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Ji Guoqiu now has the highest vertical bounce record of 3m, and the highest runup bounce of 92m is measured in the team. His jumping ability has entered the firstclass ranks among linesmen.

Nba line players bounce vertically to M, even if the firstclass player exceeds 9m, the player who is above 1 m should have never seen the peak of Wolf King, Little Overlord and Warcraft, that is, around 9 m95 m.
Ji Guoqiu’s bounce has almost reached his limit now, even if there is a maximum increase in the future, it will be 1 or 2 meters higher, and then it will drop a few centimeters every year for six or seven years, and it will drop even faster after the age of 30. This is the growth and decline process of a player’s sports ability. If he suffers from serious injuries, such as miniinvasive surgery, this health process will be greatly accelerated.
Castle’s athletic ability has declined again after this injury. Aliens are now able to play nbalevel games, but Clippers Black Parker is also not qualified to play nba starting substitutes. Relatively speaking, Castle has less consciousness and experience.
The Raptors Calderon’s defensive ability is generally not good at forcing, but today it was very fierce. Cassel delivered the basketball to the frontcourt and immediately handed it over.
Ji Guo Qiu pulled the ball to the line and the fox brother immediately inserted the basket and received the panda brother’s precision ball, forcing the basket to cause the opponent to foul.
Bagnani indicated to the referee that he didn’t commit a foul, but the slowmotion playback clearly showed that his hand really hit Ji Guo’s wrist, which made him throw the basketball out of bounds.
The Clippers don’t have a point guard now, so the panda warrior’s offensive end responsibility will change greatly. He must work with the point guard.
At present, there are many fans in China who call on the Clippers to get Liu Wei or Sun Dasheng, but these discussions have been bombarded by many netizens, and I am afraid that these two people may not even be able to dribble through the halfcourt when they arrive in the nba.
The Raptors’ offensive end inherited their longstanding tradition of killing opponents by jumping shots. Their offensive ability is not bad, but their defensive ability must be counted from the back of the league team
The arrival of new coach sam mitchell in the season has improved their defensive ability, although it has risen from the countdown to the middle position, but it is enough for them to make the playoffs in the East.
Calderon dribbled through. He doesn’t always do this. Today, it’s bullying Castle.
Ji Guoqiu made up for the fox’s brother and had to make up for his brother’s position, so Bosh made a shot.
The Clippers rotated Artest to defend Bosh, but still prevented the Raptors from shooting as the star.
Bosh stepped back and shot the Raptors to get the first point.
This is how the Raptors play. Calderon and J Ford rely on the cover to break through and attract the defense, and then divide the ball. Bosh and Bagnanila will assist a group of outside shooters. If they want their opponents to help them break through, they will have to bear the Raptors’ outside and middlerange precision strikes. This kind of play just restrains the weak Clippers in the No.1 position.
After the first quarter, the Raptors led by 4 points with a score of 114.
Old Deng Liwei Black Parker for Cassel According to the performance in this half, Old Deng Liwei has decided to let Black Parker play the first round. Cassel’s defensive end has too many loopholes, and there are fewer comprehensive advantages and disadvantages. Black Parker is better in this game.
Bosh has scored 7 points in the first quarter and made 3 of 4 shots.
Ji Guo was ashamed to make up the hole in the line, which made Bosh get too many shooting opportunities. The Dragon King’s accurate midrange shooting is not focused, and it is very likely that he will be killed by two points.
Bagnani didn’t get a point to be proud of the Italian top online players in the first half, and his speed and flexibility were restrained by Ji Guo Chou He. In the first half of the game, he didn’t get a shot, and he couldn’t even touch the rebound. He handed over the embarrassing data of points, rebounds, assists and 1 mistake in the first half of the game.
During the timeout, Clippers fans were laughing at the Italian champion without fear.
What nonsense champion? I think it’s an Italian bear or a noodle bear!
Clippers reporters mocked Toronto in person on the sidelines, but they couldn’t fight back. It was Bagnani who couldn’t attack and didn’t defend himself. Even they wanted to spray their own players like this
Ps restore two more for collection, for recommendation!
Chapter one hundred and thirtythree Relief
Ji Guoqiu scored 4 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists against spaghetti in the first half. This is a tripledouble rhythm!
Ji Guo shamed 5 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist and performed equally well. The two brothers almost scored all the points of the team. It seems that Bosh’s attack is excellent, but his defense seems to be not much higher.
Canadian journalists, who were ridiculed by their colleagues in Los Angeles, tried to fight back when they were in a hurry, but their words were stifled because the twin brothers are still Canadian citizens.
Now the people of Canada are inviting the twin brothers to join the Canadian national team and trying hard to make Bosh, no matter how good it is, it’s also an outsider. The twins are our own people. We can’t give up. The Canadian journalists didn’t have any difficulty before the game. Instead, the two brothers hoped that the two brothers would explode Bosh. This guy is always looking for a deal. It is estimated that sooner or later he will grow wings and fly away by himself!
After the timeout, Black Parker restrained Calderon’s breakthrough to a certain extent. Artest and Garcia were excellent in single defense and would not easily let their opponents enter the Raptors to break through the ball. The tactics were controlled.
When the Raptors saw this, they quickly changed their style of play. Bosh turned his back more to discipline the national humiliation and strengthened the ball running to help his teammates cover up and find opportunities for high shots.
Bosh is not too afraid of Ji’s national humiliation. His height and wingspan make him naturally restrained from this kind of attack. The doctor failed in two consecutive singles, and the cunning dragon king no longer tried this trick to deal with Ji’s national humiliation. More ball cover and rollandroll search for scoring opportunities.
桑拿会所Ji Guo’s speed and flexibility are better than Bosh’s, including his jumping and speed. He is better than Bosh’s comprehensive sports ability. It is reasonable to say that he should also limit Bosh, but in more important experience, he has missed too many Bosley teammates to cover and run backwards, and he can always find a shot to gain points for his excellent projection ability.
Old Deng Liwei shouted at Ji Guo’s shame at the scene, Do you get as many points as he gets?
The magician laughed at the live broadcast. Old Deng Liwei seems to be very demanding of Fox’s brother. I don’t think a guy can play with Bosch for a few games. He is in daydreaming.
Reggie miller disagreed with ervin johnson. He retorted, chris bosh has never been an excellent single defense player. The Raptors’ line defense is very bad. Besides, we all know that defense depends on experience and attack depends on talent. Even if the defensive end is passive, it will not affect the attack. I think Brother Fox has the ability to get 2+ and more.
This game quickly verified the two people’s view that Ji Guo’s humiliation is also beneficial for teammates to cover the middle distance and hit the shot!
Many experts in the American media believe that Ji Guo’s humiliation theory is closer to chris bosh’s body shape or style of play, and the fox has a better threepoint wingspan. In addition, it is very similar to Bosh, but they are different after all. Now there has been a debate about who is the template of Ji Guo’s humiliation.
To say that he is like gart, he is not that hard; To say that he is like Nowitzki, he has stronger impact and athletic ability; Said he was like bosh, with a longer range and better physical fitness …
Now the panda warrior template is recognized as Duncan, but there is really no more recognized template for Ji Guo shame.
If it were in China, it would be blown into a fivestriker complex by the media …
At the end of the first quarter, the Clippers were 2 points behind at home at 24:26.
Ji Guoqiu scored 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocked shots. Ji Guojiao scored 7 points, 3 rebounds and 1 blocked shot. Artest scored 5 points and Mobry scored 4 points.
In the first quarter, Bosh scored 11 points and 2 rebounds, Calderon scored 4 points, anthony parker scored 4 points, J Ford scored 4 points and delfino scored 3 points.
Old Deng Liwei was dissatisfied with Ji Guo’s shame in the first quarter and made adjustments to the team’s defense. Brother Panda and Brother Fox exchanged defense objects after the second quarter, little fox. If you let that Italian soft egg get more than five points, I will exchange you for a slap in the face!
Ji Guo’s shame threatened old Deng Liwei so much that he could make a military order and said, Don’t worry, coach, I’ll let him get five points and come here himself.
Artest laughed. You have to really get here.
Other Clippers players have been booing to see what Ji Guo’s humiliation will be like.
Bah, I can’t stop Bosh from believing and killing that spaghetti!
Old Deng Liwei turned to Ji Guoqiu after beating his younger brother, and immediately changed his face. He was kindhearted and praised Brother Panda and encouraged him to make persistent efforts. It would be great to try to seal Bosh again in the second quarter.
Ji Guoqiu was a little embarrassed by the coach’s praise and looked at the opposite Twilight Girl. Christine wore his No.6 jersey today and sat opposite the Clippers bench to see him. She looked at him and secretly gave him a thumbsup sign.
Boss, we are going to the Raptors’ home now. Do you think the fans will cheer for us? Ji national humiliation in the second quarter and brother sitting in the heart asked.
I think so? Ji Guoqiu replied uncertainly
Should we be booed if we join the China team?
Do you want to join the Canadian team again?
Ji Guo was ashamed and smiled. No, I just casually said that it’s too easy to behave suddenly and get better recently. I got 15+ in several consecutive games. When I was browsing Guomen. com, I noticed that the wind direction there changed again. Who knows what those damn bureaucrats think?
Ji Guo Qiu Wenwen frowned. He knew what his brother meant, but he still thought of himself as a China native. Of course, he wanted to fight for his own country. Going to a foreign country to help others play games would further encourage the arrogance of those damn traitors and immigrant parties! The more famous they are, the less they can take this lead. They would rather not play the Olympic Games and feel that they should not play for other countries.
In the second quarter, the Clippers fielded Kassel, Black Parker, Mobry, Garcia, and Thomas.
Clippers fans burst into tears. Three players were missing from the team, and Livingston, Brand and Shareef AbdurRahim were reimbursed for the extra season. A total of six players were sent to the injury list. Now only one player can play, and this can be rotated.
After three minutes, the score has become 27:31.

March less than half an hour, the sky turned slightly dark.

I really can’t go with a bunch of Ukrainian farmers.
General …! Zulie suddenly chased after enemy attack!
My face changed. Li Dian and Qin array threw arrows to meet the enemy!
Yes! Li Dian immediately reined in a 100degree turn.
Qin Zhen was worried about the slaughter of farmers, so he pulled out his long knife.
The ground was thrown with bows and arrows. I told Pang Gan to send someone to gather them.
How many people are there in the enemy?
Five thousand Zulie gasped All cavalry!
Cavalry? I can’t help but frown. Just now, there are not many ways left to continue the volley … Do you want to recklessly?
5 thousand versus 7 thousand, although our army is well trained, it is impossible to do any damage
Ma Dai and Zhao Cheng put extra arrows and then led the army around the sides. I never put all the combatants together, even though the number is small.
Yes is another bunch of bows and arrows. I distributed them to the soldiers in my own camp, each with 20 arrows. Of course, considering my own rapid consumption and lethality, I specially reserved twice as much shit for myself.
Pang Gan, you should be careful about Jia Mu’s safety. I assigned Pang Gan to Jia Mu again. Although he was dissatisfied with being transferred from me, he was still deployed from me
Zhang Ji, you are responsible for continuing to lead them forward to contain the meeting of General Lu of Yan County. I feel that it should not be too far away from Yan County, and it may take three quarters of an hour to get there.
There are 50 people left in the logistics brigade, so the 10,000 rioters are escorted slowly to the north.
I also ordered the soldiers to give orders to several battalions respectively. I shot two rounds on both sides of Ma Dai, Zhao Cheng, and then attacked the enemy’s wings. Then Li Dian Qin array defeated the enemy’s positions with one puff. There must be no mistakes.
The cavalry really came so fast. In the southern sky, a strong wind swept over the ground and rolled up the loess all over the sky.
prepare an arrow! I picked up two feather arrows and moved slowly forward over the Qin array and the Li Dian cavalry. Two thousand riders lined up at the southernmost tip.
The dust is getting closer and closer, and the speed is increasing instead of decreasing, which is to prepare us for a hard fight.
Their horse speed has reached the limit and we haven’t started yet. If we fight hard, we will definitely lose a lot.
Do not touch hard! Qin Zhen Li Dian sides to avoid! I drink backwards.
Two thousand people suddenly retreated to one side.
I also gave Pang Gan and Jia Mu a total of 1000 people to retreat to both sides.
The enemy is coming hard to stop.
I can’t tell the number of people even if the former army shoots from the flank, it will cause some confusion to the enemy.
When our enemy passed sideways, Ma Dai Zhao Cheng had already sent troops to stop it, and then Li Dian and Qin Zhen also violently inserted into the enemy camp.
spa会所The enemy’s forward speed has obviously come to a standstill.
I’m one step behind, and I’m rushing back in pursuit.
The enemy completely moved.
Divided into seven pieces by us, we fought separately, but we didn’t fight. It seemed that the arrogance when we charged before was just a show to scare us.
When I encounter a little setback, I will take care of myself, and there is no powerful general to coordinate and command these mutinous soldiers. So much for their fighting capacity. I suddenly feel relieved.
I am the emperor of heaven in Runan! A thief who looks like a crooked melon and cracks dates, but can make people remember, roared, If you go against the thief and ruin the country and the people, you will not give up when you meet the emperor today!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m Jincheng Tai Sui Qin array! I have come to meet you! Dozens of feet away from him, Qin array rushed to him with joy.
Go to hell! Instrument just twist a head to see the Qin array was sneak attack from behind Zhao Cheng a knife split on the shoulder directly tumble horse.
Grandma laozhao dare to grab credit with grandpa? !” Qin Zhen was furious but suddenly stopped. I sincerely congratulate you, Battalion Zhao, and I hope you will make persistent efforts to achieve better results!

Qin Xiong is not as fond of horses as Ferguson, but it is always good to have more leisure activities outside his career.

Georgia sat at the dining table with Qin Ye in her arms and shouted, Brotherinlaw and sister Kyle, come on. This little guy keeps reaching for the cake. I can’t control him!
Adults smell speech and laugh and walk into the dining room.
Qin Xiong’s birthday present for Sylvia is a necklace he brought back from the United Arab Emirates, which is not expensive but unique.
After Sylvia held Qin Ye’s small hand and cut the cake together, Freddie raised his glass and laughed. I wish you happiness forever. I am really happy to see you so happy after so many years!
Kyle, thank you
Sylvia put a cake for Freddie and then said, Thank you for all these years. We have been worried about running around, and we have always remembered your contribution.
We don’t have to talk about this.
桑拿按摩Well, let’s drink to it.
Returning to Liverpool to celebrate the birthday of his wife and children, Liverpool called a Christmas party. Looking back on 21 years, Qin Xiong admitted that he had no regrets.
He hopes that 2011 can also be spent with regret! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1276 is still sleeping, Blue Army]
read; The battle of Christmas Express in Premier League is coming.
Because Qin Xiong will go to Qatar to participate in the Asian Cup in midJanuary, his mission in the club will be even heavier before that.
Qin Xiong has made continuous war consciousness.
On December 26th, Liverpool, the 19th round of Premier League and the final match of the season, came to Blake’s home court.
Qin Xiong, Torres and Raul all made their debut.
Because it is Christmas, Blake doesn’t want to be too timid at home, so violence is very unrestrained at home.
They fought against Liverpool through strong physical confrontation.
Liverpool, on the other hand, played a speed and technical advantage. The game was not full of twists and turns, but it was not dominated by Liverpool onesidedly.
In the end, Liverpool won 21 away with Qin Xiong Raul’s goal.
Manchester United beat Sunderland the black cat 20 at home.
Arsenal Chelsea’s London derby is a focus war, a difficult victory over Manchester United, and Chelsea suffered another defeat at Emirates Stadium.
Wenger’s team beat Chelsea 31 at home!
Losing 13 away to Arsenal, Chelsea is getting farther and farther away from Premier League leader Liverpool.
After the game, coach Carlo Ancelotti said that he was not afraid of being fired by his boss, but the team needed to wake up.
After this war, the gap between Chelsea and Liverpool has reached a shocking 13 points, and the team ranking has also dropped to the fifth place, and Manchester City has occupied the fourth place.
People also have doubts about Carlo Ancelotti’s future in the Blues.
When asked if he was worried about his fate, Ancelotti said, I am confident that you don’t have to ask the boss this question.
Carlo Ancelotti analyzed the game. The difference between the two sides lies in the strength. We have shown stronger strength than Arsenal on the pitch. They can play with them and play better than us.
Carlo Ancelotti admitted, We didn’t play well. We didn’t have a good halftime many times. Our game was terrible. We weren’t 100% focused. We lost two goals in three minutes and couldn’t get it back. We responded well, but it wasn’t enough. We are in a difficult time. We need to try to win the Bolton game. We have to continue to work.
Carlo Ancelotti expressed his dissatisfaction with the team. We worked hard in the past two weeks, but today we didn’t perform well. I was surprised by the team’s performance. Because our training session was very good last week, if you look at the games, what we lack now is confidence. Obviously, what I am worried about is that we won one of six or seven games. I didn’t see the team kick out the game we wanted. This is what I am worried about, but this is normal.
On the situation in the standings, Ancelotti said, The situation is not good, but this is the reality. We have to wake up and now we are still sleeping.
The Blues’ first half of the Premier League season was anticlimactic. Now, let’s go back and have a look. When the Blues and the Red Army fought for the top spot, there was a onepoint gap between the two teams.
The red army won the game and the blue army lost by three points, but the farreaching impact lies in confidence!
It can be said that Liverpool destroyed Chelsea’s ambition to win the championship!
Chelsea had fallen behind in the middle of the league and was the last one to fall behind.
Arsenal won a hard battle, which allowed Wenger to seize the opportunity to inspire the team.
Wenger declared after the game that his team had become mature, and talked about the Premier League title competition. The professor admitted that the gunners were not far from the leaders.
Wenger especially realized that Arsenal’s confrontation ability has been greatly enhanced, and he is no longer afraid of his opponent’s fierce play.
Two years ago, the same players might be overwhelmed by Chelsea’s fierceness. Last year, I felt that we were close in this respect. This year, we lost to Manchester United and Chelsea away from home, and there is no difference between us and our opponents. This is a slow and high process.
When asked if his team had become a man, Wenger said, We will not be intimidated any more. That’s for sure. I feel that we have become mature in the past two years.
Wenger still thinks Chelsea are one of the rivals for the title when they are in poor form.
It’s always difficult to concede a goal before halftime, and then we scored two opponents. Recently, our confidence in meeting the goal has been reduced, but for Chelsea, you can predict that they have many experienced players. I still think Chelsea is a championship teameven after tonight’s game, I don’t think they are out.
I personally admire Carlo Ancelotti and I don’t believe he will be fired by Chelsea.
I don’t think we are far from the top of the list. It’s December, and we will follow Liverpool closely. We must continue to hope that tonight’s victory will convince the team that we are on the right track and direction.
Wenger is right to motivate players.
However, Fleet Street is too optimistic to recognize Wenger!
He thinks Arsenal is not far from Liverpool?
Look at the standings.
Liverpool scored 47 points, Manchester United and Arsenal scored 37 points, Manchester City scored 36 points and Chelsea scored 34 points.
Forget Manchester City and Chelsea.
Liverpool lost 1 point in the 19 rounds of the whole league!
The gap between Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal is just one point.
In other words, the Red Devils gunners lost two points!
If Liverpool maintain a halftime performance and lose one point, Manchester United and Arsenal must win the league halftime to tie Liverpool!
This is impossible.
First of all, they have to improve the performance of losing 2 points and more than 1 point per game in 19 rounds of the league and pray that Liverpool’s state slip and poor record can be reversed!
One point is more realistic, but even if Liverpool lost three games in a row, Manchester United and Arsenal won three games in a row, Liverpool still rode on their head and topped the list.
In summing up the performance of the top teams in the Premier League, Fleet Street is also somewhat acceptable.
Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Everton failed to live up to expectations, and they couldn’t even play the role of showstopper in a friendly way.
Chelsea is the most painful team. It seems that they lost their determination to win the championship in Ancelotti!

The first chapter of the snow (3)

Wu Bing, Qing Yu and others retreated, and the morale of free players was greatly boosted for a long time. It is rare to have such a big battle in the dreary fairyland. Although the artifact is not known yet, since they are desperately trying to stop themselves and others from passing, what is their departure direction?
Some freelancers have been to Citadel and told their friends nearby that they had been to Citadel for 100 years. Soon, many people agreed to visit Citadel and called many players who had no line and players who had no line to come here.
And another group of small guild players who have been teased by the soldiers will certainly not let go of the soldiers, and they are even more unwilling to head for the snowy city when they hear that there are artifacts in front.
Then blue cloud, Locke, and two other mysterious forces came from behind, followed by a huge team of players, which was more than ten kilometers long, and the number of people could not be counted less than 30 million. In this case, players are even more reluctant to fall down, and there is little excitement to see. How can they let go? People are still very curious.
Before we arrived in Syracuse, we saw a huge’ door’ towering into the sky, and there was a smaller’ door’ next to it. People were talking about what it was.
It’s too hard to really love you. The old habit has been made again. With the special features of his suit, he crossed all the players and ran to the first Xiang Xue City. Some players stopped to watch and began to move in the direction of’ door’.
Soldiers, disease, dark fire, blood repellent, ice fox, armed soldiers, sunny rain, Oriental Yiping, Zhang Xian, Chris (pupil), Qin Yong and other people gathered together and they were waiting for me to speak.
"All of you have finished the foreplay. At least half of the players in the fairyland are coming to us. We are going to start the final plan [nightmare]!"
桑拿论坛"I repeat the details in the plan. First of all, we five brothers and sisters go directly to the underground cave to prepare for life test, so please."
"Dark fire repels blood, ice fox. You three are responsible for introducing people into caves. No matter what you can do, people in the Oriental family of our guild must not leak air."
"Sister, it’s up to you to prepare for reality. If I really succeed, I will make myself capable immediately."
"Qin Yong thanked your father for me. This may be the last time we meet."
"Fine son, have you decided? But if I don’t succeed, you won’t make a decision. "
"Chris pupil, please wait here until I come back, and if you see Tianwu, tell her for me that no matter what she decides, she should be happy and live happily. If she decides to stay in the real world, I will help her eliminate her memory. Of course, so will you, so you don’t worry about your own decision."
"Brothers, Sunny, let’s go and do what we should do."
Disease method took my shoulder and the soldiers followed us. Wu Bing and Qing Yu went out arm in arm together. Chris wanted to chase him out and was held by Dongfang Yiping.
"Chris, trust him."
Zhang Xian has been looking at the disappearing figure and thinking about erasing my memory. What about you?
"Dad, be careful that ice Polly can’t run away." Tianwu took her father just LV1 to Xiang Xue Dancheng. Although there were leaves and evening clouds next to it, there were many monsters around, and Tianwu didn’t have a templar army around him to make [sacrifice]. Therefore, her father had no guarantee that he could kill all the monsters near him.
"Day dance elder sister want to call MuEr come over? How can a priest have a lot of peace? "Ye saw that this was not the way, so he suggested.
"Yeah, I wonder if she has a line."
Mu Er soon caught up and heard that it was Tianwu’s father’s game. Suddenly, he was a little nervous. Seeing Mu Er’s sample laughed, "Uncle is still a beginner. It depends on your protection."
It’s almost time to look at Tianwu. There are many players around who are rushing to Xuexian City. They quickly said, "Let’s hurry, too. Muer, help my father add [bully evil array] and go."
When Tianwu and others came to Syracuse, the players were rushing to the tall’ door’. Tianwu asked a person next to him what happened. It happened that it was’ too hard to really love you’. He knew Tianwu, a very strong woman, and the individual champion of the multi-boundary fairyland challenge. So he said, "It’s rare for Tianwu to be president. You are here. Don’t you know? Behind the’ door’ turned out to be another world. How fresh you say, and I heard that five artifacts were thrown there. Now all players want to grab the artifacts first. You see, it’s been an hour, and there are still so many players who can’t get in. Although the’ door’ is big, they still can’t come. "
Tianwu asked strangely, "Why don’t you go there?"
It’s too hard to really love you,’ Nai clapped his hands and said,’ I’ve already passed, and I’m the first one. Unfortunately, I was cleaned up by the guards behind the’ door’ and came back from the resurrection point.’
Tianwu probably knows the development of the elegant plan after listening to it. It seems that it can be deceived. After all, human nature is greedy
It’s too hard to really love you. It’s really strange to look at Tianwu’s line of people, four beautiful women and a beginner. "Tianwu’s president won’t come here to watch the fun, will you?" Or to snatch the artifact? "
Tianwu laughed. "You’re right. I just came to watch the fun. Do you know where the elegant guild is?"
"Well, if you don’t talk about it, I’ll forget that I’ve never seen them coming out of the bell tower. Where have the guild members gone? How could the elegant man have an artifact and not come to get it? Strange strange "
After hearing what he said, Tianwu asked, "Well, do you know Elegant?"
"Of course, we have done it together. It’s a pity that he is a busy man and I like to take risks alone. It seems that I haven’t seen him for a while. Alas, I’m going to rule him out. I heard that the world behind the door is called the boundary. I’m really curious about what’s in that world. I’ve gone to the fairyland for seven or seven."
It’s too hard to really love you’ and then he rushed into the crowd and disappeared. Tianwu smiled and said to the rest of the people, "It seems that we want to go in and be elegant. Look at this crowd. It’s really cheating."
Chapter 9 The Snow Storm (4)
My new "An Ant" has been renamed "Ant is Crazy"! It’s really a very special film. I hope everyone will support it, otherwise it’s a pity not to write it!
Chapter 9 The Snow Storm (4)
"Brothers, the artifact is waiting for us to take it."
Keep refueling. All players are blocked by the door. A few players can get through it.’ It’s too hard to really love you’ is a very lucky guy, but he is also very lucky to be killed by the guard first.
There are hundreds of evil spirits wizards with ugly faces and thin bodies in the’ Gate’ passage. They called the evil spirits wizards to fill the passage, so it was very difficult for players to rush in. At first, small teams and guilds tried to rush in by body, but they soon found that this method was not effective. Even if they were killed for a while, they were killed back because of the constant call of the hundreds of evil spirits wizards. Later, players could think of a way to squeeze in desperately to compete for every inch. This method is really very effective. If a hell creature dies, a player will immediately squeeze into the channel, and the evil spirit wizard wants to call the hell creature, and there is no place to call him. Fortunately, the evil spirit wizard calls the hell creature, and none of them can fly.
When Tianwu came, the players had reached the edge of the other side of the channel, and the evil spirits and wizards were also eliminated. In half of the channel, the players were more excited, "Go!" "Kill!" Although the players in the back row can’t see it, they all want to squeeze in when they hear the noise of shouting and killing in the passage.
Dark fire watched the evil spirits wizards decrease and asked the blood repellent way around them, "Blood repellent, how can we lead them to the cave later?"
Blood-repellent eyes look to the east and look to the east and look to the east and look at the people. Fortunately, they thought it over in advance, so they said, "About 30% of the players who come here are attracted by us, and the challenges of the soldiers, the temptation of artifacts, the curiosity of human beings, the idea of gathering people and other factors have brought so many players. The enthusiasm of players has not been reduced, so they must continue to increase, so I have already prepared a batch of magic things, this batch of top magic things."
Everyone didn’t know what those monsters were that Dongfang Yiping said, but they didn’t ask, so what they had to do was to lead the players to the cave. Since Dongfang Yiping had a way, of course they were happy and relaxed.
"Wow …" A few players finally broke through the evil spirit wizard’s defense line and entered the boundary snowy city. This is because they can’t help but admire after seeing the scenery of the boundary snowy city.

Muchen gradually dissipated the rage in his heart and accompanied two people to start barbecue and play.

A family of three didn’t pay attention to anything else today. They were all very happy, talking and laughing, and didn’t leave here until noon to go home.
An enter a door Muchen saw Fu Ruliu gloomy face let Lin Qiao send Lin Hao to the game room first. He took one look at Fu Ruliu after sitting on the sofa for the first two steps and said, What’s wrong with my parents? Did someone make you angry?
桑拿论坛  title=You don’t have a net today? Mu Feng Ling looked at Mu Chen puzzled and sighed and said, Wait for Lin Qiao to come over and have a look with her!
Lin Qiao also returned to the living room at this time. Hearing this, he picked up the mobile phone and watched with Muchen. The two men’s faces became ugly.
It turned out that someone found out the news about Lin Qiao’s exposure in Lin Yao before and then attacked Lin Qiao, and even several official media in S city forwarded it to more people.
It should be done by Lin Zhao. Although Fu Ruliu is sullen, he hasn’t lost his mind. Mu Chen, if you don’t give the Lins a good look this time, see how my mother can tidy up you!
Who happened to Lin Qiao and Fu Ruliu knew clearly that he was not angry with Lin Qiao.
But Lin Qiao sighed and couldn’t help but say, I am dragging you down! If she hadn’t married Mu Chen, these things wouldn’t have happened. Lin Qiao was very white in his heart. Lin Zhao was so uncompromising because of fear
Afraid of what is not afraid of her revenge? Just guilty!
Fu Ruliu looked at Lin Qiao’s face and knew that she had put the cause of this matter on herself again, so she spoke in comfort. Well, that thing was not done by Muchen herself. If you blame it, you can’t blame it.
Lin Qiao nodded and looked a little heavy.
Don’t worry! Mom, I will solve this matter soon. Mu Chen knew that these rumors were not well fermented and quickly called Li Tezhu and the company’s public sector to attend the meeting.
Fu Ruliu looked at Lin Qiao and gave Mu Feng Ling a look. Mu Feng Ling quickly left the living room and went to find his old friend.
Don’t worry! Those who casually forward the S city media, I will let Mu Chen send them a lawyer’s letter and dare to make rumors, and I will bear the consequences!
Fu Ruliu comforted Lin Qiao for a while and his face was much better.
The body of the Chapter 40 Public opinion is broken
Back in the bedroom, Lin Qiao looked at the mobile phone and those people commented and talked. Some of them were objective, but some of them were simply in the dark.
With Fu Ruliu comforting Lin Qiao, I didn’t care about these words, but it was still annoying to watch them. After all, those people spoke so badly that Lin Qiao couldn’t help but wonder if they were so vicious when they talked with their own hatred.
Behind Lin Qiao’s eyes, the in the mind is also in vain. If Mu Jia has doubts about her because of this matter or Mu Jia hates her, she will take advantage of the fact that the mastermind is Lin Zhao’s mind
I didn’t pay too much attention to the net information. Lin Qiao soon put this matter to check the company that he was going to submit his resume. There were too many things in the past two days to submit his resume. Let’s look at the company introduction!
After coming to the company, Muchen asked this matter with a cold face. Everyone knows that the president usually has no expression, and he did not whisper about Muchen’s performance.
Things are still controllable. After all, the Ministry of Public Affairs has already started to deal with this matter after knowing it, but the effect is not very obvious, but at least not everyone around believes this scandal.
After listening to the public explanation, Mu Chen didn’t blame it. After all, this is not a person’s responsibility. Do you have any good ways to solve this problem? Press conference?
Facing Mu Chen’s sharp eyes, company employees began to think seriously about countermeasures and secretly envied those who were still in the office to deal with the crisis.
It’s not a good choice for the boss to hold a press conference now, said Manager Zhao of the public department after some hesitation.
Seeing Muchen nodded, Manager Zhao continued to say, This matter can be big or small. If the president comes forward, they will definitely have more excuses and reasons to attack … Mrs. and Master.
Speaking of which, Manager Zhao took one look at Mu Chen and found that he didn’t show disgust at just calling, so he knew that he had done the right step.
To compare your photos with those of the young master, everyone with eyes knows what’s going on. Manager Zhao has learned from Te Li that Lin Haochang and Muchen are 70% similar to each other before making this suggestion.
Section 41
Mu Chen wanted to refuse at first. After all, if Lin Hao’s photo was exposed, it might be beneficial to you, but on second thought, he agreed.
Lin Hao has a bodyguard at home to protect himself. He is also a wellbehaved child, so there is no problem. When he grows up, he will be trained like himself, and there is nothing to worry about.
Thought of here muchen nodded and agreed.
When manager Zhao saw this scene, he directly found out the photo of Mu Chen, a former magazine, and gave it to Li Tezhu. He said, This is the photo taken before the president was interviewed. Please ask the president to dress the young master in a suit and send it to me or Li Tezhu. This matter is almost the same.
Before it’s too late, Muchen handed over the situation here to Li Tezhu and watched him quickly set a suit and send it back to Muzhai almost like a photo suit.
Back in Muzhai Muchen, three by five divided by two saved the photo problem. After Lin Qiao knew it, he couldn’t help but ask, Would you like to put the photo of Zaizai out like this? Is there really no problem?
Muchen stretched out his hand and rubbed his Lin Qiaozha became a pillheaded hair and nodded and said, No problem, don’t worry! The bodyguards at home will protect Zaizaian. He is a family child and should learn to grow up slowly and not be too spoiled.
Lin Qiao also wants to say something, but Mu Chen’s speech is also reasonable. After thinking about it, she found that it is indeed beneficial and harmful to Lin Hao, but the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages, so she agreed.
Less than three or five hours after the scandal was broadcast, Weibo po, the official of Mu’s group, published two photos with two words on the surface, which read Hehe!
Everyone has been paying attention to these things. Lin Zhao has been looking for the water army to keep speculating. Many people have begun to sympathize with Lin Qiao. After all, not everyone is a water army, and not everyone can hide others’ feelings. It is good to see a stranger or a girl being so ugly. Some good people still help to speak.
In addition, Weibo, the official of Mu’s group, has been sending out some news that companies can announce and some press releases after the press conference. Is this the first time to face the scandal or is there a lot of attention?
Soon this article was forwarded and praised by many people, and some people even ridiculed it. Look at the father’s appearance. Is it not a father?
Some black people are still dissatisfied and say, Who knows if President Mu found out his childhood photos?
However, this remark was quickly hit in the face, because a master accurately said that although these two people are similar, there are still differences, such as the face, which is definitely two people.
With this conclusion, those people will soon find no excuse to attack and rape and slowly disappear.
This is not a difficult thing to solve. If it weren’t for Lin Zhao’s behindthescenes control, it wouldn’t have been heated for so long. Now that Mu’s regiment has taken over the wind, it is natural to bash it headon!
By the time Lin Qiao woke up, it had lost its heat. Many people spoke to her, and occasionally some words were sour or malicious. Lin Qiao was not at ease.
Came to the restaurant and saw Fu Ruliu. Sure enough, she was very happy now. Lin Qiao sat beside Fu Ruliu and had breakfast with her.
Mu Chen went to work today and left early. Let me tell you one! Fu ruliu’s eyes are full of teasing Lin Qiao couldn’t help but smile shyly.
I wanted you to marry Mu Chen directly! Lin Qiao was just embarrassed to hear this sentence and then froze directly.
Too anxious! Lin Qiao thought about setting a good day before and suddenly felt a little premarital phobia.
That’s what Muchen said. Let me say, otherwise, you should get engaged and wait until you find a good day to get married?
Fu Ruliu doesn’t care too much about things like this. Anyway, Lin Qiao and Lin Hao are all family members, so I still don’t care.

After entering the ladder, Lu Wentao lit a cigarette, but only took a sip and it rang. He looked at the number and immediately picked up "What is it?"

"Mr. Lu fell sharply as soon as he opened the market."
"I know." Liu Wentao glanced at Lan Jingyi with a sullen face and eyes. After hanging up, he clenched his hands and stared at the opposite Lan Jingyi quietly for five seconds before saying, "Shame on you."
"What about you? What about you and devoted to light snow? Are you going to face? " Lan Jingyi stubbornly shouted back to her. It was only once that people were going to have children. Compared with the stranger Xiaoxue, she was a drop in the bucket, okay?
"Ding" ladder stopped, and all the way to the exit was guarded. When landing Wentao came, he got everything ready and took Lan Jingyi out of the side door of the hotel. A black Audi was waiting there.
Lan Jingyi paused in front of the car and feared to meet Liu Wentao. "Let’s divorce because I, a shameless woman, have affected your Lushi stock, or you will be miserable if you are skinned by the master."
"No way." He grabbed her car and threw it in the back seat, then sat down beside her and shouted at the driver, "Go home."
From the hotel to home, the atmosphere in the carriage was suffocating, and it was very difficult to get home. Liu Wentao suddenly pulled up her hair and forced her to turn her head and look at him again. "Did you mean it?" Just want to divorce me? " He finally remembered talking to her, otherwise Lan Jingyi would never go to a place like a hotel.
"So what?" She went back to be outdone. She just wanted a divorce.
Scalp hurts. She saw a blur on Liu Wentao’s eyes. "Hehe …" He smiled. "But I just don’t want to leave."
So Lan Jingyi was put into that big room, and the lock was changed. It means that the fingerprint lock brain can’t dial out the net words, and I owe Lan Jingyi no contact with people.
There is everything to eat and drink in the refrigerator, but her heart is gone.
I don’t want to eat or drink, and I want a divorce.
Lan Jingyi balcony looks at the scenery in the community. Everyone else is free. If she is free in this big room, she will never live in such a big room again. This cage is not comfortable at all.
It’s been five days. What does Lu Wentao want?
It’s getting dark again
Lan Jingyi talked about lying in bed in a daze with floral wallpaper on the ceiling. I remember that she told Lu Wentao that this wallpaper must be better, otherwise it would be bad for her to have a baby in case of formaldehyde, but she never thought that he had not touched her since the first day of marriage. Where can she have a baby?
Mo suddenly thought of the day and night in the hotel, and she and Xiao Qing seemed to have no measures.
Forget it. It’s been a few days. It’s meaningless for her to come again.
As soon as the door "bang" was pushed away, Lan Jingyi turned to a smiling face, devoted to Xiaoxue. "Hehe, Lan Jingyi, thank you. Come and sign here, and you will be free." devoted to Xiaoxue swept her with a high profile, and she was like a housewife in Lujia.
Lanjingyi stretched out his hand and took the stranger light snow handed me a city paper, which was a divorce agreement face-to-face signature file. It was today when the man Liu Wentao had already signed his name.
Lan Jingyi didn’t rush to sign it, but turned his attention to the beginning of the agreement. He read the agreement word by word and asked her to get clean or he wouldn’t divorce.
Hehe, did he or she want his fortune when she first wanted to marry him?
Liu Wentao, he was really wrong. He stretched out his hand and took the pen from the stranger Xiaoxue. After reading it for the first time, the two women did not even think about it. Lan Jingyi signed it directly.
"All right, take your things and you can go." Mo Xiaoxue looked down at Lan Jingyi and finished a winner’s gesture.
Lan Jingyi smiled gently. "It’s my own will to leave Mo Xiaoxue, and Mrs. Lu’s identity is also my disdain. But I advise you that if I leave, you may not be able to replace me." Even if the man didn’t touch himself, she always knew that he didn’t want to divorce. If he hadn’t made a cruel move himself, he wouldn’t agree with him today. What does it mean not to divorce and not marry Mo Xiaoxue?
It means that Mo Xiaoxue’s position in his mind is only a bed partner.
It is said that the authorities are fascinated by bystanders, and it will be white sooner or later, but it will be too late by then.
Chapter 27 Poor and White
It is said that the authorities are fascinated by bystanders, and it will be white sooner or later, but it will be too late by then.
Holding the little girl, she took two sets of laundry changes. Lan Jingyi finally got her wish and left the big room. Her heart was free and her body was free. But at this moment, her heart was a kind of unspeakable feeling. There was no expectation of joy or excitement. It was calm and calm, and she could no longer calm her heart.
桑拿论坛Walking into the night, the neon lights flashed, and she got married because she wanted to leave the money, but she didn’t want it, but now she is in front of her eyes. The real problem is that she has more than 200 yuan, in other words, if she wants to stay in a hotel, the money will be enough for her to spend one night, and staying in one of those hotels that is not cheap.
Section 9
But what about heaven?
She wants to eat or drink or die.
If it weren’t for Lu Wentao, she would definitely look for a job these days, but she was rejected.
Lan Jingyi unconsciously went to the commotion, and she remembered that more than 3,000 yuan she had stolen. If she wanted to come back, how could she keep eating and drinking Lazarus for a month?
But the idea is the idea that she can get back the 3 thousand dollars if she doesn’t want to get it back. When she can’t get it back, she is still poor
Lan Jingyi remembered Xiao Qing, who had never heard from the Cowherd since she left the hotel that day. Somehow, she thought of him, and she felt a little ashamed. That night, she really benefited him, but the idea was just an instant horse and she was replaced by another one. That night, she was cheap. The little one actually gave himself to him for the first time.
Besides, it’s just a cowboy. It’s his honor, isn’t it?
She got rid of her guilt, but when she sat in front of the commotion bar and stared at the bartender who had never seen her before, she flashed a little tilt in her mind. "Hey, little tilt?" She shook the cocktail in her hand. She had been drinking it for over an hour, but she didn’t finish it. There was no money in her pocket, so she was going to cancel it tonight. It was still the cheapest cocktail.
"Small tilt? Oh, you said it was that man. He came to work here twice, and both times were temporary. I didn’t hear that he would come back here again. "
"What? Temporary? " Lanjingyi "Ceng" jumped up.
Lan Jingyi thought it over and over again, and finally made up his mind and asked, "Has he been contracted by someone?" This is the most legitimate reason why she can think that Xiao Tiao can’t come here to mix wine.
"I don’t know about this."
"So are you short of people here?" With a change of heart, she needs money now
"I can’t recruit anyone anymore. I’m working here alone except for eating and sleeping. I’m exhausted. How do you know the bartender?"
Lan Jingyi jumped into the high chair and patted the brother on the shoulder. "Do you think I can do it?"
"Can you mix wine?" The guy didn’t believe it. He swept her all over.

Khedira gave the ball to Lu Wenbin. Lu Wenbin started a long-distance attack with the ball. Four people were killed in the middle of the attack and reached the forbidden zone line.

Then Lu Wenbin started shooting directly from the forbidden zone line.
The ball crossed a weak arc and just avoided the goalkeeper’s ten fingers, then grazed the far post and flew into the net nest.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick to rewrite the score by 52 and completely sealed the victory.
There are a few situations left in the game that are three goals behind, and it is impossible for the royal society to make a comeback.
Even Gleizman seems to have lost the motivation to fight. After the kick-off, he didn’t run much, and he didn’t say much.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.
Real Madrid won the 37th round of La Liga with a hat-trick by Lu Wenbin and a 52-win victory over Real Sociedad by Kaka and Zema.
In this regard, La Liga is three points ahead of Barcelona, and Real Madrid is no longer in charge of Barcelona.
Real Madrid won the La Liga title in 212-2013 with 32 wins, 4 draws, 1 loss and 1 point. It successfully defended its title and won the five-time title.
One more Champions League and Real Madrid will become the sixth champion of the season after the sixth champion of the year.
Chapter 649 Champions League final against Bayern
After defending the La Liga champion, Lu Wenbin also won the reward experience of La Liga champion in the season, adding 10,000 skill points and 1 skill point, with a balance of 35 points.
夜网论坛The next day, Real Madrid, who won the championship in the first round earlier, returned to Madrid with the La Liga trophy of 212-2013 season and was warmly welcomed by several Real Madrid fans.
This time, after Real Madrid returned to Madrid, it held a slightly larger celebration and marched with the championship trophy.
But it’s not too intense. After all, Real Madrid’s season is not over yet, and they still have a Champions League final to play.
If this Champions League final is won by Real Madrid, it will set a number of records. After the Champions League reform, the first defending Champions League champion team will become the sixth champion in the first season and the first team to become the third champion for two consecutive seasons.
For Lu Wenbin personally, it is even crazier.
If you take the Champions League last season, Lu Wenbin will win the Champions League for four consecutive seasons and the Triple Crown for four consecutive seasons, which is a record estimated by the ancients and later.
In particular, except for Lu Wenbin, other players of the Triple Crown can hardly win once in their whole lives. Lu Wenbin can win four times in a row.
Therefore, whether it is real Madrid club or individual players, everyone attaches great importance to the Champions League final in five days, and no one has let go and celebrated it.
Players, family and friends also try not to disturb them and let them concentrate on preparing for the Champions League.
Lu Wenbin and Kate’s wedding date has already been set, but Kate and her parents, relatives and friends are responsible for the wedding company. Lu Wenbin needs to play his own game and get married when the time comes.
Have a rest for a day and then train for a day. On May 23rd, Real Madrid flew to England.
The venue of the Champions League final is Wembley Stadium, where Lu Wenbin participated in the Olympic finals and won the championship.
When he arrived in London for an interview, Lu Wenbin said that he had the experience of winning the championship at Wembley Stadium and could lead Real Madrid to win the Champions League.
Bayern Munich, on the other hand, is relatively low-key
I can’t help it. Now Real Madrid and Lu Wenbin are too strong. The teams are not sure of winning, and it’s hard to shout big words.
Even if you shout out most of them, it will only add to the jokes and make a fool of yourself. Therefore, no one even comes out to brag in Bayern Munich, and is preparing for the final silently.
But not boasting doesn’t mean Bayern Munich has to surrender.
Last season, I lost to Real Madrid in the final. Bayern Munich naturally didn’t want to lose again.
People who lost once and missed the championship are even more obsessed. Bayern Munich’s desire to win this final is even stronger.
After arriving in London, Lu Wenbin Hotel had a simple birthday and announced that he was 23 years old.
A day later, at 2: 45pm on May 25th, the final of the 212-2013 UEFA Champions League between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich officially started with the whistle of the referee at Wembley Stadium in London.
Real Madrid is still the starting goalkeeper of the 4231 formation or casillas.
Despite mu
Reading in sections 35
Mourinho and casillas are full of contradictions, but in this case, Mourinho chose San Cassie in the Champions League final of the six-time champion.
In the back line, Carvalho was injured and stopped, but right Ramos partnered with Pepe. The left-back of the center-back was unable to shake Marcelo and the right-back was arbeloa.
On the back, Khedira and Xabi Alonso are still partners.
The front waist is naturally Lu Wenbin, the left avant-garde is Luo Youwei, Mourinho, Ozil and Di Maria chose Ozil Di Maria to sit on the bench.
On the forward side, Zema was unlucky enough to catch a cold.
Although it is not serious, it is no longer suitable for the starting game. I can sit on the bench and watch Higuain take his place as a single striker.
Bayern Munich, on the other hand, played the 4321 formation with heavier defensive traces and sent the strongest array they could.
The starting goalkeepers are Neuer defender Ram, boateng, Dante, Alaba midfielder Martins, Gustavo, Shi Weins Tiger, double halfback Ribery, and Luo striker Gomez.
One more waist and one less front waist than Real Madrid. Obviously Bayern is more defensive and counter-attacking than Real Madrid.

I am so angry that my chest hurts.

Their family walked away.
At this time, I have changed my clothes, and the heating at home is very warm, but my heart is like in icehouse.
Actually, the money was not spent, but in order to get rid of Ningqi completely, my father had to make this decision because of their family.
I feel so guilty.
桑拿My mother explained to the neighbors
At the beginning, Ning Qi and I were engaged. Many people in the community knew that Ning Qi cheated later because it was a domestic scandal. Our family didn’t deliberately say that we didn’t expect to be beaten by Ning Qi today.
He slandered me in public, especially those photos, which are irrefutable evidence.
My mother likes to tell her neighbors that it’s synthetic.
Ok, everyone still believes in my mother. After all, after getting along for more than ten years, my parents know what sex they are.
Everyone comforted my mother for a while and then dispersed.
It’s finally quiet at home. I’m afraid to look at my parents’ faces on the sofa.
On the contrary, my parents comforted me lightly and told me not to worry, just as giving money to the dog.
But I can’t get past myself.
It may be because of guilt or because of a cold that I started to have a high fever late.
I was out of my mind when my parents took me to the hospital.
This is really a big blow to me.
I can secretly search the evidence of the Wen family and quietly retaliate against the Wen family because I didn’t expect Wen Lu to be ready to kill the Wen family. I left a retreat to ensure that my parents would not be hurt.
Kening chess is always different.
He was my first love, and we were engaged, and we almost lived for a generation.
My parents used to like him so much.
I always wanted to get together with him, but in the end I was calculated by him again and again and planted in his hands again and again.
When Ye Xiangyuan advised me to answer blows with blows, I still felt that Ye Xiangyuan was too ruthless.
Now think about dealing with ning chess. You have to be tough. You must never be soft-hearted, otherwise it will make him more reckless.
Ye Xiangyuan’s vision is far-sighted.
I feel particularly sorry for my parents after all this trouble.
Although the neighbors already know that the Ningqi family is blackmailing and are willing to believe that those photos are fake, in the final analysis, it is because I don’t know people clearly that my parents have suffered so much.
Maybe everyone laughs at me for being stupid.
At first, I had a bad cold, and then I became pneumonia.
Maybe it’s because I’m in a bad mood and my illness has been repeated, so I’m hospitalized again and I haven’t recovered until New Year’s Eve.
Home is the New Year in the hospital.
Looking at my parents very anxious, I have to pretend to be calm in front of me and comfort me carefully. I feel anxious and guilty.
But the more I do this, the more I can’t face them, and the disease is getting worse and worse.
They watch over me every day and even dare not visit relatives and friends.
Once I eavesdropped on my parents’ conversation and realized that they were always with me for fear that I would take my own life.
They and I are still very interested in playing chess. I have been hit hard and my condition looks very bad.
It’s not
I’m … I’m … I’m choking with a big stone in my chest.
But I just can’t vent it.
I’ve always thought it’s enough to live a quiet life, but there are many ways to predict things that will catch you off guard and won’t let you escape.
Later, my parents may be too worried about quietly contacting Nannan and want Nannan to comfort me.
But I declined the South-South visit
Hou Nannan sends me WeChat every day to tell me some happy and funny things. She said that she went on a blind date, but the blind date didn’t come. It was her cousin.
She also said that her cousin was handsome but married.
The words are quite regrettable.
She also used this excuse to refuse her mother to arrange a blind date again
There is no denying that my parents’ companionship with South-South funny heart makes my heart slowly dissipate.
Even the hospital has a Chinese New Year atmosphere, and there are thousands of lights outside, and the smell of the year is everywhere.
I think I can’t let my parents worry anymore, so I cheer up.
I was discharged from the hospital on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year.
My parents are very happy to see me in good spirits.
They planned to take me abroad before I started school.
I couldn’t bear to refuse them, so I agreed.
When I got home, my mother cooked a lot of delicious food every day, for fear that I would have a bad appetite, and they also refused my relatives and friends to come to my house and said that they wanted me to rest.
After two days, on the third morning, I sat at the breakfast table and couldn’t help crying.
My mother hugged me and patted me on the back. "Cry, cry, cry and everything will be fine."
I had a hearty cry.
Cry out all those grievances, guilt and confusion in your heart …
After breakfast, the doorbell rang at home. Who is my mother? The uninvited relative looked at me apologetically and walked to open the door.
As a result, there came a grandma’s angry voice at the door, "Happy New Year, grandma!"
I was so surprised that I suddenly turned around and it was really them!
Ye Xiangyuan holds Xiao Yejin’s mouth.
They have similar eyebrows and eyes and the same expression. They are dressed in the same clothes. Great Britain, handsome and expensive, cute and soft.
My mother met Ye Xiangyuan once, and I still remember him calling me back, "It’s time for your colleagues to come to see you."

"I’ve told you several times that when I’m tired of it, I’ll let you go naturally. Ask me again what it’s best to change the topic."

"I want to make a call."
"Don’t" say that finish Jiang Junyue picked up and quickly dialed a number "well, let’s stop the fixed line here in the small apartment for a while" and then hang up after the slow command "Lan Jingyi to tell the truth, I also want to thank you for saving me this fixed line. Okay, go take a shower and sleep with me."
"Get out" She reached out and pushed him. "You can’t" is not used to his sudden change. He seems to be a different person, and it makes her feel uncomfortable to look at him.
"If you change to Jane? Will you not let him go? " (Then forgive someone for being jealous.)
She really wants to let Jiang Junyue let go with the help of Jane Eyre. Wouldn’t it be contradictory if she said no at this time?
"Come on, take a shower. It’s so dirty." Jiang Junyue said, and he walked to the bedroom with a little girl, probably to get a change of pajamas.
Seeing that he entered the bedroom, Lan Jingyi immediately rushed to the door, and the door was locked inside or outside. It didn’t change at all. She opened the door quietly and turned the knocker, and the lock was still hanging outside. He really prevented her from being a thief.
But how did he come in?
Lan Jingyi carefully looked at every corner of the room and looked at it when he heard the male way behind him. "What’s the matter? I really want to know how I got in? "
"Will you tell me?" All curiosity flooded in. At this moment, Lan Jingyi especially wanted to know.
"Wait until you warm the bed for me." With that, Jiang Junyue strode into the heavy glass of Ma Yuke, where he washed his hands and washed his hands quickly. Even through the heavy glass, she can still feel the male strength that he exudes. Lan Jing Yili sat down on the carpet and hated him, but she couldn’t hate him at the moment.
But mom …
"It’s your turn" was about to draw the conclusion that the sound of God Jiang Junyue suddenly sounded, only to find that I don’t know when he had already washed his body in front of her, and his bronzed skin was dripping and only a bath towel was worn around his waist. He looked so sexy that for an instant, she felt that her body was boiling, and her eyes were fixed on him, so she couldn’t move away.
"Well, I’m not a neighbor’s Tibetan mastiff across the hall, but I don’t mind you treating me like your little girl …"
"Go to hell" Lan Jing Yi Hong has a little face, and it seems that he rushed into the bathroom and took off his clothes, and he began to flush cold water. He only loved him four times together, but she felt that she was like an old couple with him, and she was so ashamed to see him for a long time.
But when she came in after a shower, she didn’t think about staying away from him. This made the shower head realize that she had forgotten to bring her pajamas in, and Jiang Junyue didn’t leave her a damn bath towel. When he went out, he was wearing a blue view with a hand. She was a little stupid and didn’t just go out to see him, right?
Or maybe she can wear wet clothes on the floor, but isn’t this bath for nothing?
"Ka" when the door opened and Lan Jingyi reacted, bathroom door had already opened it wide. The man didn’t know when she realized that there was a black shadow outside. She reached out and blocked her chest with one hand, but her hand was too small to block it here. Jiang Junyue sneered at "Lan Jingyi, you blocked the wrong place."
"You … you go out" Lan Jingyi stammered.
"So are you going to stay inside for one night? I don’t want to if you want to. "
"Don’t," she said with a little resistance, her head hanging low, and she couldn’t wait to find a place to disappear. She was ashamed to death.
"Well, it’s like this." A big hand suddenly blocked her little face. "What can I do if I am surrounded by people and directly block my face? People can’t see who you are. It’s really a chest brain. "
Lan Jingyi’s face suddenly turned blue and red. His words are a bit small color, but when you think about it, there is still a little truth that makes her not know how to respond for a long time.
"Come on, get dressed, or I don’t mind if you come out naked like this." Jiang Junyue thrust his pajamas into her hand and turned around and walked into the bedroom with slender legs, leaving Lan Jingyi alone to wash his hands. It was neither left nor left.
Looking down at the pajamas in her hand, she finally gritted her teeth and wore Junjie, who knows the time. She didn’t want to be Junjie. She just wanted to live well.
People have a wall lamp on in the living room. Lanjingyi is awkward. To tell the truth, she still doesn’t trust Lanqing. She doesn’t trust Jane.
The bedroom door was half open to expose the bed, and she didn’t blink at the man’s legs. After all, she compromised, and there was nothing she could do but talk to him.
Section 33
Little step reluctantly walked into the bed and looked down at the bed. The man still had a towel around his waist, but the towel seemed to be loose at any time. "I want to meet my mother early in the morning."
"Yes, but on one condition."
"What conditions?" Her eyes are bent and her little face is full of expectation.
Jiang Junyue ticked his finger at her. "Come and warm the bed for Xiao Ye. I’ll take you to see your mother long ago if it’s not warm."
Some people just have that ability. He is lying down and she is asleep, but even if she is higher than him, she still can’t suppress his aura. "How about another condition?"
Jiang Junyue picked his eyes. "It’s ok to change it, but it’s only one. If you don’t want to talk about it."
"You said" LanJingYi teeth hate him, hate him.
"Give me the medicine, but gently." Jiang Junyue said, raising his arm to her. "You have to give me the medicine at the injured place."
Lan Jingyi’s eyes fell on his wrist, where she left a row of teeth marks and was washed by water. At this time, there was a redness and swelling, which looked a bit horrible. She was a little distressed and wanted to avoid the sidewalk "Okay, I promise."
Jiang Junyue blinked. "Really agreed?"
"Well," what she did, she was naturally responsible, but it was just medicine.
"Ok, that’s it. I have medicine on the table."
spa会所It was Jiang Junyue’s remark that Lan Jingyi saw the small medicine bottle on the bedside table and sat down on the bed. He picked up his arm and put it on his thigh, carefully smeared the ointment, and then took the band-aid and moved it carefully from beginning to end for fear that he would hurt.