Qin Xiong is not as fond of horses as Ferguson, but it is always good to have more leisure activities outside his career.

Georgia sat at the dining table with Qin Ye in her arms and shouted, Brotherinlaw and sister Kyle, come on. This little guy keeps reaching for the cake. I can’t control him!
Adults smell speech and laugh and walk into the dining room.
Qin Xiong’s birthday present for Sylvia is a necklace he brought back from the United Arab Emirates, which is not expensive but unique.
After Sylvia held Qin Ye’s small hand and cut the cake together, Freddie raised his glass and laughed. I wish you happiness forever. I am really happy to see you so happy after so many years!
Kyle, thank you
Sylvia put a cake for Freddie and then said, Thank you for all these years. We have been worried about running around, and we have always remembered your contribution.
We don’t have to talk about this.
桑拿按摩Well, let’s drink to it.
Returning to Liverpool to celebrate the birthday of his wife and children, Liverpool called a Christmas party. Looking back on 21 years, Qin Xiong admitted that he had no regrets.
He hopes that 2011 can also be spent with regret! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1276 is still sleeping, Blue Army]
read; The battle of Christmas Express in Premier League is coming.
Because Qin Xiong will go to Qatar to participate in the Asian Cup in midJanuary, his mission in the club will be even heavier before that.
Qin Xiong has made continuous war consciousness.
On December 26th, Liverpool, the 19th round of Premier League and the final match of the season, came to Blake’s home court.
Qin Xiong, Torres and Raul all made their debut.
Because it is Christmas, Blake doesn’t want to be too timid at home, so violence is very unrestrained at home.
They fought against Liverpool through strong physical confrontation.
Liverpool, on the other hand, played a speed and technical advantage. The game was not full of twists and turns, but it was not dominated by Liverpool onesidedly.
In the end, Liverpool won 21 away with Qin Xiong Raul’s goal.
Manchester United beat Sunderland the black cat 20 at home.
Arsenal Chelsea’s London derby is a focus war, a difficult victory over Manchester United, and Chelsea suffered another defeat at Emirates Stadium.
Wenger’s team beat Chelsea 31 at home!
Losing 13 away to Arsenal, Chelsea is getting farther and farther away from Premier League leader Liverpool.
After the game, coach Carlo Ancelotti said that he was not afraid of being fired by his boss, but the team needed to wake up.
After this war, the gap between Chelsea and Liverpool has reached a shocking 13 points, and the team ranking has also dropped to the fifth place, and Manchester City has occupied the fourth place.
People also have doubts about Carlo Ancelotti’s future in the Blues.
When asked if he was worried about his fate, Ancelotti said, I am confident that you don’t have to ask the boss this question.
Carlo Ancelotti analyzed the game. The difference between the two sides lies in the strength. We have shown stronger strength than Arsenal on the pitch. They can play with them and play better than us.
Carlo Ancelotti admitted, We didn’t play well. We didn’t have a good halftime many times. Our game was terrible. We weren’t 100% focused. We lost two goals in three minutes and couldn’t get it back. We responded well, but it wasn’t enough. We are in a difficult time. We need to try to win the Bolton game. We have to continue to work.
Carlo Ancelotti expressed his dissatisfaction with the team. We worked hard in the past two weeks, but today we didn’t perform well. I was surprised by the team’s performance. Because our training session was very good last week, if you look at the games, what we lack now is confidence. Obviously, what I am worried about is that we won one of six or seven games. I didn’t see the team kick out the game we wanted. This is what I am worried about, but this is normal.
On the situation in the standings, Ancelotti said, The situation is not good, but this is the reality. We have to wake up and now we are still sleeping.
The Blues’ first half of the Premier League season was anticlimactic. Now, let’s go back and have a look. When the Blues and the Red Army fought for the top spot, there was a onepoint gap between the two teams.
The red army won the game and the blue army lost by three points, but the farreaching impact lies in confidence!
It can be said that Liverpool destroyed Chelsea’s ambition to win the championship!
Chelsea had fallen behind in the middle of the league and was the last one to fall behind.
Arsenal won a hard battle, which allowed Wenger to seize the opportunity to inspire the team.
Wenger declared after the game that his team had become mature, and talked about the Premier League title competition. The professor admitted that the gunners were not far from the leaders.
Wenger especially realized that Arsenal’s confrontation ability has been greatly enhanced, and he is no longer afraid of his opponent’s fierce play.
Two years ago, the same players might be overwhelmed by Chelsea’s fierceness. Last year, I felt that we were close in this respect. This year, we lost to Manchester United and Chelsea away from home, and there is no difference between us and our opponents. This is a slow and high process.
When asked if his team had become a man, Wenger said, We will not be intimidated any more. That’s for sure. I feel that we have become mature in the past two years.
Wenger still thinks Chelsea are one of the rivals for the title when they are in poor form.
It’s always difficult to concede a goal before halftime, and then we scored two opponents. Recently, our confidence in meeting the goal has been reduced, but for Chelsea, you can predict that they have many experienced players. I still think Chelsea is a championship teameven after tonight’s game, I don’t think they are out.
I personally admire Carlo Ancelotti and I don’t believe he will be fired by Chelsea.
I don’t think we are far from the top of the list. It’s December, and we will follow Liverpool closely. We must continue to hope that tonight’s victory will convince the team that we are on the right track and direction.
Wenger is right to motivate players.
However, Fleet Street is too optimistic to recognize Wenger!
He thinks Arsenal is not far from Liverpool?
Look at the standings.
Liverpool scored 47 points, Manchester United and Arsenal scored 37 points, Manchester City scored 36 points and Chelsea scored 34 points.
Forget Manchester City and Chelsea.
Liverpool lost 1 point in the 19 rounds of the whole league!
The gap between Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal is just one point.
In other words, the Red Devils gunners lost two points!
If Liverpool maintain a halftime performance and lose one point, Manchester United and Arsenal must win the league halftime to tie Liverpool!
This is impossible.
First of all, they have to improve the performance of losing 2 points and more than 1 point per game in 19 rounds of the league and pray that Liverpool’s state slip and poor record can be reversed!
One point is more realistic, but even if Liverpool lost three games in a row, Manchester United and Arsenal won three games in a row, Liverpool still rode on their head and topped the list.
In summing up the performance of the top teams in the Premier League, Fleet Street is also somewhat acceptable.
Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Everton failed to live up to expectations, and they couldn’t even play the role of showstopper in a friendly way.
Chelsea is the most painful team. It seems that they lost their determination to win the championship in Ancelotti!