Nominally close to Saito,The five powerful forces themselves will not make any destructive actions.。But secretly,Buddha knife、There are five major forces behind the Slayer。

If he rugged fairy really wants to kill the five forces,Not just some risks,It is more likely that the Buddha sword will immerse in the holy city to uproot the station。
Not to mention,There are also strong men who are absolutely loyal to their Saito clan within the five major forces.。
“Be careful,Fostered the forces against us。。。To kill!”Cangxian made a decision to the five forces in one sentence。
“but,Before we kill the three enemies,Temporarily let them live longer。”
“go,Let’s go to the first place,Exterminator!”
The golden light spacecraft makes a sound like metal vibration,The golden light instantly becomes rich,Tear the void directly,Appeared above the headquarters of the Exterminator。
Exterminator,The Master of Exterminating Demons is leading a Yuanshen Taoist under his guard,And 30 real people in Vientiane,Is rehearsing the formation of Yasha Dao soldiers。
Thirty-two monks,Sharing power through Taoist armor,At the same time form a body of gods and demons。
The body,Face like blue indigo,Hair like cinnabar,Huge fangs。The overall image resembles a human being in fish skin,Hideous,But four arms。
This is the effect of the Yasha Dao soldiers formation。
The body of this god,Unable to use magical powers,But the burst of power is almost equivalent to the power in the middle and late stages of the superficial god and demon body refining method。
Infinite power,Every move can kill some Yuanshen Taoists。