Real Madrid players exchange half a game in the dressing room.

Qin Xiong said to Sid, Try to confuse Brown in front of him. He is still our main point of attack relative to Evra Brown.
Sid nodded. Most of his attention is still on you. I think this can benefit Hargreaves and Carrick in front of the restricted area. Sometimes we can benefit from the fact that Blandy Nande is behind them.
Raul interjected
I feel that Dinand’s confidence has been shaken, probably because of your goal.
Luo smiled and said, Yes, no one would have thought that Qin Xiong would break the door by swinging his tail. If I were him, I would definitely think about what to do to completely defend Qin Xiong! How can confidence not waver?
Qin Xiong didn’t agree with Luo’s joke. He said with a solemn face, We can’t underestimate Manchester United. That is because Manchester United can work miracles. Manchester United Ferguson won’t let Manchester United be at a disadvantage like this.
That’s right!
Bosque’s voice attracted everyone’s attention.
He said seriously to everyone, Although we are ahead now, Manchester United will not sit still. If we face the halftime with a relaxed attitude, we are likely to be beaten out of the water by Manchester United.
The coach’s words cheered everyone up and listened carefully to the coach’s midfield training and tactical adjustment.
Bosque asked the team not to relax at half time, and at the same time, to maintain the halftime level in the attack, not to rush to complete the attack because of the lead, to cherish every opportunity to expand the score, and never to be soft!
In terms of tactics, the coach didn’t make any substantial changes, but it sounded the alarm for everyone. He talked about some things that Ferguson often adjusted to keep the team on high alert in the past games.
The most taboo thing in the game is to be caught off guard by the opponent’s adjustment.
The coach’s preparation for the war still made the players listen patiently and carefully, and then the coach inspired the team’s morale.
From last year’s league day, you did well without the Spanish Super Cup, and now it is almost impeccably perfect. You have the ability to continue the perfection to the end with half a game left at the end of the season!
Every player here is the best player in European football, and you form the perfect team, but the football world is not a jigsaw puzzle, but a war!
We want to live in the war and win the battle!
Only in this way can we be recognized and truly go from reality to history, and be remembered and recognized by the world after the present age!
Real Madrid, let yourselves fight proudly!
All the players in the locker room gave a roar with excitement, and the soldiers of the team went out of the locker room with heroic spirit and fighting spirit. The momentum seemed to be devouring everything! to be continued
[The first volume of sword unsheathed has become a front 6 bloody Red Devils strategic momentum]
The Luzhniki Stadium welcomed Real Madrid and Manchester United in the half of the Champions League final.
When the Red Devils came out, they didn’t appear with mourning. They seemed to show an unyielding magic.
Halfcourt match between the two sides after the referee whistled.
As soon as Manchester United arrived, the pace of the game was accelerated. Players cut very fast and ran to strengthen, which seemed to be indifferent to physical exertion.
In the 46 th minute of the game, Rooney moved to the left to catch Evra’s backcourt ball, and Ronaldo changed his position, so that Ramos’ defensive attention was disturbed. Rooney easily set aside the side and went to the bottom of the ball
When Real Madrid generals Manchester United will continue to be the tactical leader, they find that Evra is suppressed at half time and assists regardless of the defensive position.
Rooney knocks the ball back to someone to keep an eye on Evra, who goes to cut Diarra to block it for the first time, but he crosses the ball to Scholes.
When Scholes led the ball forward and rushed to the front of the penalty area, the real Madrid defense line was already a little flustered.
The starting point of this panic is Ronaldo Rooney’s transposition, and at this time Ronaldo obliquely inserted into the right area in front of Scholes’ restricted area.
Cannavaro couldn’t defend Ronaldo and got a header from the right side of the door.
At this moment, Real Madrid fans witnessed this picture and were frightened!
Just after Ronaldo jumped high, the header slammed the ball against the goal of Real Madrid, and casillas was already one meter in front of him, and casillas also took off.
Almost at that moment, they played Ronaldo’s header and casillas’s palm to hold down the shocking picture of football!
The football bounced out, and Ronaldo stumbled, while casillas was unstable and almost fell to the ground.
The kickout football was cleared by Cannavaro’s big foot in the direction of his own goal and almost created an own goal.
Cannavaro can’t help it. Tevez is by his side. He can’t take other chances to clear the gap.
Manchester United corner attack opportunity
Carrick went to the corner and Rooney nodded the ball after the penalty area and sent it to the baseline.
Real Madrid’s danger eased after halftime.
It’s real Madrid’s turn to attack
After the ball was stabilized in the middle and backcourt, the attack advanced to the frontcourt.
Manchester United’s defenders ran wild like crazy.
The red devils were caught in a chaotic battle at halftime.
When Qin Xiong gave the ball to Luo, Evra knocked Luo to the ground directly.
This caused Luo’s strong dissatisfaction, scolding, taunting and humiliating Patrice Evra.
桑拿论坛Luo’s rude remarks made Manchester United’s generals put up with Dinande’s verbal lessons, and all kinds of noise!
Manchester United want to breathe!
If tactical methods contain Real Madrid, then we must suppress Real Madrid at the end of the momentum!
The referee and linesman rushed to mediate. The referee showed Evra a yellow card and Luo a yellow card to indicate that the players of both teams should restrain their emotions to avoid losing control of the game.
Qin Xiong took the penalty from the frontcourt winger. He plugged the ball straight into the winger’s side, inserted it into Ramos’ bottom from behind and then returned it to Qin Xiong. As a result, Qin Xiong just got rid of Scholes’ impact in situ, but Scholes pulled him to stop moving forward.
The referee’s whistle sounded again, and this time the penalty gave Real Madrid a better Italian ball, but did not show Scholes a yellow card.
With Qin Xiong in this position, Luo Lai’s penalty kick has a higher success rate. His left foot is far better than Qin Xiong’s foot.
Luo took a look at Manchester United’s wall position and then rubbed out a curveball that crossed the wall.
But the football finally went over the crossbar.
Real Madrid’s attack met with Manchester United’s crazy encirclement and suppression foul tactics
Manchester United’s attack has indeed changed.
Rooney seems to have been sacrificed.
Ronaldo Tevez is more like a double striker Rooney who will pull the edge to cooperate.
This also shows how much Ferguson loves Ronaldo.
Ruud van nistelrooy was sacrificed at the time, and now Ronaldo and Rooney, two proud men, Ferguson obviously prefer Ronaldo.
When Ronaldo gets closer to the penalty area, Real Madrid’s defense will have to adapt to some time.
In the 49th minute of the game, Scholes crossed the center line but didn’t move forward. Manchester United’s running energy consumption has now entered a highintensity stage. Their midfield thrust attack can’t be covered by Carrick, who was played by Scholes. After crossing the left area of midfield and attracting the Real Madrid defense line to move slightly to this side, he immediately gave the ball to Carrick on the other side.
Carrick came running and hit the ball straight into the penalty area at the touch of the ball.
Ronaldo ran sideways in the restricted area. When Cannavaro was ready to defend him, the football just rolled past Ronaldo. Cannavaro hardly saw what Ronaldo had done and found that the football rolled to Tevez!
Ronaldo hit the ball to the middle of the penalty area with his heel, Tevez.
Tevez, the Argentine beast, meets the ball and shoots directly!
The football flew directly to the left corner of Real Madrid goal. casillas made a worldclass save. After he narrowly blocked the ball with one hand, Ramos cleared the ball before the baseline.
After halftime, Manchester United’s offensive improved. They threatened Real Madrid’s goal one after another, and they had a golden chance to almost score! Real Madrid, on the other hand, has some tactics that don’t adapt to the opponent’s forced foul, and now the situation is falling to Red Devils Manchester United!