Emile heard the footsteps slightly locked, her eyebrows looked bad, and she looked at Master Shan.

Master Shan’s fat face and juryman gradually disappeared, squeezing out a small white flower and smiling as much as possible to make his expression humble. Lord Emile just misunderstood.
The attitude towards Master Shan suddenly changed, and Emmel’s expression narrowed and squinted, ignoring it.
Master Shan was so embarrassed that he continued to kiss and tell with a sad face dozens of meters away. Dear Lord, I think we should talk about things together.
I finally got a little reaction when I heard Amy’s beautiful eyes blink.
Master Shan is covered in plague. It is the right way to choose the right one. If you try to catch this dead fat like a halfmagic man, it is estimated that you will pay a lot of money. Besides, who knows if he has explosive skills? In case of explosive, the whole black pearl will have to be buried with him.
Emile thought about the gains and losses, and finally decided to combine them to benefit both sides.
The frost is gone, and Amy’s facechanging kung fu is also powerful. Of course, but now it’s not even, it’s you, me and seven.
Master Shan’s face flashed a bit angry and soon converged, and the sound gradually became cold. What does the Lord of Emmel mean? Didn’t you just say equally?
Emmelle’s old jiān giant kid is sophisticated. She Fuchiyama suddenly lowered her profile, but she knows that the other party wants something from herself.
It’s common for drow to seize the opportunity to extort money severely.
Grandpa Shan never budged from his fat face and argued that the fifth fiveyear plan and the old Martin are mine.
桑拿会所Emile and Master Shan bargained in this way, coming and going, threatening and luring.
Finally, I discussed that Master Shan broke out the potion of four or six, and Master Shan four or six, but in front of me, this old Martin inlaid with religious fragments was going to be given to Master Shan.
Don’t forget to scream
The trapped beast still fights. Old Martin’s eyes are wide open, his green eyes are shining, his eyes are shining, his limbs are prostrate, his throat is threatening, his eyes are growling, but he is sliding around looking for an opportunity to escape.
After the fragments of the clergy were entangled in scarlet spider silk, old Martin’s body consciousness returned to a lot, and he stopped rampaging and being beaten stupidly.
After temporarily possessing wisdom, old Martin gave full play to this body’s dynamic xing, which quickly and accurately wounded three senior Zall defense circles and suddenly appeared several loopholes.
But the priests who had been eyeing the drow all the time kept old Martin from making a move.
Sou a fat tall figure suddenly jumped out of the Zall encirclement and went straight to Old Martin.
Old Martin recognized this same kind with the same plague skills with his vertical pupil, green awn and big pupil.
Before old Martin asked, Master Shan’s fat swelled with thick green plague and wrapped them up instantly.
Old Martin was about to scream desperately but suddenly stopped. What do you mean? It turns out that Master Shan did wrap two people in the plague, but that was in the eyes of the drow.
At this time, Master Shan was covered with green fog, while the opposite old Martin was swinging around a few centimeters away, but he was rolling with a terrifying green plague. Master Shan grinned and a flash of J and jīng mans flashed in his eyes. Follow me!
Old Martin saw him suddenly move before Baishan wanted him to, and the thick green plague around him moved with him.
Eyes moved, old Martin’s footsteps moved with the pace of Master Shan, and he paused. Master Shan coldly ordered, Don’t forget to scream!
Old Martin’s eyes flashed a obliteration after listening to it, and then he converged and opened his mouth and screamed miserably.
ouch ~! Ow ~ ~! !”
When Amy saw the plague moving, she immediately ordered the drow soldiers around to make way.
Listening to the tragic cry in the thick green plague, Amy’s eyes twinkled, calculating how to seal up Master Shan’s plague and completely control him. But if the other party shows flaws, Amy, the poisonous woman, will never let go.
As the thick green plague moves, the drow soldiers are carefully covered in scarlet flames, which block the plague.
While moving and confusing the drow outside, Master Shan explained to old Martin in a low voice, We are a pulse that just attacked you, and we also tried to win the trust of those damn drow, and now we take the opportunity to escape while the plague blocks our sight.
Old Ding Mo doesn’t follow closely in the eyes of Shan Ye a few meters away, flashing with doubts and jǐng admonitions.
Master Shan sighed lightly and threw a bottle of miniature therapeutic agent in the past. The sound became more and more sincere. This is a therapeutic agent. You can try it.
Old Martin’s eyes flashed at the tiny healing potion, and he glanced at the hardsupported fragments of the clergy in the palm of his right hand. He had no choice but to swallow the potion, and the fragments of the clergy were almost dead.
The green mountain in the vertical pupil’s microcoagulation eyes trembled. Old Martin looked at the mountain and his eyes were slightly more kind. There were indeed some healing agents.
Master Shan tried to make his expression look serious. Can you still release the plague when we rush to the west together?
Old Martin shook his head sadly. Without the fragments of the clergy, he was a lizard monster whistling. One or two people suddenly accelerated and rushed to the west.
The Zall warrior just adapted to the speed of Master Shan’s movement and was unwilling to get close to the plague, which made him break through the encirclement.
Emile zheng mind turn short of breath roar give me attack the plague they are a group! !”
Said the wrist a shake two erythema machetes in hand shape play she burned after in anger.
Pursuing the fireball in Master Shan’s hand constantly caused some interference to the Zall soldiers. Seeing that Master Shan was about to escape from a hundred meters away, the Zall soldiers looked at each other and drank scarlet, and the shining speed suddenly doubled.
Master Shan cursed the bastard and grabbed old Martin’s neck, and the speed was faster.
Old Martin’s eyes were slightly condensed and he was able to resist for a few days, and then he was grabbed by Master Shan and ran.
Far away from Simon, shouts came like noisy waves. Master Shan’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and a flicker of doubt flashed through his heart.
Get a little closer to those people who are waiting to hear the noise. Grandpa Shan’s face suddenly sank.
The cool breeze blew through a uniform with bursts of moisture, and Emperor Reese smiled before the Black Pearl Whistle War.
Behind him, a tall, wide, fluttering white flag is embroidered with two demon horns and dense threads, and a sense of cold and hard metal flashes from time to time, and the momentum of Y and N Sen Black Mountain is terrifying.
A large number of lowlevel halfmagic people lead and attack the weak drow team in the intermediate halfmagic people.
Even though the drow was ready, Reese planted an ambush at the Black Pearl to report that the Black Pearl was in a plague. Bitter Reese immediately ordered the halfmagic army that had been stationed near the Black Pearl to rush to attack.
Although Amy’s sāo wife jointly took off the experimental base, it didn’t stop them from expanding for the halfmagic people.
Long before the experimental base was attacked, 5.5 thousand magic people were waiting for their chance in a hidden cave in the Black Pearl. I didn’t expect that God would die and the drow would have a plague.
Even if the Black Pearl didn’t attack the experimental base, the halfmagic man wouldn’t let go of this city, which occupies a very favorable terrain.