Lu Menglin is sure,This is a city absolutely unmarked on the world map,Even a spy satellite over the earth,It may not be able to penetrate the thick cover of the jungle,A glimpse of the truth here。

The city wall is made of concrete,Strong and heavy,Although under the power of modern weapons,The decorative significance of this kind of city wall is greater than the actual defense,But it still gives people in the city a strong sense of security and belonging。
not to mention,The heavy machine guns and city defense artillery on the front of the city are obviously not furnishings。Lu Menglin even saw the anti-aircraft missile silo when he entered the city。
obviously,This jungle city has extremely powerful force,Not just an empty shell。
What surprised Lu Menglin was that,The street market in this city is actually very lively,People come and go,Constant stream,Except for soldiers,There are all kinds of people。
however,Lu Menglin also noticed a fact that made him almost tremble,The people in this city,everyone,All arcane warriors。
The faint smell of medicine on them,For Lu Menglin, who has already cultivated his body’s senses extremely sensitively,Can’t cover up。
There are genuine secret medicine warriors in this city,There are also secret medicine miners like Hu Tianbiao。
These secret medicine miners have not had the opportunity to take the real secret medicine,Just by taking some bad medicine residue,Stimulate life potential,Then desperately want to be a true arcane warrior。
Chatuchai’s convoy slowly drove into the city,This team of hundreds of people is majestic and mighty,Murderous,Attracted the surrounding crowds。
Even in this jungle city,The forces of Chatuchai can definitely be regarded as one of the overlords,After all, he himself is the most powerful warlord in the Golden Triangle。
Ga!There was a sudden brake sound from the off-road vehicle ahead,It’s the team of Chatuchai who was blocked。
“Chatuchai,You idiot here again!Didn’t you lose badly last year??Also come to send me money?”Someone on the other side yelled。
Blocking the convoy is a golden Bugatti Veyron,This sports car is all over,Every part exudes the atmosphere of a local tyrant。