The defensive counterattack needs another former striker who always loses goals.

I wouldn’t lose the ball, so they lost the ball.
6 halftime
This game has become an offensive war, and the attack modes of both sides are completely different.
Cheng Wu sat in the back of the town and commanded the guards to block the front and then solve my longrange shot one by one, and then immediately transferred the ball to the frontcourt to get a chance to shoot through a quick counterattack; And here, it’s more through my personal breakthrough to break the opponent’s goal. The other strikers are just a cover.
At the end of the halfcourt, I can feel that there are more and more defenders around me, and the running pressure is getting bigger and bigger. At least three people follow me closely at all times. They are not sure that they can successfully break the ball and hope to interfere with my shooting or poke the ball when I pose.
It’s also a matter to be able to poke the ball! Into the restricted area, tiptoe gently hooked the ball and jumped up. I tilted my body slightly, leaned my arms against the right leg of the defender behind me and volleyed!
The ball grazed the goalkeeper’s fingertip and bounced into the netwell, there is no net at the root of our humble goal. It’s just a rag that leaks everywhere.
Shout ~ I long out a sigh of relief. Just now, the famous general almost jumped on me. It was only a millisecond.
The score at halftime was 15:11, and our advantage was not great.
Adults don’t show mercy. Cheng Wuchao smiled at me near the goal.
What do you see? I turned to look at him.
He walked with me to the sidelines. Most of the players didn’t break into the restricted area in the whole half, so they chose longrange shots … Am I right?
Yes, your two midfielders are a little tight. I found a reason
It will be tighter at halftime. His smile made me want to slap him.
桑拿会所Young master, if you go like this, the number of goals will be surpassed by Qin array again! Pang Gan cheered me up on the sidelines.
Jia Mu praised Cheng Wu’s command if he decided, Brother Boping, you should play your part at half time. Don’t let him do it just because he is the boss!
I was so angry that my nose was crooked. Boping, do you have any reservations at half time? !”
Are you too unconscious? Jamu answered instead of him, Boping Kogan has never been out of the restricted area and never confronted you headon. He made you do it on purpose!
Cheng Wu punched him in the head and denounced Hu said! We did our best long ago! See you at half time!
At halftime, the two sides changed to Bian Cheng Wu, but they were still in the rear. Although they were four goals behind, I didn’t see any signs that he was eager to attack for the time being. The command team was still huddled and stuck to the restricted area.
You, you are Tony Twain! I scornfully sneered that it is obvious that there is no longterm runningin defense counterattack flaw, and the problems of players’ physical strength and cooperation will become more and more prominent as time goes by.
However, I immediately realized that I was wrong. At the first half of the game, the other side changed six people in one breath, and three energetic new players appeared beside me to replace the already panting teammates, so that their whole defense line looked more and more solid.
Enough! I can give a thumbsup to the opposite side, whether they understand it or not.
I instructed the winger to try his best to lift the ball as high as possible, and maybe he could take advantage of the striker’s height.
At halftime, the halfbacks were idle to death, and the avantgarde immediately became active. Both wingers started at the same time, waiting for the midfielder to decide which way to go.
I swept the ball to the right with one foot. After all, it’s much easier for everyone to take the ball with his right foot and right foot.
Smooth all the way to the right, I took a look at the situation in front of the door and decided to start!
There was an immediate chaos in front of the door
I hurried to speed up the forward insertion and prepare to catch up with the chaos.
The chaos subsided, and I haven’t seen what happened yet. The ball has flown out from the left.
When I turned my head to turn around, two forces behind me stopped me and I hit a wall.
Or defensive counterattack!
By the time I left the defense, the other team had stuffed the ball straight into the front of the restricted area, and our three defenders jumped at the ball together!
Watch the ball! I can’t wait to put my wings together and send it directly.
Sure enough, it’s still a heel ball!
The ball wobbled and jumped up
A striker just broke into the man’s land, stopped the ball in the chest, lacked elasticity and went straight into the net!
I have to give special instructions to the defenders. You didn’t eat early? ! A dozen people stuck at the door can also make their strikers break into the restricted area dozens of times! Can you be a little? ! Can’t you give him a hand when you see the other person coming? ! Can’t you just kick the ball back? !”
In vain! The guards nodded frequently and clapped their chests. Just now, the spirit of the game was a little loose. Then they won’t let them in! Whoever dares to come over will shovel their dog legs!
Fuck, it’s all my brothers. Don’t shovel people to death! I feel a little overcorrected …
Sure enough, after being guided, the defense team members were full of energy and launched a fierce impact on the enemy who dared to cross the center line like tigers out of the box.
The strategy of Qi Fei with two wings, the bottom of the sidewalk, and the point grab in the middle didn’t get the score, but it caused a little confusion in front of the opponent’s door at most. I am sure that this tactic will not achieve any effect because I have been practicing Jiuyang Shengong Cheng Wuyi since I was a child, and I can completely control the ball landing and swim the striker’s foot near the midfield accurately.
And the striker who pressed the name heavily took turns to roll around with his legs in the midfield. The referee became the busiest person in the whole stadium. Five people in our defense line were yellow and double yellow … Seeing that these five people were going to be sent off the court and instructed to change their departments in a hurry.
Compared with the forward line, it is leisurely to the extreme. Anyway, if they want to return to the defense, they don’t just rest and chat near the other side’s restricted area
Have you scored in this game?
How dare you say me? How many times have you touched the ball yourself? !”
It’s not that I don’t want to go in. It’s all arranged by the young master.