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In this way, he studied hard

A few hours passed and it was getting dark.
Let’s call it a day. I’ll come back early. Because the school has been demolished, it will take a few days to repair the school. These days, the school has been enlarged.
Before Ziyue left, Mo Xiaoxie said a sentence of thanks to her. He also wanted to say sorry. After all, she had disrespected her twice before, but she came to help him by letting bygones be bygones. However, he felt that it was too embarrassing to open a demon king to apologize to a woman. He couldn’t say it.
Purple moon was very happy to hear him thank you. She never thought that she could jump out of his mouth and apologize. She dared not think about it.
For several days, because the school is undergoing emergency reconstruction, the students are on holiday. Ziyue will come back to Mo Xiaoxie early and late every day to study the blue crystal structure together.
Finally, on the third day after Ziyue successfully completed this step (Ziyue will not do it either), Mo Xiaoxie also succeeded. It seems that his talent in magic is much worse than Ziyue’s.
During the epiphany, Mo Xiaoxie’s spirit suddenly soared by more than 100 points, which simply made him happy.
Of course, the strength of blue crystal is still far from enough. Mo Xiaoxie must master tougher substances
These two days, Ziyue’s trip caught the attention of her best friend Long Jingjing. Ziyue, what are you doing every day these days? It’s hard to have a holiday. Why don’t we go back to the imperial city and have fun!
I can’t leave something. I’m sorry, Jingjing. You’d better find another sister to play.
Hey, what’s the matter with you? Even I don’t want to accompany you? Tell me what’s going on!
Don’t ask Jingjing, you will know.
Is it so mysterious that you didn’t even tell me? Forget it. Forgive you. You are my best friend.
After several days, the college has finally been renovated and can be transported normally.
Although Mo Xiaoxie is not in the mood to go to class to learn those who have no knowledge, he can deduce all kinds of materials in his mind to make progress. Sitting in the classroom is the same as sitting at home.
I saw Ghost again in the classroom. She came to greet Mo Xiaoxie as usual. However, Mo Xiaoxie ignored her. When Mo Xiaoxie found out that she was there, she would have an inexplicable impulse. This would affect the female cesium now and slow him down, so he didn’t want Ghost to come near him again. His attitude was quite indifferent.
And his indifference did great harm to spirit, although it was invisible on the surface.
The black dragon queen hey, sister spirit, how dare you do this to you? Aren’t you still good the other day?
Spirit bowed their heads and sink a way don’t say it again
Did he bully you? I’ll settle accounts with him?
The black dragon elder sister just out of the chaos, you don’t bother him again, you don’t care about this matter.
The black dragon queen suddenly felt that the situation was wrong and quickly asked, You … you don’t really like him, do you?
约茶Ghost expression no longer mouth.
During the class, however, Mo Xiaoxie put his consciousness on the platform of deducing the material structure, and Ziyue got the message and didn’t bother him.
Lions and Scorpions Lord Krulu and Hell Rider Wang Feisi chatted with Mo Xiaoxie after class, and made good friends with these monster leaders, so that they could lend their strength to Mo Xiaoxie in the future, so that they could put things aside and enhance some friendship.
After school, Mo Xiaoxie immediately returned to Langya Castle to study his magic, and Ziyue will come to study with him soon, which is more of a guide for Mo Xiaoxie.
Time passed quickly, and a month passed quickly.
After studying hard in Mo Xiaoxie, he finally mastered the black crystal structure and was able to make a closed armor from black crystal to wrap himself.
Ziyue was very surprised at the speed of Mo Xiaoxie’s progress, and even more impressed with him. I didn’t expect him to be so serious, but he forgot everything and devoted himself to the research.
Of course, she also learned this magic, but this is not what she wants.
The black crystal seems to be able to resist the violent and pure magic of the magic well, so Mo Xiaoxie can’t wait to try it.
When he came to the wellhead, Mo Xiaoxie immediately summoned a big demon to guard the black crystal, making the package look like a stone and then throwing it away.
Purple Moon can’t stand the saying that Mo Xiaoxie doesn’t treat summoning as life. Can you stop being cruel? Of course, Mo Xiaoxie ignored it again.
Soon the result came out, and the big demon guard died at a depth of about 100 meters in the well, which means that it was safe at 100 meters.
Mo Xiaoxie was very satisfied with the result, and he couldn’t wait to see it at once.
Chapter 4 Well
Mo Xiaoxie impulse let purple month involuntarily picked up the heart, she was worried about him.
You’re crazy. It’s too dangerous. Everything you summon is dead!
Mo Xiaoxie said nonchalantly, It was 100 meters. I won’t be so deep!
There are still many unknown things in the face. You can’t risk listening to me! Purple month insisted very much.
Please don’t be so longwinded, okay? Mo Xiaoxie has been a little annoyed.
I think of you! How can you be so relaxed with such a dangerous move? It’s a joke on your life! No, I’m against you! It’s not too late for you to go after I have successfully deduced the crystal structure together!
Listen to Ziyue, Mo Xiaoxie’s temper is getting angry. If she didn’t help him a lot, he almost couldn’t help reprimanding her. In the end, he didn’t say anything and directly acted on his own.
Root regardless of purple month block Mo Xiaoxie directly jumped into the magic well.
Seeing him dive into the well, Ziyue immediately followed him and almost stopped beating, turning pale.

It’s a kind of public contempt that Ajax doesn’t even send a bigname player. Maybe we can win the game and get rid of them!

Tell them not to underestimate people!
But Ajax fans have no such worries.
Dekoizer, they are not the same as before. They are less crazy and more carefree.
They not only drank beer, but also grabbed a herring and said cheerfully, Three more, three more will be worth the fare. Playing an amateur team and winning four will be guaranteed.
As the game continues, urk is more aggressive, but the tactical accomplishment of the team is indeed comparable to that of the professional team. They always seem to be in full swing, but they are full of mistakes in defense.
Qin Xiong kept a slow pace, never stepped into the dangerous area of 40 yards in front of the opponent’s door, and no one forced him to rob him. He always kicked the ball and then ran to catch it again. urk wanted to harass others and couldn’t even touch his jersey. It was in this relaxed and leisurely state that he repeatedly sent a light straight ball to the audience, which almost became his longdistance footwork performance of 3 yards to 4 yards.
[Text 6 Walking Emperor]
Thanks for the reward of Drunk Pig Fat!
Compared with Ajax’s substitute and reserve team, the gap between an amateur team like urk is still very obvious.
Especially when urk scores are behind, not playing football at home at ordinary times may be greater than the pursuit of meaning, and the gap is even more obvious after you have no idea to stick to it and desperately Ajax!
With the passage of time, the physical and tactical bureau has a high degree of teamwork and they are completely at a disadvantage.
In the 23rd minute, Qin Xiong sent an oblique long ground ball, which created Soetaers’s offside on the left. Songke outflanked in front of the door and sent the ball to the goal.
In the 27 th minute, Qin Xiong Lindegren suddenly sent a straight plug after two consecutive goals in the midfield area, and cut Luther Riddle from the side to enter the penalty area, but it was a golden opportunity.
In the 29 th minute, Qin Xiong Rustenberg suddenly crossed the top of each other and went straight to the right winger Derridel. This time, Derridel did not have a godsend opportunity to skillfully push the ball into the goal.
In the 35th minute, Qin Xiong held the ball in the middle position of midfield, which attracted the opponent’s three players to doubleteam him. It seemed that he was too glued to the ball, but he just didn’t lose the ball and got rid of the defensive entanglement. After Lindegren ran forward and caught the ball, he sent it out steadily. Unfortunately, an antiaircraft gun was fired from the periphery of Lindegren.
In the 42nd minute, Qin Xiong sent a kick across the left side of the middle and back court. Derridel moved to pin down the ball and covered the same side defender Trabelsi. Seeing that Trabelsi was flying from the side, Qin Xiong’s ball crossed the defense zone as scheduled and it was one meter and a half high from the ground. There were few urk defenders, but they were always one or two meters away from each other to form an interception on the football. Finally, it was very difficult to watch Trabelsi get the ball on the side and Trabelsi stopped and took a trip directly to the restricted area. Cut in and then in the middle button, I chose to knock back the arc top of the restricted area. This time, I followed up with Lindegren. There was no chance of waves. The arch pushed the ball to ensure the angle and kicked the ball into the right corner of the goal
In the final stage of the halfcourt, Qin Xiong took the initiative to slow down the pace and clean up the time. The referee saw that the score gap was so big that he didn’t make up the time and directly blew the whistle at the end of the halfcourt.
Ajax fans in the stands stood up and clapped for a long time.
People are talking about Qin Xiongshen.
His style of playing football at halftime reminds people of Lei Dongduo.
Rui Costa!
Hey, hey, don’t forget to train Seedorf ourselves!
Qin Xiong almost didn’t sweat, but he was still able to be the best person in the eyes of the audience.
His longdistance and longdistance precision, strong penetrating power and straight plug are unforgettable.
Also because the opponent’s level is not high, the defender’s loophole is too big, and it can be easily grasped by Qin Xiong.
Koeman didn’t praise a player at halftime. 4: Leading. Of course, he still emphasized that at halftime, even if the reserve players were transferred to play an important Dutch Cup, Koeman might not be able to explain to Van Basten if he was injured. Obviously, the quality of the reserve league and the reserve cup will be higher than today’s game. At the very least, it is a professional team confrontation
Urk has a good mentality.
It’s not that they haven’t been washed away by professional teams, they’re not mixed up in professional football. It’s an honor to play Ajax. It’s unacceptable to lose any number of goals. At half time, they are still full of energy or will not stick to their goals. I just want to enter you!
No matter how many goals we lose, one goal can be our victory!
Urk recovered some physical strength after the intermission, and he grabbed a lot at halftime.
But they can’t do anything about Qin Xiong.
Qin Xiong’s halftime performance has already recruited his opponent!
There he is!
A small regional activity
喝茶约茶  title=But no urk player can break Qin Xiong’s ball and stop him from exerting a precise long threat.
Halfcourt striker and midfielder are doubledecked with Qin Xiong. Qin Xiong controls the ball in a small range and turns around flexibly. He sticks to the opponent’s body and wipes across the opponent’s small range. Suddenly accelerates to get rid of Qin Xiong, just like a slippery fish, which makes the opponent unable to catch him unless he hands.

You have married Yan son don’t want to go in the northwest as rude? !” Cai Yong stopped drinking.

Today, I have been dazed for many times. Is this the same as when I was a Nuo Nuoonly Cai Yong? Before getting married, he racked his brains and tried his best to ask me to agree to this marriage. Now he is so stubborn on this topic!
In my opinion, dressing or undressing is not a matter of principle, and it is not even necessary to discuss it
I’ve never heard of anything that forbids men to go shirtless in hot weather!
Chapter seventytwo milli meaning struggle
If Cai’s adult is dissatisfied with people, he will never insist. I threw Cai Yan in my robe and said to Cai Yong hazily.
… Cai Yong zheng what do you mean?
I smiled, Cai’s adult noble family Hai Daru’s vision is naturally extremely high. I’m not allowed to be a rude and vulgar northwest savage. My name is Ma, and I have overreached myself and married Cai’s darling daughter.
I grew up with a light smile. I said earlier that this marriage was not appropriate. I’m afraid that Lord Cai is determined to marry a woman to me. I am humble and can accept it. After a few days of marriage, Lord Cai blames me for not being able to have fun with the wild grass people, so I will leave.
Cai Yong’s face suddenly changed, and his face was as white as paper. Cai Yan and Mrs. Cai have not yet responded, but they are speechless.
I bowed my hand without long sleeves, and I was really uncomfortable.
Cai Yong’s facial muscles trembled, but his eyes narrowed slowly.
Wenchi clenched her teeth and stared at me with a glassy stare, shaking her head.
I still have a trace of sympathy in my heart. After all, she has had several onenight stands.
Ma is not worthy of Chua’s daughter, please forgive me for blasphemy. I gave a deep bow.
… my husband is going to … divorce my concubine? Wenchi as if just to react ru asked
It’s like ending in Cai’s adult. I don’t watch her grind her teeth and turn to her father.
Cai Yan’s eyes drooped and her eyelashes were stained with tears.
Cai Yong also completely closed his eyes and stopped looking at me.
I let out a long sigh and turned around. Xiao Zhao, Shuang’er, The Story Of Diu Sim and Xiao E were not surprised.
Xiao Zhao quickly close low way lady virtuous male think twice!
If her parents don’t agree, I can! I openly drink a way
The Story Of Diu Sim took Shuang’er and kept silent.
Small moths lips micro sound fine not smell … male …
I know she is more pitiful, but I can sigh to myself and put my hand on her head and gently caress her.
Xianxu … Stay! Someone behind quiver advised
I immediately stopped. Mrs. Cai still has a charge?
He was just … just talking nonsense. Don’t take it seriously … Mrs. Cai explained acerbity. Although Yan Er has been married to Ma Fu for only five days, she has already settled with you. Where can she rest?
I quietly left them a figure in the same place.
Mrs. Cai even asked, Yan Er, Yan Er! Do you think it’s you?
… CAI wenji silent did not answer.
Mrs. Cai was in a hurry. Say it, you persuade Chaoer!
品茶论坛I slowly turned my attention to Cai Yan, and saw her row of teeth biting her lips tightly, but still refused to let go.
Sister Yan I whispered, What’s your opinion?
Me? Cai Yan looked up slightly, and there were two tears streaming down her face.
I stretched out my hand to wipe away her tears, but I froze at half a fingertip, half an inch away. I withdrew my hand and said to Cai Yong, If Master Cai insists on it, he won’t dare to move a point.
This is, after all, a dispute between Cai Yong and me. Even Mrs. Cai, Cai Yan, dare not say anything to the owner.
Cai Yong’s dead face finally moved again. He slowly opened his eyes and his throat trembled violently. Xianxu … is an old fool … you can’t take a rest … old man won’t dare again, dare again … His solemn face suddenly burst into tears in a flash!
Mrs Cai saw her husband at a loss for a moment.
I shake a shake before the corners of the mouth to help Cai Yong fatherinlaw’s adult YanChong you get up quickly
Cai Yong recovered from his career, and Mrs. Cai quickly took out her husband Kimpa to wipe her tears.
Madam, wipe your tears. I reached into Cai Yan’s jaw and bounced her tears.
She sobbed and wiped her tears. You made me cry twice today …
I sat crosslegged and patted her shoulder, but I didn’t say anything to comfort her.
Not everything needs my words to explain.

into! Of course! Sun Damo didn’t hesitate. But … Little Martial Uncle, can you do it alone? Wrong novel network does not skip words.

Don’t worry, Xin Tong patted Sun Damo’s shoulder and smiled. Some people say that your little martial uncle Fuze is extremely profound and has reached the realm of earthshattering and making the gods cry! Ha ha ….. Don’t forget that I’m a patriarch now … And there’s a jade eagle and I’ll be fine with you silently at any time.
Xin Tong told me in detail from beginning to end that he accepted the seal from the little emperor of South Hande, and asked his parents not to worry about their mirror image secret method. After sealing this statement, he repeatedly told Sun Damo to give it to the old thief personally, so that the old thief could open it in front of his parents personally and could not be known by others.
Sun Daheita’s eyes turned over and said, Don’t you worry about my old blackhanded junior uncle? Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Xin Tongyuan wanted Sun Damo to bring Yu Pei, who already belongs to him, to the old thief. On second thought, in the process of rescuing Qin Yuhan and the little princess, he might go to Yu Pei or hand it over to the old thief himself.
Because Sun Damo didn’t practice the magic weapon of flying, Xin Tong found Leng Yubing and asked her to arrange two trusted brothers, Sun Damo, to start together.
After seeing off Sun Damo, Xin Tong rushed to Nanhande Palace to ask about the progress of Xuanyin’s real person. As a result, he was very disappointed. Many times, he beat about the bush made him believe that people including the little emperor really knew that the little princess was reincarnated as a flower demon. He tried to say several times and finally gave up the little flower demon. She has been hiding this matter for more than ten years. Naturally, Xin Tong likes to talk about whether she is a person or a demon.
w w w
Since you can’t tell my girl’s true identity, let’s change it! Xin empathized with his thoughts and asked, Who are the people or sects who are famous for their alchemy?
There are hundreds of sects and practitioners listed in Xuanyin reality, and there are twenty or thirty Xin Tongtou who meet the requirements one by one. They are much bigger than these people or sects. If you go to search one by one, maybe you can’t find half of them, and you will be refined into a ghost pill.
After another rigorous screening, eleven sects and six practitioners’ preferred targets were finally locked.
Located in the territory of North Hande, Baitou Mountain brings together four suspects, Xin Tong, who decided to go there according to men’s intuition.
This trip is likely to be a blind cat’s death, but even so, it must be touched!
Baitou Mountain is one foot away from Beijing. If Jade Eagle can fly to Vandory in less than a day, it will be a lot slower to come with Xin, besides Leng Yubing and Wen Yurou, and a servant in Nanhande.
Flying sword or flying magic weapon, whether the flying speed is fast or slow, whether the flying distance is far or near, directly depends on the messenger’s manpower and then the poor practitioner is no exception, even if he forms a baby practitioner, he can’t bear it.
After the fight, Mo Yunshan, the equivalent of Ci Xin, fled in defeat because he flew for more than ten hours in one breath, and the four people of Xuanyin consumed the rest of their true qi and had to slip away.
God knows if there will be any conflict during the trip to Baitou Mountain. Although Xin Tong is in a hurry, just in case of continuous flight for seven hours, a Fucheng stopped at an inn to have a rest in the early hours of the morning.
Covering the sky, the fog and the ground suddenly burst into a strong wind. If there is a strange fragrance, if there is a call, Come and save us … Come and save us …
Xin Tong woke up suddenly!
I had the same dream last night! In addition to the call sound seems to be slightly higher than last night, he is different!
Feeling frightened, I feel that Yong Xin is in the same heart. Is it that my little girl is no longer alive? Is this her ghost’s dream?
The next night, sympathetically, the girl’s call reappeared in Xin Tongmeng, which became clearer and clearer.
Leng Yubing listened to Xin Tong’s account of Xiu Mei and made a beautiful wrinkle, saying This is a dream, but it’s not over.
Then Europe, please help me understand that this is, but not over, Qimxy.
The little princess is a beautiful fairy haze and the patriarch once ate the essence of fairy haze and condensed the flower dew. Will the little princess have some mysterious associations? According to Europe, it should be like this. Otherwise, how could the patriarch have had three identical dreams in succession? In the first dream, the patriarch was in Beijing, and in the second dream, the patriarch was still close to Wan Li, while in the third dream, the patriarch was three or four thousand miles away from Baitou Mountain, and the little princess in the dream called for more clarity every time … Leng Yubing’s words revealed some excitement. This means that we are right and the two princesses must be in Baitou Mountain!
At noon the next day, Baitou Mountain finally appeared in front of Xin Tong’s four people.
The majestic snowy peaks rise and fall like a huge ancient beast across the world.
There has always been a close relationship between the Fengge of Han Dynasty and the spiritual world. The snow Sect of Baitou Mountain and Wulaofeng Mountain is Xin Tong, the southern Han Dynasty’s disciple who came with him to serve Wusihe.
Jade Eagle carried Xin Tong and Lengwen, followed closely by Feng, who flew through layers of clouds and verdant valleys towards Wulaofeng. There was no doubt that they went to visit Wu Sihe as planned, and then asked Daxuezong to assist in the search.
Xin Tong suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, Stop!
Today is two shifts.

The sixth volume Spirit bead The second chapter Magic corpse ()
The sixth volume Spirit bead The second chapter Magic corpse ()
As soon as I entered the Baitou Mountain, Xintong began to work hard, and my eyes were searching for the soul, and I hoped to gain something with a little luck.
Now that Xin Tong’s knowledge covers a wide range, it may be abnormal.
At this time, they are surrounded by mountains. Generally speaking, practitioners will turn back when they encounter mountains rich in mineral deposits. If he is a practitioner of the then Dan order, this kind of situation will be bound to be limited by the terrain, but the brave man … is really fierce! His knowledge of god is not limited by mountains at all, and he has crossed mountains to places where it is impossible, which means a lot.
When the dense fog covering the sun appeared in the gods, Xin Meng was shocked; When a flying white dragon rushing from the mountainside appeared in the gods like a waterfall, it was amazing!
The guy who was elated told Wu Sihe that the situation was waiting for him to drink a fly to the right and stopped talking. The gods locked tightly the same place he saw in his dream for fear of accidentally losing their bearings.
On the right side, the cliff is steep and the rocks are ferocious. It takes a while for ordinary people to get there, but it’s just a snap to the extinct Green Jade Eagle.
Xin Tong’s word fly has not landed yet, and the Jade Eagle’s right wing suddenly appeared in front of the two women!
Leng Yubing and Wen Yurou are both sympathetic, but that doesn’t mean that they are also courageous. All this is so sudden that a cluster of sharp branches seems to have touched their eyes!
What woman doesn’t care about her appearance? At this moment, they forgot that they were practitioners who could fly into the ground and have great magical powers, and they became two little girls who were very worried that their jade would be destroyed.
Two shrill screams and the valley rang at the same time!
Is about to hit the cliff in front of the jade eagle suddenly broke a mass of bright silver and two women screamed. The jade eagle has turned from vertical to parallel with the mountain wall, avoiding the cluster of trees and flying like arrows.
桑拿会所Jade Eagle’s flight path turns too fast, which makes Xin Tong’s cold jade ice and warm jade soft on both sides fall back involuntarily.
Although Xin Tong’s knowledge of God is mostly in the middle and far distance, how can you not know what is happening around you? Arms stretched out and hugged Lengwen two women kept screaming and two women were hugged by Xin Tong at that moment and magically stopped calling at the same time.
Many times, I took the Jade Eagle Xintong and groped for a clever trick. My feet stretched out two qi to form a rope strap, which was folded back and forth to tie the Jade Eagle, so that no matter what kind of movement the Jade Eagle made, he would never fall off.
From Xin Tong’s calling on him to fly to the right, he hugged two women. This series of changes happened. At this time, Xin Tong’s left arm hugged Lengyubing, and his right arm hugged Wenyurou. They folded their chests and hung upside down, still keeping a parallel posture to the mountain and flying to the high flying jade eagle.
Nephrite Wen Xiang embraced Xin Datong’s heart pounding uncontrollably with such a point of mind knowledge. Xin Tong was so startled that he almost bit his tongue to restore the heart of the heart in a commotion.
I don’t know if it was intentional or intentional, or if I got Xin Tong’s instructions for the Jade Eagle to fly over the mountain peak, but I didn’t stop to let the three of them hang upside down. So Xin Mengren hugged two fairylike stunning women and came to the place where he had been several times in his dream.

Xiaojin was particularly excited. The short legs kept running for a while to find carrots for the snowman to make a nose, and then to pick up branches for the snowman to use as an arm.

Ye Xiangyuan smiled and watched Xiao Jin busy.
I looked at him.
I don’t know if I noticed something, but he suddenly turned around.
I’ll bump into his dark eyes and forget to react for a while.
He bent his lip and went to the window to write a number on his finger glass.
My face is a little hot, but I can’t help smiling.
His eyebrows also bent up.
Section 245
Just in time, Sister-in-law called us for dinner.
He took a deep look at me before holding Xiao Jin’s hand.
Xiaojin had some fun and seemed reluctant to leave.
He squatted in front of Xiaojin and patiently said something to Xiaojin. Xiaojin threw a snowman and went back to the house with him.
I smiled heartily.
This man is really gentle
After I went out, I saw their uncle wash his face with hot water.
Grandpa took a look at me and suddenly felt, "Ayuan, he has never failed my expectations."
I can’t help but feel a little proud.
品茶论坛Ye Xiangyuan is even better than I expected.
He is not gentle and powerful, and others are good enough. Although he has no mercy on the enemy, everything he does is worthy of his conscience.
Just as he was asked to catch an arms dealer in person this time, he did not refuse.
But such an carelessness is likely to lose your life.
If it were Li Qi, would she take such a risk to carry out the order?
Not to mention that people like Ye Sanye who are afraid of death must have escaped when they got cold feet.
Ye Xiangyuan, like his father, is a bloody and responsible soldier.
I admire him and am proud of him.
Soon the family was sitting around, and everyone was happy that Grandpa even opened a bottle of wine.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t stop him, but the prospective grandfather drank two.
Xiaojin has never stopped laughing when he feels that adults are happy.
Children’s happiness is always relaxing. I finally feel integrated into Ye’s family at this moment before sitting at the table.
After dinner, grandpa told Ye Xiangyuan, "You go to the room with me and I have something to tell you."
Ye Xiangyuan nodded and got up.
He looked at me before he left.
I said with a smile, "I’ll talk to my sister-in-law and Xiaojin for a while and then go back to my room to rest."
Ye Xiangyuan leaned over and kissed my forehead before he left.
I was a little embarrassed to secretly look at my sister-in-law and Xiao Jin. I couldn’t help laughing at the sight of their normal faces.
Ye Xiangyuan and I are husband and wife, and a kiss on the forehead is nothing.
After that, I accompanied Xiao Jin to the toy room in the building to dismantle the model. Sister-in-law told me to come with me after cooking in the kitchen.
Xiaojin is very absorbed.
After reading it for a while, I still don’t understand it. After all, I come from a liberal arts background and really don’t understand these complicated things.
Sister-in-law smiled and said, "Let him play alone. Let’s go there and talk."
Of course I have no problem with it.
The servant brought hot fruit juice to my sister-in-law and asked me to drink it while it was hot. Looking out the window, Qiao Mu sighed lightly, "Ah Yuan’s eldest brother’s revenge can finally be reported."
I leng leng.
Sister-in-law said, "Ah Yuan, you already know what it is this time, right?"
I nodded that he and Lu Xun were going to catch an arms dealer …
Thought of here, my heart can’t help but move. Is this arms dealer the object of my eldest brother?
But how did I hear that eldest brother was mutually assured destruction with the original arms dealer?
I can’t help but look at my sister-in-law and wait for her to solve her doubts.
Sister-in-law turned to look at me, perhaps because she saw my face puzzled. She hesitated, "This has to start with me pretending to be crazy."
I listened quietly.

Liu Tian’s shame doesn’t know how to make two beautiful women angry, but even Sinuo and Yunyun didn’t notice that they would suddenly want to correct Liu Tian’s thoughts.

The blue sky and blue sky are the blue ones. ban first chooses Sun Huaqiang first. ban first drops Bloom and the blind monk.
Er Hong’s backhand ban dropped Dashu, Casadin and a single Ritz.
Sun Huaqiang, the first floor of the bureau, took the big heat adez.
Yi was robbing ez. It seems that the blue sea and blue sky are also focused on taking care of the road. Liu Tian analyzed the candidates
Well, I really chose ez. I don’t know what sk will do with ad. Clouds were curious.
Snow added, ad is one aspect, on the other hand, it also needs to be played by auxiliary. Even if ad has advantages, it depends on auxiliary face.
It’s true that Sino’s words are very reasonable. A good ad can never rely on a strong hero, but it also needs a very tacit assistance to maximize its power.
This involves cooperation, skill matching, and timing. Everything depends on the strength and auxiliary cooperation of ad.
Er Hong Xiao Kai took Huang Da Ye and Zhong Lu Gao Chengfeng took out the single card.
Casadin and Leona were elected opposite each other.
It is obvious that the blue sea and blue sky need the help of dawn.
Ah Hao, what ad is good for Lu Xi ‘an? Cai Liangyan asked Zhang Hao for advice. At this time, the auxiliary and ad selection will directly lead to fate
Yes, policewoman.
Policewoman, please ez restrain policewoman. Cai Liangyan was puzzled. Although she was a conductor, ez was flexible and elegant, which was far from being a policewoman.
It’s okay. Don’t worry. Let’s poke the policewoman better.
all right
Cai Liangyan suggested choosing policewoman ad in Zhang Hao, while Zhang Hao Xiaoxiao both touched a strange uncle.
I can go wherever I want.
Wow, are you right? sk needs more help.
It’s a novel idea, but Mondo is a good choice against Dawning. This butcher knife is very restrained.
Yes, I just don’t know how to rely on the line. Liu Tian still has a little doubt about Mondo’s appearance
I’m going to Xiaohao for heroic assistance. Gao Chengfeng and Erhong Qiqi expressed their worship and dared to be assisted on the road. This is not an ordinary ranking. This is lspl League.
Don’t worry, Zhang Hao motioned for his teammates to feel at ease
You help us rest assured
And Mondo’s assistant was also present, which caused a lot of noise. I used to see all the girls in the wind, Nami or Morgana Bloom. This assistant suddenly went into a Mondo nature and made everyone cheer.
What should I think? Blue Sea and Blue Sky Assistant and Captain saw that sk Assistant took out Mondo, who was also drunk. Such a buff assistant did not reply to ad and had no gain.
The two sides finally determined the blue square, the blue sea and the blue sky, and the single Lissandra single robbery and wild female boxing road ez Shuguang combination.
Will the wolf win?
Who knows, maybe you will win? Snow laughed when he heard the word se Wolf. This is very appropriate. It is also fascinating that the big wolf has been rushing into the flock.
However, Snow also thought afterwards that the room was really where Zhang Hao lived every day and drank wine the night before, depending on the situation. Ten times, it was really the wrong room, and it was not taken advantage of.
But in retrospect, I always feel strange and upset, so I just stop thinking and watch the game.
Although Liu Tian really wants to talk to two beautiful women, the topic of discussion is so tall that he can’t understand it, so he dare not interrupt. It is very hard to comment on a situation silently as an audience from time to time.
The situation is bleak, and both sides have not invaded the wild area. The idea is to protect their respective buff conservatively.
The normal game skill of 1 minute and 55 seconds is also a hero’s nightmare here. A guy with magic damage will also have strong ad output ability, and everyone is drunk.
桑拿网  title=E skill potential stimulation increases physical attacks by 455751 for 5 5 5 5 seconds. In addition, every loss of 1 health will increase physical attacks by 455751.
Looking at the introduction, it seems that 5 seconds is very short and has no good effect, but this skill cools him down for seven seconds.
What does this mean? If you have more equipment such as cooling reduction, you can shorten the cooling time of E skill to about 5 seconds.

It rang for a long time, but it was not connected.

As far as I am concerned, he may be busy and will hang up when he finally appears inside.
Looking at his familiar face is no different from usual, and his look is calm and steady, and my heart is settled.
Before he spoke, I said first, "Grandpa’s spirit is not very good, and there are many things … when will you come back?"
I found myself somewhat effeminate after I finished speaking.
He is my favorite person and the father of my child.
I look forward to his coming home and giving me support and dependence.
Ye Xiangyuan’s expression seems to have become softer. He whispered, "I didn’t look at my mobile phone before, but I have already told you, baby, don’t cry. You are doing very well."
I realized that my nose was sour and my eyes were full of water droplets.
I can swear when facing the police and special police, and I can throw it out when facing the Chu family.
But seeing him, my heart is fragile, and the line is enlarged.
I still … believe that he loves him.
He reached out his finger and touched the screen as if he were painting my face through the picture.
Just listen to his judo. "The family will be more comfortable with Chu Feipeng and the Chu lawsuit will be solved. Believe me."
I’m low, um, one
Xiaojin touched my face to Ye Xiangyuan. "Aunt cried ~ Uncle, come back quickly ~"
I hugged the little angel more tightly.
Ye Xiangyuan came from there. "Well, you should take care of your aunt, you know?"
Xiaojin should have responded.
Ye Xiangyuan said softly to me, "Be good until I come back."
I looked at the screen, and he was still very handsome, and I couldn’t say what it was like not to come. Of course, I will wait for him to come back. My mother still has a lot of things to solve.
But now I want to know something. I stared at him straight and asked, "Are you … hiding a lot from me again?"
Ye Xiangyuan is stunned.
Silent breath we spread.
After a long time, when I was about to be disappointed, he slowly said, "I’m with Asun now." He said, "The military exercise is a disaster."
夜网论坛Chapter 253 Move in
I was shocked. I couldn’t believe he was with Lu Xun.
When Li Qingqing committed suicide, I also heard the shelling in the video with him …
"I’m with Asun," repeated Ye Xiangyuan. "I didn’t leave until I was in charge of the military exercise."
I’ll calm down
I’m already sick of him hiding his whereabouts like this
I would have accepted it if he hadn’t lied to me. Maybe he didn’t want me to worry. Maybe he didn’t pay much attention to me. It doesn’t matter.
The important thing is that I hope everything he tells me is not a lie.
Just like Gu Changyu … He told me frankly that he really ignored Chang Yu … It’s better than him cheating on me.
I wouldn’t believe him if he said that he had no feelings for Gu Changyu for a long time.
How can you let it go when you have been together for more than 20 years?

I woke up early the next morning and felt my head hurt. Yesterday, too many things happened. I fell asleep late and didn’t dream about the things in the game. Besides, I didn’t have anything to do today. After eating Zhang Xian for breakfast, I waited for her to leave my horse and turn on the microcomputer. The whole computer had a button. After I pressed it, a screen and a keyboard appeared in front of my eyes. I really felt like in the game. When I needed to see the status in the game, I also showed my eyes like this.

After trying for ten seconds, I learned almost all the functions of this computer and marveled at my talent for computers. I couldn’t help thinking, am I particularly good at computers?
I searched for a lot of information about companies with dreams. The original dream company is a diversified enterprise. No matter what line of business has subsidiaries, it is also one of the top ten multinational companies in the world. The president’s name is Lan Fengyun, and he is in his forties today. He is the youngest president in the history of the dream company. He led him to be the president. In the past seven years, the dream company has reached a historical high and firmly pulled the throne of the world’s first enterprise to his ass.
There are three core businesses of "dream" enterprises: heavy industry such as ordnance, ships, airplanes, etc. Second, medical theory that you can "dream" to find any medicine you want. This is the reputation of the enterprise. Third, biochemical engineering. However, according to the information found on the Internet, this information is a bit strange. Because there are too few, there is no reason not to find several important projects with information. However, after checking on the Internet, I found that the enterprise has nothing but this department, and this department was added only after Blue Cloud Station.
What a coincidence seven years ago? It seems that the president and I will have a good experience.
Check again. My parents’ enterprise is just a regional agent. Although the area is large, the total population is 1.3 billion, which is still too small compared with the world’s population of 300 million.
Since yesterday, I have felt that I have matured. I am no longer mentally or psychologically disabled. Although I can’t move freely, since there is a computer and a fairyland game, I will create a famous game in the game to rank first in the world. I believe that major enterprises will also pay attention to this game, which is definitely a’ dream’. Some enterprises will definitely learn about the news of the enterprise department through them, which will definitely help them escape from here in the future.
After all this, I suddenly felt much more relaxed, and I was more enthusiastic about the game Wonderland, but I felt a headache at the thought of the game. When can I get rid of the wanted order? If I keep doing this, I can’t move freely at all. If I accidentally reveal my name, it will be a dead body.
I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon, but it’s worth it. I’ve never been so sure about my life.
It’s almost 12 noon to watch the seconds lapse. I’m looking forward to adding three new special projects. What’s so special about it?
"Dang ~ Dang ~ Dang ~" I heard the mechanical clock in the hall strike at 12 noon and immediately opened the webpage and asked me what advanced games were? Of course, let’s see if there are any announcements about these three new things.
As soon as I get to the fairyland homepage, Ma seems to be in the new three-phase information.
In the pet game, all monsters below level 3 can catch pets, but each pet needs a kind of catch that belongs to him. The specific object system will not tell players that they have to grope for it by themselves, while level 3 monsters can only be caught as pets with BOSS, and each pet has a special skill, and no specific skills will be told to players.
Chapter to be continued! (updated at noon)
Chapter 17 Potential Ring
Look to collect, look to smash tickets, look to reply!
Chapter 17 Potential Ring
The top ten difficulties are found by the players themselves. All the top ten difficulties in the game are not shown to be completed by the players themselves. From the five-level artifact to the special reward, players can complete it by their own real ability, and no team or multiple people can complete it.
Weekly level challenge level LV7 players are divided into LV7-LV79, LV-LV9, LV9-LV99 three groups are held every Sunday afternoon, and each group is limited to one person to sign up for 10,000 RO coins. One-on-one fighting is adopted to select the ring overlord every week. After the challenger defeats all the players in a week, he challenges the ring overlord for a week. If the new generation of ring hegemons fail, the ring hegemons will be rewarded with special objects if they can persist for one month. In addition, they can’t lose to the other side intentionally, maliciously steal, insult the language, and violate the game form in the battle. Once the titles are detected, they will be dealt with! If the overlord of the ring has upgraded the boundary, he will enter the high-level group of fighting and will not stay in the low-level group.
After reading these briefs, I have made a decision in my mind that everything depends on whether the wanted order can be eliminated!
When I entered the game, Ma received a message telling me to go to the Friendship Statue in the capital quickly to see that he was so anxious. I hurried there and saw him squeezing me to a large group of people inside. He asked, "What’s going on?"
"Ah, you’re here. This is the fairyland girls’ league party. The whole game beauty will come here. Don’t you want to see some beautiful women?"
"Are you calling me so urgently?"
"Of course, I didn’t hear that they were going to publicly comment on one thing and make it quite big?"
"hmm? What’s so serious? " If I hear this kind of thing, curiosity will certainly be the first to run over.
We two brothers played the tacit cooperation of the enemy again, and then we squeezed into the forefront of the onlookers. I gave him a look at the friendship statue with a high banner on the front that said, "Strictly punish the game first * * * *’ elegant’"
I almost fainted at the sight. When did I upgrade to * * * *? Take a closer look at the flag impressively is knight MM’ Tianwu’. If she knows that I am elegant, the consequences can be imagined. Look at this fairyland girls’ league. It’s all mm professions. I winked at the disease and he also saw the problem. The two of them secretly left here.
"Yi, what do you think you should do now?"
"For the time being, I haven’t thought that if I have to beg Chris again, I’d rather die. Anyway, the present soldier hasn’t published my sample certificate, and he still has kindness and knows my name, so it’s just you and him for the time being."
桑拿论坛"Well, let’s train quickly. After I change my job to a sage, we’ll go to a high-end strange place."
"well! Ok, let’s do it! "
After leaving the capital, we came to another place, in the underground waterway, who knows what magic to crusade against, where we kept brushing out new magic, so how can we kill it? We’ll calculate after this. Anyway, I haven’t heard anyone say that I have finished this game for so long.
We came to the mountain capital-payon, which is a small city in the forest. The houses are all made of straw and teak boards, and the famous hunter’s guild set up a’ bamboo forest’ not far outside payon.
There are many leisure people chatting, drinking tea and tea in the city, and the tea room is full of many players, having business talks, gathering friends and selling their own equipment. What payon always sees is a leisure scene, which also depends on the beautiful environment in payon and the singing of birds and birds really makes people feel relaxed.
While walking, the two of us were curious to look at the surrounding things. There are fruit shops and juice shops in payon. Unfortunately, we can’t buy them. I heard that these are some kind of pet feed. We came to the depths of the ancient forest in payon. I heard that there was a cave occupied by demons attached to monsters, and the level of monsters in it was still quite high. We came to the front of the cave with a try mentality.
It’s really scary to look at the dark cave entrance. Although I’m a boy, I still believe in ghosts and gods, and because of this, the guy who is sick makes fun of my fan boy.
As soon as the two of us entered the cave, we were confronted with a group of bats. Although this kind of low-level monster was nothing serious, it was always a group and the attack frequency was extremely fast and very troublesome. Besides, I couldn’t hit it. They were completely cut down by the disease method [mental explosion] and I was crazy about fencing. Of course, we also took all their things away. Although they were all worthless things, we were poor and short of garbage.
Going in far away, I saw a skeleton and bones with two bone sticks in both hands. There is also a class LV15 evil skeleton warrior who is more advanced than the evil skeleton warrior. Of course, these two monsters have no threat to the two of us, except for their appearance, which makes us sick. They easily passed through the first floor and came to the second floor.
On the second floor of payon Cave, there is a strange monster called "Turn the Egg". The whole monster is a huge egg with eyes and mouth about one meter high. This monster has LV24 level, which is also suitable for our leveling. On the other floor, there is a more terrible monster, a senior evil skeleton warrior. This monster is not as clever as those retarded guys on the first floor, and they also have a trick to kill [Ghost Shock]. If a guy is unlucky, it will reduce your health by 2 regardless of defense hardness, and his body attack power is also very strong. There are more than 23 people who kill you, which is almost 2 health points, but all this is not difficult because of me. Who told me that I am a super-initial person who can charge before and have [healing skills]?
I hit a few strange things easily in the training. One kind is called an incubator. It’s like a precision plate in the middle, and then there is a button next to the incubator. We don’t know what this thing is, but we know it belongs to special things by looking at it, so we keep it.
The other thing is that we play games to get the first card, turn around the egg card, equip the position, shoes the effect, and the magic power recovery increases by 15%.
When we found this thing, we felt as excited as if we had plunged into the toilet, but we have to figure out how this thing works. First of all, we didn’t bring shoes with holes to insert the card. Besides, since this card can’t be used for the time being, it’s better to sell it to earn some money for potions, and just pick up garbage and sell the roots, which is not enough to maintain the potions and make expenses. Put the card in the backpack for the time being.
We talked about slashing eggs and high-level evil warriors. Finally, I upgraded the base level 46 and the professional level 46. When I was going to add additional points, I found a surprising thing. Because the original 45-liter 46 level only gave you 9 additional points at most, but now it’s 1 o’clock. Look at the professional skills. There are two words written there, and I clearly remember that the previous skill points were added and one skill point was added when I upgraded to the next level.
When Ji Fa saw me staying there, he hurried over to ask what was going on. When I told him about this situation, he immediately wondered what was going on.
Suddenly a word’ potential ring’ popped up in my mind!
Chapter 10 Wisdom
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Chapter 10 Wisdom
I thought about it. Is it really a potential ring problem? Moreover, according to the word potential, it is indeed possible, so after discussing with the disease method, I decided to go to the next level and try to see what was going on.
After practicing for several hours, I finally rose to level 47 again. As I expected, it was really because of the potential ring problem that I didn’t know anything about the disease and the law. This may be the best training level, which is equivalent to others practicing two levels. Isn’t it twice as good as others to practice to level 99? I understood this key question and a bold plan came to my mind.
Disease method looked at me with a smile and asked, "Why do you laugh so treacherously?"
"What will happen if you say that you have this potential ring and I die and kill me once?"
When I heard this disease, my eyes lit up. If … Many diseases came to my mind, it was my turn to look at the disease. That guy giggled. I pushed him and woke him up from his fantasy.
"You wear this ring, then you kill me to level 2, and then I practice to level 10, and then you kill me to level 2. If you keep going like this, I believe you will reach level 99 soon."
"Yi, do you really decide this?"
"Of course, this is the first time that you have been promoted to the highest level of 99. How can you think about such a rare opportunity to upgrade? And I am the only one in the game who has this special feature! "
"I won’t say anything to you. I’ll bring you here when you lift the wanted list!"
I’m very excited that everything is so simple with my hands clasped together. Of course, the disease method will be upgraded to level 99 very quickly. Of course, the disease method will be upgraded with my potential ring. Then he will have twice as many career and skill points as level 99 now. It will be terrible in the same level. Of course, I will not drop to level 1 in vain. Think about myself from level 1 to level 99. When I practice to level 99, the real additional points and skill points are equivalent to a level 19 monster. It makes me tremble with excitement for no reason. Of course, if you come, it will be level 99. But think about what it will be like to practice at level 99. It will be several days, months and months. There are also "Qin Yong" and another unknown celebrity practicing at level 99. It is difficult for others to talk about it. Of course, you can’t die when you practice, even if you are saved by the priest. That’s enough experience. Second, of course, if you have enough, I doubt that "Qin Yong" has never stopped practicing at level 99 since the game began. Otherwise, it is impossible to practice at level 99 so soon.
I don’t want to say much, and I will continue to improve the disease method and strive to upgrade to level 5 as soon as possible, just enough to upgrade the disease method to level 99, and then I will be reincarnated, and the disease method will turn the first master into a professional wise man.
After practicing all night, I was too tired to continue practicing with the disease method. His school also had something to do. When I took off my helmet, Zhang Xian was typing on the table as usual. Anyway, I knew Zhang Xian’s name and her gender. I didn’t know anything about it. If it was before, I might leave everything to my sister, but now I am different.
"Zhang Xian!"

But another thought turned on his mind, or he could tell her something urgent to distract her.

Section 99
But what is it?
His brain was spinning fast, and soon he had a self-made answer. His black eyes were slightly open and his eyes were narrowed. He scanned the enchanting woman who had stopped before bed. He wanted to eat her. "Yiyi is my mother. My mother said that if I don’t separate her … she will commit suicide."
"That’s it?" Lan Jingyi raised his eyebrows and didn’t believe it at first, but it seems that this is also a possibility. He Ling has always opposed herself with Jiang Junyue.
Watched LanJingYi slightly believed Jiang Junyue immediately strike while the iron is hot. "Anyway, she is my own mother. Without her, there would be no life for me, right? So I really can’t watch her commit suicide, and I don’t think she can look at her for a while … "
"So what shall we do now? Pour you can’t treat me like that again. "The grievance pouted and he was indifferent to Lanjingyi before thinking about it.
"Can you find someone to watch it 24 hours a day, or what else can you do?" Jiang Junyue said that when she looked at Lan Jingyi’s little heart, she felt bad about this man.
"I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I can’t make your mother like me."
Seeing Lan Jingyi’s sad expression, Jiang Junyue also felt distressed. I really wanted to stretch out my hand to hug her, but his hand was still tied. Wait a minute, and he will break free. "Yiyi will definitely pass."
Lan Jingyi felt lonely when she saw the answer, but a pair of small hands pulled his hands and then he untied the clothes that tied his wrist. "Well, you’re free. Well, you can solve it yourself. I’ll take a shower."
"You … what did you say?" Jiang Junyue’s lips twitched, and this woman said she wanted him to solve it himself? He must have misheard.
"Five girls, don’t tell me you don’t understand." Lan Jingyi walked barefoot to the bathroom and didn’t forget to turn around and make a face at him.
品茶论坛  title="Lan Jingyi …" Jiang Junyue roared out of bed and went to recover Lan Jingyi.
"Bang" bathroom door LanJingYi quickly locked the door inside, and she was relieved to lean against the wall. Seeing that the man had chased him up, she was banging on the door hard at the moment. She said in a cold voice, "Who told you to bully me like that before? You also said that those disobedient Jiang Junyue asked for it for a month and you couldn’t touch me."
Jiang Junyue’s eyes are about to explode with sparks, not to mention one second a month, and he can’t wait. Now he wants her.
My hands kept knocking on the door, my eyes were eager, but the sound was as soft as possible. "Yi Yi, open the door and have something to say."
"I won’t open the door until your five girls have finished enjoying it." When I think of his cruel treatment to her before, Lan Jingyi pursed her lips, she will repay him for how much pain he gave her. After seeing him, she will dare to bully him like that. It is very simple that she will work hard with him to influence He Ling and believe that everything will change.
Although she doesn’t like He Ling at all, She is Jiang Junyue’s mother and she can accept this fact.
Water trickling sounds more like an invitation to a man’s ears. Jiang Junyue looks at himself. Five girls hate cutting and slaps the door again. "Wash it out quickly and change me." He doesn’t want five girls Lan Jingyi. She is his goblin. She tortures him and is going crazy.
Smiling gently, I watched Jiang Junyue go crazy outside the bathroom. Even though he was uncomfortable, the man’s figure was still tall and elegant, and his voice was particularly hoarse, which also revealed his discomfort.
no matter
Anyway, I just don’t care
Lan Jingyi washed her body slowly. He kept him waiting for the New Year’s Eve. She suddenly appreciated her creativity. Well, it was a beautiful night. She didn’t regret it at all.
Finally, Jiang Junyue couldn’t wait any longer or he could destroy him, but bathroom door still couldn’t bear to hurt the woman inside, thinking that she had cried, been lonely and drunk, and his heart hurt, so he could let her make trouble, and he would bear all this. Whoever makes him a man is a man, and his woman will hold up a sky.
Burning a cigarette into the balcony, the tall figure pulls the balcony wall longer and longer, and the night wind blows his face and adds smoke. His body is slowly fading away, but he still feels uncomfortable.
Two soft jade hands wrapped around his neck from behind. "Tilt …" After bathing, Lan Jingyi put his arms around Jiang Junyue’s charming body and stuck it on his back, smelling his masculinity mixed with smoke, which made her obsessed with "Don’t decide to leave me easily again after tilting, okay?"
She touched his back lightly, and he turned to smoke a beautiful parabola in his hand, and he threw it into the grass in the building. Then he leaned over and hugged Lan Jingyi, which became a small prey in his arms. "Go back and continue."
"No, I don’t want it." Lan Jingyi bit his arm like a little beast. "You let me go."
"goblin, is this a prelude to continue to torture me?"
"It’s good that you know who made you torture me before." Lanjingyi pouted and wronged
"Ha-ha naughty" pinched the tip of her nose, which was always to let her get over it. He always hurt her too much. "Well, I promise you I won’t sleep."
"Can you do that?" She raised her little face in deep doubt.
"I’ll try"
"Well, I don’t believe you." What? Try as much as possible, that is, maybe not as much as possible. Isn’t she going to be wiped clean by him again? This guy usually doesn’t look back at her after eating. What about men? The more they don’t get it, the better they get it, the more they will abandon her. Now they say nothing and don’t believe him. Anyway, she looks at him with colored eyes.
"Well, I’ll solemnly promise you that I won’t touch you if you stay up late."
That’s more like it. She gently closed her eyes and let him hold her to the bed. Yawning came one after another. She was really sleepy. She fell asleep like a kitten after "leaning good night" in his arms.
How long has it been since I slept with such distractions?
It’s been a long time
From the day he kicked her out of his office, her sleep quality was no better than that of always being half asleep and half awake, so she couldn’t sleep steadily.
That night, Lan Jingyi couldn’t wake up after sleeping until the third pole.
Chapter 173 Don’t worry.
I slept for more than ten hours before I opened my eyes. It was a little strange and familiar in front of me. All consciousness quickly returned to the pool. "Tilt …" He didn’t see him in the field of vision, and Lan Jingyi’s heartbeat accelerated sharply. Didn’t all last night really be her dream?
If he doesn’t, she will be nervous and flustered.
Jiang Junyue really didn’t respond.

Then he looked at Muchuan and said, "This grandson’s wife likes my appetite!"

Muchuan was an accident, too. He took it back from the auction a few years ago and gave it to the master. I didn’t expect this girl to study these things.
Originally, he or she was just a girl. When she saw him, she would be afraid and avoid him. There were still some confused girls, but now it seems that … more than that.
A room full of people with different minds is happy. Master Muchuan and the old lady are naturally happy, but Muyan is different. Angry almost didn’t bite her lips.
There was a flash of surprise in Mrs. Mu’s eyes, but it was fleeting.
So what if you study the law? Her baby is one in a million. How can you marry such a woman who will make him a joke? How can she deserve him? !
Thought of here, she just softened her face and went cold again.
Master and Tang Wan chatted some more, and then the old lady called people to the living room.
MuYan walk finally angry eyes staring at Tang Wan figure condescension.
Knowing the law can’t be said to be a coincidence!
A line of people sat in the living room for a while, and the food in the kitchen was almost ready, and they went to the table one after another.
After MuYan’s farce, the master and the old lady naturally became more and more fond of Tang Wan. Several people sat on the sofa and chatted happily. Tang Wan was a little nervous and gradually relaxed.
Dining table—
The dishes are rich and exquisite, and the appetite increases when you look at them, which shows that the old lady has spent her mind.
As soon as Tang Wan took a seat, the old lady enthusiastically served dishes.
After many thanks, the girl looked at the pile of dishes in front of her and was very upset …
At the beginning of her weight loss plan, this meal was not wasted.
Mu Chuan couldn’t help asking, "Not to her liking?"
Tang Wan whispered, "Nothing tastes good."
The man didn’t say anything, but silently put some meat on the table in front of her.
Tang Wan looked at the hill-like food in front of him and frowned deeper.
Section 5
This man is a picky eater. Give her meat. How much fat does this get? !
Besides, she is a little fat. Does being fat mean loving meat? ! Prejudice!
Mu Chuan couldn’t help asking again when he saw her motionless, "Are they all not to my liking?"
This time, the old lady heard that when putting chopsticks, she should call the kitchen and fry a few more she likes.
Tang Wan quickly stopped, "Don’t bother. The food is very good. It’s really no trouble!"
The old lady felt some remorse and said, "I neglected to ask you what you like to eat earlier."
Tang Wannai said, "I like it all. It’s my recent … weight loss."
All one leng obviously didn’t think it was the answer.
And then a "poof"
Someone laughed.
Everyone’s eyes are all looking at the sound source.
MuYan wiped her mouth with a towel and apologized. "I’m sorry, I’m a little surprised. After all, it’s been said outside that Miss Tang never wants to lose weight …"
MuYan sound old lady gradually cold eyes gradually low.
Master is a look scared her hurriedly bowed their heads.
The old lady said, "It’s good to lose what is graceful. It seems unhealthy to lose a thin bamboo pole."
This is the truth, but at this moment, when it is said at this time, people can’t help but recognize it as Muyan Rounding Field.
Mrs. Mu has been silent for a long time. "It’s not good to be too fat after all."
桑拿会所Tang Wan held the chopsticks tightly and then loosened them a little.
Since she was overweight, it has become a topic of discussion in the whole imperial city, and she has always felt accustomed to it, but now it is still somewhat unreasonable to say it face to face.

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!