Say it again! I took a deep breath.

Quick! Zulie immediately covered her ears and fifty cavalry followed suit at the same time.
When you belong to me, I will allocate 1,250 people to you immediately! I encouraged myself to camp alone like other generals, and no one can order you except me!
Feed ZuLie desperate efforts don’t also want to break into the wave attack range finally leaned over master, you are silly … you have less than two thousand people now …
I slapped him with a white note. Who wouldn’t? It’s hard to trick him into anything else. !
The horses across the street were a little dismayed, and people stood up. Zhang Liao clung to the horse’s neck and finally didn’t fall off, while the cavalry behind him fell to a large group. Fortunately, my side’s horses have gone through a rehearsal, and the slightly resistant butch riders are equipped with bilateral stirrups. It’s not so easy to fall off.
Zhang Liao indecision indefinite raised his head and asked one thousand two hundred and fifty people? What is this number?
Because we are divided into five battalions, except for the main business, the other four battalions are all 1,250 people. I shrugged. I said I wouldn’t treat you badly.
Zhang knows that the total number of butch riders is only 5,000 in the 7,400 battalion … He glared and sneered. Are you sure to give me 1,250 people?
Bah, this guy is not bad at arithmetic. He really has time to calculate the composition of his troopswait, so he doesn’t mean it a little? I pressed this point and I was glad that he explained, Don’t be so rigid, okay?? I have been unable to recruit troops in Shuofang before, but now I am still worried about recruiting thousands of troops when I go to Zhao?
There are not many soldiers. He stared at my eyes unblinkingly and slowly spit out a few words lies in essence.
… I found that the other person’s thinking is very jumping. He can always pull out the topic from some marginal words, which makes it difficult for him to communicate. Although I am young, I feel that we are butch riding or … we can barely have a look. I am already very modest, but I think of the time when Lu Bu’s elite cavalry killed Dad and led a small centaur, so I once again lowered the rating of butch riding.
Tiger and leopard ride … He swept the fiftyone people behind me again. I can see that they are all welltrained in the north. If the twenty thousand subordinates your father was handsome in those days were like this, we would have no chance of winning.
Back then? I Zheng immediately white he said it was also the attack of Lu Bu on Chang ‘an.
I’m afraid that’s it. In the face of Zhang Liao, I no longer hide anything and calmly respond. It’s a pity that training can’t be achieved overnight. It takes thousands of soldiers to train.
Well Zhang Liao finally agreed once.
I immediately reversed the topic So I need talents like Wen Yuan more.
Huh? Isn’t this the way you like to talk?
Brother Bo ‘an has told me many times that there are more than ten capable people in the general of Lu Bu’s account, but two of them. I took advantage of Seibel’s friendship with him to overcome his barriers. It’s just that he has Wen Yuan.
桑拿会所Bern? Zhang Liao sighed and shook his head. What a pity!
It’s a pity! I don’t care what he was sorry for, but he said, At that time, Lu Bu commanded tens of thousands of troops and even allocated them to more than two thousand men. It is inevitable that his mind will not achieve great things! I once again belittled Lu Bu.
Zhang Liao finally lowered his eyes in my imposing manner
Wen Yuan should be a good soldier, but look at you now! I increased the tone curled up in a county under the jurisdiction of dozens of handsome but one hundred people lyu3 bu4 repeatedly righteous court don’t will weigh him? If you follow him … you’re bound to die forever! I remembered another possibility, unless he dares to rise up and rebel!
Zhang Liao’s thin body was slightly shocked Rebellion?
Lyu3 bu4 If you rebel, you may be able to rely on bravery to make some names. I sneer. But do you think Huangfusong will let him succeed? How long can Lu Bu survive with only five thousand men?
Zhang Liao silently chuishou meditation for a long time long out of breath and finally looked up.
His eyes are as sharp as a sword, and his thin body seems to be full and magnificent.
I smiled and watched him follow me. I always told Lu Bu that this political stock had a bright future!
He shook his head slowly. Lyu3 bu4 may be cunning, but Zhang Liao doesn’t do it repeatedly.
I couldn’t react at the moment and stayed where I was.
Zhang Liao turned his horse’s head and handed me goodbye
Dozens of cavalry entered the dilapidated gates in Tucheng in turn and slowly closed.
There is a wide gap in it. It’s too dark to look in.
7 lost
Isn’t this fellow too annoying, master! Zulie roared in the gallop, Why don’t we just turn around and kill him? How’s it going? !” He has a look of burning anger.
You, you or bandits? I turned around and scolded him, We are regular troops. We have to get legal orders to kill and set fire, otherwise we will burn, kill, rob and be different from thieves?
Young Master Ying! He fuels in the horse. Zhang Liao unappreciative makes us ugly. Is the villain just trying to get back some noodles or is the young master generous? No, this little county magistrate cares about whether the villain is too narrowminded to live up to the old master’s teachings. Just now, the expression of anger burning in his chest suddenly disappeared.
Young master and young people can’t stand it! Several soldiers behind him looked like they were dying to live.
What’s the matter? I was surprised. Are you tired of running too fast?
A soldier clutching his chest Zubrigade commander makes us sick to death …
If you eat that dry food early, you will spit it out, asshole brigade commander!
Zubrigade commander is shameless! You hit the nail on the head.
The ancestral brigade commander wants to give it to the young master! This is getting worse and worse …
Hey, hey, hey! Zulie became angry from embarrassment and waved his whip to the genus unbridled! Young master, it’s hard to take you out for a trip, and it’s not good to show the old man!
What are you showing? The subordinates don’t cooperate. Even if we behave well, the young master won’t send us money, and he won’t squeeze you to let me be a brigade commander …
Zulie is in distress situation.
I looked back and sighed. These bastards are so honest!

Near the beginning of the bid, it was no longer bright, so we crossed the Yellow River and chased the big troops slowly.