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Good advice, but … it’s all nonsense afterwards …

When I was Wei Wei, I was obsessed with soldiers, but I was relegated to the Great Wall because of a ghost fire, but I couldn’t throw away my soldiers or I would suddenly become someone else’s sword ghost.
Of course, I can throw away my official position at that time and return to Liangzhou, where I will be reunited with Dad.
But on eagle wings, birds can never fly.
Besides, the eagle … doesn’t like me very much.
I’d like to be idle and be a county, but … Who the fuck will let me go to a peaceful county and enjoy my retirement?
However, Zhang Wen’s kindness can convince me that my uncle will inculcate my little nephew to keep it in mind, and I will think twice about my future choices.
I hope you don’t forget this statement. Zhang Wen will be like a copper Jue, throwing Chen Dao out casually, leaping gently and catching it firmly with his hand is clean and neat.
My dear nephew, let me ask you a question. He stroked his beard and paced for two steps. Are you going to Liaodong for an expedition?
Why do you and Lu Zhi have to ask this question?
I replied, My elite fighters attacked one of them and then lured the enemy to reinforce one and broke it to win.
What if he gathers his forces and sticks to the fortified city? He asked Lu Zhi exactly the same.
Linking Liaodong cremation of diplomatic attack on the enemy lines won the first world war, so I can answer the same question.
Zhang Wen nodded and added, If you want to pacify Liaodong, you need to pay special attention to the terrain and climate of Liaodong. Liaodong is not shorter than the crisscross of the Central Plains mountain plains in spring and autumn, but a long rain and snow in summer and winter may reverse the war situation. My dear, please ask the local guides to be careful.
I nodded modestly. Thank you for your advice.
He waved his sleeves. I’m a little tired. I’ll see you later, my dear nephew.
11 Chen … to
Ask uncle I hurriedly hand to leave.
The child will send Ma’s adult on behalf of his father. Zhang Ren asked Nai’s father for instructions and got permission. He gestured to me Dear Brother, please.
Please, Brother Zhongye, I nodded and he walked side by side. Chen Dao followed us easily.
Zhongye still has brothers? After a few steps, I asked him kindly about his family members.
He nodded. My brother is ten years older than me. He has not been back to Luoyang for a long time, and there are two younger brothers at home.
Do you have sisters? I continue to ask
He smiled and asked me, Why does my good brother want to marry my Zhang family? He rolled his eyes. Well, I know you’ve had several concubines since you were young …
I slapped him on the back nonsense! Although I have been in your father’s family for three years, I have never known much about your family. That’s why I asked you about Zhongye. Don’t think about it.
Hey, I have a sister and a younger sister, but they have all been betrothed. Even if you are young, you have no chance. Zhang Ren also slapped me back and laughed.
You … I quickly converged and was so angry that I shocked him. Unexpectedly, this fellow’s palm was not weak and his back was hurt. You are really joking … Are you married yourself? Is he born with a natural personality?
I have already made an engagement with Xun’s daughter and will get married in September. His smile suddenly disappeared but instantly resumed.
why? I also decided to joke with him, Xun’s daughter is ugly? Is it terrible?
Fuck you! He shook his head and denied that he was still a beauty.
Then you don’t seem very happy. Do you have another love? I think everyone doesn’t like this kind of free paternalistic marriage system
Hey, it’s not that I like that girl very much. Zhang Ren held her arms across her chest. But … I like Yang’s that girl very much … very upset …
I turned out to be an asshole when I puffed out heavily!
桑拿He lifted his foot over the threshold, put his arm around my shoulder and laughed. I heard that several wives and concubines in my brother’s family are as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade. Why don’t you take this opportunity to feast your eyes on me?
I glanced at him warily, and my horse will leave Luoyang, and my wives will stay at home to take care of it. If you take the opportunity to break in … How can those old servants in my house stop with your love!
So I quickly shook my head and denied peerless beauty? You are really joking. You can tell by looking at my fatherinlaw, Cai Yong, what kind of beauty his daughter can be?
Hey, what’s adult Cai like? He bowed his head and thought about it, and finally gave up the idea of coming home with me. … My good brother is right … My foolish brother will give you this?
I handed him my hand. Brother Zhongye is welcome. Actually … he has arrived at my door.
He raised his hands and smiled.
I didn’t forget to ask another person, Brother Chen, your name is Chen Dao?
Chen zheng and then nodded good.
Which one is the word? I confirmed
Yes … to reach
I was overjoyed and quickly reconfirmed, What do you mean … is it uncle? I still remember that it is not easy for Chen to write a word, because there are almost no scenes in both romance and annals
He first froze and then shook his head again and again.
I was immediately disappointed and found a Zhao Yunlevel bodyguard …
He shook his head and explained, I haven’t picked up the words until I’m twenty …
I don’t know what to do. How should I judge? Chen Dao’s goods are not listed in the annals of the Three Kingdoms. I don’t remember his native place and experience!
But I quickly calmed down. I wonder if Chen Xiaoge is interested in going to Liaodong with me?
Hey, hey, Zhang Ren turned around and interjected, My dad just recruited him from Nanyang and you want to grab the readymade?
eh? Called up? When I raise my eyebrows, isn’t this fellow a janitor? Is it a local youth hero? No wonder, no wonder, he has the conditions to practice martial arts since childhood, but he is still not weak! In principle, it must be a local welloff family background.
Liaodong? Chen to hesitated for three seconds and then shook his head in spite of some work, after all, he was born in the south at an early age. I’m afraid he can’t stand the bitter cold in Saibei … Lord Xie Ma’s wrong love …
Bah, you’re young and you’re full of firepower, and you say like an old man that you can’t stand the cold? !
I sighed disappointed tunnel that’s a pity

When will you get up? Jia Mu pushed him again and remained motionless.

It’s cruel to deceive others. I agree with Xiao Dai.
What happened to the connection? Even Xu Huang did not know when he became an audience.
49 Cheng Yuhei History
Chapter is pure fiction.
Cheng Wu went on to say, I’m from the Cheng family, but hundreds of men from three families are looking for the door to swear to tear down the ancestral graves of our ancestral homes. My uncle is a wussy plowman holding each other’s thighs and begging. He was interrupted by everyone and thrown to the roadside uncle’s house to rush out to stop them from being surrounded by a dozen people, and then he became blind … He fell into a sad past.
Son of a bitch!
I OO his ten ancestors!
Suddenly there was a scolding behind him.
We are all startled. I don’t know when a large group of idlers have been sitting outside our small circle listening to Cheng Wu’s story.
Who told you to eavesdrop! Pang gan got up.
Huh? A brigade commander asks, You can listen to Brigadier Pang … and we can’t listen to it? What is the truth? !”
Pang gan snorted, but there was no way to argue.
Cheng Paichang continues to speak! Someone urged
Still talking about it? Li Dian asked the parties for advice. After all, the first half of the story was very bitter.
Cheng Wu lightly smiled nothing
Sit down and don’t make any noise. I glanced around.
One hundred people suddenly quiet.
Auntie was scared silly at that time, or his children cried and ran to my house to report … Cheng Wu continued to tell the story of the Cheng family. My father pulled up a kitchen knife from the chopping board and rushed out …
kitchen knife? Jamu questioned.
Yes, it’s a kitchen knife Cheng Wu nodded to confirm.
How to chop people with a kitchen knife? Jia Mu murmured
I don’t know who was holding a kitchen knife and was going to learn martial arts from me! I exposed his own past.
He shut up and stopped interrupting.
My father just rushed out but returned home and told my mother to take us brothers to the next house to hide. My mother knew this was dangerous, but she couldn’t stop my father from going … Cheng Wu’s narrative seemed calm. After my father left, I secretly followed my brother to my uncle’s house … I didn’t expect to find my father’s shadow just after I left the door …
Is there a trap at the door? A dishonest soldier cut in and was despised by comrades for his IQ.
夜生活  title=When we arrived at the uncle’s door, we almost scared me to death … Cheng Wuyin trembled. At that time, the whole lane … was a bloody body … My brother and I smelled a choking bloody smell before we walked into his door. Two people couldn’t help but pee their pants together …
The scene was silent.
I can’t help but feel cold in my heart. How can Cheng Yu kill dozens of people with a kitchen knife?
Cheng Wudao From my brother’s hand, I just walked into the yard and saw dozens of bodies lying in the yard with a limp in my legs … Uncle and big son sat in the middle and my father … My father pulled up a person’s hair and asked,’ Do you kneel, do you kneel? ?’ He suddenly high audience stand on end.
My brother and I looked at my father at the gate of the courtyard, but my father didn’t look at us at all, so he stared at the man in his hand … The man shook his rope and said,’ Kneel, I kneel!’ Seeing him prostrate on the ground and kowtowing to his uncle, I still heard him keep saying,’ Mr. Cheng forgave me, Mr. Cheng was gracious.’ My uncle advised my father to say something, but my father shook his head … until the man’s forehead was full of blood, my father said,’ Get up!’ Cheng Wu lowered his eyes.’ The man just straightened up and my father stabbed him in the heart with one knife! He didn’t even roll his eyes directly.
No one is talking at this time.
I was so scared that I couldn’t help but pee in my pants … I killed everyone in the courtyard before my father turned to see me and said,’ Who told you to follow me!’ His voice, his eyes are exactly the same as when he killed people. I can’t stand being shivering all over again, so I pulled it in my pants. Cheng Wu made no secret.
No wonder … I frowned. No wonder Cheng Wu has always respected and feared Cheng Yu and respected his father far more than the average woman. It seems that when I was a child, Dad left a psychological shadow for killing people …
Cheng Wu paused for more than ten seconds and didn’t speak in silence because he told the story of his father becoming a murderer. No one in the audience dared to urge him to continue.
Then he said, My late father asked my brother to go to the doctor to treat uncle and his eldest son’s ribs. After two years, he recovered slowly. After all, he was too old to do heavy work and his eldest son’s left eye was completely blind … His tone was very heavy. My father was sitting at the gate alone with a kitchen knife full of blood, afraid that I wouldn’t dare to talk to him. After a quarter of an hour, he got up and glanced at me and turned around and walked out of the door …
What did Mr. Zhong De … do? I’m going to slightly ease the atmosphere and kill the illegal demolition personnel … Then it’s time to run around, right?
In the evening, my father returned to the uncle’s house alone … he was covered in blood. The kitchen knife had already rolled up his mouth but was still tightly held in his right hand … Cheng Wudao His left hand … carried the head of that family!
All the audience trembled.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
Kill the door? Li Dian low asked.
Cheng Wu nodded. My father said,’ If you don’t destroy your family today, it will be difficult to protect the peace of your neighbors.’ He killed 64 people in your family one night and killed more than 40 people from home along the way. His tone suddenly became easier.
More than a hundred mouths? Xu Huang frowned tightly.
Before Canada, there were 260 mouths. Cheng Wu will never forget this bloody figure in his life.
Xu Huang clenched his fist.
shouldn’t battalion commander Xu recognize my father?
He shook his head. No wonder your father had to.

Asked by a reporter, Is this the first time you have faced Arsenal since you moved from Arsenal?

Qin Xiong replied faintly, I was calm before coming, but I was happy after seeing the Emirates Stadium. During my two years with Arsenal, the club including fans were talking about the new stadium. I am glad that Arsenal has realized its dream and has a new stadium with matching club strength, which is very important for Arsenal’s development.
You will still bet on Arsenal after you leave, won’t you?
Of course, I have good memories in Arsenal and friends here. I wish Arsenal better and better in my heart.
But you scored twice and got an assist in the game today, which made Arsenal’s hope of promotion to the top team very slim.
This is two different things. I am a player. Of course, I will give my best performance on the court and strive for the contribution of the team I play for.
So all you can do is not to celebrate Raul after scoring, and not to congratulate Raul after scoring, right?
But I don’t want Arsenal to be rivals if possible.
Do you have anything to say to Wenger?
If I have anything to tell him, I will call him directly.
Have you called him since you left London?
Yes, when I got married, I called him to tell him the news and invited him to my wedding, but he couldn’t go to China because of something. After all, it’s too far away. I’m glad he blessed me.
Will Real Madrid kill at the Bernabeu?
I won’t know this until after a round of competition.
Wenger told the press conference after the game that the team lost by luck and insisted that the referee had made a mistake.
Henry shot over the goal line, but the referee made a huge mistake. If that goal was awarded, the correct game would not be like this.
Spanish media reporters retorted, Raul was violated twice in the restricted area but was not punished!
The implication is that Arsenal have nothing to complain about here.
The topic has returned to Qin Xiong’s body. The Spanish media seems to want to ridicule Wenger for letting Qin Xiong go in those years, which has attracted Qin Xiong to rebel against his old master today!
Wenger said naively, You don’t know anything about the situation at that time. I have no problem with Qin Xiong. The whole team is trying to hope that Qin Xiong will stay, but he finally moved and left. This is Arsenal’s regret. In the end, we wish him that we can do so much for the players who have helped the club set foot on the top of Europe.
Bosco showed the winner’s demeanor after the game.
桑拿The game is not over yet. There are still nine minutes left before the game is played. Arsenal’s strength has caused us great trouble. Real Madrid won a great but extremely difficult victory.
Every player has done a great job. Of course, Qin Xiong’s performance is as outstanding as in the past. He is gradually playing a leading role in Real Madrid.
After returning to Madrid, Real Madrid was greeted by many fans, who sang the names of the team’s players outside the airport, especially when Qin Xiong appeared with a travel bag, which caused cheers on the spot.
When I got home late at night, Sylvia was still awake. Qin Xiong held her cheek and said, I told you many times that I went outside to play the game, so you went to bed early at home. Why don’t you always listen?
Sylvia put her arms around his waist and leaned her head against his chest and whispered, I can’t sleep without you.
Qin Xiong bowed his head and kissed her forehead, then picked her up and took a simple bath, lying in bed and hugging her to sleep.
Marca and Aspen all reported on the following day that Real Madrid beat Arsenal 32 away, and Qin Xiong took the lead and claimed that Real Madrid would easily advance to the Champions League.
Because the semifinal of the King’s Cup will be played in two rounds of leagues, and after the two rounds of leagues, there will be the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinal Arsenal game in the middle of the week.
Bosque made a rotation adjustment of the schedule.
Real Madrid vs Getafe Madrid mini derby in the 25th round of the league.
Real Madrid sent a large number of substitutes at home to rest the main players after a fierce 9minute game in London in midweek.
Qin Xiong’s teammates sat in the Bernabeu box to watch the team game.
Nine minutes later, Real Madrid disappointed the fans with a 11 draw with Getafe at the Bernabeu.
Bosque also felt a little nai after the game.
The gap between the main players and the substitutes is too obvious, and it must be said that the dazzling achievements of the main players in the second half of the season also put great pressure on the substitutes.
However, fortunately, the huge lead ratio of Real Madrid League can also be regarded as a decompression factor for the substitute players.
On February 2nd, the first leg of the King’s Cup semifinal arrived.
Real Madrid vs Santander at home.
The elite soldier Real Madrid of they nest didn’t give Santander a chance at the Bernabeu.
45 minutes before Ronaldo scored a hat trick at halftime, helping the team seal the victory.
In the half game, Qin Xiong scored a goal directly to expand the score by 4:
In the 72nd minute of the game, Diarra Jin Tianhua locked the score at 5:
Although Raul didn’t score a goal, he was also well received after the game, because he scored an assist hattrick in the front line.
In March, Real Madrid beat Virva 32 in the 26th round of La Liga.
Virva is a member of the league’s relegation corps, and Real Madrid’s paper strength is much better than that of its opponents even on the bench.
However, it was very thrilling to win the game, which made the outside world full of doubts about Real Madrid’s substitute team.
After two years, the bigger the exhibition, the less likely it is for the club to do the preliminary work of signing in summer.
Why do you have to make preparations in the previous year or two when you have a helper?
The question of being in Real Madrid is whether young Higuain can carry the Bernabeu gun in the future, which has become the focus of attention from the outside world to be continued 3.
[The first volume of the sword has not been drawn and has become a front. 4 Give up C Ronaldo! ]
On the eve of Arsenal’s arrival in Madrid, the original event, the Champions League lifeanddeath match, was ignored.
It seems that the Spanish media don’t recognize what Arsenal can do in the Bernabeu.
Instead, it focused on the future signing construction of Real Madrid.
In March, according to cruyff, the team’s signings can be at this time.
However, the specific problems should be analyzed concretely. Real Madrid, despite its gorgeous game scenes, occupies the top spot in the standings, and the number of wins and goals are the highest stability among the leaders of major leagues, which should be the team theme.
However, the performance gap between the team’s main force and the substitute is large, and the performance of Higuain, the key cultivation, is average in limited playing opportunities, which causes the speculation of Real Madrid striker signing.
Calderon hinted that there will be no largescale cleaning or introduction of Real Madrid in the summer.
He used to be if the team succeeded in La Liga and won the Champions League!
Real Madrid is a team with a complete squad. We have replaced 19 players in the past 16 months. We are not going to do any major surgery against each other this year. Of course, there may be unexpected signings, but I have to say that we are not ready yet.
The chairman of Real Madrid deliberately sold it and refused to reveal who the unexpected signing was. One thing is certain: World Sports News and Aspen both agree that the focus of Real Madrid’s season introduction is on the front line, and there is still some discrepancy between the two newspapers.
The Aspen newspaper listed a list of one person yesterday, saying that the investment in transfer in summer was about 100 million euros, and the photo of Drogba at the head revealed that this summer’s Warcraft almost definitely left Chelsea was the focus of Real Madrid’s attention, but this song depends on whether Real Madrid can win the La Liga championship and the Champions League.
Compared with Aspen and World Sports, the news is more specific. The newspaper revealed that fuentes, the agent of Seville striker fabiano, visited the Bernabeu half a month ago. After the contact between the two sides, fuentes Ma said in the media, I can say that there are big clubs interested in fabiano. Real Madrid? Which player doesn’t want to play in Real Madrid?
Fabiano is currently in the third place in La Liga shooter list, second only to Qin Xiong Raul, but his performance is that he can replace Ruud van Nistelrooy or Raul shooter.
According to Seville President Delnido, fabiano’s breach of contract is 60,000 euros. If you want his club, you have to pay this amount. However, the fact is that fabiano’s personal ownership is more complicated. Seville originally spent 10,000 euros to get 35% of fabiano’s ownership, and the remaining 65% is in a brokerage company. That is to say, Seville can’t be established until it pays 150,000 euros to the brokerage company.
Fabiano Seville’s contract renewal talks have not made much progress. Previously, he said, If Seville can’t enter the Champions League, I can’t guarantee to stay in this club.
Comprehensive Spanish media list fabiano is the closest person to Real Madrid, but Real Madrid also faces competition from other clubs. For example, it is in Spain that Juan Ramos coached Tottenham Hotspur and Bianco really integrated into European football.
In addition to fabiano’s World Sports News, Real Madrid is also considering contacting Arsenal midfielder Flamini.
Flamini’s contract expires in June this year, but Arsenal has not renewed it. The performance of the French in these two seasons has attracted the attention of Milan, including A, in major clubs. The main purpose of Real Madrid’s contact is to pressure Diarra to give up the salary increase and stay at the team. Secondly, once Flamini has made progress, Diarra will transfer to Inter Milan, but the transfer will not be too low, it should be around 20 thousand euros.
In fact, the main players in the dressing room of Real Madrid are not worried about the signing of Real Madrid like Qin Xiong. What is there to care about?

Real Madrid players exchange half a game in the dressing room.

Qin Xiong said to Sid, Try to confuse Brown in front of him. He is still our main point of attack relative to Evra Brown.
Sid nodded. Most of his attention is still on you. I think this can benefit Hargreaves and Carrick in front of the restricted area. Sometimes we can benefit from the fact that Blandy Nande is behind them.
Raul interjected
I feel that Dinand’s confidence has been shaken, probably because of your goal.
Luo smiled and said, Yes, no one would have thought that Qin Xiong would break the door by swinging his tail. If I were him, I would definitely think about what to do to completely defend Qin Xiong! How can confidence not waver?
Qin Xiong didn’t agree with Luo’s joke. He said with a solemn face, We can’t underestimate Manchester United. That is because Manchester United can work miracles. Manchester United Ferguson won’t let Manchester United be at a disadvantage like this.
That’s right!
Bosque’s voice attracted everyone’s attention.
He said seriously to everyone, Although we are ahead now, Manchester United will not sit still. If we face the halftime with a relaxed attitude, we are likely to be beaten out of the water by Manchester United.
The coach’s words cheered everyone up and listened carefully to the coach’s midfield training and tactical adjustment.
Bosque asked the team not to relax at half time, and at the same time, to maintain the halftime level in the attack, not to rush to complete the attack because of the lead, to cherish every opportunity to expand the score, and never to be soft!
In terms of tactics, the coach didn’t make any substantial changes, but it sounded the alarm for everyone. He talked about some things that Ferguson often adjusted to keep the team on high alert in the past games.
The most taboo thing in the game is to be caught off guard by the opponent’s adjustment.
The coach’s preparation for the war still made the players listen patiently and carefully, and then the coach inspired the team’s morale.
From last year’s league day, you did well without the Spanish Super Cup, and now it is almost impeccably perfect. You have the ability to continue the perfection to the end with half a game left at the end of the season!
Every player here is the best player in European football, and you form the perfect team, but the football world is not a jigsaw puzzle, but a war!
We want to live in the war and win the battle!
Only in this way can we be recognized and truly go from reality to history, and be remembered and recognized by the world after the present age!
Real Madrid, let yourselves fight proudly!
All the players in the locker room gave a roar with excitement, and the soldiers of the team went out of the locker room with heroic spirit and fighting spirit. The momentum seemed to be devouring everything! to be continued
[The first volume of sword unsheathed has become a front 6 bloody Red Devils strategic momentum]
The Luzhniki Stadium welcomed Real Madrid and Manchester United in the half of the Champions League final.
When the Red Devils came out, they didn’t appear with mourning. They seemed to show an unyielding magic.
Halfcourt match between the two sides after the referee whistled.
As soon as Manchester United arrived, the pace of the game was accelerated. Players cut very fast and ran to strengthen, which seemed to be indifferent to physical exertion.
In the 46 th minute of the game, Rooney moved to the left to catch Evra’s backcourt ball, and Ronaldo changed his position, so that Ramos’ defensive attention was disturbed. Rooney easily set aside the side and went to the bottom of the ball
When Real Madrid generals Manchester United will continue to be the tactical leader, they find that Evra is suppressed at half time and assists regardless of the defensive position.
Rooney knocks the ball back to someone to keep an eye on Evra, who goes to cut Diarra to block it for the first time, but he crosses the ball to Scholes.
When Scholes led the ball forward and rushed to the front of the penalty area, the real Madrid defense line was already a little flustered.
The starting point of this panic is Ronaldo Rooney’s transposition, and at this time Ronaldo obliquely inserted into the right area in front of Scholes’ restricted area.
Cannavaro couldn’t defend Ronaldo and got a header from the right side of the door.
At this moment, Real Madrid fans witnessed this picture and were frightened!
Just after Ronaldo jumped high, the header slammed the ball against the goal of Real Madrid, and casillas was already one meter in front of him, and casillas also took off.
Almost at that moment, they played Ronaldo’s header and casillas’s palm to hold down the shocking picture of football!
The football bounced out, and Ronaldo stumbled, while casillas was unstable and almost fell to the ground.
The kickout football was cleared by Cannavaro’s big foot in the direction of his own goal and almost created an own goal.
Cannavaro can’t help it. Tevez is by his side. He can’t take other chances to clear the gap.
Manchester United corner attack opportunity
Carrick went to the corner and Rooney nodded the ball after the penalty area and sent it to the baseline.
Real Madrid’s danger eased after halftime.
It’s real Madrid’s turn to attack
After the ball was stabilized in the middle and backcourt, the attack advanced to the frontcourt.
Manchester United’s defenders ran wild like crazy.
The red devils were caught in a chaotic battle at halftime.
When Qin Xiong gave the ball to Luo, Evra knocked Luo to the ground directly.
This caused Luo’s strong dissatisfaction, scolding, taunting and humiliating Patrice Evra.
桑拿论坛Luo’s rude remarks made Manchester United’s generals put up with Dinande’s verbal lessons, and all kinds of noise!
Manchester United want to breathe!
If tactical methods contain Real Madrid, then we must suppress Real Madrid at the end of the momentum!
The referee and linesman rushed to mediate. The referee showed Evra a yellow card and Luo a yellow card to indicate that the players of both teams should restrain their emotions to avoid losing control of the game.
Qin Xiong took the penalty from the frontcourt winger. He plugged the ball straight into the winger’s side, inserted it into Ramos’ bottom from behind and then returned it to Qin Xiong. As a result, Qin Xiong just got rid of Scholes’ impact in situ, but Scholes pulled him to stop moving forward.
The referee’s whistle sounded again, and this time the penalty gave Real Madrid a better Italian ball, but did not show Scholes a yellow card.
With Qin Xiong in this position, Luo Lai’s penalty kick has a higher success rate. His left foot is far better than Qin Xiong’s foot.
Luo took a look at Manchester United’s wall position and then rubbed out a curveball that crossed the wall.
But the football finally went over the crossbar.
Real Madrid’s attack met with Manchester United’s crazy encirclement and suppression foul tactics
Manchester United’s attack has indeed changed.
Rooney seems to have been sacrificed.
Ronaldo Tevez is more like a double striker Rooney who will pull the edge to cooperate.
This also shows how much Ferguson loves Ronaldo.
Ruud van nistelrooy was sacrificed at the time, and now Ronaldo and Rooney, two proud men, Ferguson obviously prefer Ronaldo.
When Ronaldo gets closer to the penalty area, Real Madrid’s defense will have to adapt to some time.
In the 49th minute of the game, Scholes crossed the center line but didn’t move forward. Manchester United’s running energy consumption has now entered a highintensity stage. Their midfield thrust attack can’t be covered by Carrick, who was played by Scholes. After crossing the left area of midfield and attracting the Real Madrid defense line to move slightly to this side, he immediately gave the ball to Carrick on the other side.
Carrick came running and hit the ball straight into the penalty area at the touch of the ball.
Ronaldo ran sideways in the restricted area. When Cannavaro was ready to defend him, the football just rolled past Ronaldo. Cannavaro hardly saw what Ronaldo had done and found that the football rolled to Tevez!
Ronaldo hit the ball to the middle of the penalty area with his heel, Tevez.
Tevez, the Argentine beast, meets the ball and shoots directly!
The football flew directly to the left corner of Real Madrid goal. casillas made a worldclass save. After he narrowly blocked the ball with one hand, Ramos cleared the ball before the baseline.
After halftime, Manchester United’s offensive improved. They threatened Real Madrid’s goal one after another, and they had a golden chance to almost score! Real Madrid, on the other hand, has some tactics that don’t adapt to the opponent’s forced foul, and now the situation is falling to Red Devils Manchester United!

The doorman’s words made Lan Jingyi let go. "So you mean I can go in?"

"Don’t" Leng Mo Yi "Everyone inside was shocked by you and let you in. I still have to lose my job. Don’t even think about it."
"That I don’t sway, I quietly wait here for others not to note you quietly let me in again, ok? I want to see Jiang Junyue. I know inside him. "She begged for the first time that she was so thick-skinned to ask a person to see Jiang Junyue.
"Jiang Junyue? Jiang’s president? " As soon as the doorman’s voice eased.
Yes, that’s him. I don’t know if there is any hope, but she just wants to try.
"Oh, you are his lover. You women are really mean. Yesterday, there was a woman who came to see him. He didn’t see you. Presumably, he won’t see you either. You go." The doorman waved his hand and disdained to glance at her. "It’s really a windy day. Why are girls so not reserved now? It’s really …"
Lan Jingyi was said that she couldn’t wait to find a crack in the ground, and they were right. Now she is not together with Jiang Junyue.
Or wait until dawn to try again, otherwise it’s not the way for her to call it that.
Walking to the side of the gate, people sit on the side of the road. The stone teeth are cold, but she really can’t live any longer. After walking for so long, it will be dawn. She will sit for a while.
Chapter 223 So go the hard way?
She took out several unopened text messages and just walked all the way, but she didn’t hear them.
"Yi yi, where are you? Why don’t you go home? "
"Yi Yi, reply to the text message quickly."
"Yi yi …"
It’s mom. Mom is worried about her.
I sent a short message back to my mother, "I’m fine. I’ll go back when I’m done. You and Qin Qin Zhuang Zhuang eat, sleep and don’t miss me."
When she’s done, she just sits there. She thinks she’s crazy. People here forbid her to see Jiang Junyue, but she still has to wait here.
The day finally came on, and the surrounding lights went out, and the scenery became clearer and clearer, and more people on the road began to sweep the road and do morning exercises. The morning time was always so beautiful, but her heart was always tangled and sad.
Jiang Han didn’t sleep all night. He couldn’t sleep.
It rang again. "Did she go back?" I don’t know how many times Jiang Junyue called and asked her if Lan Jingyi had gone back.
"I haven’t sat at the gate yet."
"Let her go back."
"How do I say? Can you say that I followed her? " Jiang Han really wants to talk to him. Jiang Junyue can do it to Lan Jingyi, but where does he dare? He dare not at all.
"Call aunt sunny to detention center sitting outside more indecent was found and explosive news also don’t think I’m messy enough now? Jiang Han, how do you work? "
"Jiang always …"
"Is there any news about Ann?"
"Not yet, but Liu Wentao said he knew and said to … to …"
桑拿按摩Listening to Jiang Han stuttering, Jiang Junyue was more anxious. "Now that he knows, ask me."
"But he said he wanted Lan Jingyi to be his woman, otherwise he wouldn’t say."
Words that end was silent Jiang Junyue for a long time didn’t speak "Jiang always you see …"
"Well, then think of another way to persuade her to go back and hang up." Jiang Junyue struggled again to be the most trusted person. As a result, the more trusted the person, the more he harmed himself. Now, all kinds of evidence show that he did it, but he is really innocent. Did he ever do it? He knew that he really regretted not recording the conversation when Manager An was looking for him, which can prove that he didn’t do it.
But in any case, he can’t sell his flesh out by a woman. Fortunately, Lan Jingyi didn’t agree, otherwise if he goes out, she will be the first to peel it.
That’s what he hates most in the nest, but he never thought he was still lying down.
Lan Jingyi also sat at the gate of the detention center.
There are more and more people on the road, and everyone is in a hurry. It’s time for class, but she sits here and looks at the pedestrians in a daze.

Yes, he nodded. Should the master understand the meaning of these two words?

Of course I am white. I am the master of the western regions!
12 guards
No, no, no Cheng Yu corrected my subjective assumption that building an official means that the master can be an official independently
I rubbed my hand. Who can tell me which officials should be in charge of protecting people in the western regions?
Jia Xu nodded. According to the old system, the main book is indispensable. Of course, there are also people who join the army and Sima. In addition, the Western Regions Duhu sometimes set up deputy duhu or a captain’s deputy.
There is also a captain of Wuji, Wang Lie added.
Captain Wuji? I frowned and asked, What is this name? Specialized in raising chickens?
It’s Wuji in heaven, he coughed and explained. Wuji’s being in the middle of ten branches in heaven means that this official is fair, neutral and impartial … but at first, Wuji, a captain, came to wasteland.
I can’t help laughing. This position belongs to you. Our army’s grain and grass should be handed over to you.
Guo Yuan hurriedly handed over Don’t be a disgrace!
In fact, who cares which officials the public needs to set up by themselves? Jia Xu finally threw out a word.
I immediately frowned. That’s just what I want!

Then I went to visit Ma Ridi and Zhang Wen again.
Nobody told me the truth.
Relatively speaking, Ma Ridi is not as honest as Zhang Wen.
Although Ma Ridi is affable and looks like a family elder, it is not to comfort me to accept my life, work hard and live up to the court’s great trust and disgrace Ma’s name.
Zhang Wen said a few words of truth to me instead.
I have already woken up. You must not be greedy for soldiers. It’s a pity that you didn’t listen.
I retorted, I don’t know if the soldiers can retreat in Liaodong?
Zhang Wen didn’t answer, but once again said earnestly, I’ll advise you to disperse the military forces in Luoyang or Hanyang for a year or two to eliminate the worries and doubts of the court.
A year or two? I shook my head and smiled sarcastically. Will I be safe after you eliminate the hidden dangers in Hebei?
He sighed, If you want Matthew and the old man to be with you, you won’t have life worries.
I don’t doubt his sincerity in this sentence, but it sounds as if the court will also leave me a life to live.
This feeling makes me extremely unhappy.

Even Ma Ridi and Zhang Wen have this attitude, and I have no hope for other officials. Let me go when I go to Shangtai to ask a sentence.
Shang Lingqing looked through the official documents at hand and told me and recorded them. Then he patted his forehead and informed me that I would attend the meeting of the Sixth Dynasty, which should tell me something about my life.
Then he said nothing to me.
I came out of Shangtai with a slight bow and suddenly missed Lu Zhi.

Anyway, going to the western regions is a foregone conclusion, and I will no longer run blindlyI don’t want to face those who claim to be the heroes of ZTE Han Dynasty at all.
In this limited time, I will obediently stay at home with my wife and young daughter.
Jia Xu was so busy in Luoyang that even Ma Dai, a mere northern captain, was too busy to see anyone all day.
At one time, I had the illusion that these two people were busy on business and took the opportunity to alienate me
At this time, I suddenly remembered something. I forgot someone.
I have been back in Luoyang for three or four days, but I haven’t seen Jia Xu’s son Jia Mu.
It was a noisy little situation. When he heard the news of my return, he would stick around asking questions like a follower …
However, Jia Yu, my elder sister, told me that Mrs. Jia sent her grandson to the Imperial College as an auditor … and it was boarding!
It seems that Mrs Jia really wants her baby grandson to fulfill his longcherished wish … to become a great scholar.
I thought about it, but I didn’t bother him.
But Jia Mu came to see me in the fifth day of junior high school.
However, I haven’t seen this piece of wood for a few months, and it seems that it has grown a lot. At this moment, it has already disappeared. After seeing me, I was still shy.
I haven’t seen you for months and I can’t even speak? I joked.
He prepared for a long time before opening his mouth and saying brotherinlaw
I ha ha a smile in business? Is it very chatty?
He hesitated for a moment and nodded, Chat
What have you learned? I asked casually
桑拿会所What else? He pouted. I’ve been studying the Book of Changes, Shang, The Book of Songs and Zuo all day. Now I want to vomit when I hear these four names!
Good! I laughed. I learned these four classics under your grandfather’s instruction.
How’s it going? He glared at me.
I raised my eyebrows. It’s all back to your grandfather!
He shook his head with a wry smile.
My horse is going to the Western Regions, and your sister will follow you, right?
Jia Mu nodded. I just heard from my mother when I came back.
What do you think?

But watching the little things in high spirits, she didn’t want to disturb the two little guys, Liu Wentao, who was originally with her. As a result, she was entangled by an executive. Looking far away, Jiang Junyue was carried to Lanjing Inari, but he was inconvenient to send it.

Lan Jingyi was entangled in her daughter and Jiang Junyue, and her arms around the two little things brought her a warm feeling. To tell the truth, she likes this Xiaoxi more and more, which is really lovable.
"Rush …" In one second, Lan Jingyi was so beautiful that she was completely ruined. Xiaoxi peed and she peed Lan Jingyi.
Section 63
Nanny immediately grabbed Xiaoxi. "Oh, Mrs. Blue, I’m sorry. You see, I see that you and your daughter came in a hurry and forgot to give the child a diaper. Why don’t I take you to the lounge to change clothes?"
Lan Jingyi got up and shook, but she saw a huge watermark’ map’ all over her body. She was not only wet by something in the evening ceremony, but also wet by something in her pants in the evening ceremony. At this moment, she is really uncomfortable. What’s more striking is that when the evening ceremony is wet, she will stick on her body rather than see her skin like Lan Jingyi blushing through the cloth and say, "Okay, I’ll change with you."
The elegant and light music in the lobby of Rafael Hotel soothes the flowing crowd. The auxiliary music is a huge LCD screen, which is constantly rolling and playing super beautiful mv clips.
Lan Jingyi hugged Xiao Qinqin and followed the nanny to rest not far away. Liu Wentao’s sight had already gone with the past. The executives beside him perfunctory a few words and turned and walked in the direction of Lan Jingyi. Somehow Liu Wentao smelled something strange in the air as if something was about to happen.
"Window …" But Liu Wentao took two steps and was stopped by a familiar woman.
The familiar sound made his footsteps stagnate and then turned around. "Why are you here?" I didn’t expect that Xiao Xue was here.
"Come to General Manager Jiang’s engagement party. By the way, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend abigail, the representative of ssp company in the city. General Manager Lu hopes you can meet organically."
Lu Wentao’s face changed slightly. ssp is a big guest of Lu’s. He handed his hand to abigail. "Welcome to the city and have a good time." Recently, ssp is looking for a Chinese partner to build a large entertainment city. No wonder he has never made progress. At this moment, Lu Wentao came to nothing. Perhaps it was because of the light snow.
"Oh, it must be pleasant to meet organically." abigail smiled and immediately took the stranger Xiaoxue. "Xiaoxue, let’s go to Mr. Jiang’s place over there."
He speaks poor Chinese, but obviously abigail is more interested in contacting Jiang Junyue than Lu Wentao. "Abigail …"
In response to Lu Wentao, it was Mo Xiaoxue abigail who went hand in hand and the back was harmonious and well matched.
When a woman hates it, she will retaliate against Liu Wentao. But at the beginning, he and she agreed to be sunny, so in the end, it was Mo Xiaoxue who broke the agreement, not him, but she wanted to be his wife.
It was such an episode that when Liu Wentao turned around and searched for Lan Jingyi’s figure, the hall was gone. It seemed that she could go to any exit and entrance, but it seemed that she would not go to any one.
Liu Wentao stepped up his pace and searched in the hall. It seems that if he can’t find her at this moment, maybe a generation will lose it, but he doesn’t want to lose it.
"Mr. Jiang Junyue, the president of Jiang’s family, is about to start the engagement party." Suddenly, the emcee announced that the engagement party was about to start, but it was strange that the emcee said a person’s name, that is, Jiang Junyue’s name, but there was no hostess Lome Wei at the engagement party tonight.
With the music of the master of ceremonies gradually disappearing, the large LCD screen began to change, and people in the hall stopped curiously to want to bet on the scenery of the engagement party for two people, especially the ladies who were present, waiting for Jiang Junyue to appear. The man was so eye-catching, and wherever he went, he just told his eyes.
Suddenly, when the hall was quiet, the whole hall was quiet as if a pin could be heard. With this silence, everyone’s eyes fell in unison. In the dynamic picture of the super-large screen behind the master of ceremonies, a man and a woman were entangled and there was no sound, but they could feel that the sound picture of men and women was moving all the time without even playing the mosaic, so two faces appeared, and … as if they could still hear the sound of men and women.
Lome EU followed the crowd’s line of sight, and then she petrified on the spot "Ah … Ah … Ah …" She hysterically shouted that night was a bad drama of Yunfei, but she never thought that it was actually recorded more than her engagement party was broadcast. She really couldn’t stand the blow, and the whole person collapsed instantly, leaving a whine. What was wrong? What’s wrong?
As for Lome Wei, when she couldn’t bear to faint in her wheelchair, Jiang Junyue walked to the emcee stage with a cool expression, grabbed the emcee microphone and calmly said, "Lock down all entrances and exits, no matter who plays it, they will be detained and handed over to the police for disposal." The expression said as if it were the same as him, but the woman in the picture just now was that he was going to get engaged to the heroine tonight.
People in the hall began to fall into whispers again, and many people began to sympathize with Jiang Junyue. It was a shameful thing that a man was cuckolded by a woman in public.
Luo Qijiang came here for nothing at this time. Jiang Junyue has been playing with what? He rushed to Lome Wei in a few steps. "Mei Wei, wake up and don’t be afraid to tell me what happened. Did someone force you to shoot?"
"Let’s go in Qijiang" Mrs. Luo was already trembling. When she found her daughter early that day, she felt wrong, but Lome Wei didn’t say anything about what happened. But now that the picture was broadcast in public, how could Jiang Jia agree to Jiang Junyue’s daughter’s engagement?
It is impossible that even she herself feels ashamed to let her daughter get engaged to Jiang Junyue again.
桑拿网Chapter 114 Two rings
"Mom is Jiang Junyue, he must have done it." Luo Qijiang turned to sweep Jiang Junyue’s face, full of anger, and he wanted to kill Jiang Junyue before he rushed to Jiang Junyue, but then he received a text message.
Yunfei’s two words can’t stop flashing with a crush on my heart and anger. Luo Qijiang just opened the text message.
"You can’t fight Cheng Ge and take Mei Wei. If she wants to, I’ll take care of it. I’ll marry her."
By getting her sister to be his Yunfei, what did she say about marrying Luo Qijiang back to the word "go to hell" and then moved Yunfei number into the blacklist "Mom, let’s go"? This is Jiang Junyue’s sister again. It’s hard for him to withdraw his revenge for ten years. Jiang Junyue has been arguing with him since then.
There was a little commotion in the crowd and everyone was talking about it.
When Luo family came, it was still pays photogenic, but at the moment, they are all more embarassed than the original fiancee, and now they have fainted, and Jiang Junyue is still elegant to leave the master of ceremonies, and there is no embarrassing reaction because of the just picture.
He Ling couldn’t resist it. She just wanted to stop Mrs. Lover, but it’s impossible for the Jiang family to marry a woman like that after what happened to Lome Wei. But now Lome Wei doesn’t think this engagement party should be over, too?
He Ling walked quickly towards the master’s platform, but there was another Jiang Han beside him. "Master, let me give you this." There are five dna test reports and several photos. The photos are two little things, a little boy and a little girl. Both of them are as beautiful as watching the master staring at the photo. Jiang Han continued, "Master Jiang always said that these two children would have to marry the children if they want to return to the motherland, or their mothers would simply send them abroad and let them die."

The words "We are qualified" were printed on the big-screen live pictures of digital TV, brain and square all over the country, just like when we qualified for the World Cup in Korea and Japan in 22 years.

Fans from all over the country went out to March and set off firecrackers to celebrate like crazy.
All parts of the country fell into a big carnival.
Before Lu Wenbin appeared, China football continued to be in a downturn, and it was more and more uphill, which made people lose hope.
China’s scolding of the national football team and the Football Association is politically correct. Whoever watches the national football game is stupid and forced to be despised by classmates and friends around him.
China fans have also created many sad tears, such as a joke that says
Fans from China, Japan and South Korea met the emperor and asked, "When can we win the World Cup in Korea?"
The emperor answered "5 years"
Korean fans pinch their fingers and think they may live to that day, so they are happy to leave.
Japanese fans asked, "When can we win the World Cup on Sunday?"
The emperor answered "one year"
Japanese fans thought they would never see it in their life, so they left in tears.
Finally, China fans asked, "When can we win the World Cup in China?"
Emperor was silent for a long time and began to cry first. "I should never see China win the World Cup in my life."
Even the Imperial Capital won’t live long enough for China to win the World Cup, which shows how disappointed China fans are with the national football team.
There is another paragraph saying that a China fan died and met Emperor Di and said that he could satisfy a wish of China fans. China fans said that he wanted to blow up the island.
The emperor said it was too difficult. Change it.
So China fans said that he wanted China to win the World Cup.
Emperor wiped his sweat and asked, "What was your last wish? Show me the globe."
These paragraphs are full of tears and self-talk spirit of China fans, and they are also a kind of hatred of iron and steel.
There are also things like
"1.3 billion people can’t find 11 players who can play football."
"A heard that your brother plays football or is a member of the national team. B Your brother plays football and your family plays the national football."
"The biggest thing for Zheng Zhi is to kick the opponent into Zheng Zhihua."
"No one can win table tennis in China or football in China."
"Smoking is harmful to health and watching the national football is harmful to life"
"The current situation of the national football team, the age-based fictional brain rust teases the attack base by walking the ball base by watching and stopping the ball base by passing the hand base by yelling and defending the base by hugging the ball base."
All these are created by China fans in the face of the darkness of China football.
It was not until Lu Wenbin appeared that China fans saw a different China player and led China football to achieve various breakthrough achievements.
Club Lu Wenbin won the Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga Champions League three times, three times, six times and so on.
Lu Wenbin, the national team, led the China men’s soccer team to win the first Asian Cup and the Olympic team to win the first Olympic Games.
In terms of personal honor, Lu Wenbin won ten goals in a single game, the first scorer in the history of the Champions League, 16 goals in the year, four consecutive European Golden Boots, three consecutive Golden Globe Awards and three consecutive Lawrence Awards.
Lu Wenbin influenced the country to set off a severe anti-gambling and black storm against China football, which made the football atmosphere in China clear and covered the campus football leagues at all levels of universities, middle schools and primary schools in China more and more perfect.
Lu Wenbin’s influence on kicking children is increasing, and China’s football reserve force is skyrocketing.
夜网论坛The population base of football has gone to the future, and China football may win the Asian Cup and the Olympic Games even without Lu Wenbin.
Now Lu Wenbin has led the national football team to become the first team to break out of the World Cup qualifiers and advance to the World Cup in Brazil.
Today, several China fans finally feel the happiness of football.

Chen Shu said with a smile, "Whoever laughs last will meet with you one day. I hope Gu Shao won’t regret it then."

By his malicious words, Gu Changning’s face became very ugly.
However, he seems to be impulsive, but in fact he is very successful. He did not argue with Chen Shu.
spa会所Chen Shu suddenly turned to me. "Ye Ershao hasn’t found out my identity for so long. Do you think he is a reliable person?"
I don’t know why he suddenly turned to this matter and frowned and didn’t answer
He looked at me deeply. "Actually, the main purpose of my visit today is to see you."
The more I feel puzzled, I stare at him in silence.
He smiled slowly. "I can help you if you want a divorce."
I immediately narrowed my eyes.
When he and I were in the room, he didn’t say this, but it happened that he said it to Gu Changning on purpose before Gu Changning.
Sure enough, he came here because he was uneasy and kind.
I really want to say a few harsh words to express my anger, but on second thought, there is no need to be angry about it.
It happened that Chen Shu also earnestly advised me that "Ye Jia might be unlucky one day and Ye Er Shao is not sincere to you … Miss Ding, because I know that you will divorce Ye Er Shao sooner or later …"
He was punched in the face by Gu Changning before his words were finished.
Gu Changning didn’t seem to feel avenged and waved his fist and said, "Shut up!"
Chen Shu avoided his attack this time. His fingers brushed the corners of his mouth and smiled.
He didn’t mean to retaliate against Gu Changning, but looked at me and continued, "If you find yourself stuck in the mud and can’t get rid of Ye Ershao, I will definitely help you if you come to me …"
Gu Changning’s eyes narrowed into a crack and directly said to Yang Feidao, "Fujian!"
Chen Shu didn’t mean to pester him. He smiled and took a look at Changning. "Then I’ll be leaving."
Say that finish ShiRan out of the gate car to leave.
Gu Changning obviously still hasn’t vented his anger. He turned to me with cold eyes. "What did you put him in for? You know you can’t get anything from him, but you should be deceived. Have you long wanted to leave Ayuansuo and hook up with him?"
This is too ugly.
I can understand his anger. I am also very angry after listening to Chen Shu’s words, and I really want to beat it myself.
But Chen Shuxian is going to leave me and Ye Xiangyuan and look after Changning. How could such a wise man be unexpected?
Before I could explain, I suddenly heard Gu Changyu say, "Why are you …"
Her words came to an abrupt end.
I turned around and she looked at me at the stairs with a complicated look.
She must have heard Chen Shu’s words just now
Does she want to blame me, too?
Chapter 256 A little more than a little.
I can’t argue.
No, or I don’t want to say more.
Section 234
I guess both of them must know about it, and I’m sure Chen Shu slandered me on purpose.
Get along for more than a year, what I have done, who I am, and they must know it.
But now they accuse me at gunpoint, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable and disheartened, and I don’t want to explain more
Gu Changyu came slowly.
She looked at Gu Changning first. "Don’t be angry, brother. She certainly didn’t mean that. Ah Yuan is so good. How could she leave him?"
Gu Changning hum 1.
Gu Changyu turned to me again and looked serious and sincere. "I know you don’t have other thoughts at the right time, but you really should pay attention not to provoke others … We don’t misunderstand that you are afraid that Ayuan will be unhappy …"
Whether it’s Han Qingshan or Chen Shu, how can I provoke it?
They approached me with ulterior motives.
And Ye Xiangyuan is not unhappy because he knows that I didn’t provoke these people, and he knows that they are coming for my identity …
I suddenly felt wronged and my eyes ached, but I tried not to show it in front of their brother and sister.
The sudden tears made me feel ashamed.
I have never been a weak person. I am so sensitive because of pregnancy.
Seeing that the two brothers and sisters were staring at me, I whispered, "Even if you misunderstand me, I can’t help but be angry with Ayuansheng. That’s his business to you."
This is the first time I didn’t follow Gu Changyu.
Gu Changyu opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something interrupted by Gu Changning motioning with his hand.
He said, "Fish, go back to your room first."
Gu Changyu’s beautiful eyebrows slightly wrinkled and seemed reluctant to leave.
But she may be forced by Gu Changning’s brother’s majesty to turn around and go upstairs after all.
Gu Changning stared at me for a long time before slowly saying, "Ding Shiyuan believes you, and I am willing to believe you. I also know that you are a principled person … What I just said to Xiaoyu may make you uncomfortable, but I still want to say a few more words."
I also looked at him and said nothing.
He said, "Ayuan has found much more than we thought, otherwise Chen Shu wouldn’t have come in a hurry to beg for mercy. Now that you know he’s up to no good, avoid him."
I’m still silent
He frowned. "It was also before my negligence that you said you wanted to see Chen Shu. At first, I didn’t object. Later, I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t feel relieved when I saw that you hadn’t moved. I didn’t expect him to find the door."
I close my eyes. He and Ye Xiangyuan have no secrets, but Ye Xiangyuan won’t tell me anything. If they don’t wake me up, how can I know what to do?
Gu Changning didn’t pay attention to my mood. He gave me a look and said, "You are really … too simple sometimes … so keep an eye on it."
I’m faint, um, one.

Women are really different from women.

Lan Jingyi is a living example.
"Don’t let it affect Chiang’s family because of me. Never." In that case, she is really sorry.
"It’s okay. I’ll take care of the real thing. I already know it. It’s just to see grandpa’s face. Let’s go to grandpa’s for the children’s birthday."
"Good," she replied lightly. I’m glad he broke up. He can say whatever he wants like a friend. He’s still a friend after breaking up.
"I’m sorry" lightly said that he hung up, but she was very sad when she listened to the words. Who is she who is really sorry?
It wasn’t him. It wasn’t him who killed dad.
After work, Lan Jingyi took her things and left the office on time. This is her last day. When she goes out, she will never come again. Suddenly she can’t bear to leave, but she has to leave.
We agreed to lead the department to dinner. Several people took a taxi and went to the commotion. She still likes it there. If she wants to drink, the first choice is definitely that she can’t go there enough.
Small car a few people crowded together Xiao Zhang on her shoulder "blue manager really loathe to give up you, can you not go? As soon as you left the guest house, it became a place to answer calls every day. It was a real chat. "
"No, it will get better and better." She patted the back of Zhang’s hand, but she didn’t want to get along with her colleagues for a long time. But it’s boring to stay in this world until it comes to an end. It’s embarrassing for her to meet Jiang Junyue again and again. Besides, He Ling and Jiang Hanyu don’t want them to be together again.
Now she finally wants to know why Bai Heling and Jiang Hanyu were so opposed to marrying Jiang Junyue. It turned out that she had done something ulterior to her father, but why did she push her father into the sea? She still doesn’t know the answer
Can someone tell her?
She wants to ask Jiang Junyue, but she knows that everything should be done step by step. When the time comes, Jiang Junyue will definitely say it.
Even if she doesn’t say it sometimes, it’s good for her, but she’d rather she didn’t know that dad was so little and painful
Also in the same city, it seems that everyone smells him, but she can’t meet him at a distance.
Drinking and singing, she indulges herself to forget everything, but the more she tries to forget, the more she can’t forget it.
Open your eyes and close your eyes. It’s all that man.
Section 127
"Manager Lan, you and the president are really a match made in heaven. Why do you want to break up?" When Xiao Zhang drinks too much, he can’t help but say whatever he wants.
桑拿会所"I won’t tell you," she smiled. Maybe she didn’t want others to know the reason.
"I really don’t understand what you and the president have given birth to for him, and he will abandon you?"
Tears flowed involuntarily. She listened to the box full of love songs as if every sentence was sung to her. It seemed so sad. "Xiao Zhang, don’t talk nonsense. He didn’t abandon me, but we can’t be together."
"What can’t together? If he didn’t betray you, if you didn’t betray him, you should be together. He can’t say why for any reason. "Xiao Zhang shouted a glass of wine but couldn’t cover up the noisy music. It’s like her business. No matter how much she loves him, they are doomed not to be together.
Drinking and singing are really enjoyable.
It was already early in the morning when the party was over, and several people made a commotion. Lan Jingyi hit a taxi and rushed back to the small apartment. This night really ended everything completely.
But the taxi stopped before it reached the gate of the community. "Miss, I’m really sorry that my car broke down."
"Nothing." She raised her head and burped, and then she pulled out a pink Dong Dong and handed it to the driver for the first time. "Keep the change."
But she will be silly when she waits for the bus.
It’s raining
In the early spring, she didn’t feel anything in the car, or she couldn’t see anything in her eyes
She didn’t even know that the window was wet by the rain.
Staggering to the door of the community, my clothes are getting wet and sticky, and it’s hard to feel close to my body.
An umbrella was suddenly raised above her head. "Be careful not to catch a cold in the rain."
"Not from …" She turned to look at the side of the man suddenly couldn’t hold back and cried on his shoulder. "Not from … Not from …"
He hugged her and walked forward, and soon entered the community, passed through the rain and fog and came to her door. "Press the Jingyi password yourself, go home and change clothes, or you won’t be a good mother if you catch a cold and dye the children."
She sobbed and straightened up. "Thank you."
"Click" that’s the camera sound. Lan Jingyi saw his side facing himself and Jane’s photo from the shoulder. Yin Qing’s softness somehow turned out to be a cold heart. "Don’t shoot me and Jiang Junyue. You and she can do whatever you like. You don’t have to try your best to take photos of me and Jane." What she called herself was that she didn’t want Jane to get involved. She was a little drunk, but she wasn’t confused.
"LanJingYi you shameless" eyes suddenly flashed Yin Qing soft hand toward LanJingYi face waved up somehow Yin Qing soft face some distortion …
The hand swung quite fast and caught people off guard.
"Yi Yi …" Jane moved away from her body, and "Bang", a muffled sound and a slap severely hit Jane away from her head, which made her face not too ugly. She reached out and caught Yin Qing’s soft hand. "Miss Yin, please respect yourself."
Lan Jingyi was really angry. When she didn’t provoke Yin Qing, it was also true that she and Jiang Junyue really ended. She even said that she and Jiang Junyue could do whatever they wanted. Is she so wrong?
"Yin Qing soft you really make me look down on you. With you, you don’t deserve Jiang Junyue’s love for you. It’s also doomed to law. He has to leave us. Don’t care about hitting her like crazy. I think my hands are dirty." Lan Jingyi finished and went to pull Jane’s small apartment. She really didn’t want to pay attention to Yin Qing’s crazy behavior
"Crazy … haha, I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. You’re talking nonsense. I’m not … I’m not …" But I don’t want Lan Jingyi to start crying hysterically in the corridor before Yin Qing is soft. The sound and the expression are weird. "I’m not … I’m not crazy .."
Lan Jingyi didn’t pay attention to Jane, but she didn’t want to go into the small apartment. But after being pulled by Lan Jingyi, she didn’t want to see Yin Qingrou again, so she involuntarily entered the small apartment.
Chapter 21 innocent girl
"I have to sit with you" took his umbrella and it was full of water. She shook it and put it in her hands to get coffee. He liked coffee before college.
"Yi Yi, go change clothes and get it again." I want to leave, but I’m afraid I’ll bump into Yin Qing as soon as I go out, and I’ll continue to sit down.
"It’s okay. It’ll be ready soon. Don’t mind," she said. She had already made a cup and handed it to him.
"No," he took a sip of the hot air. "Go and change."
"Well, I’ll go." Lan Jingyi turned and went into the bedroom to find a dry home. She changed out. Jane was still sitting on the sofa. Coffee smoke was misty. There was a moment around him that his or her eyes were not real
"Do you have any plans recently?" Well, he spoke and broke the dreamy feeling.
"Taobao was sold well before my store, but it’s a pity that I didn’t manage it well. I didn’t come back until late to deliver the goods. I have to manage it well during the day, so I can answer the customer’s questions well, hehe."
"Yiyi went to my company to help." Jane took the coffee again but didn’t drink it. Instead, she gently blew the fog and continued to drift around him, leaving Lan Jingyi in a trance for a moment as if they were back in college. At that time, he was her senior and she was his junior. He said, "Yiyi, let’s fall in love."
The past haunts her like a beautiful painting, so beautiful.
She looked at his eyes and almost blurted out "good", so she could walk into his world again. But what can she do? She is not alone now. She is strong and strong. "I want to spend some time with the children. My mother has taken care of her all by herself."
"Well, come to me whenever you want to work, Yiyi. I will always wait for you to come." Jane got up and was ready to leave. It was too late.