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I immediately turned to the theme I don’t know if I am ready to do things for my husband before?

At the earliest, the master said that it was not appropriate to sew the rank on the military family. He said, Most of our soldiers wear leather armor and a small amount of armor. It is better to make another nameplate and engrave the corresponding rank.
It’s also much easier to massproduce like this. I just casually asked, You can leave this matter to Wei Ji first. I have more important things for you to do.
Master commanded Hua Xin to keep his lips closed and wait for the order.
The prefect of the East County has sent an envoy to surrender and he will arrive in Luoyang in a few days, so I have decided to send Taishi Ci to guard the East County. I looked at him seriously and said slowly, I hope you can help him manage the county.
His lips split a thin seam.
I also want to tell you before the bridge has lost the east county general county control this is not a leisure and peace … of course, you can also refuse …
Thank you for your letter! He Lang interrupted me and explained, I will cooperate with General Taishi to defend Dongjun for my Lord!
I thought about it and asked, Did Mr. Wenhe talk to you?
We talked for a while not long ago, he nodded.
I also nodded. Well, go back and get ready for Taishi Ci.
Hua Xin long body deeply yi to me slowly out of the hall.
I heard him take a deep breath when he turned to quit.
Then the steps become brisk.
Can I trust this man?
27 Wancheng came to announce the ambassador.
On the morning of May 21st, I had breakfast and did morning exercises all day.
Good morning, Jia Xu walked over with his hands over his sleeves and easy.
Good morning, fatherinlaw. I occasionally call him that when there are two people present.
He smiled. There are many things to do today and many people want to see you. I will inform you before I leave.
I made a windmill on the horizontal bar with my arms, and made a complaint, Generally, you and Mr. Zhong have dealt with it, but don’t always let me be magical.
These things are very important to say. Jia Xu was unmoved.
I landed with a jerk. Don’t you think I’ve been dealing with too many things these days? Every day is not a meeting or a conversation. I feel as if I have stopped!
He corners of the mouth to raise Liu Xie sent someone to announce a letter to you. Do you think I can accept it instead of you?
Ah? I was taken aback and immediately nu way he still dare to give me a letter? Do you still want me to bow down?
Even on weekdays, you need to kneel down and listen to the call. Jia Xu woke me up. When did you kneel before the call?
Oh, oh, yes, yes. I wiped my forehead sweat. What else?
Liu Xie sent you some important people.
That’s more like it. I rubbed the back of my hand.
But your fatherinlaw, Cai Boxiao, is not among them. Jia Xu pulled out a letter from his sleeve. He has a letter for you.
I casually wiped my hands and sweat on my pants and took a look.
Xian admitted close rev.
品茶论坛The old man pretends to be a loyal minister. He committed himself to Dong Zhuo for a long time. Today, if you can’t talk about it, you can’t be unfaithful to the country’s virtuous husband. This time, it shows that the Han Dynasty is loyal and false. If you can slightly reduce the virtuous husband and destroy the old man’s heart, it is fortunate that you can’t have any more delusions. If you can’t be kind to Cai Yan, please send Wanchengrotten Weng Cai Yong.
Sigh is this idea … I sighed.
Even if he is not in Wancheng, I can’t send troops to destroy Han in the short termare you sleeping when Yuan Shao and Cao Cao in Hebei Province?
There are also whitehaired messengers and Qingzhou spies who have news, Jia Xu said. Do you want to listen to the imperial edict first?
Let Xuanzhao people wait a little longer I don’t want to tell the whitehaired news first
Sun Jian is already struggling with Hebei, so he is quite in favor of our alliance meeting, Jia Xu said. But according to Bai Fa, he doesn’t belong to us.
I had expected that Sun Jian was not a happy person. I nodded and he walked towards the main hall together.
Jia Xu added, And the spies in Qingzhou direction reported that Cang Ba and Sun Guan, thieves of Mount Tai, were linked to each other in the border area of Qingzhou, Yanzhou and Xuzhou, plundering Yanzhou secretariat Zhou Zhongli’s conquest. Ying Shao, the satrap of Mount Tai, went out to Sun Jian and Xuzhou secretariat Zhao Jian for help. Sun Jian sent Liu Bei, the state of Qi, to send troops to cooperate with Zhao Jian, Ying Shao, and ordered Xiao Jian to send troops in three ways to conquer Xiao Jian for half a month. Instead, he was slightly defeated by Zangba.
Xiao Jian? Celebrity I shook my head and suddenly asked, Is there any movement of Cao Cao in Bing?
Cao Cao? Jia Xu thoughtfully replied for a moment, Cao Cao was suffering from a lack of talents, and now he is looking for talents everywhere, and all counties in Bing are also gearing up their military forces. In addition, Bing troops are mobilized on a large scale.
oh? Yuan Shaozheng is pushing Cao Caohui hand in hand in two ways. I’m puzzled.
Cao Cao’s strength is far less than Yuan Shao’s. Jia Xu explained to me that although Yuan Shao fought on three sides, he prepared for many years in Bohai Sea and brought in a considerable number of Wuhuan soldiers, so the total number was quite large.
What’s the total? I asked
Add up the armies of Jizhou and Youzhou … 200,000. He quoted a figure.
Rao is that I boast of my courage and I am also shocked by this astronomical general number. Too much, isn’t it? !”
Is it much? Jia Xu shook his head. Have you calculated our total strength now?
No … I scratched my neck.
He did the math for me. There are thirteen counties in Liangzhou, and Pang Rou gave me the latest number of 43,000 the other day, including the newly recruited soldiers.

What GongSunXiong said is in line with God’s will. I replied to him appreciatively, We can’t let thieves leave Liaodong because of the country and the people.

He smiled all over his face. As soon as I wait for my adult, Gongsun in western Liaoning is willing to go home with the general!
Don’t be so explicit in public.
For the Gongsun family in western Liaoning, of course, I need to win over so that the Liaodong will be more handy.
The Gongsun brothers retreated left and right respectively, and each reached out to give way to Gongsun Lianglang, saying, Welcome the general into the city.
I’m not at all welcome to take the lead in marching from the crowd to Lingzhi City.
Pang gan and Chen to, of course, followed me closely on both sides.
I suddenly stopped when I came to the door
Brother gongsun hurried forward and asked, does the general have any orders?
I’m asking, I said slightly to GongSunLiang. Where are the officials?
GongSunLiang bowed his head and replied, The commander was ordered by Gongsun Du, and the dog officer has been killed by my father.
I don’t comment. I walked through the gate with my back.
Whether your family is doing justice for heaven or taking the opportunity to retaliate, it’s nothing to do with me.

The welcome banquet was arranged in the mansion built by the Gongsun family in the city.
I didn’t realize the prosperity of Gong Sun’s family until I saw the busy crowd in the courtyard.
Half of the people in the whole order are surnamed Gongsunalthough the total population of urban and rural areas in this county is less than 10,000.
And Gongsun Zan is the parent of this generation of Gongsun’s family.
Moreover, according to my information, Gongsun Zan’s mother was born in a side room, and his ability to be a patriarch made me admire him even more, and made my affection for Gongsun Zan surge in an instant.
Put yourself in the position that if I were the head of thousands of people, I would never be willing to be a county magistrateeven if I were willing to be a county magistrate, other ethnic groups would not agree.
I immediately understood Gongsun Zan’s desire for fame and status.

The Gongsun family is really diligent in my false expedition to the North, and the Liaodong satrap is quite respectful. Gongsun Zan’s peers take turns to array their nephews in each room, but they hold a nephew ceremony for mealthough it feels a little contrary, I have long been used to it.
But obviously, the elders of other branches seem to have less status in the family than Gongsun Yueer, so I simply didn’t spend brain cells to remember their names. I just nodded frequently and smiled occasionally when I saw them pleasing to the eye.
GongSunLiang duly invited me, General, please sit down. He directly led me to the chairman of the North.
I shook my head and refused, You’re the host and I’m the guest. How can you lose your manners?
Sun Xu said to his cousin before, General Ma won’t stick to such red tape, so it’s better to get seated quickly.
Good GongSunLiang hurriedly ordered to wine!
Although I just said that Gongsun’s family is a big house in western Liaoning, western Liaoning is a big fellow who is richer and more prosperous than the Central Plains. No, I didn’t expect to eat any good wine and food hereand I’m not a picky eater.
桑拿会所However, being served as a guest in Gongsun’s home makes people feel comfortable all over, which is impossible to enjoy treatment in Luoyang.
I can see how much the Gongsun family attaches to me by setting up rich dishes one after another. Of course, I understand what they need.
But I won’t talk easily
At this time, I need someone who is good at reading the master’s mind to speak for me. Unfortunately … Cheng Yu would never do that. Xu Huang and Seibel don’t like to say much; Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye are not made of this material. They are immersed in drinking with Chu Yan, ignoring the situation here …
It suddenly occurred to me that I actually have the most experience in this field, but Zhang Ji Zhang Zhongjing.
Brother Liang will tell you the truth, I raised my glass and asked the Lord Gong Sunliang, Does your father have a court position?
GongSunLiang hands cupped bluntly replied, Report to the general that my father is a humble Beowulf. Although he is over forty years old, he is still white and can’t enter the government.
I smiled. I’m new to western Liaoning, but I’m suffering from people’s holiday. I wonder if your father can help me deal with the affairs of making a county official temporarily? Considering the educational level of the other party, I didn’t get to the point at all.
It’s so straightforward. If GongSunLiang doesn’t speak vernacular, he’s absolutely stupid. He immediately put the wine bottle away. After a few days, he lifted his robe with his left hand and knelt firmly in front of my seat. The grass people thanked the general on behalf of my father!
He couldn’t hide his trembling voice and bowed down to the ground.
73 accompany sleeping maid
After getting my verbal promise, the Gongsun family became more respectful to me, which made me quite popular.
In the eyes of other elders in the Gongsun family, I can feel different degrees of envy, which is also human nature.
Anyway, just six hundred stone county magistrate, I don’t think I need special talentshalf of them are county magistrates’ families.
In the sun brothers repeatedly vomitinginducing toasts, this luncheon was eaten for an hour.
I have already sent cattle, sheep, wine and food to hundreds of people to help cook in the big army city outside the city. I also have to worry about the soldiers starving.
After a full meal, I borrowed a quiet hall and called a closed meeting.
The situation in Lingzhi County is not bad. The theme of my meeting was Is it necessary for us to visit the other three counties?
If you are fat as well as in Chongqing, you will inevitably pass by when you walk along the official road in the East, but Haiyang is in the south of the branch, depending on your master’s wishes. Cheng Yu, the oldest adviser, first said
To tell you the truth, Seibel frowned slightly. The soldiers are expensive and fast. If you delay one day in western Liaoning, Gongsun Kang will be able to prepare for one more day, and it will be more difficult for our army to recover Liaodong.
Brother Bo ‘an is right, Xu Huang chimed in. Hope the master’s overall situation is heavy.
I wonder if it was influenced by Cheng Yu, and the two of them also changed their names to call me master.
I have to admit that I seem to have forgotten the most important thing again …
Cheng Yu said lightly, We don’t have to fight to the death in Gongsun Kang.
Sir, do you have a clever plan? I picked my eyebrows.
We can let Gongsun Gong take the troops back. He also shrugged his long eyebrows. Can Gongsun Du and his son get along safely when they die suddenly?
Although I know a lot about everything, I am familiar with the excellent system of the Chinese nation, and there are living examples of Yuan Shao Yuan Shu, Yuan Tan Yuan Xi Yuan Shang, Cao Pi Cao Zhi Cao Zhang …
But I still have doubts about this plan. Our army is under siege in Gongsun Gong and Gongsun Kang, and it is impossible to have a war with a Liaodong satrap, right? If let GongSunGong led the troops to return to the east, it’s just that Gongsun Kang increased his fighting power. It’s better to eat GongSunLaoEr first and then GongSunLaoDa won’t give each other a breather.
After the opinion was questioned by me, Cheng Yu laughed instead of anger. What meeting is here, master, since you have priorities?
His smile made me a little nervous. Mr. Laugh?
He looked very natural and angry. It’s just a relief that the master can judge for himself.
Well, I believed his explanation, I think you are unhappy and deliberately laughing …
Hey, he shook his head and denied that the speed of marching is not a problem. Even if Gongsun Kang reorganizes the army and wants the master to command ten thousand cavalry properly, it will be enough for him to fall again. Of course, the shorter the time, the less casualties our army will have.
I nodded, but I remembered the trick before him. In fact, if Gongsun Gong really has the strength to compete with Gongsun Kang, it is an excellent choice to let him go back to Liaodong.
Cheng Yu corners of the mouth slightly become warped quietly looked at me.
But I don’t know about their brotherhood. I didn’t send me information from party member. So I decided not to adopt this opinion.
Master still believes in his own army. He smiled. Let’s kill the past and kill the past.
No comments, right? I asked others.
No one objected to Qin Zhen’s it’s rare to hear such a bloody sentence from Mr. Cheng.
I spit out a sigh and got up. It’s forbidden to gather people to stay up late for half a day! March immediately after dawn. I want to sprint for 400 miles!
Cheng Yu sighed, Four hundred Li … It seems that we can sleep in the fields.

Daigong’s steadiness and steadiness will surely guarantee him, but Jia Xu is very confident.

So I stopped talking.
The next day, Ma Dai really came to the information that the enemy army has about 3,000 soldiers who are afraid to go out of the city to make war, but soldiers and people are constantly escaping from the city. Because my troops are too few and the military and civilians are mixed, they have never pursued the camp in the north of the city and stayed behind.
Jia Xu told me that he put Zhang Wen in charge of supervising me, and that Mr. Wang supervised Ma Dai. After all, he had read the summary of Xiao Dai’s military affairs written by people for two days, and he still had some level.
The army can start freeze nodded after hearing this.
The general asked the generals to start. Du Ji asked me for instructions
I nodded and deployed the soldiers to Xia Houdun, you are responsible for the grain and hay for five hundred Qingqi.
Xia Houdun didn’t say a word. He knelt down on one knee and bowed his head. It seems that this strongwilled general is not particularly good at fighting in history. I rarely find him to win a big battle. Anyway, there is no chance for him to show off. I just let him and Liu Beilian join hands to be responsible for the transportation of food and grass for the army.
Qin array took two thousand military forces to Chang Guo
Qin array see Xia Houdun also bent down and knelt down to yes.
Feather and Zhang Feitong come with me to Chang Guo. Of course, I will take care of these two borrowed Athens.
There is not a single soldier in the hand. Master Er and Master Zhang shouted Yes!
Cao Cao, you three thousand soldiers and horses, Mr. Zhang, are going to Yangyang. I said to Cao Cao, Don’t ask you to break the city, but you must not make mistakes in attacking the city slowly. I left one of Zhang Wenpa’s three overseers to Cao Cao
Cao Cao lifted up his arms and knelt down. The last general ordered that this start will not disgrace his mission!
Jia Xu, Cheng Yu, Du Ji, Zhang Ji and others, of course, went to Changguocheng along with the big troops.
Let’s go, everyone. I waved the generals away quickly.
桑拿论坛So I will be the main force of six thousand five hundred people outside the city of Chang Guo surrounded this small isolated city; While Cao Cao led 3,000 troops to the south, just like Yangcheng dozens of miles away.
At this time, the news of marching into Qi has already been sent to Xu Rong by the defenders of Changguocheng.
We set up camps in the southeast, northwest and scattered dozens of scouts to Donganping, Linzi, so that if the enemy moves, they will report to our camp in half a day.
After things have to wait for the enemy chieftain Xu Rongshi hook.
Chapter 30 See ambush again
Master! Qin array flustered and frustratedly rushed into the camp.
I didn’t look at him and gave a heavy hum.
He was a quiver immediately stopped in situ and put his feet together general! When can we attack? !”
Don’t worry I dipped my pen in the inkstone and shook my wrist to continue practicing the method.
Don’t worry? He couldn’t help jumping up. We have been stationed here for five days! There are only 2,000 soldiers in the city. You let me lead 1,000 people and I will break the city for you in half a day!
Go to rest I sprayed him lightly. Three days is nothing to wait for.
He scratched his head. Wait? Zhao Chengbu will come in the next day and wait like this … Zhang Wen30,000 troops are coming!
What’s wrong with reinforcements coming? I gave him a smile.
Hey? He zheng let’s but the former army? How to also want to make a contribution first? Can’t ten thousand troops just rest here and let them see our jokes? !”
Never mind, I’m not afraid of you, just wait. I no longer pay attention to his heavy heart to write.
Gonggai threepoint country array map beside the changing river, it stands stony as his grief that he never conquered the Kingdom of Wu
What does beside the changing river, it stands stony as his grief mean? Or is the root empty?
I bit the fluff at the end of my pen and sighed. This poem doesn’t fit this dynasty at all, and Soochow is still a wild land.
General break lu can be in? Freeze asks for someone outside the account.
Mr. Zhong, please come in. I raised my sleeve and pressed this little poem on the pile of paper.
Cheng Yushi shiran walked into the tent to visit the general
Sir, you are being polite again. I smiled and gave him a virtual hand. I have said many times that you are polite in private.
The general can be so cold, but he can’t. He refused again.
Okay, okay, okay. Can I stop? Is there any movement from the enemy?
Yes, today, we scattered soldiers in Linzi and returned to the newspaper. Xu Rong has been transferred back to prepare for attacking Beihai troops, grain and grass, and is ready to enter our side.
Oh, I smiled as I gently pressed my hands on the edge of the case. How many people are there?
At least thirty thousand at most … but fifty thousand he said very easily.
When will it arrive?
According to the report of Shaoqi, Xu Rong withdrew from Donganping at Tianshi, and the untimely army set off at the latest … and will arrive around Shenshi Cheng Yu twisted his beard.
What? !” Qin Zhen jumped up. Look at the enemy’s army in a blink of an eye. We have missed the best opportunity to annihilate the enemy in the city! He gritted his teeth again. Master, oh, no, general, you are quick to make me break the city in three hours!
All right, I nodded and got up.
Qin array face is lit up.
Qin Zhen listens! I shouted, Lead two thousand to follow me to the thorn pavilion.
Although he knew nothing about this place name, he suddenly ignored anything when he heard that people could be slaughtered.
I asked Du Ji to temporarily lead 500 soldiers to stay in the campthe enemy troops in Changguocheng have long lost their courage. Even if I left a camp, I’m afraid they wouldn’t dare to come out for a while.
Jia Xu Cheng Yu’s adviser doesn’t have to kill himself.

The dark fire is not five meters away from the lore, and he can be killed in a few steps. Suddenly, he feels that he is attacked by a heavy object behind him, losing his balance and throwing himself forward. Before he can reflect it, he is defeated by the blue fist blade in the lore, but he doesn’t even know how to lose, and he doesn’t want to ask. He shakes his head and leaves by himself.

The winner smiled and watched him leave his mouth and said, "Come to my guild more often. I like the arrival of strong assassins best!" "
"[* * fist], [serial palm], [raptor cross strike]!"
Repelling blood constantly makes boxing and martial arts hit the sky dance. Because this shield is so huge, it is two meters high and one meter wide. If you want to get over this shield, unless an assassin or hunter is agile, it is impossible to do it, so you can’t do it. So he can keep hitting this shield, but no matter how he plays the sky dance and picks up the shield, he doesn’t even step back. This blood repellent knows that I and the disease method didn’t lie to him. The sky dance is really strong.
"Have you had enough fun?" Tianwu danced the giant shield in his hand for a circle, and the shield wind blew the blood away by a few meters. Now that it’s depressing, it’s the shield wind that blew himself away. It seems that it’s not the ultimate trick.
Constantly [storing Qi] This is necessary for a monk to have many skills. Every time he stores one Qi, there will be a monk who can store up to five Qi around him. However, it is really difficult to [Asura Ba Huang Boxing]. It is necessary to store up enough five Qi to [explode] and let his body be covered with Qi, and then store five Qi. Although this trick is powerful, it makes the conditions harsh and dancing.
Now the blood body is constantly shining with crystal light. It can be seen that all the strength of the body is ready. He is very angry when he sees that Tianwu Root doesn’t stop himself from storing gas. It can be seen that Tianwu doesn’t look down on him at all. "Tianwu, don’t look down on me."
"[Asura Ba Huang Boxing]!"
A fist with a huge diameter of five meters was as aggressive as a solid three-dimensional animation and flew towards the sky dance. At this time, she took out her sword, red sword, red sword, huge shining sword, and the name’ God wishes’!
[Counter-attack] Knight skill is a very real move. The opponent’s attack instant should be grasped very accurately. If it is used too early or too late, it will be effective, but once it is used, it can return three times the attack power to the opponent.
Tianwu is a very tough person and a very clever person, so [counterattack] this trick is like a sharp sword in her hand. When a huge fist is 20 centimeters short of hitting her, [counterattack] skill makes Tianwu’s body immediately rotate by 1 degree, and’ God Wish’ drags the ground and touches a golden spark. In this millisecond, Tianwu immediately rotates by 1 degree again, and’ God Wish’ immediately turns into a golden light wall. This light wall is not blocking but cutting. This is a very thin light wall and it is the starting point and the end point of Tianwu. The light wall golden yellow light wall cut the huge fist in half and flew from the left and right sides of Tianwu to blow out two huge holes on the side of the venue behind Tianwu, but that light wall hit the blood repellent in the slightest, cut him in half and disappeared into white light ([Asura Ba Huang Boxing] has at least 2 attack power and is called the strongest blow, killing skill and returning three times, so you can imagine how much attack power there is).
After seeing this battle, all the players gasped. No one thought that [Asura Ba Huang Boxing] would be cut in half. This is the most advanced boxing attack in fairyland, and it can be said that it is comparable. However, when it comes to Tianwu, it is so easy to be broken, which makes many players start to think about their skills.
"What’s the matter? Is it so frustrating to repel blood? " Disease method with blood repellent shoulder and said
"Can not depressed? My strongest trick was cut in half, and even I was cut in half. At that moment, I felt that you wouldn’t dance in vain, and one day I would beat you again. "My eyes were full of revenge and anger."
He knows that Tianwu has done too much this time, so forget it. She doesn’t have to do this. It’s absolutely certain that she will flash this trick with her ability, but she doesn’t know what she likes to do. Kiki and Tianwu didn’t surrender or give up, but now the disease method can’t worry about the blood repellent. Although the first round of the disease method has died, if he kills again, then the final opponent must be Tianwu. I don’t know if the pores stand on end at the thought of the disease method.
I have an idea in my heart,’ Come on, let you taste failure!’
In the remaining two games, I’ll never see such a strong person as troubled times. Although I dare not say it’s easy, there is no such oppressive opponent in troubled times. I won the first place in LV-LV9 and Chris sent a private chat to congratulate me for the first time. At this moment, I think it’s a way to hug her tightly …
In addition, the dark fire was eliminated once and for all, and he lost in the last game. It was strange that he gave up because he didn’t say it, and no one knew it. But the dark fire seemed to feel that it was related to his final analysis, and he knew it. He must have made him understand the skills, but the sequelae of this skill did not last for a little while, but lasted for a long time, so he was willing to give up by himself.
That’s why I won the first prize easily. If I fight the winner once, I don’t know if I can guard against his secret trick. I don’t know what happened after losing in the dark fire, but we looked through the video and didn’t see that it could be attributed to the word’ mystery’.
The second chapter disease method VS day dance (a)
I asked anxiously, "How about competing with Tianwu?" But for a moment, I knew I must have lost when I saw the depressed blood repellent, but it’s not surprising that after all, my opponent is Tianwu. I turned to the disease method and said, "How’s it going? Have the confidence to have a dance with Tianwu? "
"I just waited until I didn’t change my job today before being bullied by her. It’s not so easy today!" Disease method clenched his fist with both hands and said that he was still a little nervous.
"Well done, I’ll wait for your good news. If you win the first place, it will be the first time for my two brothers to fight. Hehe, I’m really looking forward to it."
In the second round, the disease method has a little advantage, while the heavenly dance also kills the opponent to win the final battle, which determines that the disease method VS the heavenly dance.
Because the number of players in LV9-LV99 is relatively small, this game will be an elite competition and will not start until the winners are decided in all its levels.
The results of its level competition were all over at noon, which made many people lose their eyes. Because the first place in LV7 turned out to be a god official, I knew that it was the only god official in the game’ Qin Yong’. I had no idea that a priest reincarnated as a god official was like defeating its professional players, and the first place in LV7-LV79 was an alchemist named’ Chuang’, which was enough. The alchemist was a businessman who changed jobs, but I didn’t know what amazing attack power and magic were, and I didn’t know how. Of course, the name is my last individual competition, and the final of LV9-LV99 is left, so all eyes are on this competition. According to an intelligence organization somewhere, there are hundreds of millions of players watching this competition, and the names of Disease Method and Tianwu are more familiar to many people. I regret hearing this. Why didn’t I practice LV9 earlier?
Countless players are waiting for the final to begin!
Seeing Tianwu riding in discerning armor, Toucan is covered with silver and heavy armor. From head to foot, it is wrapped in a tight metal helmet, swordsmen’s earmuffs, metal masks, super-metal steel armor, soldiers’ long shoes, a bloody cloak, and a huge shield. At first glance, it is simply a mobile fortress. I wonder if the Toucan has been specially trained or how else it could be able to camel up such a heavy thing.
Besides the famous soul stick and lying notes, it is really ordinary, especially the apple headdress on his head, which has destroyed his image to the fullest and danced day by day ~ prison, but I don’t think so. The physical ability of illness is much better than those equipment.
"This is the second time that Tianwu has played against me. This time, I’m not as easy to bully as I was last time," said Dafa to Tianwu.
"Oh, have we ever played? But it doesn’t matter. Let’s get started! " Tianwu casually said
"You …" The disease method was so excited that he couldn’t say a word, and the dance didn’t take him seriously.
Unified broadcast "the game begins!"
The disease method immediately used [automatic incantation] and [water attribute addition]. This time, the disease method did not use hard-hitting tactics but used magic, because he knew that hard-hitting was not good for dancing in heaven, and the sage was also a double-cultivation profession of magic and martial arts
The disease method starts to move constantly, because the sages have skills [free casting], so the magic of singing duration can be cast while moving, and the disease method is now cast as [splitting], but it is strange that it is not ordinary [splitting] but [superposition splitting], which is also the magic that the disease method understands through fighting.
And Tianwu [the bully] and a clap of Toucan’s ass behind him immediately rushed over to the disease method. At this time, Tianwu has put away the huge shield and chased after it with one hand holding the’ God Wish’ and biting the traces of the disease method.
The disease method shouted "[superposition splitting]!"
约茶Immediately, a lot of sharp soil spikes came out from the ground, and one left and one right attacked the sky dance at the same time. The sky dance was also a clever person. If it was successful, even the heavy armor would be injured. Therefore, she jumped into the toucan with both hands and held the hilt at the same time [angrily]. The tip of the sword jumped up and hit the ground, and the shock force spread circumferentially, blasting the ground stones and soil around. The soil-soil collision just hit two times [fragmentation]. The result of the collision was to stir up dust all over the venue for all the audience to see.
When you hear the constant impact and the ground shaking, you can imagine that it must be the disease that makes the earth magic and the sky dance fight opaque. In the dense dust, the disease and the sky dance can’t see each other, but the natural warrior momentum of the sky dance body is very obvious, which marks her position. Therefore, this collision can be said to be beneficial to the disease and the disease can benefit the sage’s specialty. It is constantly moving, constantly harassing the sky dance with single fast magic [lightning stroke] [ice arrow] [rocket] [holy spirit call]. These four kinds of magic are constantly attacking. At this time, I also have some regrets about hitting Tianwu. The advantage of the knight is the strong impact, but now the opponent can’t find the figure and has been under attack. At this time, Tianwu doesn’t dare to be attacked because of going, so Tianwu puts away the toucan and moves as fast as the disease, but the moving speed is really too slow for the armor Tianwu!

Say it again! I took a deep breath.

Quick! Zulie immediately covered her ears and fifty cavalry followed suit at the same time.
When you belong to me, I will allocate 1,250 people to you immediately! I encouraged myself to camp alone like other generals, and no one can order you except me!
Feed ZuLie desperate efforts don’t also want to break into the wave attack range finally leaned over master, you are silly … you have less than two thousand people now …
I slapped him with a white note. Who wouldn’t? It’s hard to trick him into anything else. !
The horses across the street were a little dismayed, and people stood up. Zhang Liao clung to the horse’s neck and finally didn’t fall off, while the cavalry behind him fell to a large group. Fortunately, my side’s horses have gone through a rehearsal, and the slightly resistant butch riders are equipped with bilateral stirrups. It’s not so easy to fall off.
Zhang Liao indecision indefinite raised his head and asked one thousand two hundred and fifty people? What is this number?
Because we are divided into five battalions, except for the main business, the other four battalions are all 1,250 people. I shrugged. I said I wouldn’t treat you badly.
Zhang knows that the total number of butch riders is only 5,000 in the 7,400 battalion … He glared and sneered. Are you sure to give me 1,250 people?
Bah, this guy is not bad at arithmetic. He really has time to calculate the composition of his troopswait, so he doesn’t mean it a little? I pressed this point and I was glad that he explained, Don’t be so rigid, okay?? I have been unable to recruit troops in Shuofang before, but now I am still worried about recruiting thousands of troops when I go to Zhao?
There are not many soldiers. He stared at my eyes unblinkingly and slowly spit out a few words lies in essence.
… I found that the other person’s thinking is very jumping. He can always pull out the topic from some marginal words, which makes it difficult for him to communicate. Although I am young, I feel that we are butch riding or … we can barely have a look. I am already very modest, but I think of the time when Lu Bu’s elite cavalry killed Dad and led a small centaur, so I once again lowered the rating of butch riding.
Tiger and leopard ride … He swept the fiftyone people behind me again. I can see that they are all welltrained in the north. If the twenty thousand subordinates your father was handsome in those days were like this, we would have no chance of winning.
Back then? I Zheng immediately white he said it was also the attack of Lu Bu on Chang ‘an.
I’m afraid that’s it. In the face of Zhang Liao, I no longer hide anything and calmly respond. It’s a pity that training can’t be achieved overnight. It takes thousands of soldiers to train.
Well Zhang Liao finally agreed once.
I immediately reversed the topic So I need talents like Wen Yuan more.
Huh? Isn’t this the way you like to talk?
Brother Bo ‘an has told me many times that there are more than ten capable people in the general of Lu Bu’s account, but two of them. I took advantage of Seibel’s friendship with him to overcome his barriers. It’s just that he has Wen Yuan.
桑拿会所Bern? Zhang Liao sighed and shook his head. What a pity!
It’s a pity! I don’t care what he was sorry for, but he said, At that time, Lu Bu commanded tens of thousands of troops and even allocated them to more than two thousand men. It is inevitable that his mind will not achieve great things! I once again belittled Lu Bu.
Zhang Liao finally lowered his eyes in my imposing manner
Wen Yuan should be a good soldier, but look at you now! I increased the tone curled up in a county under the jurisdiction of dozens of handsome but one hundred people lyu3 bu4 repeatedly righteous court don’t will weigh him? If you follow him … you’re bound to die forever! I remembered another possibility, unless he dares to rise up and rebel!
Zhang Liao’s thin body was slightly shocked Rebellion?
Lyu3 bu4 If you rebel, you may be able to rely on bravery to make some names. I sneer. But do you think Huangfusong will let him succeed? How long can Lu Bu survive with only five thousand men?
Zhang Liao silently chuishou meditation for a long time long out of breath and finally looked up.
His eyes are as sharp as a sword, and his thin body seems to be full and magnificent.
I smiled and watched him follow me. I always told Lu Bu that this political stock had a bright future!
He shook his head slowly. Lyu3 bu4 may be cunning, but Zhang Liao doesn’t do it repeatedly.
I couldn’t react at the moment and stayed where I was.
Zhang Liao turned his horse’s head and handed me goodbye
Dozens of cavalry entered the dilapidated gates in Tucheng in turn and slowly closed.
There is a wide gap in it. It’s too dark to look in.
7 lost
Isn’t this fellow too annoying, master! Zulie roared in the gallop, Why don’t we just turn around and kill him? How’s it going? !” He has a look of burning anger.
You, you or bandits? I turned around and scolded him, We are regular troops. We have to get legal orders to kill and set fire, otherwise we will burn, kill, rob and be different from thieves?
Young Master Ying! He fuels in the horse. Zhang Liao unappreciative makes us ugly. Is the villain just trying to get back some noodles or is the young master generous? No, this little county magistrate cares about whether the villain is too narrowminded to live up to the old master’s teachings. Just now, the expression of anger burning in his chest suddenly disappeared.
Young master and young people can’t stand it! Several soldiers behind him looked like they were dying to live.
What’s the matter? I was surprised. Are you tired of running too fast?
A soldier clutching his chest Zubrigade commander makes us sick to death …
If you eat that dry food early, you will spit it out, asshole brigade commander!
Zubrigade commander is shameless! You hit the nail on the head.
The ancestral brigade commander wants to give it to the young master! This is getting worse and worse …
Hey, hey, hey! Zulie became angry from embarrassment and waved his whip to the genus unbridled! Young master, it’s hard to take you out for a trip, and it’s not good to show the old man!
What are you showing? The subordinates don’t cooperate. Even if we behave well, the young master won’t send us money, and he won’t squeeze you to let me be a brigade commander …
Zulie is in distress situation.
I looked back and sighed. These bastards are so honest!

Near the beginning of the bid, it was no longer bright, so we crossed the Yellow River and chased the big troops slowly.

A few hours’ flight knocked down neighboring countries. There are the best hot springs in the world, and they are the best in hot springs.

They set off from the capital of a neighboring country by car and rolled over to Kusatsu-machi.
Kusatsu-machi is a small town located 2 kilometers northwest of Tokyo. It is a mountain sightseeing town that can enjoy the natural scenery of the four seasons. The population is only about 7, but the number of tourists is as high as 30,000. It is one of the three most famous Japanese soups. This is also the first time that Kusatsu Hot Springs have been ranked first in the list for 12 consecutive years.
There are only a handful of natural springs in Caojin Hot Springs. Most bacteria and miscellaneous bacteria are also propagated by law, which has superior bactericidal power and of course beautiful skin function. Caojin folk songs have also sung "Everything can be cured except lovesickness" since ancient times, which shows that Caojin Hot Springs have a high therapeutic effect.
品茶论坛They didn’t stay in a hotel, but went to the hot spring town. They have asked friends here to book a hot spring shop to receive their party during this period.
This hot spring shop has a beautiful environment and is very secluded. They don’t want to be disturbed by others and are very satisfied.
Lin Mochen and their shopkeepers and clerks received them warmly when they arrived.
The shopkeeper also personally took Lin Mochen to their respective rooms, and Lin Mochen and Lu You, Fu Hanyu and Fang Jing, lived alone.
Finally, it was Gu Nanqing’s turn and Su Man Su Man spoke first. "I want to live alone-I like silence."
"Are you kidding?" After Gu Na listened, the knife-shaped eyebrows put their arms around her shoulders and said to the boss, "We have the final say."
"Gu always sleeps a long time, so you’d better not be with her. I’m afraid she’ll kick you to the bed after she falls asleep." Lu You also helps his friends to clear up. "Gu always thinks of you."
Gu Nan tilted her eyes and looked at Su Man around her. "Is that so?"
Su Man nodded heavily "yes"
"I’m not afraid of being kicked." Gu Nanqing pinched Su Mamba and smiled uberly. "It’s such a happy decision!"
His tone is still calm, but with irresistible majesty.
"Then Mr. Gu, please come with me." The shopkeeper led the way.
Su Man stood still and Gu Nanqing took her. "Don’t worry, kick me, I won’t kick me back and bully you."
Su Man is about to vomit blood. She’s too lazy to bully him.
After the shopkeeper left, Su Man was taken to the room by Gu Nanqing and put the salute box in his hand.
Su Man looked at the door and stepped back. "Gu always can’t discuss it again."
"There’s nothing to discuss" Gu Nanqing took off her coat and walked up to her. "Didn’t you see it? Chen and Han Yu share a room with their own women, but you want to separate from me. What do you want them to think of me? "
"They are husband and wife living in one room. It’s normal. We’re not husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, are we? Can’t you be so strong? " Su Man told him the truth "Gu Zong!"
Gu Nanqing’s sharp eyes locked on her. Because of what she just said, her eyes were obviously unhappy. He approached her step by step, retreated step by step, and then retreated again.
She swallowed a throat nervously. "Gu Zong, can you step back a little? We can’t talk well like you. "
Gu Nanqing not only didn’t get out of the way, but also leaned closer to her, so close that their noses were stuck together, and he snorted and sprayed her face.
He stretched out his hand to support her ears, and those eyes were interesting and she couldn’t understand the color flow.
"I won’t blame you if Su Man takes back what you just said." Gu Nanqing didn’t like her so much to resist herself.
He really likes this woman, and she wants to distance herself from him, which makes her unhappy.
"Manager Gu, I didn’t say anything wrong. Which sentence do you want me to take back?" Sue diffuse also stubbornly meet his sharp eyes.
Although she tried to calm herself down, she still couldn’t help but feel a little nervous and uneasy. Her heart beat faster, which was related to her feelings because she was a peach tree full of temptations.
"Su Man, you are so smart that you don’t know that Gu Nan is about to kiss her lip." Do you want me to prove something? "
When he finished, he put his hands around her wrists and fixed the wall behind him.
He bowed his head and kissed her lips without listening to what she would say next.
This is the first time Gu Nanqing kissed her. She was so nervous and scared that she closed her eyes tightly and her body was so tight that she could relax herself to face her.
And he also felt her tight. He kissed very softly and left in a few seconds, but this short time has also made Gu Nanqing somewhat obsessed with her lips, which are so soft and attractive.
Su Man did not feel the expected strength and wildness, but was gentle instead.
"Su Man, don’t imagine me badly. I didn’t force women to get used to it, and I didn’t bother to force me to tell you that I am very gentle." Gu Nan leaned her ear and whispered "Don’t worry."
Then he let go of her wrist and stepped back.
Su Man felt that it was news that she belonged to Gu Nanqing’s taste before her, and she slowly opened her eyes. She stood still.
Gu Nanqing has begun to take a suit from his salute box. "I’m going to take a shower and change clothes. Please tidy it up yourself. Remember what I said just now. If you don’t obey me, I won’t abide by what I said just now. I want you to be my woman and I’d better not annoy me."
He finished talking without looking back, and then the result went to the shower door and there was a burst of water.
Su Man is constantly taking a deep breath and trying to calm his mood.

If the amniotic fluid breaks, the children will be in danger and must be born as soon as possible.

Lan Jingyi walked back and forth in the ward, mumbling to call for two babies to come out and have a face-to-face talk with her. I miss these two children who haven’t met yet.
The doctor came to check again.
After the inspection, it is a serious sign that Lanqing Road "family members come out."
Lan Qing quickly followed the doctor out and said, "The child is too big to be born. If you can’t, you can have a caesarean section. Of course, you can have a natural birth."
Lan Qing nodded, "Listen to the doctor and decide what to do." How did she feel that she was not so nervous when she gave birth, but her daughter was nervous when she gave birth to a child?
"Mom, what did the doctor say?" See LanQing has just been called out LanJingYi natural some doubts.
约茶"Oh, the doctor said that if you break the amniotic fluid first, you will have a caesarean section. I think it’s all right. It will also keep your perfect figure. Hey, this is a good suggestion."
"Mom, what’s my figure like in the future? But I want to have a natural birth and give the children exercise to let them know that it’s not easy to come to this world."
"If you can have a natural delivery, you can have a natural delivery. If you can’t have a caesarean section, we’ll settle it." The mother and daughter are always discussing with Liu Wentao. It’s not convenient for a big man to come in this ward, but they still accommodate the doctors and nurses.
"Yi Yi, how are you?" She wants to give birth to Jiang Junyue’s child, but he is also nervous with him. This is really a shame. Sometimes when he is selfish, he just wants Lan Jingyi to give birth to these two children, but it is just a moment. The thought that losing these two children may lead to reaction and heartache makes him think that she was born smoothly.
"It’s okay. It’s all arranged here in the hospital. I’m prepared for caesarean section if I can’t give birth naturally." I’m going to be a mother-to-be. She thought of all the possibilities before entering the hospital
Beautiful music resounded through the ward at this moment, and Liu Wentao rang. He took a glance and picked it up, then walked out of the ward while listening to it.
"You can handle it."
"Stupid guy can’t handle such a few things, I can’t get away." What happened to the city company is that Lan Jingyi will be born soon at this point.
Listen, listen, Lu Wentao’s face changed slightly. He really wondered if Jiang Junyue was secretly playing tricks on his company. But at this time, he didn’t think of anything and didn’t go back. His hands were overwhelmed and he went into the ward. "Yiyi, I may have to go back to China for a day or two. Can you stay here with Aunt Qing?" It’s really not at ease. After all, how much it will make women feel at ease to have a man outside?
"I can do it. Go home quickly and stop running around." Seeing that Liu Wentao was so anxious that his head was covered with sweat, Lan Jingyi was very sorry. After all, the child was not him but Jiang Junyue.
In the end, Lu Wentao had to leave, and the employees of the company went on strike. Lu’s stock fell every day, and he dared not disturb him at this time if it was not handled by hands.
Chapter 6 Two Babies
In the end, Lu Wentao had to leave, and the employees of the company went on strike. Lu’s stock fell every day, and he dared not disturb him at this time if it was not handled by hands.
"Ah …" A dull pain in the abdomen. This time, the pain was different.+= The pain was different. Lan Jingyi’s consciousness was muffled and made doctors and nurses rush in. At first glance, he saw that the red liquid was flowing along Lan Jingyi’s legs-"Send it to the operating room quickly".
That red is too eye-catching
Lan Jingyi was pushed into the operating room.
That kid will meet Jiang Junyue soon. Believe me, soon, soon, but we can’t think of a way to meet! !
Or the pain is numb, so Lan Jingyi no longer feels the pain.
At the moment when she was lying flat on the operating table, she was somewhat overwhelmed and nervous. Even before entering the hospital, she thought that there might be a caesarean section. However, at the thought of having her abdomen cut open, she still could not help but be afraid of holding a little nurse’s hand tightly and refused to let go.
The good doctor saw that her forehead was covered with sweat, and knew that she was nervous and afraid, and she didn’t tear the little nurse apart-she held it.
Lan Jingyi closed her eyes, and her hands were all sweaty with the little nurse’s hands.
Just imagine that hand as Jiang Junyue’s big hand, and imagine that he holds her hand warmly, and he gives her strength. That’s how she thinks, and gradually she is not afraid.
The anesthetic came, and the operation seemed to have begun. She chose the local anesthesia station, and her brain was still awake. She heard the sound of the instrument again and again, and sure enough, as the doctor said, she really didn’t feel any pain.
Gradually Lan Jingyi relaxed her body pains for so long, and now she really wants to sleep.
But in my heart, I am so eager to see two children at once. I wonder if the children are two boys or two girls or twins.
As far as I can imagine, the operation is going smoothly.
"Miss Lan, do you like boys or girls?" Seeing that she closed her eyes and cared for the 9999 doctor, she was still nervous and talked to her.
"Girl" Lan Jingyi wants to say that many women feel that it is very hard to have menstruation and have children, but she feels that being a woman is very happy, just like at the moment, although giving birth to a child has to go through this operation, it is also a kind of growth, so that she can finally upgrade to be a mother.
The more life experiences, the more worth reading. She never regrets being a woman. On the contrary, she is glad that she is a daughter and will soon become a mother again.
"Oh, you’ll know after a while. Guess whether it’s a boy or a girl who comes out first?" The little nurse asked again
"Girl" girl is a mother’s sweet little cotton-padded jacket. She still wants a girl.
"Come out …" The little nurse shouted excitedly and then Lan Jingyi heard a loud cry, "Boys and girls?" She asked softly, expecting too much.

Huangfuda nodded. "When have I ever cheated Ms. Park?"

Shuiyunjin completely lost this man, who is not to be taunted.
Chu Chengxuan took Gu Chenxi to the boat at the other end of Liuli Lake. It is quiet and gentle here than before, with a little moonlight pouring over the lake.
"ChuChengXuan" Gu Chenxi was held by ChuChengXuan and came to the bow, which made her dizzy for a moment. The whole person shook uncontrollably, and she didn’t come to see the surrounding scene clearly. The boat shook violently, and she quickly grabbed ChuChengXuan’s sleeve.
ChuChengXuan also lost the center of gravity, and the whole person followed the shaking. Suddenly, there was a strong attack. The two men hugged together and fell from their heads to the cabin. ChuChengXuan took one look at the outside and saw a few ways passing by like an eagle. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly. How could the "dirty" one miss him easily?
Hearing Gu Chenxi’s pain, Chu Chengxuan immediately withdrew his mind. In front of him, Gu Chenxi’s face was close at hand. Her beautiful eyebrow eye was slightly twisted with her gentle face. She dyed the moonlight as white as jade and her pink lip was slightly sipping her body. This scene, Chu Chengxuan’s eyes were suddenly tight and bottomless, and Gu Chenxi’s face was glued. All her senses had drifted away. Only she was the most beautiful scenery in his eyes.
"Busy also seen you please" Huangfu da’s eyes of black jade recovered from a distance and glanced at the crowd lightly.
Ling Xiaoyao looked pale and didn’t seem to hear Jiang Yu’s smiling face watching ChuChengXuan lively, which is better than watching Huangfudi Theatre. Naturally, he also didn’t want to go. Huangfudi stared at Huangfudi discontentedly, which was because they were redundant.
"My county king spot shadow coloured glaze specially set up a small wine dishes to entertain you, please" Yi Sen suddenly came from the dark and made a sign to the three people.
Looking back, the three men saw dozens of dark guards after Yesen. Judging from their breathing and strong Shaqi, the martial arts were all good. This is to shock them even if Ling Xiaoyao and Jiang Yuqi’s martial arts are unfathomable, they will suffer if they want to fight so many feet with their fists.
"The king didn’t have a good time to drink when he fought." Jiang Yu qi was very sensible to lift his foot into the spot shadow glass.
LingXiaoYao dark eyes looked at the eyes Huangfuda lift heel without saying a word.
"One of them is enough to deal with me." Huangfu Yun stared at Huangfu Da and said a sentence sullenly.
At this time, Shuiyunjin doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh. This man has been writing on his face since he met ChuChengxuan halfway. He thinks that today is Begging for Beggars’ Day. What should he have done to prevent people from following him? This man?
"You’ve been laughed at. Don’t be sick when you offer sacrifices to your sovereign."
"You and I are one, and you can still laugh when I am laughed at." Huangfuda’s face is light and faint, and you can’t see that she should be ashamed and ashamed after being laughed at.
"That’s true, but I can’t do it like you." Shuiyunjin thought for a moment and paused.
"I what" Huangfuda asked.
"I can’t do your share of" dirty "water cloud park thinking about this person means and line think he is really dirty, even Ling Xiaoyao and Jiang Yu qi can’t compare with him.
Huangfuda picked his eyebrows and looked a little casual. "It is necessary to take extraordinary measures to deal with extraordinary people. If I don’t put on a show to make them feel uncomfortable, they will be so accommodating."
"Well, it’s all your right." Shuiyun Park thinks that this person has studied Sun Yat-sen’s Art of War or 36 tricks.
"I’m naturally because I’m your man." Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin with great pride.
Shuiyunjin frowned and didn’t understand. Is there a man with her?
Huangfuda’s mood is excellent at this time, and the eyesore can finally be quiet. He took Shuiyunjin’s feet and walked out of Liuli Lake.
"Where to go?" Shui Yunjin was curious.
"Go to know" Huangfuda temporarily don’t want to say anything.
Shuiyunjin smiled. She followed him wherever he went and simply didn’t ask.
When they walked out of the busy street, the night was getting darker and darker. The city gate was not as busy as the city, and the moonlight was shining, and the dim light of glass lamps on both sides shone on the road ahead.
Huangfuda took the water cloud and hibiscus, and the two men were entangled in the dim light and shadow.
Without a trace, Huangfuda looked at his side. Is it really unnoticed to follow him all the way from Liuli Lake? Suddenly, his feet were holding Shuiyunjin, and they suddenly blinked and crossed the wall for only a moment and then disappeared.
Slightly hectares Huangfuheng fell to the wall, and his eyes were like the darkness of the sky at the moment. He was so careful not to let Huangfuda find it, but he still lost it.
At this time, Huangfuda has flown out of the gate with Shuiyunjin and crossed the heavy road to a deserted place.
Here is the suburb of Xishan in Beijing with beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains and rivers, moonlight like water, quiet night and quiet outside.
As soon as Shuiyun Park arrived, it was attracted by the exquisite lanterns on both sides. It was such a beautiful scene in the middle of nowhere. The dim light of the lanterns glowed and reflected Shuiyun Park’s face, giving her a white face and a layer of haze. It was very beautiful and dusty. Her mouth raised a gentle smile. She didn’t even know that Huangfuda had arranged these.
Huangfuda seems to feel the joy of Shuiyunjin overflowing from his heart. His eyebrows and thin lips evoke and pull Shuiyunjin all the way to a water bank. Suddenly, his toes tap and two figures fall across the lake and fall to the top of the lake.
Shuiyunjin looked at the black hill and Huangfudan took her to a higher mountain cliff before opening her mouth.
The cliff is steep and difficult to climb, but the scenery is excellent. The green pine tree grows in the gap of delicate flowers, and everything in the distance can be seen from here.
Shuiyunjin noticed that the tall and straight pine tree was hung with a circle of small lanterns, and each lamp was hung with a brocade cloth, which was very dazzling and meaningful.
Shuiyunjin looked at the rarity and earned Huangfudi’s arm. Huangfudi didn’t say anything. The pale yellow halo lingered in the lantern. Shuiyunjin couldn’t tell the beauty. Her delicate and beautiful figure was graceful and exquisite, which made his eyes feel fixed. Tsinghua’s eyebrows had a burning light
In front of the Shuiyunjin pine tree, I was looking carefully at the elaborate lantern. Suddenly, she was touched by a piece of brocade cloth. She reached out and took it to meet and wrote two lines of small words: "Holding hands and carrying the old."
Her heart was amazed, and the ripples suddenly appeared. She once again reached out and looked at another piece of brocade paper, which said, "May one heart and one mind never leave each other" and "It’s hard to be old."
Shuiyunjin has read all the love words in every brocade poem, and the moist eyes reflect the dim light, which is soft and clear. Suddenly, when the waist is tight, it sticks to warm the chest and ears, and Huangfuda’s low charm sounds. "No one has ever been to this precipice before and after, there are footprints of you and me. I have prepared everything here for several days, and I personally made it and hung it to like it."
"Like" Shuiyun Park sound choked me. She has never been a melodramatic person, but at the moment, her heart is as soft as a hot spring pool, and she can’t help but tremble and be moved.
Huangfuda’s mouth was hooked with a thin lip and a fragrant neck, and she took a hard kiss. She was pure and fresh and fragrant. In a moment, he turned around and covered her head with a thin lip print. Shuiyunfu’s forehead was bright and clean, and her eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks and corners of her mouth were carefully painted with a lip shape, and their breath was gently licked. They became hot from shallow to hot.
For a long time, the tip of the tongue was opened and two lips were entangled in a soft kiss. The kiss was as light as it could be, but it was more exciting.
At the same time, the sky was ablaze with dazzling fireworks, and the two men hugged each other tightly and kissed each other to the bone. The picture was as beautiful as a picture scroll.
Shuiyunjin was carefully laid flat by Huangfudan. His thin lips were wrapped around Shuiyunjin, and he trembled uncontrollably. His jade hand pulled open the waist ribbon and the long skirt slipped down lightly, revealing her skin. If Huangfudan’s eyes were tight, she whispered "Yunjin".
Breathing was taken away from the water, and Yunxi was almost breathless. Listening to Huangfu’s mouth almost whispering, Yunxi’s heart slammed out of her cheeks, and a layer of water mist filled her beautiful eyes. Huangfu’s neck suffered from his love and enthusiasm, and her voice became dull.
Huangfuda listened to this call, and the whole person suddenly became feverish. He left the red and swollen lips, and the lips became hot. The delicate neck and delicate clavicle skin smelled sweet through breathing. His slender body suddenly became hot, and enchanting and gorgeous flowers bloomed quietly and lingering at night, which started the prelude.
Shuiyunjin didn’t know when she slept in the past, and when she was so tired that her hands and feet were weak, she begged for mercy and Huangfudi still didn’t let her go.
桑拿会所Shuiyunjin opened her eyes again because Huangfuda gently woke him up, and the cool and elegant breath was unscrupulously permeated with the breath in her mouth, which made her have a bad sleep.
Shuiyunjin’s eyes narrowed into a crack. Last night, she didn’t even know how long Huangfuda had been pestering her. It was so sleepy that she couldn’t open her eyes. If she wasn’t afraid that Huangfuda would spoil her again, she wouldn’t even want to open a crack.
"I’m not sleepy at all." Huangfudi’s voice seems to be gentle and moist with a smile.
I heard that Shuiyunjin was dying and closed her eyes again. "You are alive and kicking to take advantage of it."
"Ha ha" Huangfuda smiled in a low voice, like a clear spring flowing. "Ms. Jin praised me so much, and my heart is very happy that my wife meets her opponent."
Shuiyunjin grumpily sneered at her, but I can assure God that it was not a compliment.
Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin with eyes full of addiction, and her little face was very vivid. She loved this guy more, and his voice was as happy as a wind chime. "You are really like a leprechaun now, and I can’t help it."
ShuiYunJin heard this sentence, and the sleepy heart was scared to death. More than half of them gave HuangFuDa a glad eye. She leaned on his arms lazily and opened her eyes. She had a feeling that "what time is it now?"
This glance at Wei Chen didn’t have the slightest power. Instead, the eyes were bright and bright, and the eyes were blurred. Huangfuda’s eyes suddenly became dark, but he also knew that Shuiyunjin was very tired and pressed his heart to be crazy. "You open your eyes and have a look."
Shuiyunjin blinked, raised an eyebrow and looked into the distance. Suddenly, a bright sunrise appeared in her eyes.
When the first ray of dawn overflowed with thousands of golden lights, the lake was dyed with a layer of carmine through the treetops, such as flowers blooming like water waves scattered with its own spectacular and magnificent red sun, and the sea of clouds in Ran Ran was full of colors.
Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin’s eyes with surprise, and his mouth was hooked. This is the perfect place to watch the sunrise.
Two people on the precipice sit next to each other, and the sun shines like a jade flame, and the whole body seems to be stained with a layer of Xiaguang, and absolute beauty is free from vulgarity.
I don’t know how long it took before the sun rose and it was a little dazzling to hear Huangfuda say "Go home"
Water-cloud hibiscus gently, well, like a Tathagata, Huangfuda flew off the precipice pine tree with water-cloud hibiscus, and the exquisite lanterns and silk paper swaying with the wind stayed there forever.
Huangfuda’s figure is extremely fast, but they have already entered the city with a stick of incense, but they have left Shuiyunjin. They have never seen a roof. "Where is this?"
Huangfuda didn’t say anything, pulling Shuiyunjin to stay in front of the hospital, and the words "Qingyue Pavilion" were written on the facade.
Shuiyun Park knows that Jiang Qiuwu is inside at the moment and has changed back to the face of Guan Yueyue in the previous autumn. Huangfuda brought her here just to let her see for herself that Jiang Qiuwu was listed today. "Will it be recognized if we just go in like this?"

The night is deep

Jiang Junyue is in the clubhouse. He has no idea what happened in Vasolen.
He has always been uneasy about playing cards for a month. He always feels as if something is wrong, but no matter how hard he tries, he can’t find out what is wrong. Although he has been lazy to take care of the company recently, all the employees of the company are still in good order. That’s because he manages well. He doesn’t work hard with his hands.
It’s the only bad luck to lose for several days in a row.
At four o’clock in the morning, he played the last deck of cards, and then the table was scattered.
Jiang Junyue walked lazily to the gate of Fantian Club with long legs. Recently, He Ling was very quiet and never clamored for him to go on a blind date. He wished his ears were quiet, but it was really quiet, but he felt as if something was strange.
I can’t figure out what it is.
The black Lamborghini really should have changed this time. This time, the woman asked him to change cars, but even he didn’t know what he had been driving for nearly a year.
April is a good time in the city, and the climate is neither too hot nor too cold.
Jiang Junyue wore a long trench coat with black lining, and he was handsome and aggressive. Every gesture and gesture exuded a noble king’s spirit, and he walked towards his car.
Half-secretly, my eyes are in the car, but there seems to be something flashing, as if someone is moving.
But that’s his car. It’s right. Why would anyone be there?
Jiang Junyue suddenly all the people were on guard, and there was no hesitation in his footsteps, as if nothing had been found. blazing with anger stared at his car.
That figure is still shaking
桑拿会所Jiang Junyue’s pace is getting faster and faster. If he has the courage to get into his car, he must have the courage to bear his cruelty. At this moment, he is a little puzzled. Who can easily get into his car?
It’s almost there.
Jiang Junyue directly rushed to the front of the car door and flashed quickly. At the same time, he was ready for protection. After opening the door, he slammed a hand knife and split it toward the black shadow.
"Ah …" He moved too fast, and when the man reacted, he was already hit hard, which also shocked Jiang Junyue. "Lomewei, how do you drive?" Slowly let go of another hand, Jiang Junyue, and stared at Lomewei in the car.
As soon as he asked, he regretted it, because now he wants to know that Lomevi opened the door with the car key, and who else but He Ling will be the one who asked Lomevi for the car key?
"It really hurts," Lomevi rubbed his head. "I must have been concussed by you."
Lome EU muttered, but Jiang Junyue was shocked for the second time after opening the car door. This time, it was not because of Lome EU, but because she was holding a dignified and strong little thing in her arms.
In the middle of the night, he felt that the little thing was familiar. "Giggle …" The little thing smiled and opened its mouth, but it looked as cute as it looked. "Where are the children?"
"Born Bai" Lome EU gave Jiang Junyue a white look "Come and show you", and she said, she moved in and called Jiang Junyue to get out of the car, and Jiang Junyue felt as if he had been dragged by the big eyes of that child, so he got into the car involuntarily with those eyes, although it was his own car, but he was sitting in the back seat, which was unique.
He stretched out his hand and pressed it to turn on the lights in the car. At first, the big eyes of the child began to turn around. "Giggle … Giggle … Dad … Dad …" Like conscious and conscious, the word "dad" made Jiang Junyi Zhang Jun’s face quickly pile up layers of seriousness. "Lome Wei, you can’t find a child who looks like me to mess with me. I don’t believe it was you." Before Lome Wei said what Jiang Junyue had already.
"Oh, you don’t believe me, but you should always believe in science. Real gold is not afraid of fire. Practice this child, and I’ll leave it to you. Do you want to toss about it? Is it blood test or dna test? Anyway, he is 100% your kind?" Lomewei said, and she stuffed the little thing into Jiang Junyue’s arms and then leaned over to push the door and got on the bus. "I’ve been tired for months. Now it’s your hard work as a father."
Lomevi really got the car.
The little thing fell into Jiang Junyue’s arms, and he stretched out his hand to throw it out. He would believe it. No, he didn’t remember Lomevi at all that night. He wouldn’t. When the woman pushed open the car door, he would throw it out and get a fake child to tie him down. Then she Lomevi was all wet.
The car door really opened and Jiang Junyue really sent the child out, but the child was small but clever. Two small hands grabbed Jiang Junyue’s left arm cuff and one grabbed Jiang Junyue’s right arm cuff. When Jiang Junyue let go, the little thing actually seemed to be doing physical exercise. The whole body hung half-way with the strength of those two small hands, but it didn’t fall to the ground and supplemented the amazing movement. To be exact, it was more like a flattering smile. That little face that resembled him smiled brilliantly, and his mouth muttered, "Dad … Dad ……
That cute little dad was hung for five seconds, and then Jiang LaCrosse reached out and fished the little thing back into his arms. Although it was the first time he saw it, he actually … didn’t hate it at all. On the contrary, how do you like it? It seems that the little thing has an innate intimacy.
Is the little thing really his kind?
But Lome Wei …
"Yueyue brother, I’ll wait for you to test our son’s dna, and then I’ll pick him up and leave. Well, he’ll leave it to you these days." Lomewei said and left without looking back.
Xiaodong Xijiang lacrosse stood upright in her arms, kicking and kicking, and Jiang lacrosse just looked at him. The more cute the child was, the more she couldn’t let go.
"giggle ….." the little guy still laughed and hurt a smile.
For a second, Jiang Junyue never recognized that laughing at a little thing was a kind of evil laugh. His chest was wet, and at the moment, there was still a water jet that was spouting and spraying. Jiang Junyue climbed over his chest and twisted until his pants were wet …
Section 49

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang Lin, deng xiaoping ding hou and town frenzy mind active again. After a pause, Yang Qian coldly shouted, Mrs. Huayang, look at your good son. When we get back, it’s hard to let mother go to court and accuse you of poor discipline!
Yes, when I get back, I will let my mother enter the palace and join you in front of the empress! Li ping also echoed, and suddenly recovered his air. Both of them were born in Houfu, and they are most familiar with the things of observing the color and catching people’s feet. This moment of kung fu, two people will see that Mrs Huayang is Fang Lin, Fang Yun two brothers’ pain and weakness.
Little beast, you two are looking for death! Fang Lin listen to mother, had some let go. Smell speech at the moment, can’t help flying into a rage. Although he seems a little reckless and acts on impulse, his mother is extremely filial. At this time, I heard that the two men insulted their mother, Mrs. Huayang, for three transgressions of four times, and simply put their hearts on the line. If they don’t stop, they will kill the two men in Houfu.
Fang Lin oscillated all over, and raising my hand was a punch. This punch swung out, and immediately there was a landslide and tsunami in the wing, and the air in the whole wing rolled up, forming a black vortex, full of shrill voices. At the same time, Fang Lin’s body, a circle of glittering and translucent get rid of brilliance bursting out, condensed into a head of about a foot on his fist, like a front arrow blue uh guano.
Vigorous environment! See a circle of glittering and translucent light, Yang Qian, li ping with pale.
The two were born in a family of marquis Wu, with a long history and a deep knowledge of martial arts. Martial arts is divided into six realms, which are called six realms.
The first level of vitality. That is, the invisible vitality between heaven and earth will be absorbed into the body and merged with the flesh to enhance the strength of the body. In the army, those who have this level of cultivation can be captains.
The second layer of true qi. Extract the vitality from all parts of the body and condense it, so that it can flow and circulate in the body, thus actively absorbing the weather between heaven and earth and growing. A strong man at this level can be a centurion in the army.
The third layer of vigorous atmosphere. The true qi is further refined, diffused out of the body, coagulated but not dispersed, and it is a vigorous atmosphere. Fighters in the vigorous atmosphere have further increased their power. Fighters in this realm can be captains of thousands, with one thousand Zhou soldiers at their command. The commander is an important non-commissioned officer in the Zhou army.
The fourth level of gas field. This level of the strong, Gang gas further condensation, into the aura, can distort each other’s attacks. To reach this level, every fighter is a valuable asset of the Zhou Dynasty, called an elite soldier. After these soldiers were selected, they became an independent army, which was directly commanded by the princes of the Zhou Dynasty.
The fifth level of array law. To reach this level, we need to understand some special methods and rules. The strong at the law level have a remarkable ability, which is refining. For example, refining a mountain and extracting its aura.
In the Zhou Dynasty, in the army, the strong men at the rank of law were often transferred to the capital to form an imperial army to help defend the capital. This is an honor, but also a great opportunity. Because all the strong at this level can get a chance to get a lost secret copy of the achievement method from the secret library of the royal family in Zhou Dynasty. Some of these secret books were lost in ancient times, and some were lost in ancient times, but they were preserved in the royal family of the Zhou Dynasty.
Fang Yun and Fang Lin’s father got an ancient secret book from the royal family at the beginning when he was doing imperial work, which gradually stood out from the army.
The sixth floor lives in the fetal environment. To reach this state, I actually began to understand the secrets of the human body and possessed some powers that ordinary people simply could not imagine.
Living above the six realms of the fetus, it is said that there is also a realm of birth. That realm is even more mysterious. Yang Qian and Li Ping also heard it mentioned by their elders, but most of them were only half-paws, and they didn’t quite understand it after listening to it several times. Just remember the words born out of the world.
The path of martial arts is extremely difficult to cultivate. Children in Beijing, it is good to be able to cultivate the true qi. But Fang Lin has actually become a gang gas, and it depends. It is also the peak of gang gas, and it is fast to break through to the fourth level of aura. With his training, he will be a commander in the army as usual in the future.
In order to achieve the vigorous atmosphere, between raising the palm and splitting the fist, the whole body naturally swells with vigorous atmosphere. Gang gas condenses like crystals, and when it is injected into the sword, it will immediately generate a sword gang, and when it is injected into the knife, it will form a knife gang, and it will be easy to cut gold and iron.
Fang Lin this one punch out, gave birth to a fist Gang, flatly, just the avalanche of power, can put in front of li ping, Yang Qian into dust.

Chapter 3 Gambling Fight
Deng Xiaoping Ding Hou, a small town, suddenly turned pale with horror. They didn’t expect Fang Lin to be so bold and so lawless. When they broke into Xuegong, so many people watched, and everyone knew that they were brought into Houfu by the eldest son of Hou from all directions. And he, the Fang Lin, incredibly dare to kill them in Hou Fu.