Liu Tian’s shame doesn’t know how to make two beautiful women angry, but even Sinuo and Yunyun didn’t notice that they would suddenly want to correct Liu Tian’s thoughts.

The blue sky and blue sky are the blue ones. ban first chooses Sun Huaqiang first. ban first drops Bloom and the blind monk.
Er Hong’s backhand ban dropped Dashu, Casadin and a single Ritz.
Sun Huaqiang, the first floor of the bureau, took the big heat adez.
Yi was robbing ez. It seems that the blue sea and blue sky are also focused on taking care of the road. Liu Tian analyzed the candidates
Well, I really chose ez. I don’t know what sk will do with ad. Clouds were curious.
Snow added, ad is one aspect, on the other hand, it also needs to be played by auxiliary. Even if ad has advantages, it depends on auxiliary face.
It’s true that Sino’s words are very reasonable. A good ad can never rely on a strong hero, but it also needs a very tacit assistance to maximize its power.
This involves cooperation, skill matching, and timing. Everything depends on the strength and auxiliary cooperation of ad.
Er Hong Xiao Kai took Huang Da Ye and Zhong Lu Gao Chengfeng took out the single card.
Casadin and Leona were elected opposite each other.
It is obvious that the blue sea and blue sky need the help of dawn.
Ah Hao, what ad is good for Lu Xi ‘an? Cai Liangyan asked Zhang Hao for advice. At this time, the auxiliary and ad selection will directly lead to fate
Yes, policewoman.
Policewoman, please ez restrain policewoman. Cai Liangyan was puzzled. Although she was a conductor, ez was flexible and elegant, which was far from being a policewoman.
It’s okay. Don’t worry. Let’s poke the policewoman better.
all right
Cai Liangyan suggested choosing policewoman ad in Zhang Hao, while Zhang Hao Xiaoxiao both touched a strange uncle.
I can go wherever I want.
Wow, are you right? sk needs more help.
It’s a novel idea, but Mondo is a good choice against Dawning. This butcher knife is very restrained.
Yes, I just don’t know how to rely on the line. Liu Tian still has a little doubt about Mondo’s appearance
I’m going to Xiaohao for heroic assistance. Gao Chengfeng and Erhong Qiqi expressed their worship and dared to be assisted on the road. This is not an ordinary ranking. This is lspl League.
Don’t worry, Zhang Hao motioned for his teammates to feel at ease
You help us rest assured
And Mondo’s assistant was also present, which caused a lot of noise. I used to see all the girls in the wind, Nami or Morgana Bloom. This assistant suddenly went into a Mondo nature and made everyone cheer.
What should I think? Blue Sea and Blue Sky Assistant and Captain saw that sk Assistant took out Mondo, who was also drunk. Such a buff assistant did not reply to ad and had no gain.
The two sides finally determined the blue square, the blue sea and the blue sky, and the single Lissandra single robbery and wild female boxing road ez Shuguang combination.
Will the wolf win?
Who knows, maybe you will win? Snow laughed when he heard the word se Wolf. This is very appropriate. It is also fascinating that the big wolf has been rushing into the flock.
However, Snow also thought afterwards that the room was really where Zhang Hao lived every day and drank wine the night before, depending on the situation. Ten times, it was really the wrong room, and it was not taken advantage of.
But in retrospect, I always feel strange and upset, so I just stop thinking and watch the game.
Although Liu Tian really wants to talk to two beautiful women, the topic of discussion is so tall that he can’t understand it, so he dare not interrupt. It is very hard to comment on a situation silently as an audience from time to time.
The situation is bleak, and both sides have not invaded the wild area. The idea is to protect their respective buff conservatively.
The normal game skill of 1 minute and 55 seconds is also a hero’s nightmare here. A guy with magic damage will also have strong ad output ability, and everyone is drunk.
桑拿网  title=E skill potential stimulation increases physical attacks by 455751 for 5 5 5 5 seconds. In addition, every loss of 1 health will increase physical attacks by 455751.
Looking at the introduction, it seems that 5 seconds is very short and has no good effect, but this skill cools him down for seven seconds.
What does this mean? If you have more equipment such as cooling reduction, you can shorten the cooling time of E skill to about 5 seconds.