Yes, he nodded. Should the master understand the meaning of these two words?

Of course I am white. I am the master of the western regions!
12 guards
No, no, no Cheng Yu corrected my subjective assumption that building an official means that the master can be an official independently
I rubbed my hand. Who can tell me which officials should be in charge of protecting people in the western regions?
Jia Xu nodded. According to the old system, the main book is indispensable. Of course, there are also people who join the army and Sima. In addition, the Western Regions Duhu sometimes set up deputy duhu or a captain’s deputy.
There is also a captain of Wuji, Wang Lie added.
Captain Wuji? I frowned and asked, What is this name? Specialized in raising chickens?
It’s Wuji in heaven, he coughed and explained. Wuji’s being in the middle of ten branches in heaven means that this official is fair, neutral and impartial … but at first, Wuji, a captain, came to wasteland.
I can’t help laughing. This position belongs to you. Our army’s grain and grass should be handed over to you.
Guo Yuan hurriedly handed over Don’t be a disgrace!
In fact, who cares which officials the public needs to set up by themselves? Jia Xu finally threw out a word.
I immediately frowned. That’s just what I want!

Then I went to visit Ma Ridi and Zhang Wen again.
Nobody told me the truth.
Relatively speaking, Ma Ridi is not as honest as Zhang Wen.
Although Ma Ridi is affable and looks like a family elder, it is not to comfort me to accept my life, work hard and live up to the court’s great trust and disgrace Ma’s name.
Zhang Wen said a few words of truth to me instead.
I have already woken up. You must not be greedy for soldiers. It’s a pity that you didn’t listen.
I retorted, I don’t know if the soldiers can retreat in Liaodong?
Zhang Wen didn’t answer, but once again said earnestly, I’ll advise you to disperse the military forces in Luoyang or Hanyang for a year or two to eliminate the worries and doubts of the court.
A year or two? I shook my head and smiled sarcastically. Will I be safe after you eliminate the hidden dangers in Hebei?
He sighed, If you want Matthew and the old man to be with you, you won’t have life worries.
I don’t doubt his sincerity in this sentence, but it sounds as if the court will also leave me a life to live.
This feeling makes me extremely unhappy.

Even Ma Ridi and Zhang Wen have this attitude, and I have no hope for other officials. Let me go when I go to Shangtai to ask a sentence.
Shang Lingqing looked through the official documents at hand and told me and recorded them. Then he patted his forehead and informed me that I would attend the meeting of the Sixth Dynasty, which should tell me something about my life.
Then he said nothing to me.
I came out of Shangtai with a slight bow and suddenly missed Lu Zhi.

Anyway, going to the western regions is a foregone conclusion, and I will no longer run blindlyI don’t want to face those who claim to be the heroes of ZTE Han Dynasty at all.
In this limited time, I will obediently stay at home with my wife and young daughter.
Jia Xu was so busy in Luoyang that even Ma Dai, a mere northern captain, was too busy to see anyone all day.
At one time, I had the illusion that these two people were busy on business and took the opportunity to alienate me
At this time, I suddenly remembered something. I forgot someone.
I have been back in Luoyang for three or four days, but I haven’t seen Jia Xu’s son Jia Mu.
It was a noisy little situation. When he heard the news of my return, he would stick around asking questions like a follower …
However, Jia Yu, my elder sister, told me that Mrs. Jia sent her grandson to the Imperial College as an auditor … and it was boarding!
It seems that Mrs Jia really wants her baby grandson to fulfill his longcherished wish … to become a great scholar.
I thought about it, but I didn’t bother him.
But Jia Mu came to see me in the fifth day of junior high school.
However, I haven’t seen this piece of wood for a few months, and it seems that it has grown a lot. At this moment, it has already disappeared. After seeing me, I was still shy.
I haven’t seen you for months and I can’t even speak? I joked.
He prepared for a long time before opening his mouth and saying brotherinlaw
I ha ha a smile in business? Is it very chatty?
He hesitated for a moment and nodded, Chat
What have you learned? I asked casually
桑拿会所What else? He pouted. I’ve been studying the Book of Changes, Shang, The Book of Songs and Zuo all day. Now I want to vomit when I hear these four names!
Good! I laughed. I learned these four classics under your grandfather’s instruction.
How’s it going? He glared at me.
I raised my eyebrows. It’s all back to your grandfather!
He shook his head with a wry smile.
My horse is going to the Western Regions, and your sister will follow you, right?
Jia Mu nodded. I just heard from my mother when I came back.
What do you think?