The other party has issued an eviction order,Zhu Minglang and Zhirou can’t stay。

But a monster,Zhu Minglang is in charge,This kind of thing will probably kill a lot of people。
Besides,Zhu Minglang always feels that Miss Xiangguo’s behavior is particularly weird,I don’t know her nature is like that,Is still affected by something。
Faint,I wish Minglang can smell,If nothing unexpected,That flower cat should have hidden in the locust tree forest behind Xiangguo Mansion,Follow the evil spirit that hasn’t dissipated,You can find its hiding place soon。
Behind the locust forest,There is a ruined temple,Zhu Minglang and Zhirou stepped into this ruined temple,Soon a sharp cry sounded,It’s the beautiful cat,Its eyes at this time are very blue,Get rid of the hair on its body,Sharp claws,Obviously there is a deep hostility towards the intruder!
“Kitten demon,Be a good pet,Probably no one will notice your special,I just want to cast a demon,Be resentful,Exposes his own nature。”Zhu Minglang said to this cat demon。
Cat becomes a demon spirit,Because living with humans for a long time,Their evil spirit is actually very weak,But it used magic tricks on that Miss Xiangguo,The breath of magic will remain in the house,The keen dragon shepherd can detect it。
to be honest,This cat is not harmful,Even though it has lived for thousands of years,Thousands of years,No one will notice what’s wrong with it。
“Big brother,This cat is not quite right。”At this moment,Yin Lingshi girl Zhirou said。
I wish Ming Lang look around,I found that the breath of this cat is changing,The ruined temple is gloomy and dim,The whole body of this cat slowly revealed a kind of gloom,Especially those dark blue pupils,It makes people feel terrible!
“Bai Qi!”
Zhu Minglang stretched out his palm,Opened the spiritual realm。
In print,The petite and exquisite Bingchen Bailong jumped out,Its holy and shining feathers are like thin crystal leaves,Luxurious and beautiful。
Xiao Bai looked at the ghost cat demon,At first it was as contemptuous as Zhu Minglang,After all, a cat demon,There is no Wannian cultivation base,It’s impossible to compete with a holy beast like Bailong,But soon Xiao Bai also noticed the weirdness of this cat monster!
“It’s an evil beast!”At this moment,Mr. Koi flew out from behind Zhu Minglang,Let out an exclamation,Go on,“This guy and Little Chang’e are the same type!”
Xiao Bai has already taken a step,This ruined temple was frozen by the ice,The cat demon’s breath is getting weird,Getting stronger,It suddenly attacked,The claws ripped to Xiao Bai。
How did Xiao Bai greet him?,Turned into a white flash,And that cat is as fast as a beam,Presents the faint green color,For a time, the white dragon and the evil beast were fighting in the ruined temple,Even though they didn’t use profound and magical techniques with amazing destructive power,,But every move is fatal,Or attack the eyes,Either the claws toward the throat……