[Can you eat prawns with oil in lactation?

]_ Lactation period _ can you eat

[Can you eat prawns with oil in lactation?
]_ Lactation period _ can you eat

Yaki Prawn is a very popular dish. This dish belongs to Lu. When making Yaki Prawn, people generally use prawn. This kind of shrimp has a very high yield in Bohai Bay. This kind of shrimp eats meat.It is very soft and rich in nutrition. Those who are very fragile, eating oily prawns has a good conditioning effect. Can women eat oily prawns during breastfeeding?

Can lactating mothers eat oily prawns?

During breastfeeding, the mother cannot eat prawns with oil. When the baby gets angry and gets hot, the baby will react.

Contraindications during lactation: Avoid eating foods that reduce milk secretion, such as leek, pepper, raw malt, raw garlic, ginseng, etc. These foods contain estrogen and vitamin B6, which may even affect milk secretion and reduce milk quality.

During breastfeeding, mothers should be careful not to eat.

Avoid irritating food. During breastfeeding, mothers should eat less pepper, fennel and other foods. Eating these can easily lead to fire, sores, and the baby may drool after eating the mother’s milk.

Moms should eat healthy and eat less irritating food.

Can pregnant women eat prawns with oil, pregnant women can eat prawns with oil.

Because shrimp is a seafood product, it contains a relatively large amount of protein, so pregnant women have a good effect on nutritional supplements.

However, most of the prawns are now farmed. In the process of artificial rearing, it cannot be ruled out that certain drugs and hormones have not been implanted. Therefore, pregnant women should not eat unscrupulously. The amount should be eaten at one time.Controlled within 10.

In addition, pay attention to reducing the spicy seasonings in the side dishes.

Do pregnant women eat oily prawns have an effect on the fetus? Ca n’t eat too spicy, spicy food has an effect on the skin, skin, and eyes, and not too greasy. The stomach seat itself is preempted by the baby, and it will be uncomfortable to eat.
Generally does not affect the development of the fetus, but fried is best eaten less.

It is recommended to pay attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep, a reasonable diet, and balanced nutrition. You can eat more fish, eat more fruits and vegetables, and move around properly. If possible, regularly monitor the growth and development.

Eating shrimp is especially good for pregnant women and fetuses, but it is best to eat some light shrimp. The prawns are a little greasy.