After entering the ladder, Lu Wentao lit a cigarette, but only took a sip and it rang. He looked at the number and immediately picked up "What is it?"

"Mr. Lu fell sharply as soon as he opened the market."
"I know." Liu Wentao glanced at Lan Jingyi with a sullen face and eyes. After hanging up, he clenched his hands and stared at the opposite Lan Jingyi quietly for five seconds before saying, "Shame on you."
"What about you? What about you and devoted to light snow? Are you going to face? " Lan Jingyi stubbornly shouted back to her. It was only once that people were going to have children. Compared with the stranger Xiaoxue, she was a drop in the bucket, okay?
"Ding" ladder stopped, and all the way to the exit was guarded. When landing Wentao came, he got everything ready and took Lan Jingyi out of the side door of the hotel. A black Audi was waiting there.
Lan Jingyi paused in front of the car and feared to meet Liu Wentao. "Let’s divorce because I, a shameless woman, have affected your Lushi stock, or you will be miserable if you are skinned by the master."
"No way." He grabbed her car and threw it in the back seat, then sat down beside her and shouted at the driver, "Go home."
From the hotel to home, the atmosphere in the carriage was suffocating, and it was very difficult to get home. Liu Wentao suddenly pulled up her hair and forced her to turn her head and look at him again. "Did you mean it?" Just want to divorce me? " He finally remembered talking to her, otherwise Lan Jingyi would never go to a place like a hotel.
"So what?" She went back to be outdone. She just wanted a divorce.
Scalp hurts. She saw a blur on Liu Wentao’s eyes. "Hehe …" He smiled. "But I just don’t want to leave."
So Lan Jingyi was put into that big room, and the lock was changed. It means that the fingerprint lock brain can’t dial out the net words, and I owe Lan Jingyi no contact with people.
There is everything to eat and drink in the refrigerator, but her heart is gone.
I don’t want to eat or drink, and I want a divorce.
Lan Jingyi balcony looks at the scenery in the community. Everyone else is free. If she is free in this big room, she will never live in such a big room again. This cage is not comfortable at all.
It’s been five days. What does Lu Wentao want?
It’s getting dark again
Lan Jingyi talked about lying in bed in a daze with floral wallpaper on the ceiling. I remember that she told Lu Wentao that this wallpaper must be better, otherwise it would be bad for her to have a baby in case of formaldehyde, but she never thought that he had not touched her since the first day of marriage. Where can she have a baby?
Mo suddenly thought of the day and night in the hotel, and she and Xiao Qing seemed to have no measures.
Forget it. It’s been a few days. It’s meaningless for her to come again.
As soon as the door "bang" was pushed away, Lan Jingyi turned to a smiling face, devoted to Xiaoxue. "Hehe, Lan Jingyi, thank you. Come and sign here, and you will be free." devoted to Xiaoxue swept her with a high profile, and she was like a housewife in Lujia.
Lanjingyi stretched out his hand and took the stranger light snow handed me a city paper, which was a divorce agreement face-to-face signature file. It was today when the man Liu Wentao had already signed his name.
Lan Jingyi didn’t rush to sign it, but turned his attention to the beginning of the agreement. He read the agreement word by word and asked her to get clean or he wouldn’t divorce.
Hehe, did he or she want his fortune when she first wanted to marry him?
Liu Wentao, he was really wrong. He stretched out his hand and took the pen from the stranger Xiaoxue. After reading it for the first time, the two women did not even think about it. Lan Jingyi signed it directly.
"All right, take your things and you can go." Mo Xiaoxue looked down at Lan Jingyi and finished a winner’s gesture.
Lan Jingyi smiled gently. "It’s my own will to leave Mo Xiaoxue, and Mrs. Lu’s identity is also my disdain. But I advise you that if I leave, you may not be able to replace me." Even if the man didn’t touch himself, she always knew that he didn’t want to divorce. If he hadn’t made a cruel move himself, he wouldn’t agree with him today. What does it mean not to divorce and not marry Mo Xiaoxue?
It means that Mo Xiaoxue’s position in his mind is only a bed partner.
It is said that the authorities are fascinated by bystanders, and it will be white sooner or later, but it will be too late by then.
Chapter 27 Poor and White
It is said that the authorities are fascinated by bystanders, and it will be white sooner or later, but it will be too late by then.
Holding the little girl, she took two sets of laundry changes. Lan Jingyi finally got her wish and left the big room. Her heart was free and her body was free. But at this moment, her heart was a kind of unspeakable feeling. There was no expectation of joy or excitement. It was calm and calm, and she could no longer calm her heart.
桑拿论坛Walking into the night, the neon lights flashed, and she got married because she wanted to leave the money, but she didn’t want it, but now she is in front of her eyes. The real problem is that she has more than 200 yuan, in other words, if she wants to stay in a hotel, the money will be enough for her to spend one night, and staying in one of those hotels that is not cheap.
Section 9
But what about heaven?
She wants to eat or drink or die.
If it weren’t for Lu Wentao, she would definitely look for a job these days, but she was rejected.
Lan Jingyi unconsciously went to the commotion, and she remembered that more than 3,000 yuan she had stolen. If she wanted to come back, how could she keep eating and drinking Lazarus for a month?
But the idea is the idea that she can get back the 3 thousand dollars if she doesn’t want to get it back. When she can’t get it back, she is still poor
Lan Jingyi remembered Xiao Qing, who had never heard from the Cowherd since she left the hotel that day. Somehow, she thought of him, and she felt a little ashamed. That night, she really benefited him, but the idea was just an instant horse and she was replaced by another one. That night, she was cheap. The little one actually gave himself to him for the first time.
Besides, it’s just a cowboy. It’s his honor, isn’t it?
She got rid of her guilt, but when she sat in front of the commotion bar and stared at the bartender who had never seen her before, she flashed a little tilt in her mind. "Hey, little tilt?" She shook the cocktail in her hand. She had been drinking it for over an hour, but she didn’t finish it. There was no money in her pocket, so she was going to cancel it tonight. It was still the cheapest cocktail.
"Small tilt? Oh, you said it was that man. He came to work here twice, and both times were temporary. I didn’t hear that he would come back here again. "
"What? Temporary? " Lanjingyi "Ceng" jumped up.
Lan Jingyi thought it over and over again, and finally made up his mind and asked, "Has he been contracted by someone?" This is the most legitimate reason why she can think that Xiao Tiao can’t come here to mix wine.
"I don’t know about this."
"So are you short of people here?" With a change of heart, she needs money now
"I can’t recruit anyone anymore. I’m working here alone except for eating and sleeping. I’m exhausted. How do you know the bartender?"
Lan Jingyi jumped into the high chair and patted the brother on the shoulder. "Do you think I can do it?"
"Can you mix wine?" The guy didn’t believe it. He swept her all over.