Daigong’s steadiness and steadiness will surely guarantee him, but Jia Xu is very confident.

So I stopped talking.
The next day, Ma Dai really came to the information that the enemy army has about 3,000 soldiers who are afraid to go out of the city to make war, but soldiers and people are constantly escaping from the city. Because my troops are too few and the military and civilians are mixed, they have never pursued the camp in the north of the city and stayed behind.
Jia Xu told me that he put Zhang Wen in charge of supervising me, and that Mr. Wang supervised Ma Dai. After all, he had read the summary of Xiao Dai’s military affairs written by people for two days, and he still had some level.
The army can start freeze nodded after hearing this.
The general asked the generals to start. Du Ji asked me for instructions
I nodded and deployed the soldiers to Xia Houdun, you are responsible for the grain and hay for five hundred Qingqi.
Xia Houdun didn’t say a word. He knelt down on one knee and bowed his head. It seems that this strongwilled general is not particularly good at fighting in history. I rarely find him to win a big battle. Anyway, there is no chance for him to show off. I just let him and Liu Beilian join hands to be responsible for the transportation of food and grass for the army.
Qin array took two thousand military forces to Chang Guo
Qin array see Xia Houdun also bent down and knelt down to yes.
Feather and Zhang Feitong come with me to Chang Guo. Of course, I will take care of these two borrowed Athens.
There is not a single soldier in the hand. Master Er and Master Zhang shouted Yes!
Cao Cao, you three thousand soldiers and horses, Mr. Zhang, are going to Yangyang. I said to Cao Cao, Don’t ask you to break the city, but you must not make mistakes in attacking the city slowly. I left one of Zhang Wenpa’s three overseers to Cao Cao
Cao Cao lifted up his arms and knelt down. The last general ordered that this start will not disgrace his mission!
Jia Xu, Cheng Yu, Du Ji, Zhang Ji and others, of course, went to Changguocheng along with the big troops.
Let’s go, everyone. I waved the generals away quickly.
桑拿论坛So I will be the main force of six thousand five hundred people outside the city of Chang Guo surrounded this small isolated city; While Cao Cao led 3,000 troops to the south, just like Yangcheng dozens of miles away.
At this time, the news of marching into Qi has already been sent to Xu Rong by the defenders of Changguocheng.
We set up camps in the southeast, northwest and scattered dozens of scouts to Donganping, Linzi, so that if the enemy moves, they will report to our camp in half a day.
After things have to wait for the enemy chieftain Xu Rongshi hook.
Chapter 30 See ambush again
Master! Qin array flustered and frustratedly rushed into the camp.
I didn’t look at him and gave a heavy hum.
He was a quiver immediately stopped in situ and put his feet together general! When can we attack? !”
Don’t worry I dipped my pen in the inkstone and shook my wrist to continue practicing the method.
Don’t worry? He couldn’t help jumping up. We have been stationed here for five days! There are only 2,000 soldiers in the city. You let me lead 1,000 people and I will break the city for you in half a day!
Go to rest I sprayed him lightly. Three days is nothing to wait for.
He scratched his head. Wait? Zhao Chengbu will come in the next day and wait like this … Zhang Wen30,000 troops are coming!
What’s wrong with reinforcements coming? I gave him a smile.
Hey? He zheng let’s but the former army? How to also want to make a contribution first? Can’t ten thousand troops just rest here and let them see our jokes? !”
Never mind, I’m not afraid of you, just wait. I no longer pay attention to his heavy heart to write.
Gonggai threepoint country array map beside the changing river, it stands stony as his grief that he never conquered the Kingdom of Wu
What does beside the changing river, it stands stony as his grief mean? Or is the root empty?
I bit the fluff at the end of my pen and sighed. This poem doesn’t fit this dynasty at all, and Soochow is still a wild land.
General break lu can be in? Freeze asks for someone outside the account.
Mr. Zhong, please come in. I raised my sleeve and pressed this little poem on the pile of paper.
Cheng Yushi shiran walked into the tent to visit the general
Sir, you are being polite again. I smiled and gave him a virtual hand. I have said many times that you are polite in private.
The general can be so cold, but he can’t. He refused again.
Okay, okay, okay. Can I stop? Is there any movement from the enemy?
Yes, today, we scattered soldiers in Linzi and returned to the newspaper. Xu Rong has been transferred back to prepare for attacking Beihai troops, grain and grass, and is ready to enter our side.
Oh, I smiled as I gently pressed my hands on the edge of the case. How many people are there?
At least thirty thousand at most … but fifty thousand he said very easily.
When will it arrive?
According to the report of Shaoqi, Xu Rong withdrew from Donganping at Tianshi, and the untimely army set off at the latest … and will arrive around Shenshi Cheng Yu twisted his beard.
What? !” Qin Zhen jumped up. Look at the enemy’s army in a blink of an eye. We have missed the best opportunity to annihilate the enemy in the city! He gritted his teeth again. Master, oh, no, general, you are quick to make me break the city in three hours!
All right, I nodded and got up.
Qin array face is lit up.
Qin Zhen listens! I shouted, Lead two thousand to follow me to the thorn pavilion.
Although he knew nothing about this place name, he suddenly ignored anything when he heard that people could be slaughtered.
I asked Du Ji to temporarily lead 500 soldiers to stay in the campthe enemy troops in Changguocheng have long lost their courage. Even if I left a camp, I’m afraid they wouldn’t dare to come out for a while.
Jia Xu Cheng Yu’s adviser doesn’t have to kill himself.