang Qiuwu was listed today. "Will it be recognized if we just go in like this?"