Muchen gradually dissipated the rage in his heart and accompanied two people to start barbecue and play.

A family of three didn’t pay attention to anything else today. They were all very happy, talking and laughing, and didn’t leave here until noon to go home.
An enter a door Muchen saw Fu Ruliu gloomy face let Lin Qiao send Lin Hao to the game room first. He took one look at Fu Ruliu after sitting on the sofa for the first two steps and said, What’s wrong with my parents? Did someone make you angry?
桑拿论坛  title=You don’t have a net today? Mu Feng Ling looked at Mu Chen puzzled and sighed and said, Wait for Lin Qiao to come over and have a look with her!
Lin Qiao also returned to the living room at this time. Hearing this, he picked up the mobile phone and watched with Muchen. The two men’s faces became ugly.
It turned out that someone found out the news about Lin Qiao’s exposure in Lin Yao before and then attacked Lin Qiao, and even several official media in S city forwarded it to more people.
It should be done by Lin Zhao. Although Fu Ruliu is sullen, he hasn’t lost his mind. Mu Chen, if you don’t give the Lins a good look this time, see how my mother can tidy up you!
Who happened to Lin Qiao and Fu Ruliu knew clearly that he was not angry with Lin Qiao.
But Lin Qiao sighed and couldn’t help but say, I am dragging you down! If she hadn’t married Mu Chen, these things wouldn’t have happened. Lin Qiao was very white in his heart. Lin Zhao was so uncompromising because of fear
Afraid of what is not afraid of her revenge? Just guilty!
Fu Ruliu looked at Lin Qiao’s face and knew that she had put the cause of this matter on herself again, so she spoke in comfort. Well, that thing was not done by Muchen herself. If you blame it, you can’t blame it.
Lin Qiao nodded and looked a little heavy.
Don’t worry! Mom, I will solve this matter soon. Mu Chen knew that these rumors were not well fermented and quickly called Li Tezhu and the company’s public sector to attend the meeting.
Fu Ruliu looked at Lin Qiao and gave Mu Feng Ling a look. Mu Feng Ling quickly left the living room and went to find his old friend.
Don’t worry! Those who casually forward the S city media, I will let Mu Chen send them a lawyer’s letter and dare to make rumors, and I will bear the consequences!
Fu Ruliu comforted Lin Qiao for a while and his face was much better.
The body of the Chapter 40 Public opinion is broken
Back in the bedroom, Lin Qiao looked at the mobile phone and those people commented and talked. Some of them were objective, but some of them were simply in the dark.
With Fu Ruliu comforting Lin Qiao, I didn’t care about these words, but it was still annoying to watch them. After all, those people spoke so badly that Lin Qiao couldn’t help but wonder if they were so vicious when they talked with their own hatred.
Behind Lin Qiao’s eyes, the in the mind is also in vain. If Mu Jia has doubts about her because of this matter or Mu Jia hates her, she will take advantage of the fact that the mastermind is Lin Zhao’s mind
I didn’t pay too much attention to the net information. Lin Qiao soon put this matter to check the company that he was going to submit his resume. There were too many things in the past two days to submit his resume. Let’s look at the company introduction!
After coming to the company, Muchen asked this matter with a cold face. Everyone knows that the president usually has no expression, and he did not whisper about Muchen’s performance.
Things are still controllable. After all, the Ministry of Public Affairs has already started to deal with this matter after knowing it, but the effect is not very obvious, but at least not everyone around believes this scandal.
After listening to the public explanation, Mu Chen didn’t blame it. After all, this is not a person’s responsibility. Do you have any good ways to solve this problem? Press conference?
Facing Mu Chen’s sharp eyes, company employees began to think seriously about countermeasures and secretly envied those who were still in the office to deal with the crisis.
It’s not a good choice for the boss to hold a press conference now, said Manager Zhao of the public department after some hesitation.
Seeing Muchen nodded, Manager Zhao continued to say, This matter can be big or small. If the president comes forward, they will definitely have more excuses and reasons to attack … Mrs. and Master.
Speaking of which, Manager Zhao took one look at Mu Chen and found that he didn’t show disgust at just calling, so he knew that he had done the right step.
To compare your photos with those of the young master, everyone with eyes knows what’s going on. Manager Zhao has learned from Te Li that Lin Haochang and Muchen are 70% similar to each other before making this suggestion.
Section 41
Mu Chen wanted to refuse at first. After all, if Lin Hao’s photo was exposed, it might be beneficial to you, but on second thought, he agreed.
Lin Hao has a bodyguard at home to protect himself. He is also a wellbehaved child, so there is no problem. When he grows up, he will be trained like himself, and there is nothing to worry about.
Thought of here muchen nodded and agreed.
When manager Zhao saw this scene, he directly found out the photo of Mu Chen, a former magazine, and gave it to Li Tezhu. He said, This is the photo taken before the president was interviewed. Please ask the president to dress the young master in a suit and send it to me or Li Tezhu. This matter is almost the same.
Before it’s too late, Muchen handed over the situation here to Li Tezhu and watched him quickly set a suit and send it back to Muzhai almost like a photo suit.
Back in Muzhai Muchen, three by five divided by two saved the photo problem. After Lin Qiao knew it, he couldn’t help but ask, Would you like to put the photo of Zaizai out like this? Is there really no problem?
Muchen stretched out his hand and rubbed his Lin Qiaozha became a pillheaded hair and nodded and said, No problem, don’t worry! The bodyguards at home will protect Zaizaian. He is a family child and should learn to grow up slowly and not be too spoiled.
Lin Qiao also wants to say something, but Mu Chen’s speech is also reasonable. After thinking about it, she found that it is indeed beneficial and harmful to Lin Hao, but the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages, so she agreed.
Less than three or five hours after the scandal was broadcast, Weibo po, the official of Mu’s group, published two photos with two words on the surface, which read Hehe!
Everyone has been paying attention to these things. Lin Zhao has been looking for the water army to keep speculating. Many people have begun to sympathize with Lin Qiao. After all, not everyone is a water army, and not everyone can hide others’ feelings. It is good to see a stranger or a girl being so ugly. Some good people still help to speak.
In addition, Weibo, the official of Mu’s group, has been sending out some news that companies can announce and some press releases after the press conference. Is this the first time to face the scandal or is there a lot of attention?
Soon this article was forwarded and praised by many people, and some people even ridiculed it. Look at the father’s appearance. Is it not a father?
Some black people are still dissatisfied and say, Who knows if President Mu found out his childhood photos?
However, this remark was quickly hit in the face, because a master accurately said that although these two people are similar, there are still differences, such as the face, which is definitely two people.
With this conclusion, those people will soon find no excuse to attack and rape and slowly disappear.
This is not a difficult thing to solve. If it weren’t for Lin Zhao’s behindthescenes control, it wouldn’t have been heated for so long. Now that Mu’s regiment has taken over the wind, it is natural to bash it headon!
By the time Lin Qiao woke up, it had lost its heat. Many people spoke to her, and occasionally some words were sour or malicious. Lin Qiao was not at ease.
Came to the restaurant and saw Fu Ruliu. Sure enough, she was very happy now. Lin Qiao sat beside Fu Ruliu and had breakfast with her.
Mu Chen went to work today and left early. Let me tell you one! Fu ruliu’s eyes are full of teasing Lin Qiao couldn’t help but smile shyly.
I wanted you to marry Mu Chen directly! Lin Qiao was just embarrassed to hear this sentence and then froze directly.
Too anxious! Lin Qiao thought about setting a good day before and suddenly felt a little premarital phobia.
That’s what Muchen said. Let me say, otherwise, you should get engaged and wait until you find a good day to get married?
Fu Ruliu doesn’t care too much about things like this. Anyway, Lin Qiao and Lin Hao are all family members, so I still don’t care.