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The football he hit landed on Ribery’s foot outside the penalty area.

The Frenchman did not hesitate to shoot.
In order to ensure that the football will not deviate from the goal and be higher than the crossbar, he chose to keep the football down.
However, the restricted area was full of people. Ribery shot finally hit Alonso’s leg and bounced off the baseline.
Bayern Munich fans sighed at the Allianz Stadium, and many fans folded their hands nervously on their chests as if they were praying.
Bayern Munich made a corner kick in the second minute of injury time.
Ram’s corner kick was headed over the baseline by Kuyt, the former defender.
Bayern Munich continues to kick corners.
Ram’s corner kick was directly picked by Reina in the small restricted area.
Bayern Munich retreated in frustration.
Reina dawdled for a while and it took almost more than twenty seconds to kick the ball out.
The last minute of injury time came.
Reina went out to goal kick and was headed to the frontcourt by Demichelis after halftime.
Schweinsteiger stopped the ball with his back to Liverpool’s restricted area and quickly shifted the ball to the side.
Bayern Munich continued to get the opportunity to attack. Ram scored a 45degree goal on the wing before the ball went fast. The ball landed beautifully near Klose.
At this time, Kuyt took the lead in grabbing the position and failed to let Klose move to the football landing point. Even though Klose barely jumped, he failed to touch the football in the middle of the game. Kuyt kicked the ball directly out of the penalty area.
The football just flew to Qin Xiong in the middle of the middle field.
Schweinsteiger came behind Qin Xiong and prepared to fight back after Qin Xiong stopped the ball.
Qin Xiong slightly sideways facing Gerrard’s right foot also made a ball gesture. When Schweinsteiger saw it, he immediately lifted his leg to block Qin Xiong’s ball line.
However, Qin Xiong buckled the ball in the opposite direction and protected it from the other side of Schweinsteiger’s body.
When Schweinsteiger recovered his center of gravity and turned to chase Qin Xiong, he found that Qin Xiong was getting farther and farther away, and his speed was not fast, which was dwarfed by Qin Xiong’s dribbling speed.
Qin Xiong broke out his speed advantage, and his eyes were very wide in the process of rapid dribbling forward.
Van Bommel can meet Qin Xiong without retreating. Before he made a defensive move, Qin Xiong went straight to the right and made a big combination. The speed change broke through Van Bommel.
This is also Qin Xiong’s choice to break through the line.
Steven Gerrard finally rushes forward on Qin Xiong’s right side. Qin Xiong will definitely give Steven Gerrard the ball.
Then if he wants to break through, it should be in the opposite direction, which led to Van Bommel’s mistake in the prediction.
After passing Van Bommel, Qin Xiong had three defenders left in front of him, and Bayern Munich was the defender.
Bad Stuber Demichelis Van Bitten
And Liverpool have three offensive players.
按摩Gerard Qin Xiong Torres!
Budd Stuber tried to stop Gerrard in the movement, in other words, Gerrard helped the team attack and pinned down a defender of the other team.
Qin Xiong, with two central defenders left, quickly went to the front of the penalty area.
Torres starts his decisive oblique insertion behind Van Bitten!
Just then Demichelis met Qin Xiong, and Qin Xiong suddenly stopped dribbling. From moving to static, Demichelis tried to extrapolate.
He wants the ball?
He wants the ball for Torres!
Just when he made such an idea and hesitated, Qin Xiong may have a second from moving to static and then from static to dynamic.
And this second made Demichelis’s thinking hesitate.
But Qin Xiong is wild and decisive, as well as calm and cold!
He just wants Demichelis to think too much, fear too much distraction!
Qin Xiong suddenly started again and kicked the ball directly to Demichelis’s legs and then bypassed Demichelis and rushed behind him!
Wear crotch!
The whole scene is coherent and looks very strange. Qin Xiong suddenly stopped with the pace, and Demichelis also stopped. Then the two men were deadlocked for a second. Qin Xiong wore a crotch and Demichelis was played by Qin Xiong like a puppet!
Demichelis turned to shovel after the reaction, but he couldn’t touch Qin Xiong on his toes!
He wants to foul, but even a foul is an extravagant hope!
After crossing the crotch, Qin Xiong entered the penalty area without delay. He looked at it and abandoned the door. Bout didn’t make a clear shot, as if he had adjusted his pace in the dribble. His right foot arch pushed the ball out.
The football rolled to the near corner of the goal against the ground!
Bout immediately fell to the ground and stretched his legs to stop it. It was not too late, but his feet still couldn’t touch the football.
Bout closed his eyes in despair.

But Shang Tang Lian is also confident that even if Meng Shiru really kills her, she won’t lose. Who is she?

Shang Tanglian looked at it and found that Meng Shiru was also an orientation talent like her. She couldn’t help but nod with satisfaction. Sure enough, it is unusual to look at people by herself, which proves that her eyes are still good.
Shang Tanglian then went to read this information. Speaking of the Slote family, the United States is also famous. The only Chinese family in the United States is like the Oran family. The United States has to shake three times. However, compared with the huge Oran family, the Slote family seems to be a bit dead. After so long development, the Oran family did not know that it has developed for several generations. From the beginning, one family slowly developed to the present, and the whole family is very large and prosperous.
The Slote family is a little different. Meng Shiru is three generations of Vivi alone, but the Slote family values quality rather than quantity. Although the number of people is more than that of the Oran family, it doesn’t mean quality.
Anyway, the Slote family has developed to the present scale, and it is also a struggle with the Oran family. Although there is a patriarch of the Slote family, Meng Shiru, who has a long face but no old man, I have never heard of another relative, the Slote patriarch, who has been looking for it but has never found it.
To tell the truth, the Slote family was not so thin before, and there is a reason for this. At the beginning, the Slote family was also prosperous, but the current patriarch of the Slote family was not allowed to be a patriarch according to the previous rules, and Slote was not as capable as the eldest grandson at that time, even if he wanted to compete, he didn’t have that ability. At that time, the current patriarch of Slote still had many brothers and sisters.
However, there is another reason that the head of Slote’s current family still had an illegitimate identity that was rejected by a group of brothers and sisters:
Chapter 32 robbery
At that time, because of one thing, the Slote family was a little aggressive with dupont family at that time. At that time, although the Slote family was powerful, it was just gaining a foothold. At that time, dupont family wanted to make an example for some things because of some decline. Suddenly, the Slote family became a little dirty with them.
Now the head of the Slote family was in his youth, and the accident happened on the same day when he was a bear child. Because he was always bullied and rejected by his brothers and sisters, he played the role of running away from home. When he came home in a mess and couldn’t stand the hardships outside, he suddenly found that his family was gone overnight, but there were a bunch of strangers coming in and out of his house. Because he was dirty at that time, he couldn’t tell what the clothes were, and the materials were all mud, but there were holes everywhere. Instead of begging outside, he was expelled.
But that’s why he escaped. At that time, he was stupid. Later, when he reacted, he didn’t lose control and shouted. Instead, he calmly watched those people go in and out, moved their things in ecstasy, and received all their things in ecstasy. He never forgot the smug and greedy look.
After being a beggar at home for a few days, he is still very dedicated to begging from those who he can’t wait to spit out one by one. Although he is disgusted and expelled, no one doubts that he is a member of this family.
Moreover, the Gaslot family is Chinese, and his compatriots have the heart to help even if they want to help. Besides, the Slote family is too high, and they are not the only ones who can lend a helping hand, but the Oran family turns a blind eye.
Three days later, he wanted to leave, thinking about revenge later, but before he left, he accidentally found a servant tied up and thrown into a remote place. Now the patriarch of Slote suspected that which servant was sent away and followed him. At that time, there might be cars everywhere, which is why he was so young that he could follow him to his destination.
After the throwers left, he stepped forward and took a closer look, only to know that it was their housekeeper. He touched each other and gasped with surprise, and found that there was still a breath, saying that the man was not dead. Immediately, the current patriarch of Slote dragged him away.
品茶论坛It’s not too difficult. It’s true that people like them have money, but their lives are always threatened because of it. For some of the most basic healing methods, I still know that the current patriarch of Slote learned the medical knowledge of tripods by himself at that time, and took some hemostatic herbs to give each other some bloodenriching things. This is naturally the effect of begging in those three days, plus the fact that he was premeditated to run away from home or some small fortune.
At an early age, he naturally knows that wealth does not reveal the truth. Not only that, but even he is not as good as his cousin Cong, the long grandson, who is much more intelligent than ordinary children. He should know or will know more than ordinary children, and he is precocious.
Only after the great changes have been discovered can we be so calm. Now, the patriarch of Slote just pulled a dying man back with a few meager things, but this man is also in good health, that is, he is the most loyal housekeeper. He was instilled with loyalty to his family from an early age and cannot betray it. Ideology is also a means to protect his family. It is inevitable that he will have no effort and be in good health.
Slote’s current patriarch’s name is Meng Qi, and his English name is Alice Slote. At that time, he didn’t dare to take the housekeeper to rent anything, but took him to stay in someone else’s ranch, which was a deserted ranch, hidden and safe.
It was a surprise to see Meng Qi after the housekeeper woke up. At that time, she told Meng Qi that he couldn’t finish the biggest thing at this time. I didn’t expect to be lucky. How could the housekeeper not be surprised?
The housekeeper immediately told Meng Qi where to put the most important things in their house, including the deeds and the company documents, and all the departments kept them in a secret place waiting for him to get them when he could.
It turns out that the former slot patriarch had some ominous premonitions, but he didn’t know what would happen. These things were prepared consciously, and then he took precautions. If you don’t know what it is, you will naturally make mistakes, and if you make the right move, the result will be the same.
It turns out that Chief Slote’s things were right, but it was only a few days before a prosperous family collapsed. After Meng Qi knew it, he didn’t listen to the servant’s advice to find those things, but first raised his body with him, and then Meng Qi let the housekeeper either choose to stay here and wait for the opportunity or go back to China with him.
The reason why Yu Mengqi is going back to China is very simple, because he remembered that his former father once told him that there was a very powerful martial arts master in China.
Yes, Meng remembered that he had to learn Kung Fu from a teacher first. Although he is old, he has no Kung Fu body and no ability to protect himself. Then he will have the heart to take revenge.
At that time, when the housekeeper was still flustered and didn’t know what to do, Meng Qi made a decision for him. After the housekeeper stayed in the United States to continue her studies and learn higher knowledge, she could help him regain his family.
After hearing Meng Qi’s decision, the housekeeper immediately felt at ease. His management is also more talented. The former head of the Slote family also meant this. After letting the housekeeper continue her studies, she will be a good helper for their family.
Then Meng Qi went back to China and found it after many twists and turns. At that time, Master didn’t become the other brother, but Meng Qi felt that Master was no different from his brother.
Meng Qi was very moved at that time, but later Meng Qi learned something and went back to the United States for revenge when the time was right.
At that time, Meng Qi returned to China with a very strong posture. Although his kung fu was not as good as those people, he had little ability to protect himself. In addition, he got to know some Jianghu people and was not afraid of each other’s force. So Meng Qi regained his family and the housekeeper helped to grow the Slote family again.
The only regret is that the head of the Slote family married a wife, but it was difficult to produce Meng Shiru when he was born, and he died:
Chapter 33 is her
So the Slote family became thin now, and Meng Qi didn’t marry anyone else. Of course, Meng Shiru thought that he didn’t have this idea.
However, even if there is a single Vivi Meng Shiru, it is so precious, but it is not that Jin Gui should fall and beat Meng Qi, but he also insists that children can grow up only by beating.
Let Meng Shiru go wherever Meng Qi was at that time. Meng Shiru worked hard and hired a master to teach the fact that Meng Qi and his wife’s genes were too good and powerful. So Meng Shiru was not only a martial arts genius, but also showed Uberlike talent from all aspects. If he was not strong enough, he would really be unable to control him.
Then when Meng Shiru was ten years old, she began to live independently, wandering outside, even practicing kung fu by herself.
Seeing Shang Tang Lian here, I can’t help but imagine a tenyearold boy with a straight face doing big things and can’t say how cute he is.
Shang Tanglian forgot that she seemed to laugh at others like this in her previous life.
And Meng Qi went back and began to have a vendetta with the Oran family. It was because of the Oran family that from ruin would have such a situation.

I haven’t heard you mention this recently, and I don’t want to tell youI’m trying to lose weight, and I couldn’t wear clothes last year.

Sister, what’s wrong with you? Suddenly you’re being hard on yourself.
Generally speaking, everyone is used to joking with fat people, and it seems that most fat people are goodnatured and can afford to joke.
Xin Xiaotian, too, is used to being laughed at by her colleagues at ordinary times. Sometimes she will reply with a word or two, but at this time she is in a good mood, so she doesn’t deliberately respond to anything. She smiled and said with everyone that she bowed her head and changed her shoes, and put on her feet again. She put away her shoes, put her clothes and shoes in a bag, and then sat down and went on working.
Class, after all, has the discipline to ask everyone to talk and laugh for a few words, and then they also scattered their places.
Finally, after a night, Xin Xiaotian endured her appetite, ate seven full minutes and rested for half an hour. Then she changed her sports equipment and wore headphones to walk to the small park near her residence.
The fourth chapter is very important.
There are fewer people in the small park than expected at this time.
There will be middleaged aunts exercising with all kinds of equipment. I didn’t expect that there would be three people for four people in two taistrollers.
There is an uncle who walks alone and casually throws his legs.
It seems that square dance is more attractive.
Xin Xiaotian came to the farthest place from Uncle, with his feet firmly on the handrail and a light breath, and began to take a step.
In my heart, I inexplicably came up with a thank you. Taxpayers thank the public facilities for their welfare.
Openair park Tai Stroller, a kind of equipment, has a fixed trajectory, and the leg swing amplitude is limited to a certain area. Although this equipment is simple and simple in the open air, and the room equipment seems to be so poor, it is actually scientifically designed, with its principles and good results.
Say it’s simple
In reality, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone really develop into a devil’s figure with such simple equipment.
Xin Xiaotian has no confidence in herself. She’s not a professional. She’s still forced here, and this method is recognized by Xiaolan. Does anyone know? A month has passed and we’ll see the results.
Xin Xiaotian is thinking while swinging. It is said that people love rambling and thinking when they are doing monotonous activities.
But soon her thoughts were brought back by footsteps and she began to pay attention to herself, and combined with some broken knowledge teachers she had seen in the past two days, she realized something.
On the surface, this kind of equipment is limited by a certain swing and trajectory, and the legs are alternately moved back and forth to complete the movement. In this process, the position of the feet is always fixed and the bust is also fixed.
桑拿网At first glance, it looks like this, and many people probably do the same.
Then it’s probably wrong.
The same movement, even a very simple movement, will definitely have a different final effect if the parts and methods of force are different.
That’s why it’s also running. Some people will run into big muscles and thick legs, while others will run with more symmetrical and slender legs.
Although you can’t see any difference with your eyes, you know best whether the parts and methods of exerting force are correct or unreasonable when you move.
Xin Xiaotian tried it and found that this simple instrument has at least three methods of exerting force.
One is that the foot forces the sole of the foot to pedal the pedal, so as to drive two connecting rods or movable rods connected with the pedal. I always don’t know the scientific name of this thing and move in tandem.
After that, it is driven by the displacement of the foot and the two movable rods, so that the thigh moves back and forth to form continuous movement. This force will obviously bring great pressure to the sole of the foot and burden the ankle.
The second is that the thigh force drives the calf and the foot pedal to complete this continuous movement. This force may make the muscles in the front and side of the thigh develop slowly. For most girls, it is the expected goal. If you persist for a long time for several years, you should probably get a pair of strong thighs like ChunLi in the famous game.
I think it’s a bit exaggerated. Xin Xiaotian smiled at herself and tried the third method at first, which is also the most suitable method for her needs.
It is the most suitable and sometimes the most difficult thing to master. It is almost impossible for a girl like her to touch her abdominal muscles by taking a deep breath and finding abdominal strength.
Tighten the abdomen to find the feeling, and then apply force to the thigh. As far as possible, there are almost no small muscles in the deep abdomen to apply force to drive the thigh and the whole leg to complete the whole movement.
Relax your thighs and your calves; Knees should not be too straight and slightly bent; You can’t pedal too hard on the soles of your feet
Keep your knees and toes in line.
Just as the ancient martial arts masters practiced, it was just the strength of the abdomen that drove the legs to swing in tandem.
That’s it. The main focus is on the middle abdomen, which is the most effective way to lose weight.
Xin Xiaotian was secretly happy that she felt right. This kind of thing was wonderful, but she could feel in her heart that this dynamic and peaceful method would be effective if she insisted on it.
And the uncle next to him is the fourth kind. He can’t afford to throw himself around without rhythm and order. At most, he just relaxes and exercises his body. It didn’t take long for him to feel monotonous and chat, so he left with his hands behind his back and went for a stroll elsewhere.
There is Xin Xiaotian left here, and it is just quiet for one person.
Xin Xiaotian pondered it clearly, and then followed the correct method she realized for ten minutes. Gradually, she felt that her whole body was getting hot, especially her abdomen began to feel sour and hot, which spoke of the effect.
For another five minutes, Xin Xiaotian looked at the simple bicycle and no one made it, so she rode over as planned for a while and felt a little uncomfortable, so she switched back to the legthrowing machine
It was not easy, but not very tired, not as tired as I thought, that a person who was often unqualified in physical education at school like her insisted on it.
It can be seen that aerobic exercise is not so torturous, and the most important way is to run without the help of the equipment in this small park.
This is the first day. I don’t know if I can hold on like this, and I don’t know if my legs will hurt so much that I can’t lift them.
Xin Xiaoxin was thinking about going back to her residence and just getting ready to change clothes and take a shower, but Xiaolan showed a line at once.
It is very important to relax muscles after exercise. Please be sure to complete this step.
To tell the truth, although it has been several days since it was unified, Xiao Tian is still not used to it at all, because I don’t know when it will suddenly display a line of words, which is scary and annoying.
Well, well, well, I’ll just let me go.
Xin Xiaotian took off her shoes and didn’t change clothes. She tapped her legs at random before and after kneading them for a while. She felt a lot lighter and didn’t go to take a shower.
Although it is not professional at all, this method can effectively relieve muscle tension after exercise, especially for people like her who are usually inactive, the effect will be more obvious, and their legs will not hurt so much the next day:
The fifth chapter small sugar packets
When I got up the next day, I found that my legs really hurt. After all, I haven’t moved for a long time. Yesterday, I moved again for 5 minutes. It didn’t hurt, but it didn’t hurt. It’s too exaggerated to try. I can still lift my legs. It seems that there is still some after exercise and kneading for a while
The leg pain is late. Do you want to continue? Xin Xiaotian is in a daze while dressing for class.
Continue to insist on it tonight, and we can’t relax at all. Xiaolan showed this sentence with great affection.
It’s like a death warrant for you to give such a pledge before you wake up early in the morning. People who just get up sometimes have a little temper.
It is necessary to wake up when you feel that you want to be lazy.
I haven’t said anything yet. Well, did I say that I don’t want to go today? I feel my leg hurts. Xin Xiaotian suddenly felt very upset that she could detect her thoughts.
Leg pain must be persisted and leg pain must be persisted.
I don’t think surfing the Internet means taking a day off so that your body can have a recovery process. Xin Xiaotian remembered that she saw a sentence there and began to argue with Xiaolan.
Xin Xiaotian didn’t really want to be lazy and didn’t insist on being unified, but she couldn’t help but want to tell her a few words.
Small blue to hear her say that unexpectedly also up.
First of all, practice for a day and rest for a day. That’s muscle building exercise. Do you want to gain muscle? Do you need to gain muscle at present? At this stage, you should lose weight and enhance heart and lung function? If you persist in leg pain every day, you can accelerate lactic acid metabolism and make your body recover faster. If you don’t move, it will hurt more for two days. Third, many girls who are determined to lose weight unconsciously give up because of leg pain the next day. After a few days, they think about it and run again and experience leg pain again. If they do, they really give up completely.
Xiaolan spluttered a long paragraph of text, and Xiao Tian was a little dizzy.
Such a long pile of words doesn’t even divide a paragraph
Okay, okay, sister, don’t be unreasonable. I understand the truth. I’ll just listen to you later. Now please be quiet. I have to go to work in time. I’ll talk later.
Small blue hear xin xiaotian said finally discretion to hide.
Evening Xin Xiaotian simply changed her clothes after dinner and walked to the small park in the street center to continue her exercise, without giving Tong a chance to nag.
On the third day and the fourth day, Xin Xiaotian insisted on exercising after work every day. Although she felt lazy and didn’t want to move at home every day, she still gritted her teeth and set off for the small park at the thought of unifying the rows of blue and shiny words.
In the past few days, there have not been many people there, which is just like the private venue of Xin Xiaotian Bao. This situation is just what you want. No one grabs the place and no one bothers you. To be honest, if there are too many people, Xin Xiaotian may feel shy and can’t let go.
The exercise is simple and monotonous, and she insists that she has now found the abdominal muscles to feel her legs relaxed, and the abdominal strength drives her limbs to swing, so that her belly feels super after practicing for 5 minutes every day.

Uncle Wang nodded in agreement, but added, "Lao Wen and others have been lying in ambush here for a long time. Why do you have to get those two slaps?"

I thought about it and said truthfully, "I can’t sue Ning Qi for kidnapping because there is not enough evidence. I will leave evidence this time."
Uncle Wang looked at me for a while and turned to my dad. "Your daughter … is nice!"
My dad laughed heartily "and didn’t look at who gave birth"
Everyone laughed.
Wen Lu is estimated to have been stimulated and scolded even worse.
But he was quickly taken to a police car.
Yu Ning’s father and mother hide and watch me from time to time. I guess they are afraid that I will deal with them.
Since they didn’t help Wenlu, I really don’t want to do anything to them.
Maybe it’s because I didn’t mean to pursue it. They ran away despondently.
I don’t want to take my mother to the hospital for examination either.
But I didn’t expect to see Ye Wen coming from a car and respectfully opening the back door.
I leng leng.
It was Ye Xiangyuan.
He walked straight towards me behind the car.
I called him "Professor Ye" in a low voice.
Ye Xiangyuan, um, kept looking at me and said, "I’m going to call Awen to help you."
I asked hesitantly, "When will you come?"
He hooked his lips "all the time"
I am very surprised.
He can’t.
I have a vague guess in my heart. He asked me if I had expected Wenlu to make trouble when I was in court. Did I wait here deliberately today?
But he’s master Ye’s family, and he has so many things to do. How can he come here sometimes?
I hesitated whether I asked for it or not.
Ye Xiangyuan Gherardini watched me "not bad".
喝茶约茶  title=I pulled the corners of my mouth and smiled.
I’ve been guarding against this since I was kidnapped.
Ning Qi and Wen Lu are uncompromising people. If I am caught by them again, the consequences will be unimaginable.
So I discussed this idea with my parents and uncle Wang before.
I was also quite satisfied with my own arrangement. After all, I finally got into Wenlu Pit.
Is now facing Ye Xiangyuan like praise and ridicule, and somehow I’m a little embarrassed.
Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a car. My parents came together.
Uncle Wang and Uncle Wen are not far away, and their eyes are all falling leaves.
Maybe it’s my illusion. I think there seems to be some disbelief and some awe in their eyes
They seem to want to come and say hello to Ye Xiangyuan.
But when the leaves swept to the distant sight, they all stopped.
I secretly thinking.
My mother asked, "Who is this?"
Before I introduced Ye Xiangyuan, I said, "Hello, Auntie, I’m a timely colleague."
Uncle Wang and Uncle Wen’s expressions are strangely transient, but they are still in place and have no intention of interrupting.
My mother looked at Ye Xiangyuan kindly, "Hello".
Ye Xiangyuan smiled gently. "I don’t know if it’s convenient for me to ask some fortifications when I come."
I was shocked that he was definitely thinking of an excuse temporarily.
But I didn’t know what his real purpose was, and I was going to take my mother to the hospital, so I refused
My mother thinks it’s important for me to go with my colleagues at work, and she just needs to be accompanied by my father.
Ye Xiangyuan smiled at me.
That smile didn’t mean anything, but I was terrified.
I have a little drum in my heart.
When he saw his car, he said faintly, "The Wen family is a bad real estate agent, so you don’t have to look forward to it."
I understood his meaning in an instant.
He said that I was still too gentle with Wen Lu today.

The defensive counterattack needs another former striker who always loses goals.

I wouldn’t lose the ball, so they lost the ball.
6 halftime
This game has become an offensive war, and the attack modes of both sides are completely different.
Cheng Wu sat in the back of the town and commanded the guards to block the front and then solve my longrange shot one by one, and then immediately transferred the ball to the frontcourt to get a chance to shoot through a quick counterattack; And here, it’s more through my personal breakthrough to break the opponent’s goal. The other strikers are just a cover.
At the end of the halfcourt, I can feel that there are more and more defenders around me, and the running pressure is getting bigger and bigger. At least three people follow me closely at all times. They are not sure that they can successfully break the ball and hope to interfere with my shooting or poke the ball when I pose.
It’s also a matter to be able to poke the ball! Into the restricted area, tiptoe gently hooked the ball and jumped up. I tilted my body slightly, leaned my arms against the right leg of the defender behind me and volleyed!
The ball grazed the goalkeeper’s fingertip and bounced into the netwell, there is no net at the root of our humble goal. It’s just a rag that leaks everywhere.
Shout ~ I long out a sigh of relief. Just now, the famous general almost jumped on me. It was only a millisecond.
The score at halftime was 15:11, and our advantage was not great.
Adults don’t show mercy. Cheng Wuchao smiled at me near the goal.
What do you see? I turned to look at him.
He walked with me to the sidelines. Most of the players didn’t break into the restricted area in the whole half, so they chose longrange shots … Am I right?
Yes, your two midfielders are a little tight. I found a reason
It will be tighter at halftime. His smile made me want to slap him.
桑拿会所Young master, if you go like this, the number of goals will be surpassed by Qin array again! Pang Gan cheered me up on the sidelines.
Jia Mu praised Cheng Wu’s command if he decided, Brother Boping, you should play your part at half time. Don’t let him do it just because he is the boss!
I was so angry that my nose was crooked. Boping, do you have any reservations at half time? !”
Are you too unconscious? Jamu answered instead of him, Boping Kogan has never been out of the restricted area and never confronted you headon. He made you do it on purpose!
Cheng Wu punched him in the head and denounced Hu said! We did our best long ago! See you at half time!
At halftime, the two sides changed to Bian Cheng Wu, but they were still in the rear. Although they were four goals behind, I didn’t see any signs that he was eager to attack for the time being. The command team was still huddled and stuck to the restricted area.
You, you are Tony Twain! I scornfully sneered that it is obvious that there is no longterm runningin defense counterattack flaw, and the problems of players’ physical strength and cooperation will become more and more prominent as time goes by.
However, I immediately realized that I was wrong. At the first half of the game, the other side changed six people in one breath, and three energetic new players appeared beside me to replace the already panting teammates, so that their whole defense line looked more and more solid.
Enough! I can give a thumbsup to the opposite side, whether they understand it or not.
I instructed the winger to try his best to lift the ball as high as possible, and maybe he could take advantage of the striker’s height.
At halftime, the halfbacks were idle to death, and the avantgarde immediately became active. Both wingers started at the same time, waiting for the midfielder to decide which way to go.
I swept the ball to the right with one foot. After all, it’s much easier for everyone to take the ball with his right foot and right foot.
Smooth all the way to the right, I took a look at the situation in front of the door and decided to start!
There was an immediate chaos in front of the door
I hurried to speed up the forward insertion and prepare to catch up with the chaos.
The chaos subsided, and I haven’t seen what happened yet. The ball has flown out from the left.
When I turned my head to turn around, two forces behind me stopped me and I hit a wall.
Or defensive counterattack!
By the time I left the defense, the other team had stuffed the ball straight into the front of the restricted area, and our three defenders jumped at the ball together!
Watch the ball! I can’t wait to put my wings together and send it directly.
Sure enough, it’s still a heel ball!
The ball wobbled and jumped up
A striker just broke into the man’s land, stopped the ball in the chest, lacked elasticity and went straight into the net!
I have to give special instructions to the defenders. You didn’t eat early? ! A dozen people stuck at the door can also make their strikers break into the restricted area dozens of times! Can you be a little? ! Can’t you give him a hand when you see the other person coming? ! Can’t you just kick the ball back? !”
In vain! The guards nodded frequently and clapped their chests. Just now, the spirit of the game was a little loose. Then they won’t let them in! Whoever dares to come over will shovel their dog legs!
Fuck, it’s all my brothers. Don’t shovel people to death! I feel a little overcorrected …
Sure enough, after being guided, the defense team members were full of energy and launched a fierce impact on the enemy who dared to cross the center line like tigers out of the box.
The strategy of Qi Fei with two wings, the bottom of the sidewalk, and the point grab in the middle didn’t get the score, but it caused a little confusion in front of the opponent’s door at most. I am sure that this tactic will not achieve any effect because I have been practicing Jiuyang Shengong Cheng Wuyi since I was a child, and I can completely control the ball landing and swim the striker’s foot near the midfield accurately.
And the striker who pressed the name heavily took turns to roll around with his legs in the midfield. The referee became the busiest person in the whole stadium. Five people in our defense line were yellow and double yellow … Seeing that these five people were going to be sent off the court and instructed to change their departments in a hurry.
Compared with the forward line, it is leisurely to the extreme. Anyway, if they want to return to the defense, they don’t just rest and chat near the other side’s restricted area
Have you scored in this game?
How dare you say me? How many times have you touched the ball yourself? !”
It’s not that I don’t want to go in. It’s all arranged by the young master.

But watching the little things in high spirits, she didn’t want to disturb the two little guys, Liu Wentao, who was originally with her. As a result, she was entangled by an executive. Looking far away, Jiang Junyue was carried to Lanjing Inari, but he was inconvenient to send it.

Lan Jingyi was entangled in her daughter and Jiang Junyue, and her arms around the two little things brought her a warm feeling. To tell the truth, she likes this Xiaoxi more and more, which is really lovable.
"Rush …" In one second, Lan Jingyi was so beautiful that she was completely ruined. Xiaoxi peed and she peed Lan Jingyi.
Section 63
Nanny immediately grabbed Xiaoxi. "Oh, Mrs. Blue, I’m sorry. You see, I see that you and your daughter came in a hurry and forgot to give the child a diaper. Why don’t I take you to the lounge to change clothes?"
Lan Jingyi got up and shook, but she saw a huge watermark’ map’ all over her body. She was not only wet by something in the evening ceremony, but also wet by something in her pants in the evening ceremony. At this moment, she is really uncomfortable. What’s more striking is that when the evening ceremony is wet, she will stick on her body rather than see her skin like Lan Jingyi blushing through the cloth and say, "Okay, I’ll change with you."
The elegant and light music in the lobby of Rafael Hotel soothes the flowing crowd. The auxiliary music is a huge LCD screen, which is constantly rolling and playing super beautiful mv clips.
Lan Jingyi hugged Xiao Qinqin and followed the nanny to rest not far away. Liu Wentao’s sight had already gone with the past. The executives beside him perfunctory a few words and turned and walked in the direction of Lan Jingyi. Somehow Liu Wentao smelled something strange in the air as if something was about to happen.
"Window …" But Liu Wentao took two steps and was stopped by a familiar woman.
The familiar sound made his footsteps stagnate and then turned around. "Why are you here?" I didn’t expect that Xiao Xue was here.
"Come to General Manager Jiang’s engagement party. By the way, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend abigail, the representative of ssp company in the city. General Manager Lu hopes you can meet organically."
Lu Wentao’s face changed slightly. ssp is a big guest of Lu’s. He handed his hand to abigail. "Welcome to the city and have a good time." Recently, ssp is looking for a Chinese partner to build a large entertainment city. No wonder he has never made progress. At this moment, Lu Wentao came to nothing. Perhaps it was because of the light snow.
"Oh, it must be pleasant to meet organically." abigail smiled and immediately took the stranger Xiaoxue. "Xiaoxue, let’s go to Mr. Jiang’s place over there."
He speaks poor Chinese, but obviously abigail is more interested in contacting Jiang Junyue than Lu Wentao. "Abigail …"
In response to Lu Wentao, it was Mo Xiaoxue abigail who went hand in hand and the back was harmonious and well matched.
When a woman hates it, she will retaliate against Liu Wentao. But at the beginning, he and she agreed to be sunny, so in the end, it was Mo Xiaoxue who broke the agreement, not him, but she wanted to be his wife.
It was such an episode that when Liu Wentao turned around and searched for Lan Jingyi’s figure, the hall was gone. It seemed that she could go to any exit and entrance, but it seemed that she would not go to any one.
Liu Wentao stepped up his pace and searched in the hall. It seems that if he can’t find her at this moment, maybe a generation will lose it, but he doesn’t want to lose it.
"Mr. Jiang Junyue, the president of Jiang’s family, is about to start the engagement party." Suddenly, the emcee announced that the engagement party was about to start, but it was strange that the emcee said a person’s name, that is, Jiang Junyue’s name, but there was no hostess Lome Wei at the engagement party tonight.
With the music of the master of ceremonies gradually disappearing, the large LCD screen began to change, and people in the hall stopped curiously to want to bet on the scenery of the engagement party for two people, especially the ladies who were present, waiting for Jiang Junyue to appear. The man was so eye-catching, and wherever he went, he just told his eyes.
Suddenly, when the hall was quiet, the whole hall was quiet as if a pin could be heard. With this silence, everyone’s eyes fell in unison. In the dynamic picture of the super-large screen behind the master of ceremonies, a man and a woman were entangled and there was no sound, but they could feel that the sound picture of men and women was moving all the time without even playing the mosaic, so two faces appeared, and … as if they could still hear the sound of men and women.
Lome EU followed the crowd’s line of sight, and then she petrified on the spot "Ah … Ah … Ah …" She hysterically shouted that night was a bad drama of Yunfei, but she never thought that it was actually recorded more than her engagement party was broadcast. She really couldn’t stand the blow, and the whole person collapsed instantly, leaving a whine. What was wrong? What’s wrong?
As for Lome Wei, when she couldn’t bear to faint in her wheelchair, Jiang Junyue walked to the emcee stage with a cool expression, grabbed the emcee microphone and calmly said, "Lock down all entrances and exits, no matter who plays it, they will be detained and handed over to the police for disposal." The expression said as if it were the same as him, but the woman in the picture just now was that he was going to get engaged to the heroine tonight.
People in the hall began to fall into whispers again, and many people began to sympathize with Jiang Junyue. It was a shameful thing that a man was cuckolded by a woman in public.
Luo Qijiang came here for nothing at this time. Jiang Junyue has been playing with what? He rushed to Lome Wei in a few steps. "Mei Wei, wake up and don’t be afraid to tell me what happened. Did someone force you to shoot?"
"Let’s go in Qijiang" Mrs. Luo was already trembling. When she found her daughter early that day, she felt wrong, but Lome Wei didn’t say anything about what happened. But now that the picture was broadcast in public, how could Jiang Jia agree to Jiang Junyue’s daughter’s engagement?
It is impossible that even she herself feels ashamed to let her daughter get engaged to Jiang Junyue again.
桑拿网Chapter 114 Two rings
"Mom is Jiang Junyue, he must have done it." Luo Qijiang turned to sweep Jiang Junyue’s face, full of anger, and he wanted to kill Jiang Junyue before he rushed to Jiang Junyue, but then he received a text message.
Yunfei’s two words can’t stop flashing with a crush on my heart and anger. Luo Qijiang just opened the text message.
"You can’t fight Cheng Ge and take Mei Wei. If she wants to, I’ll take care of it. I’ll marry her."
By getting her sister to be his Yunfei, what did she say about marrying Luo Qijiang back to the word "go to hell" and then moved Yunfei number into the blacklist "Mom, let’s go"? This is Jiang Junyue’s sister again. It’s hard for him to withdraw his revenge for ten years. Jiang Junyue has been arguing with him since then.
There was a little commotion in the crowd and everyone was talking about it.
When Luo family came, it was still pays photogenic, but at the moment, they are all more embarassed than the original fiancee, and now they have fainted, and Jiang Junyue is still elegant to leave the master of ceremonies, and there is no embarrassing reaction because of the just picture.
He Ling couldn’t resist it. She just wanted to stop Mrs. Lover, but it’s impossible for the Jiang family to marry a woman like that after what happened to Lome Wei. But now Lome Wei doesn’t think this engagement party should be over, too?
He Ling walked quickly towards the master’s platform, but there was another Jiang Han beside him. "Master, let me give you this." There are five dna test reports and several photos. The photos are two little things, a little boy and a little girl. Both of them are as beautiful as watching the master staring at the photo. Jiang Han continued, "Master Jiang always said that these two children would have to marry the children if they want to return to the motherland, or their mothers would simply send them abroad and let them die."

But I didn’t expect him to blame me for hurting Ye Xiangyuan just like his sister.

I looked at Gu Changyu again.
She bit her rosy lip and looked at Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun with faint eyes. I don’t know what to think.
Then I began to prepare to return to Qinyuan.
I don’t need to do anything to say that I am prepared. After all, there are so many nurses and bodyguards.
I sat on the sofa and watched them clean up.
It was drizzling again two days ago, and it was said that it was a layer of autumn rain and a layer of cold weather, and it did get colder gradually.
Ok, it stopped raining today, and it’s sunny again. The sun shines in a room full of beauty.
Lu Xun and Gu Changning, they are all gone. Ye Xiangyuan stays here with me.
There is no sound in the room except footsteps.
So I can break the silence. "How’s the leg?"
He looked at me quietly and didn’t do it.
I can’t understand the look in his eyes. It seems that there are many unspeakable emotions hidden and there seems to be nothing.
He suddenly held me in his arms. "No matter what happens after baby, it’s not your fault, remember?"
I looked at him transfixed.
He pecked at my lips, and his tone became softer and softer. "The meaning in your heart and mine is more important than you think. You don’t want to think about anything. I need you very much. I hope you can always be by my side, okay?"
I couldn’t help licking some dry lips.
Is he kidding me?
I’m a little sweet, but I’m more uneasy. I always feel that something bad may happen next, and Ye Xiangyuan has already foreseen the result before he told me so.
He stroked my hair one by one. "Do you know that marrying you is the best thing I have ever done?"
My tears are brushing.
This sentence is the best affirmation for me.
No matter how hard the road ahead is, no matter whether he lies or not, I can feel his sincerity at this moment.
I wanted to ask him what happened, but the atmosphere was so good that I couldn’t ask.
In the end, nothing was said.
After packing, Pan Donglai came and took the luggage building with the bodyguards.
I haven’t seen him for a long time, and he looks no different from before. I can rest assured that Ye Xiangyuan is not in danger for the time being.
It was when we arrived at the underground parking lot that I found myself relieved too early.
Ye Xiangyuan is still in a wheelchair. I pushed him out of the ladder and saw a row of special forces in front of him.
It was quiet around, and there were no passers-by. Looking around, there were police cars and military jeeps.
The special forces are in front and the police are staring at us behind.
I was startled.
Ye Xiangyuan is as cool as a cucumber. Although the lights are dim, I can still see his expression when I bow my head.
Very calm and calm
Probably he had guessed this situation.
My anxiety gradually calmed down.
Pan Dong whispered, "The chief is sent by the Li family …"
Ye Xiangyuan nodded slightly to show that he knew.
The first commando came over and made a ceremony to Ye Xiangyuan. "Ye Chief, please come with us when we receive a report that you are suspected of violating various laws."
The tone is very polite, but everyone can see that he is polite and tough and does not refuse.
It’s just a courtesy before the enemy.
Since the Li family dispatched special forces, of course, it will not give Ye Xiangyuan the opportunity to escape.
My heart is up again.
Ye Xiangyuan is still that calm look. "Okay, I’ll talk to my wife."
The other party took a look at me and made a default gesture to back off.
I looked anxiously at Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan is still a calm judo. "Eleven, you go home with Pandong first, and he will take care of his injuries until I come back, remember?"
How can I care? I’m almost crying
But at this time, if you shed tears, it will increase the burden on Ye Xiangyuan.
I desperately endured my emotions and even squeezed out a smile "… good"
I will do whatever he wants me to do.
If you want me to be good, I’ll be good.
If I have to wait for him, I will wait for him.
Chapter 143 To ask Li Yuyan
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a deep look and turned to Pan Dongdao. "I don’t want you to follow the timely command in all your actions during this period."
桑拿Pan dongying is
Ye Xiangyuan pinched my fingertips and turned away with those special forces.
I saw him handcuffed in front of the car and then the wheelchair was lifted like a seriously ill suspect being pushed.
This scene stayed in my mind until all the cars started, and I still
I feel sour in my heart.

It rang for a long time, but it was not connected.

As far as I am concerned, he may be busy and will hang up when he finally appears inside.
Looking at his familiar face is no different from usual, and his look is calm and steady, and my heart is settled.
Before he spoke, I said first, "Grandpa’s spirit is not very good, and there are many things … when will you come back?"
I found myself somewhat effeminate after I finished speaking.
He is my favorite person and the father of my child.
I look forward to his coming home and giving me support and dependence.
Ye Xiangyuan’s expression seems to have become softer. He whispered, "I didn’t look at my mobile phone before, but I have already told you, baby, don’t cry. You are doing very well."
I realized that my nose was sour and my eyes were full of water droplets.
I can swear when facing the police and special police, and I can throw it out when facing the Chu family.
But seeing him, my heart is fragile, and the line is enlarged.
I still … believe that he loves him.
He reached out his finger and touched the screen as if he were painting my face through the picture.
Just listen to his judo. "The family will be more comfortable with Chu Feipeng and the Chu lawsuit will be solved. Believe me."
I’m low, um, one
Xiaojin touched my face to Ye Xiangyuan. "Aunt cried ~ Uncle, come back quickly ~"
I hugged the little angel more tightly.
Ye Xiangyuan came from there. "Well, you should take care of your aunt, you know?"
Xiaojin should have responded.
Ye Xiangyuan said softly to me, "Be good until I come back."
I looked at the screen, and he was still very handsome, and I couldn’t say what it was like not to come. Of course, I will wait for him to come back. My mother still has a lot of things to solve.
But now I want to know something. I stared at him straight and asked, "Are you … hiding a lot from me again?"
Ye Xiangyuan is stunned.
Silent breath we spread.
After a long time, when I was about to be disappointed, he slowly said, "I’m with Asun now." He said, "The military exercise is a disaster."
夜网论坛Chapter 253 Move in
I was shocked. I couldn’t believe he was with Lu Xun.
When Li Qingqing committed suicide, I also heard the shelling in the video with him …
"I’m with Asun," repeated Ye Xiangyuan. "I didn’t leave until I was in charge of the military exercise."
I’ll calm down
I’m already sick of him hiding his whereabouts like this
I would have accepted it if he hadn’t lied to me. Maybe he didn’t want me to worry. Maybe he didn’t pay much attention to me. It doesn’t matter.
The important thing is that I hope everything he tells me is not a lie.
Just like Gu Changyu … He told me frankly that he really ignored Chang Yu … It’s better than him cheating on me.
I wouldn’t believe him if he said that he had no feelings for Gu Changyu for a long time.
How can you let it go when you have been together for more than 20 years?

The other party must be furious.

I immediately turned to see Li Yuyan. She squinted at the policemen and seemed surprised.
Is she acting?
Who else knows about this except that she confessed?
She must have forged another copy to capture me at this banquet.
I shrink my leaves more tightly into my arms.
I can rely on Ye Xiangyuan in the face of a room full of spectators eyeing the police.
Or I tell everyone that I still have Ye Xiangyuan to rely on.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me tightly as if to comfort me.
桑拿网But it was Ye Li who spoke. He frowned and asked the police, "What’s going on?"
The first policeman said, "She is suspected of a murder case. After investigation and proof, it has been confirmed that she is the murderer. We are here to arrest her. This is an arrest warrant."
Ye Li didn’t seem to hear "murder?"
The policeman then repeated it again.
Ye Li was silent for a long time for Ye Xiang. "If this girl really has a problem, you can cut her off now."
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t even lift his eyelids as if he hadn’t heard him.
I quietly tugged at his sleeve.
He looked down at me.
I leaned into his ear and said, "Let me come."
He looked at me deeply for a moment and put me down.
I smiled at him and went to the police and said, "If this arrest warrant is true, I will cooperate."
Pay attention to each other’s expression, and the other person is still a unsmiling face.
I knew that they couldn’t soften up because of my words, so they changed the subject and said, "But I want to report a case before that."
The first policeman seemed surprised.
I stretched out my hand and pointed to the side of Ye Sanye, Li Qingqing said, "I want to report her."
Li Qingqing stared at me coldly for two seconds. "Are you a mad dog who bites me when you see someone? I want to hear what you want to report me."
Others are staring at me. They are all Li family cronies, and Li Qingqing supports her behind her.
I smiled and ignored her and handed the original recording and photos to the first policeman. "This is evidence of a crime. She is the daughter of the Li family. She shouted and killed by her powerful family. Now it is a society ruled by law. I don’t believe that she can cover the sky and hope that the police comrades can handle this matter strictly and fairly."
In fact, I’ll make it sound impressive. These people are aristocratic families, and they are not law-abiding people. In other words, who doesn’t like to dominate the world?
Even if the leaves are far away, they are not very clean.
But since Li Yuyan asked the police to deal with me, of course I will turn against an army.
Li Qingqing has come to my mind and immediately retorted, "You are a dirty lie! Our Li family has always been the most law-abiding. You are spreading rumors and slandering! "
I squinted at her and smiled, "Don’t let us see the evidence first."
The police put the recording on the spot and looked through the photos. Then they turned to Li Qingqing and said, "Madam, you are suspected of breaking the law. Please come with us."
Said before will Li Qingqing buckle a pair of justice.
I can’t help wondering.
Didn’t Li Yuyan find these people? Why did they just detain Li Qingqing? Aren’t they afraid of Li’s troubles?

I turned my head and found that Han Shu was still sleeping soundly with his eyes closed, and his handsome face was a little tired.

Thinking that he came back overnight, Gao Xiaoxiao bowed his head and kissed his face without thinking about it.
Just getting up to leave her waist, she suddenly crossed her arm, and then she sat down again and was closely attached to each other. The man said in a low voice in her ear, "Do you want it again?"
Gao Xiaoxiao one leng immediately white his meaning face bouts of burning and stiff.
"Ha ha" Han Shu was in a good mood, opened her eyes, bowed her head and rubbed her hot little face and said, "Will you wait on you later and let me sleep for a while?"
"Who wants you …" Gao Xiaoxiao put aside his head and couldn’t say those two words.
She tugged at her waist and arms, blushed and said, "I’m going to get up. You let me go."
Han Yan looked at her with a smile for a long time until Gao Xiaoxiao was angry.
Gao Xiaoxiao cringed and got up to see that he had continued to sleep with his eyes closed. This just took the pajamas at the end of the bed and quickly covered himself.
When I finished washing, it was already more than 9 o’clock.
Although I have left my job, it is a good time for the Korean family. It is not good for the old man to sleep so late.
Gao Xiaoxiao went upstairs in a panic and found that there was an old Korean lady sitting there watching Korean dramas in the living room.
When she saw Gao Xiaoxiao, she smiled and said, "Why did Xiaoxiao get up so early? Don’t you sleep with Ah Shu for a while?"
Gao Xiaoxiao’s face just receded and the burning came back bit by bit. She came back so late that no one should have seen it. Unexpectedly …
The corner of my eye glanced into the corner of the living room, and all the answers were instantly answered by luggage case.
"Ha ha" Korean old lady was happier when she saw her blushing and smiling. She called Aunt Lian warmly and said, "If Xiaoxiao wants to eat breakfast, just tell Aunt Lian to let her make it for you."
Gao Xiaoxiao touched his face and explained, "Uh, grandma, I’m sorry. I overslept a little today, Xiaobai …"
"Oh, Xiaobai, I have asked Xia Xia to send it to kindergarten."
Gao Xiaoxiao nodded and followed Aunt Lian into the kitchen.
Simple after breakfast, Gao Xiaoxiao found a tray to hold a bowl of porridge with a few side dishes and carried it back to the building.
She quietly pushed open the door and came to sleep. I didn’t expect the bed to be empty. There was a swish of water in the bathroom.
When I walked in, I felt that the whole room was filled with an indescribable smell. I couldn’t smell it here, but it was obvious when I came in from the outside.
She put the tray in front of the sofa, walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, opened the curtain department and opened the window to let fresh air in.
After hearing the door open, she turned her head and saw Han Shu coming out in a dark blue robe, wiping her hair with a towel on her head.
"Why don’t you sleep for a while?" Gao Xiaoxiao walked over.
Han Shu smiled and put a towel in her hand, put her arms around her waist and bowed her head and kissed her.
A refreshing smell of shampoo rushed into the nose, and Gao Xiaoxiao’s cheeks were slightly hot. He grabbed his robe cloth and was kissed by him for a long time.
I don’t know when she was almost hung up by him … I could feel the change of some part of him.
That’s enough … Gao Xiaoxiao blushed and pushed his arm. "Let me have breakfast first."
Han Shu buried her whole face in her shoulder socket, pulled open her collar and mumbled, "But I want to eat you first."
Come and see the second watch later ~
☆ Xiao Xiao said that I am a very good driver.
Gao Xiaoxiao doesn’t have any perfume, but I don’t know what happened. Han Shan likes her body. This faint smell seems to be fresh and soft, full of people’s exploration.
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao was blushing and burning by his kiss, realizing that his lips were constantly pushing from his collarbone. He said, "It’s almost 1 o’clock. Stop that now and let me come."
It’s only late, Ki. She knows that he needs a lot and will try her best to cooperate.
But it’s broad daylight and grandma Han Zhai is sitting upstairs …
Han Han was unwilling to suck hard again and looked up when he heard Gao Xiaoxiao’s light shout.
His face is very soft, his mouth is smiling, and his eyes are very gentle and tender. "I’ll take you with me when my wife is on a business trip."
品茶"…" Gao Xiaoxiao finally landed and tidied up his clothes. His cheeks were red and he asked, "What are you going to work to take me to do?"
Besides, isn’t there a Su orange?
"I can’t sleep if you don’t go to bed at night." Han Shu said and bowed her head and kissed her a little red and swollen lips.
Gao Xiaoxiao gave him a white look and pushed him away. He went to the tea table and took out all the food in the tray and put it on the tea table. "Come and have breakfast. It’s still hot."
Han Han walked over with long legs, bent down and reached for it, but it was opened aside. There was naturally a ring in the gift box that she tried on last night.
Gao Xiaoxiao was embarrassed to see that he was holding the delicate female ring with his long fingers.
"Xia Xia chose this for you?" Han Tao looked at the female ring handsome eyebrow frowning slightly.
Gao Xiaoxiao "er …"
It’s not really Xia Xia’s choice. It should be time’s choice
"tacky!" Han Han abandoned the pie mouth and then took Gao Xiaoxiao’s right hand to put the ring on.
Gao Xiaoxiao looked down at the finger diamond ring and looked up at his eyes and asked, "Aren’t you tacky?"
"tacky to tacky, but since it’s from my sister-in-law, let’s wear it for fun." Han Yan smiled and added, "I’ll buy a pair that’s not tacky later."
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao frowned. "No, I don’t usually wear these things. Just have this one and grandma gave me a set of jewelry."
"That has to be there, even three years ago."
After that, he used to sit on the sofa with bowls and chopsticks and began to eat breakfast.

Gu Changning stared at Li jiaqi and suddenly laughed. "You don’t have to be upset or hate me. I’m your enemy and I should lie to you. But after seeing you, I’ll tell you a secret that will make you lose and lose." He paused slowly. "Far ranks and positions are still there."

Li jiaqi instantaneous zheng big eyes.
Then his lips trembled, and I don’t know what came to his mind. His whole face lost its color like a sick person.
Then he suddenly fell back.
Well, he was held hostage by two guards and didn’t fall off.
He reacted so much that I guess he suddenly realized the meaning.
Gu Changning hook lip a smile "want to see? If you want to understand, just stay here honestly and wait to catch up with your old department and your old acquaintances. "
Li jiaqi seems to have been drained of gas, and there is no such thing as a twinkle in her eyes and a smug look at Gu Changning.
Ye Xiangyuan said to the guard, "Take him to the basement."
Li jiaqi didn’t do anything to resist the footsteps and followed them forward in vain.
"Wait!" Gu Changning somehow remembered something to stop the guards.
Everyone looked at him.
He walked up to Li jiaqi and suddenly punched Li jiaqi alongside of.seem.
Maybe he moved too fast, or maybe Li jiaqi was still in shock. Li jiaqi didn’t dodge and spit out one mouthful blood instantly.
Gu Changning rubbed his wrist and said coldly, "This is for the Hui family. They wouldn’t be caught in this struggle if you hadn’t found them."
He seems to be out for hsu family, and seems to be out for hsu heart.
Li jiaqi is still a callous look, even if it is beaten, there is no response.
I looked at Xu Xin.
She looked complicated a few steps away from Gu Changning.
I secretly think it seems that Gu Changning is still very interested in her and still has her in his heart.
But … Gu Changyu caught Xu Xin and estimated that he would not forgive him easily.
This is not easy to handle.
I sigh in my heart.
Forget it, the most important thing is how to deal with the enemy.
It’s no hurry to clear up the misunderstanding when everything is over and the two of them still have plenty of time.
I think Li jiaqi was taken.
He followed without any struggle or expression.
Ye Xiang traveled far away. "I heard that you should try him at once."
Ye Wen should say "yes"
I was startled when his voice came from behind me.
Before he went out, I don’t know when he came back, but he quietly left me and Ye Xiangyuan behind him.
Ye Wen also went to the basement.
I am thoughtful.
Li jiaqi mentality must be collapse at the moment.
He has always been sure that he will sit in that position. After all, the Li family is gaining momentum and is supported by Han Qingshan and foreign forces
In the past two years, he has increasingly ignored those aristocratic families and acted arbitrarily.
Section 337
But just now Gu Changning told him that all this was his imaginary reality and he had planned to deal with him.
Ye Xiangyuan is wanted or suppressed by him, or he is just acting for him.
He must be shocked and white. He has a way out.
His mental defeat is naturally the best time for trial.
Just as Li Mulin was defeated by Lu Xun in a few words, he soon learned what he knew.
约茶Li jiaqi will soon confess the crime …
Thought of here, I couldn’t help looking at Ye Xiangyuan.
He caught Li jiaqi easily by his means.
But at the same time, I also feel a little incredible.
Li jiaqi was defeated like this, which is much simpler than I thought.
I had to go through a lot of fighting and wits at least, and it was very likely that I would be able to subdue him with great sacrifice.
Because it is too easy, I feel unreal.
The whole villa was quiet again.
There were a few of us in the living room who didn’t speak first.
I am worried about Gu Changning.
If Xu Xin and Li jiaqi hadn’t come before, he might be angry with me for Ye Xiangyuan’s refusal.
So I don’t want to mess with him at all
Finally, Xu Xin debuted, "Lu Shao, thank you this time. I think I should be leaving now."
Chapter 3 still has to stay.
Lu Xun said, "I’m sorry you have to stay in the villa."
Xu Xin Zheng
Lu Xun did not explain that "you must stay".
Somehow the atmosphere seems to be tense.
Gu Changning immediately yelled at him, "What do you mean, Sam?"
Lu Xun lightly see his one eye didn’t speak.
Gu Changning glared at first, but somehow suddenly became awkward again.
I’m also a little anxious. Is Lu Xun really going to threaten Hsu family with Xu Xin?
But when I saw Gu Changning’s expression, I knew it.
It’s a pity that Xu Xin didn’t listen to Bai and didn’t take care of Changning from beginning to end.

When I was under house arrest in France with my parents and Xiaojin, I never showed my concern in front of them because their age would increase their psychological pressure.

But Xu Xin is an adult, and she is braver and stronger than me, so I can’t help telling her my worries.
Xu Xin said, "I’m not afraid that so many people can’t keep it unless they attack for days and nights, but this will definitely attract the attention of the outside world, and I guess they don’t want to be exposed."
Her analysis is very reasonable
But my nerves are still tense, perhaps because Ye Xiangyuan is not around, and I am also worried that he will be attacked.
After waiting for about half an hour, the first attack stopped
Several guards were slightly injured and the medical staff are dressing them up.
On the enemy side, except for the first one who entered the second floor, several others sneaked into the courtyard, and others did not even touch the door.
This said that Yuan Xi and Ye Wen stopped them effectively.
But I didn’t let my guard down, fearing another attack.
Okay, at this time, Ye Xiangyuan and all of them are back.
Gu Changning walked at the front. He came quickly and seemed to want to approach Xu Xin, but he turned a corner to ask Xiao Jin if he was injured.
Xiaojin is very exciting. "I’m fine. Aunt Xu’s lost is fine ~"
I’m a little funny.
Gu Changning’s personality is really awkward. If he stagnates in front of Xu Xin and has something to do with Gu Changyu, I am afraid that his generation will not be able to make Xu Xin love him again.
I was sighing that Ye Xiangyuan came to my side and held my hand and asked softly, "Are you really okay?"
His eyes fell on my feet.
I was busy saying, "It’s nothing serious, just a small cut."
He touched my face and whispered, "I’ve heard it, but fortunately it’s not a bomb."
I am also very glad to hold his hand and say, "Are you all right?"
Ye Xiangyuan gently nodded, "I came back immediately after hearing the news."
I silently calculated that the whole attack lasted for an hour. Did they go out of the sea?
But I didn’t ask much.
Xu Xin said, "It’s just timely thanks to you, or I’ll be injured."
The first time I tackled her, I dodged the bullet and really saved her.
But she has thanked me. Why come out now?
I saw her eyes glance at Gu Changning, and suddenly she came in vain.
She said this before Gu Changning on purpose. If Gu Changning had her in her heart, she wouldn’t embarrass me again because of Gu Changyu.
I’m very grateful to her.
And Gu Changning sipped his mouth and looked at me with a passive attitude.
Didn’t thank me, but the fundus was not so obvious
That’s enough.
Ye Xiangyuan took me to Lu Xun and said, "Follow-up things you deal with."
Lu Xun moment.
Ye Xiangyuan took another look at Gu Changning and didn’t assign him.
He took Xiao Jin and said, "I’ll take you upstairs to have a rest." He paused and looked at Xu Xin. "Help yourself, Miss Xu."
Xu Xin nodded
Ye Xiangyuan took me and Xiao Jin to the floor.
I went to the stairs and looked back at the living room.
Lu Xun has left Gu Changning and Xu Xin with Yuan Xi.
Xu Xin sat on the sofa and looked down at the mobile phone. Gu Changning was still there.
Section 34
桑拿会所Two people just want to ignore each other.
I secretly shook my head.
When will they be reconciled if they go this way?
Xiaojin went to the door of his bedroom and stopped to say that he still wanted to study the model, so he didn’t go to the bedroom with us.
I smiled a little. The tip of his nose is really big.
When I returned to my room, I suddenly found that Ye Xiangyuan’s shoulder was injured and I couldn’t move with one hand, while I hurt my ankle and could walk slowly.
Ye Xiangyuan helped me to the bed and sat down. Then I held my leg and opened the gauze and looked at it.
He was sure it was a small wound before he sat beside me and touched my face and said, "Are you scared?"
I shook my head and nodded again.
I didn’t really think about anything at first, but I was a little scared afterwards.
He kissed my forehead and said, "People are sent by Li jiaqi’s confidants to save Li jiaqi."
As soon as Li jiaqi was arrested, someone came to save him. It seems that he is still very promising and there are many loyal people in his hand.
Chapter 391 He meant no harm
I couldn’t help grabbing Ye Xiangyuan’s hand and saying, "Will they stop until they rescue Li Qi?"
Ye Xiangyuan was silent and said, "Fortunately, this is a country after all, and they have a lot of scruples. If they go abroad, it may be more troublesome."
But he didn’t deny my question.
Said Li jiaqi people will definitely move again.
I thought for a moment, "Will it be stable to hand him over to the country after Li Qi has explained the matter?"
Ye Wen has been judging Li jiaqi, and it is estimated that there will be a result soon.
Ye Xiangyuan stroked the back of my hand and said, "Leaving Li jiaqi here is also the way to lead Han Qingshan. We are afraid that Li Yuyan’s chip is not enough. Li jiaqi is, after all, a supporter of Han Qingshan. Li jiaqi is very difficult to hope for that position. He will definitely not let Li jiaqi fall from grace and want Han Qingshan to be caught. We will immediately send Li jiaqi back to the imperial city."
I nodded and understood their plan.
Is it necessary to catch Han Qingshan and everything will be over?

Chen Shu said with a smile, "Whoever laughs last will meet with you one day. I hope Gu Shao won’t regret it then."

By his malicious words, Gu Changning’s face became very ugly.
However, he seems to be impulsive, but in fact he is very successful. He did not argue with Chen Shu.
spa会所Chen Shu suddenly turned to me. "Ye Ershao hasn’t found out my identity for so long. Do you think he is a reliable person?"
I don’t know why he suddenly turned to this matter and frowned and didn’t answer
He looked at me deeply. "Actually, the main purpose of my visit today is to see you."
The more I feel puzzled, I stare at him in silence.
He smiled slowly. "I can help you if you want a divorce."
I immediately narrowed my eyes.
When he and I were in the room, he didn’t say this, but it happened that he said it to Gu Changning on purpose before Gu Changning.
Sure enough, he came here because he was uneasy and kind.
I really want to say a few harsh words to express my anger, but on second thought, there is no need to be angry about it.
It happened that Chen Shu also earnestly advised me that "Ye Jia might be unlucky one day and Ye Er Shao is not sincere to you … Miss Ding, because I know that you will divorce Ye Er Shao sooner or later …"
He was punched in the face by Gu Changning before his words were finished.
Gu Changning didn’t seem to feel avenged and waved his fist and said, "Shut up!"
Chen Shu avoided his attack this time. His fingers brushed the corners of his mouth and smiled.
He didn’t mean to retaliate against Gu Changning, but looked at me and continued, "If you find yourself stuck in the mud and can’t get rid of Ye Ershao, I will definitely help you if you come to me …"
Gu Changning’s eyes narrowed into a crack and directly said to Yang Feidao, "Fujian!"
Chen Shu didn’t mean to pester him. He smiled and took a look at Changning. "Then I’ll be leaving."
Say that finish ShiRan out of the gate car to leave.
Gu Changning obviously still hasn’t vented his anger. He turned to me with cold eyes. "What did you put him in for? You know you can’t get anything from him, but you should be deceived. Have you long wanted to leave Ayuansuo and hook up with him?"
This is too ugly.
I can understand his anger. I am also very angry after listening to Chen Shu’s words, and I really want to beat it myself.
But Chen Shuxian is going to leave me and Ye Xiangyuan and look after Changning. How could such a wise man be unexpected?
Before I could explain, I suddenly heard Gu Changyu say, "Why are you …"
Her words came to an abrupt end.
I turned around and she looked at me at the stairs with a complicated look.
She must have heard Chen Shu’s words just now
Does she want to blame me, too?
Chapter 256 A little more than a little.
I can’t argue.
No, or I don’t want to say more.
Section 234
I guess both of them must know about it, and I’m sure Chen Shu slandered me on purpose.
Get along for more than a year, what I have done, who I am, and they must know it.
But now they accuse me at gunpoint, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable and disheartened, and I don’t want to explain more
Gu Changyu came slowly.
She looked at Gu Changning first. "Don’t be angry, brother. She certainly didn’t mean that. Ah Yuan is so good. How could she leave him?"
Gu Changning hum 1.
Gu Changyu turned to me again and looked serious and sincere. "I know you don’t have other thoughts at the right time, but you really should pay attention not to provoke others … We don’t misunderstand that you are afraid that Ayuan will be unhappy …"
Whether it’s Han Qingshan or Chen Shu, how can I provoke it?
They approached me with ulterior motives.
And Ye Xiangyuan is not unhappy because he knows that I didn’t provoke these people, and he knows that they are coming for my identity …
I suddenly felt wronged and my eyes ached, but I tried not to show it in front of their brother and sister.
The sudden tears made me feel ashamed.
I have never been a weak person. I am so sensitive because of pregnancy.
Seeing that the two brothers and sisters were staring at me, I whispered, "Even if you misunderstand me, I can’t help but be angry with Ayuansheng. That’s his business to you."
This is the first time I didn’t follow Gu Changyu.
Gu Changyu opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something interrupted by Gu Changning motioning with his hand.
He said, "Fish, go back to your room first."
Gu Changyu’s beautiful eyebrows slightly wrinkled and seemed reluctant to leave.
But she may be forced by Gu Changning’s brother’s majesty to turn around and go upstairs after all.
Gu Changning stared at me for a long time before slowly saying, "Ding Shiyuan believes you, and I am willing to believe you. I also know that you are a principled person … What I just said to Xiaoyu may make you uncomfortable, but I still want to say a few more words."
I also looked at him and said nothing.
He said, "Ayuan has found much more than we thought, otherwise Chen Shu wouldn’t have come in a hurry to beg for mercy. Now that you know he’s up to no good, avoid him."
I’m still silent
He frowned. "It was also before my negligence that you said you wanted to see Chen Shu. At first, I didn’t object. Later, I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t feel relieved when I saw that you hadn’t moved. I didn’t expect him to find the door."
I close my eyes. He and Ye Xiangyuan have no secrets, but Ye Xiangyuan won’t tell me anything. If they don’t wake me up, how can I know what to do?
Gu Changning didn’t pay attention to my mood. He gave me a look and said, "You are really … too simple sometimes … so keep an eye on it."
I’m faint, um, one.

Blood ran down her forehead.

"Dye dye! Tao Ziming, don’t touch her! " Meng Yichen just wanted to rush, but Tao Ziming grabbed her hand.
"Meng, I advise you not to struggle. The more you want to resist your women’s field … the more miserable it is. If such a beautiful little face is hit black and blue, Meng will not feel bad." Tao Ziming said
Yin An dyed weak and opened his eyes to see that the man’s fist kept falling on Meng Yichen.
She saw him being beaten and spitting blood.
"No … don’t … Chen …"
Tao looked at Meng Yichen smugly. The more tragic Meng Yichen was, the more comfortable he was! Meng Yichen owes him and should have paid him back a long time ago!
"Don’t! ! !”
Yin’ anran sound chebao
夜网论坛  title=Even when the man picked up the stick and was about to hit Meng Yichen, she didn’t know where she had the strength to throw off Tao Ziming and threw herself at Meng Yichen.
"Uh …"
The stick actually hit Yin An on the back.
His eyes were scarlet and he raised his hand and hugged the little man.
The man was surprised that Yin Anran would suddenly blunt come over, but that stick was not light.
Section 21
Tao Ziming was also shocked, but then he returned to his original cruel and indifferent expression.
"Since you are not afraid of death, give it to me!" Tao Ziming said, picking up a wooden stick and hitting Meng Yichen again.
Yin anran wants to protect Meng yichen, but Meng yichen also wants to protect her.
Meng Yichen held her tightly in her arms and carried her back to meet those sticks.
"Dye dye how do you … so silly … um …" He stuffy hum.
Clubs fell one after another. Meng Yichen shook her head with tears streaming down her face. "Chen, let go …"
"Don’t play again …"
She tore her heart out and cried, and the room echoed with the sound of almost despair
Meng Yichen spat out one mouthful blood, enchanting bright red blood dripping on her cheek …
One side of the man looked at Tao Ziming and made a determined effort like hitting Meng Yichen and saw that Meng Yichen had vomited blood again. "Since … since Brother Ziming is about the same … this … and then go to hell."
Tao Ziming slowly closed his hand.
He looked at Meng Yichen and smiled. "It’s really enjoyable, Meng Yichen. Do you know how long I’ve been thinking about this day? ! I’ve been thinking about it since I went to prison. I’ve been thinking about getting revenge on you and abusing you when I get out! Now I have finally waited for this day! Ha ha ha! "
Meng Yichen and Yin Anran were returned to the dungeon again.
The two were together this time.
Meng Yichen lay breathing heavily and Yin Anran fell beside him. "Chen Achen, what happened to you? Don’t scare me." Seeing his eyes closed, Yin Anran felt that his heart was going to stop.
But she called Meng Yichen several times and ignored her.
She panicked and tears fell uncontrollably. "Chen … you get up! You can’t sleep! Can’t sleep! Have you forgotten what you promised me? Have you forgotten our daughter? Don’t sleep … Blare … Please … "
Tears fell on his face.
Meng Yichen’s eyebrows moved a little, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the pear flower with rain. "Dye … don’t cry …" His voice was dry and dumb.
Yin Anran looked up after hearing the man’s voice. "Ah … Chen … Woo … You woke up. You scared me to death!"
Meng Yichen lip angle pulled out a difficult smile "fool … ahem …" He wants to sit up Yin Anran hurriedly to hold him.
Meng Yichen sat up behind him but pulled her to the side to see her injury.
"I’m okay … Chen you don’t …"
"Ahem … lovely … let me see …" He gently lifted her clothes and saw the heart-pounding red.
Looking at her injury, he felt distressed. It seems that Tao Ziming didn’t hurt so much when he hit him.
"Don’t do such a dangerous move after dyeing!" He said
Yin Anran looked at him and felt uncomfortable. "Chen … I can’t … I can’t watch you get beaten and be indifferent!"
Meng Yichen weakly pulled out a little smile and raised her hand to touch her face "fool"

Then he looked at Muchuan and said, "This grandson’s wife likes my appetite!"

Muchuan was an accident, too. He took it back from the auction a few years ago and gave it to the master. I didn’t expect this girl to study these things.
Originally, he or she was just a girl. When she saw him, she would be afraid and avoid him. There were still some confused girls, but now it seems that … more than that.
A room full of people with different minds is happy. Master Muchuan and the old lady are naturally happy, but Muyan is different. Angry almost didn’t bite her lips.
There was a flash of surprise in Mrs. Mu’s eyes, but it was fleeting.
So what if you study the law? Her baby is one in a million. How can you marry such a woman who will make him a joke? How can she deserve him? !
Thought of here, she just softened her face and went cold again.
Master and Tang Wan chatted some more, and then the old lady called people to the living room.
MuYan walk finally angry eyes staring at Tang Wan figure condescension.
Knowing the law can’t be said to be a coincidence!
A line of people sat in the living room for a while, and the food in the kitchen was almost ready, and they went to the table one after another.
After MuYan’s farce, the master and the old lady naturally became more and more fond of Tang Wan. Several people sat on the sofa and chatted happily. Tang Wan was a little nervous and gradually relaxed.
Dining table—
The dishes are rich and exquisite, and the appetite increases when you look at them, which shows that the old lady has spent her mind.
As soon as Tang Wan took a seat, the old lady enthusiastically served dishes.
After many thanks, the girl looked at the pile of dishes in front of her and was very upset …
At the beginning of her weight loss plan, this meal was not wasted.
Mu Chuan couldn’t help asking, "Not to her liking?"
Tang Wan whispered, "Nothing tastes good."
The man didn’t say anything, but silently put some meat on the table in front of her.
Tang Wan looked at the hill-like food in front of him and frowned deeper.
Section 5
This man is a picky eater. Give her meat. How much fat does this get? !
Besides, she is a little fat. Does being fat mean loving meat? ! Prejudice!
Mu Chuan couldn’t help asking again when he saw her motionless, "Are they all not to my liking?"
This time, the old lady heard that when putting chopsticks, she should call the kitchen and fry a few more she likes.
Tang Wan quickly stopped, "Don’t bother. The food is very good. It’s really no trouble!"
The old lady felt some remorse and said, "I neglected to ask you what you like to eat earlier."
Tang Wannai said, "I like it all. It’s my recent … weight loss."
All one leng obviously didn’t think it was the answer.
And then a "poof"
Someone laughed.
Everyone’s eyes are all looking at the sound source.
MuYan wiped her mouth with a towel and apologized. "I’m sorry, I’m a little surprised. After all, it’s been said outside that Miss Tang never wants to lose weight …"
MuYan sound old lady gradually cold eyes gradually low.
Master is a look scared her hurriedly bowed their heads.
The old lady said, "It’s good to lose what is graceful. It seems unhealthy to lose a thin bamboo pole."
This is the truth, but at this moment, when it is said at this time, people can’t help but recognize it as Muyan Rounding Field.
Mrs. Mu has been silent for a long time. "It’s not good to be too fat after all."
桑拿会所Tang Wan held the chopsticks tightly and then loosened them a little.
Since she was overweight, it has become a topic of discussion in the whole imperial city, and she has always felt accustomed to it, but now it is still somewhat unreasonable to say it face to face.