Why are people mean?

Why are people mean?

In life, there are often people who somehow don’t make you happy and can’t help saying harsh words.

People who are “critical and ruthless”, especially in speech, are always jagged.

In the network, it is even more unhealthy vents for some people.

  Some people say that meanness may result from inadequate ability or from a broken heart or chest . What I want to highlight here is that in fact, mean people may also be unhappy.

  To put it another way, one day, if you don’t like to praise others, and you don’t like all flowers, it may mean that you start to be unhappy.

The stronger you are, the more generous you are; the happier you are, the more you can appreciate and accept others.

  Dai told Fa, “Who is scaring the ocean knife from his shoulder?

“Fa paired up against each other and said,” I lost all my pants and belts, and my face came out? ”

“6 to 9 said:” Are you tired of taking the big top all day?

9 to 6 sneer: “Are you tired all day long?

“5 to 2 said:” Look at your slave-faced knees.

“2 to 5 asks,” Why don’t you talk about your corrupt big belly? ”

“Sharking conversations like this are familiar to us.

Once, in the coffee house, I heard two half-year-old Xu Niang recklessly commenting on a girl leaving with her foreign boyfriend, saying that her legs were short: it seems that she can’t wear high-top shoes, otherwise the upper will hit the buttocks. I have also seen ugly and fat people quarreling on the street. Fat women have been scolded as “hormone-eating pigs”. Fat women sneered: “At least I have been thin. Have you ever been beautiful?

“Without tolerance and appreciation, such a heart is actually unhappy.

It’s so mean that it smells like an apple because it’s rotten inside.

Impetuous, fragile, narrow, extreme, and then mean.

The so-called “good-natured heart” is precious, even more noble, and has the style of everyone.

More tolerance, less narrow slits, talking with each other cheerfully, and being calm in doing things, is about social harmony and more about one’s happiness.

  A female writer tells me why she ca n’t love Zhang Ailing because she always feels that “she is standing far away from the crowd, and there is always a disdainful smile at the corner of her mouth to look at the common things, and then useThe simplest and most mean words describe what happened.

“It’s mean, people make distance and feel cold.

I comforted her and said that Zhang Ailing “too much need a real man to love her to care for her and warm her.” For those who do not love, the bed is cold, the heart is cold, and the lips are cold.

  The meager surface is an attack, it is actually self-defense!

It seems to exaggerate your “bad”, but in fact cannot adapt to your “good”.

Therefore, the mean person is pitiful, hurts others, and is annoying; therefore, he must be more forgiving to the mean person. For those who “can’t afford those mistakes”, in addition to pity, they just ignore, forgive, and then leave with grace and smile.

Happy people do not quarrel because their hearts are gentle, peaceful, and peaceful.