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But soon he was relieved.

Poison Flower Demon has always been helping him, but he didn’t pay anything from her. Even when she knew that she might be hurt, Poison Flower Demon didn’t leave rashly. It was her heart that helped Mo Xiaoxie feel guilty.
He hope to make it up to her by some means if possible.
With this in mind, Mo Xiaoxie decided to go back and find her and get her forgiveness. After all, she came this time because of him. She couldn’t come after all, but she finally came and was badly hurt. How can she be mistreated?
After deciding, Mo Xiaoxie checks himself.
Poisoning is very smooth, and it is impossible to jump directly to level 55, but he can’t get rid of gloom because of the poisonous flower demon.
The source of poison extracted from the spider female demon has been completely assimilated by him. Now he has mastered more than 3,000 toxins, and he can casually release highly toxic drugs to attack the enemy.
Mo Xiaoxie tried a wave of his hand, and a thick cloud of poisonous gas landed on the spider witch’s body. After a while, he corroded it and left a pool of black and smoky substances on the ground.
Poisoning has come to hand. It’s after that that Mo Xiaoxie decided to go back to the poisonous flower demon and explain it clearly.
A thousand miles teleport!
Whoosh! Mo Xiaoxie’s figure disappeared in the same place. In a blink of an eye, he has come to the huge cave in the nether stream.
When Mo Xiaoxie first appeared here, he saw Sofia, Buck, Snake Demon Ji and so on all here. Obviously, he was attracted by what happened in advance. His arrival immediately attracted all eyes.
What are you doing here? Mo Xiaoxie asked that this cave is the residence of the poisonous flower demon and the nest of that huge flower. The poisonous flower demon doesn’t like who will disturb her. Generally, no one is allowed to come here.
Sophia replied, Sister Hua suddenly came back to pick up her flowers and left without leaving a message. She seemed very angry.
Mo Xiaoxie was frightened in his heart. Looking back, he found that the giant flowers were really gone. The ground was full of cracks. Once the roots of that flower were all out, and the magic well was completely covered. At the moment, it was also open.
Boss, what’s going on? Buck hurriedly asked.
Viper Ji also wondered, Without that flower, the ghost stream is no longer a ghost stream. The poisonous fog barrier has become thinner and will disappear soon. What’s the matter, King?
Mo Xiaoxie didn’t want to answer the question. The poisonous flower demon left without saying goodbye, which made him very sad. He was about to leave when Pumpkin Head said, Your Majesty Mr. Jeff came when you left. He heard that something happened in the valley of the dead, so he came to have a look, but you weren’t there. He left and said he must inform him if something happened.
Mo Xiaoxie nodded and then returned to his abode of fairies and immortals alone.
Sitting crosslegged on the ground, Mo Xiaoxie was depressed. He didn’t even know the name of the poisonous flower demon. Poison flower demon was her title. She couldn’t have called it that.
For the first time, Mo Xiaoxie wanted to keep someone so badly, but there was no chance at all.
Now that things have come to this, it’s okay for him to dwell on it again. Now the poisonous fog of the Ghost Stream has gradually dissipated with the departure of the poisonous flower demon. Without this expanding Ghost Stream, those adventurers are rampant, which is very dangerous for everyone.
But now that you have mastered the level 55 poisoning technique, Mo Xiaoxie naturally has a way to solve this.
夜生活As planned, he decided that the center of the Ghost Stream would poison the whole valley of the dead and cover the whole area with poisonous gas.
The ambitious plan was immediately put into practice smoothly.
Mo Xiaoxie kept releasing poison in the abode of fairies and immortals. Because of the magic, the poison gas kept flying out.
When he was busy for half a day, he felt that it was too much trouble to release words in person, and he simply made an automatic magic circle when he spent a lot of time.
When I came to the cave of Poison Flower Demon, Mo Xiaoxie made a lefthanded solid magic circle. He directly drilled a huge magic circle outline, and then the gems were filled with lines to enlarge the gems at some key points.
He has already mastered the knowledge of making entity magic circle, although he seldom makes it, but now the process of making it is not hindered.
The physical magic circle magic drawing magic circle is different, the former is longterm and the latter is temporary.
After the magic circle is made, Mo Xiaoxie will sneak his own poison into it and add a little bit of his own poison source. This magic circle can automatically release the poison, and it is not a problem to have magic well to consume magic.
In the process of poisoning, the poisonous fog barrier of the ghost stream is back soon.
The poisonous gas continues to spread to places outside the ghost stream, and more and more places are covered with poisonous gas, but these poisonous gases will slowly dissipate and be blown away by the wind.
It’s not that Mo Xiaoxie wants his poison gas. Although it has poisoned mountain animals and plants, it’s not costeffective if the law is kept for a long time and blown away by the wind.
This is a big problem. The gas root will not stay in place for long unless the gas stops flowing.
For example, solving this problem has become a toxic key to Mo Xiaoxie’s development.
If we can turn the earth into poison, we may succeed as he changes. Mo Xiaoxie thought about it and decided to try various means to achieve this.
He sent a lot of hands to dig tunnels to let the poisonous gas spread all over the place, so that the poisonous gas could be sprayed into the air from the ground. The experiment finally failed.
So Mo Xiaoxie asked his men to block the gap and prevent the poisonous gas from spewing out to see if they could poison the earth, but the effect was poor.
Finally, Mo Xiaoxie thought that liquid was highly toxic to assimilate the soil, which of course consumed a lot of venom. After all, the density of toxic gas and venom was almost day by day.
So the research can be carried out on a small scale.
At this moment, Mo Xiaoxie came to a green land outside the ghost stream alone. Here, birds and flowers are singing and the scenery is pleasant. The ground is full of green grass and flowers, and trees are surrounded by trees. Occasionally, a few birds and insects sing.
But this place is destined to be a Mo Xiaoxie experiment sacrifice.
Mo Xiaoxie raised his hand to create a rain cloud. He used poison to release poison gas, but the poison gas was concentrated in high density. The rain cloud gradually took shape and hung in the 100meter high school, and the color became stronger and stronger.
Venom is formed when the density of those toxic gases exceeds the critical point.
You can release the venom directly when you come to Mo Xiaoxie, but it is not conducive to sowing. It is definitely more convenient to control the movement of poisonous rain clouds and spread the venom.
Drop poison rain from that small cloud of poison rain, which of course contains no water and is pure venom.
Poison fell like raindrops in this green land, and soon the color changed here, and the flowers and trees were yellow and the black leaves fell.
Flowers and plants on the ground will soon become soft and rot on the ground.
The surrounding trees will soon be bare, and the leaves will fall off, and the branches will gradually be dissolved and corroded by venom.
The poisonous rain continues here, and it will soon end. There is no life except Mo Xiaoxie. Jeff said that it is true that killing plants can also get evil points, but it is very few and will not get evil points, but it does get Mo Xiaoxie. Judging from the total number of evil points, it is estimated that every grass killed can get a few evil points.
Killing trees gains more evil values, while killing insects and animals also gains evil values. The amount of evil values obtained varies according to the size of organisms.
These Mo Xiaoxie have long known that what he wants to find out now is whether these poisonous rains can assimilate this place and become poisonous.
With the rain of poison falling on the ground, more and more venom seeps into the ground and corrodes the land, which gradually and completely loses the ability to breed life and the possibility of life again.
The experiment lasted for three days, and the poison rain lasted for three days. Fortunately, the experimental site chosen by Mo Xiaoxie was not large, otherwise his poison source would not be replicated.
These released poison fogs are transferred to a small part of the other body’s poison source and then copied out, which has a loss on the amount of other poison sources. When it is necessary to restore the poison source reserve, once it is consumed, it will be used again.
For three whole days, the venom immersion made this land completely dead and permanently lost its ability to breed life, so Mo Xiaoxie also gained a considerable evil pointkilling the land
As a result, this land has become highly toxic, and it will not disperse, and it will spread to the surrounding areas, causing the nearby flowers and trees to wither gradually. This land seems to have come back from death, but it is no longer beautiful but full of malice.
This also shows that the Mo Xiaoxie experiment was a great success! Please browse and read the mobile phone for a better reading experience.
Chapter 232 Sneak into Clark City
After the experiment was successful, Mo Xiaoxie immediately expanded the highly toxic area.
He continued to cast spells to keep the poisonous rain cloud raining and move to other places to destroy more lives.
Poisonous rain was widely spread in the mountains, and all animals and plants were devastated. Because of the limited recovery speed of other toxic sources, it is not possible to further expand the coverage of rain clouds. It is not possible to complete the whole valley of the dead in three to five days.
I talked too much about casting spells myself. Mo Xiaoxie made some changes to the magic circle of the nether world to let it replace other workers, so he freed up his hands

&nb After he finished sliding on his knees, he showed his ecstasy in the face of the visiting fans’ stands, closed his eyes and lifted his head slightly, enjoying himself and cheering wildly at Liverpool fans.

&nb stands rang with songs from Liverpool fans, who sang praises to Qin Xiong repeatedly and sang their love and support for Qin Xiong!
&nb Is this still Chelsea? Is this still Chelsea?
&nb Qin Xiong completed the goal hat trick in less than 30 minutes! At Stamford Bridge!
&nb boas’s highranking robbery can be thrown into waste!
&nb That’s rubbish!
&nb That makes Chelsea’s past defense completely worthless!
&nb Now Chelsea’s defence is riddled with holes and ravaged by opponents!
&nb In the first ten rounds of the Premier League, Chelsea tied the record of the worst consecutive goals conceded in the Premier League except for the first round. On winning and losing games, the opponent broke the goal!
&nb Today is the 12th round of the Premier League. Counting today’s game, Chelsea conceded a goal in the first 12 rounds of the Premier League!
&nb My God, what has boas built Chelsea’s defense into? Public toilets? Anyone who wants to shit and pee in Chelsea’s goal is welcome?
&nb Unbelievable game Unbelievable Chelsea
&nb is worse than before when Ancelotti led it without any progress!
品茶&nb Qin Xiong scored a hat trick more easily than when he played against Chelsea in the past!
&nb Well, I really want to be right again. Forget it. I’d better say less about the Red Devils players in the player era, but David Lewis’ defense is really like a oneyearold child’s game console.
&nb Stadium, Chelsea’s defense line is in chaos, and the players’ unbelief and accusation make the team spread an impetuous pessimism.
&nb Terry stopped blaming Ramirez and Mikel.
&nb Just now, he asked Qin Xiong to send the ball into Chelsea’s goal before his eyes.
&nb What qualifications does he have to blame others?
&nb It has become a big joke that Ramirez and Mikel were told by boas before the game that the QinXiong combination would be frozen.
&nb The momentum here in Liverpool is like a rainbow!
&nb boas raised his hand and looked at his watch, so he calmly gestured toward the field.
&nb, retreat!
&nb finally dare not rob at a high position!
&nb It seems so easy for Chelsea to get through the defence.
&nb If it weren’t for the problem during the game, boas would definitely have to make a substitution now.
&nb Chelsea’s defense cannot be solved in an instant.
&nb But in boas’s view, Chelsea’s attack can be improved through substitution.
&nb, changing players at halftime will make his young marshal make enemies in the locker room.
&nb makes boas feel even colder than making enemies. The thing is that the players don’t seem to see him gesturing.
&nb He kept whistling at the court to attract players’ attention, but no player wanted to look at the sidelines.
&nb Perhaps boas is a disaster in the eyes of many Chelsea players!
&nb had expected that perhaps this magic bird II could have Mourinho’s seven successes before he came.
&nb did not expect that his coming to Stamford Bridge would completely destroy the soul that Mourinho had laid a foundation for!
&nb But in the ruins, the Blue Army and Chelsea were defeated, and instead of making progress, they were going backwards!
No player in &nb is willing to listen to boas’s command at present, and there is already a deep feeling of resentment in his heart.
&nb However, the midfield defense should be strengthened.
&nb Lampard’s retreat further curbed Qin Xiong’s play.
&nb David Louis is always watching Qin Xiong’s forward insertion.
&nb Chelsea’s attack is fragmented
&nb is a threat to Liverpool’s defence.
In the 43rd minute of &nb match, Mata tried to break through the flank and was stabbed by Mascherano from behind.
&nb Johnson boldly crossed the ball into the penalty area when Mata countered.
&nb Skrtel will cross the ball again when Drogba comes to grab it.
&nb Tiago Silva calmly handed the ball straight ahead to Tiaote, who went straight again.
&nb Football has reached the front court of Qin Xiong’s foot.
&nb After Qin Xiong stopped the ball and turned around, he saw Lampard coming to snatch it. He quickly kicked the ball to Lampard’s right and then bypassed the forward insertion from Lampard’s left.
&nb people pass the ball.
&nb Lampard has already killed some red eyes. He jumped too hard when defending, and Qin Xiong keenly grasped that he would break through.
&nb Lampard immediately turned back to chase Qin Xiong’s ball and strode forward.
&nb A tight blockade was formed in front of him.
&nb Mikel Ramirez and David Luis moving towards him.
Behind &nb is Lampard, the pursuer.
&nb He is too close to Mikel and Ramirez to play the ball, but Qin Xiong is not worried.
&nb Chelsea’s morale is in chaos, and the defense is as thin as paper.
&nb He crossed the ball in front of Ramirez and suddenly hit the ball with his heel.
&nb The Blues will look back and see Steven Gerrard coming. Stop the ball with his left foot and adjust it, and then pick the ball in front with his right foot.
&nb One foot over the top straight plug!
&nb Suarez obliquely inserted behind David Louis. When Terry put the shovel in the first place in the area, he failed to touch Suarez. If he did, it might be a red card!
&nb Terry is losing his mind!
&nb Suarez dropped the ball with his left foot after offside and controlled a key stop to ensure that he could kill the Chelsea penalty area without further adjusting the ball control.
&nb The Blues fans in the stands of Stamford Bridge are completely heartbroken!
The &nb defence was once again penetrated by the Red Army!
&nb Suarez went to the meeting singlehandedly. This time, he didn’t make a wedding dress for his teammates, but after Cech abandoned the door and rushed out, he broke through Cech in the same way!
&nb is too big!

Since someone sent the door to play for themselves, Shang Tanglian felt that if she didn’t have a good time, she would be sorry for the other party. Yu Wangpai planned to postpone it, so as to maximize her happiness.

In May, the weather was not so hot, and many people thought that they were strong and had changed their summer clothes. Shang Tang Lian was honest and dressed in a long dress. The waist was a wide belt with a big bow on the back, and some tassels hung on both sides of the belt, which was very beautiful.
Shang Tanglian always prefers dresses in all clothes, which not only makes it convenient to put on and take off in the group, but also makes her pure face more fresh and refined, just as beautiful and pure as Hua Xian, which makes people dare not blaspheme. To put it bluntly, you love to dress up at thirteen o’clock. The Queen smiled gently at the readers and said that you forgot to take medicine. Don’t mind.
What is the best time to go out to play this season, especially in places like Huadu? May is a season when everything has recovered and spring blossoms. The economic class one decided to organize a spring outing, which coincided with the May Day holiday, and they sometimes played.
When the location is studied, I will go to the seaside for two days. There will be a bonfire party and swimming, and there will be not too many beautiful women and handsome men on the beach.
Shang Tang Lotus has no opinion on this kind of thing. Shang Tang Lotus is following the crowd because Shang Tang Lotus knows that although she can arrange it better, it will not be perfect if she does. If everything is arranged like her, it will be very good, but it is not fun.
Chapter 6 She is cold
Shang Tang Lian seems that students should be as energetic as they are on a whim. What Ji Yanxian and Tang Tian ask Shang Tang Lian to do, Shang Tang Lian will not refuse.
Maybe Yan Xian, they think Shang Tang Lian is right to make a decision, but they don’t know Shang Tang Lian. It seems that they are right to make a decision, which is in line with a student’s thinking and a college student should have vitality.
They went to the place at 9: 30 in the afternoon and drove directly to the beach. All the students in the class thought that they would play if they wanted to play. They all decided to book a room in the wooden house on the beach directly, and Yan Xian had already connected.
A cabin on the beach is not cheap. An ordinary room costs 500 yuan a night, which is more than that. However, they still booked two students who are later than the class and have less money. How much can they pay? The rest is sponsored by Li Ai, a few local students.
As soon as they arrived at the seaside, they felt the wind blowing on their faces. They booked a room for three people, and one room was not expensive. They all went to salute themselves and then they were all ready to go to the seaside to play first.
Shang Tang Lian also followed everyone to step on the sand barefoot to feel the softness, and soon her feet were covered with sand.
If it is the average human foot, it will definitely make people feel very ugly. However, the white and delicate sand of Shang Tang Lotus is more attractive like a piece of white jade, and the white calf sea breeze is looming in the Tibetan skirt, which is even more attractive.
Shang Tanglian didn’t run crazy with everyone, but walked slowly step by step. Today, the sun is high in the sky, and the hot sunshine is sprayed on the earth before eleven o’clock. However, this weather is more suitable for seaside play.
There are more and more people at the seaside, many of whom rent folding chairs and lie in the sun, and many handsome guys can’t wait to swim in the rough sea.
There are also a few girls in class one of Economy who can’t wait to change their swimsuits to show their beautiful figure. For example, Song Muyang’s proud posture and walking are really attractive, especially the rough waves. Well, many boys can’t wait to plunge into the beautiful sea, and Song Muyang doesn’t give up.
I got a lot of whistles along the way, and even a few men came to strike up a conversation. Of course, Song Muyang refused with a charming smile.
Then I went to the place where the economic class rented a folding chair with a sun umbrella and lay down. Yan Xian looked at Song Muyang’s swimsuit and couldn’t help whistling and poking. She kept walking slowly. Shang Tang Lian Oh, Shang Tang Lian, look at Song Muyang’s swimsuit fabric. It’s really enough to tell the truth. I have heard of bikinis before, but it’s the first time I’ve seen people wear them in reality. Sure enough, the effect of wearing them is too good.
Shang Tanglian felt a flash of color and let Yan Xian not touch herself. She just glanced at Song Muyang lightly. It’s nothing strange. On the contrary, Yan Xian’s words made her feel strange. It’s not that she’s strange, it’s that you’re strange. It’s normal for her to wear a bikini. If she doesn’t wear it, she will be surprised. Okay.
Speaking of which, Shang Tang Lian added, And not only she can wear it, I think there are girls in our class who can wear it.
Tang Tian heard this conversation just after running from time to time. Tang Tian also saw it and gasped and said, Yes, Song Muyang is really this style, but no one in our class will wear it except Song Muyang. Anyway, Tang Tian stopped running when he was a little tired. Anyway, he was a little tired, so he followed them honestly and slowly. To tell the truth, it was warm and hot when the sun shone, but it was cool and not comfortable when the sea breeze blew.
Yanxian also directly ignored Shang Tanglian’s fuss and looked at Shang Tang Lotus with a face of disbelief. It’s impossible. You have to say that Song Muyang will wear it. I believe you said that he is a girl in our class. I think it is impossible.
Is Tang Tian is also looking at Shang Tang Lotus with a face of disbelief.
Shang Tang lotus light way don’t say others YunYunZhu and Xiong Dailin will definitely wear his girl? Well, Tang Tian, how can I remember that your swimsuit is also a bikini type?
Tang Tian, the Queen’s eyes are so sharp. It’s rare for people to have a place to show off. Why not, Queen? What’s your tone and eyes?
For a moment, Tang Tian felt the dense malice of the Queen’s adult, quite wronged. What’s wrong with people finally having a chance to show their own information? Are you doing this?
Shang Tang Lianshi Tang Tian’s grievance tone affirmed a few words that made Tang Tian’s words cold
Shang Tang Lotus others don’t know, but they know that Tang Tian will be cold. Yan Xian and Tang Tian are both super afraid of cold, but this period of beauty is so thin, and normal people at this seaside know that although the temperature will be higher in winter than in other places, the sea breeze keeps blowing. Are you warm and endothermic?
And when it’s half cold and not hot like this, it’s fine at noon. If you don’t freeze to death in the evening or early, you’ll be surprised if you wear so little sea breeze and keep blowing without a heat source.
It’s not like it’s summer. When you say you’re wearing a bikini and blowing the sea breeze, it’s really comfortable, but this kind of Shang Tang lotus can express itself twice, which is purely seeking abuse
So this time I came to the seaside to play Shang Tanglian, and I didn’t even plan to go swimming in the sea. I thought that my swimsuit was just in case I brought it with me.
Tang Tian hesitated. No, he cried in his heart. No, I still want to take the opportunity to show my proud figure.
Shang Tanglian stopped talking, pointing to the back and seemingly calmly enjoying the sea breeze. Song Muyang showed them that from Shang Tang Lotus’s side, she was quickeyed or saw that someone was shivering.
Isn’t that nonsense? This kind of weather is semicold and not hot. It’s a good thing that you hide under the umbrella and don’t exercise and wear so little and not cold.
Yanxian also let Shang Tanglian say that it seems to be cold. She turned to look at Song Muyang with Tang Tian and really wanted to ask, Girl, are you cold?:
Chapter 69 Delicious seafood
Let Shang Tang Lian say so. They really feel the cool sea breeze. It seems that the Queen’s adult said it makes sense.
Yanxian comforted Tang Tian and couldn’t bear to see her depressed. It’s okay. There’s no chance for us this time. And maybe the weather is fine these days. At noon, we can still wear swimsuits to show off. Don’t listen to the words of the Queen’s alarmist, which were swallowed back by Yanxian.
However, Yan Xian is really able to understand Tang Tian, let alone Tang Tian. Even she is such a mentality. It is rare to show her feminine side once. Of course, we must seize the opportunity.
After walking for a while, the sun is getting hotter and hotter. Shang Tang Lian also decided to hide under the umbrella and enjoy the sea breeze. This is really a very enjoyable thing at the moment.
Yanxian and Tang Tian are at the end of their lives. What is the life of Shang Lian? Of course, they are afraid of being despised by the Queen. That taste is really bad
In particular, when these two people followed Shang Tanglian back to their area, they found that there were two more girls in bikinis. It was Shang Tanglian’s mouth that Xiong Dailin and Yunyunzhu felt that what the Queen said was right.
This is even more unwilling to act casually. Let’s listen to the Queen. Don’t look back and show your figure. It’s a shame.
桑拿论坛Shang Tang Lian has a good feeling for Song Muyang. Be less of a roommate. In the past six months, this roommate has not only failed to find trouble for himself, but also helped himself invisibly from time to time. Shang Lianlian declined to comment. Besides, Song Muyang has seen much abroad. This is nothing.
And compared with Yunyunzhu and Xiong Dailin, Shang Tanglian still prefers Song Muyang to dare to be a little less.

Lu Bu was able to repel it cleanly in World War I, from which I gained great confidence. The shadow left in my heart by injury and coma five years ago is no longer there at this moment.

I suddenly felt that I had entered a delicate realm.
Huang Yi told me that after defeating a powerful opponent, it is easy to become immortal and broken.
Dr. Otaki said that with experience, you can evolve.
So I think I have reached a new level in my skill.
So I first took a deep breath and urged me to learn from the whitehaired hand the magic of land pressure in West Kunlun to see if I could soar.
Then I shipped Jiuyang magic to see if the true qi was getting deeper and deeper.
Finally, I opened my eyes and swore, Go play with eggs!

I slept till noon on April 17th.
I stepped out of the tent and jumped a few times with my arms and legs moving.
Then he took Pang Gan’s hand and wolfed down the lunch with hot air.
Are they gone? I wipe the corners of the mouth dozen satisfied burp asked ZuLie.
The scout brigade commander replied, The army left for the south early in the morning, while watching Pang Gan tidy up the dishes and chopsticks.
I nodded and looked up at the blue sky, feeling the warm sunshine in early summer.
Listen to Taishi battalion commander, Zulie yawned at the sun. The soldiers he sent to warn Li Dian have also come back to Hebei, and no enemy soldiers have been found.
Lyu3 bu4 probably really withdrew. After all, it was so badly injured. Pang Gan casually wiped his job and laughed.
I’m not so optimistic. It’s not a fatal injury. Lyu3 bu4 can recover in less than two months.
Zulie whistled for two months? ! I think the master has only had two or three moves with him, and he is going to recuperate for two months? !”
Lu Bu had three moves with me in those days, but I was in a coma for a whole year! I’m joking now that the shadows are gone in my heart.
How can this be compared! ZuLie immediately connect a way master was only fourteen years old! At that time, there were few people who could retreat in Lu Bu’s hand!
Well, don’t kiss up to the old man! I smiled and waved my hand. Different orders!
Pang Gan threw a rag in his hand Yes!
桑拿论坛Today, I will rest in the same place and set up camp in the afternoon! I turned around and returned to camp for a new day’s rest.
Sleeping for a long time is really exhausting!

On the 10th, I watched Marten’s troops slowly pass by the camp and finally reached the marching order.
Brotherinlaw, take another day off! Jamu breathlessly asked me.
Military orders are like mountains, so you can change them casually! I stared at him and wondered, You’re all sweaty and smelly … What the hell are you doing?
What else can I do to play football! He wiped his dirty face. As a result, his little face can’t be seen anymore. We played football for two days and we really can’t climb a horse today!
I looked at Marten’s troops who were still marching slowly and sighed heavily. Then continue to rest and be sure to go.
We haven’t brought much food at all, and now …
Fuck! What am I thinking? !
We are now … In Wei County!
Why not take Wei Jun away by the way? !
I immediately sent scouts to Wei County to inquire about the news and expand the territory to actively prepare.
A day later, Tanma rushed back to report that Lu Bu had earned the Wei County Magistrate’s Office while Wei County was unprepared!
Hearing this news … My friends and I were shocked!
It is said that Lyu3 bu4 often repeated but … It was only two days before he turned his back on his main ally, Yuan Shao? !
It’s so crisp and neat? !
I wanted to think about it. At this moment, it’s a bit overwhelming to spread the front so scatteredSanfu and Hongnong are symbolically leaving thousands of down archers with almost no defense. If Wei Jun is occupied, it means that I will directly face the double pressure of the imperial army rebels in the futurealthough I am also a rebel all the way.
Forget it, let’s go back to Hongnong! I waved decisively to withdraw my troops.
In the battle of Lyu3 bu4, the flying soldiers were full of vigor and vitality. After several days of rest, their mental outlook was weak. On the first day of marching, they saw that they had walked 120 miles and cried and cried.
The front is the master of Liyang City! Zulie pointed to the south side of the city and shouted to me, A few miles south is the big river ferry. I’m afraid I won’t cross the river today.
Then camp on the spot, eat and sleep! I looked at it. It’s not tall or low. Liyang City pointed to a large area of the city.

The next day, instead of crossing the river, I marched southwest against the Yellow River.
March more than 200 miles a day, and our army has arrived in Huai County before it gets dark on the afternoon of the 20th.
Along the way, patrol Qingqi scouts can often be seen. The ravines in Huaixian County are crisscrossed with antlers and fences, and the city head is heavily guarded with crossbows.
General Lee is running the army well, Taishi Ci praised behind me.
I didn’t seem to see it when I was in the north. Huangfugu laughed.
I nodded and looked at Li Dian from the city quickly walked out.

South-South is also a face of embarrassment

She lowered her head and stepped aside to let Gu Changyu in.
Then he whispered to me, "I’ll go first when it’s time."
I’m busy. Okay.
But Gu Changyu called her "Miss Nan"
My heart was shocked for fear that she would be angry and explained, "Little Fish, she came to see me …"
Gu Changyu’s beautiful eyes swept me lightly.
I don’t know, I suddenly lost my tongue.
Her eyes are too sharp to change her past tenderness.
South-South looked back at her quietly and waited for her to speak.
Gu Changyu said, "Don’t treat me like a scourge. You and Shishi are friends. I don’t want to stop you from going out. I told you I like Asun girls so much. If I care about everyone, I can keep an eye on it every day."
South-South expression stagnated for a few seconds and soon recovered and whispered, "Thank you …"
Gu Changyu said, "But as far as I know, you associate with cousin Asun."
I also know that Nannan is dealing with her mother and cousin is protecting his girlfriend, so they discussed it and decided to be a fake couple.
But others don’t know.
No wonder Gu Changyu will get up.
South-South did not deny it.
Gu Changyu didn’t make any evaluation, but frowned and hesitated. "Don’t let your cousin know that you like his personnel …"
Section 133
"I am white" in the South-South way.
Of course, I am more partial to South-South than to Gu Changyu. Although Gu Changyu is from the heart, I always feel that South-South has been wronged.
I can’t help but debut "It’s too late for South-South to go back …"
Gu Changyu silently look at me.
I immediately shut up.
She may still care about South-South liking Lu Xun …
I can’t blame her for saying that her husband is coveted by a girl.
Gu Changyu’s attitude is still friendly. If it were his girl, she would be sarcastic, if not mean.
Speaking of which, I have never seen Gu Changyu really angry. She is always gentle, soft, charming and pretty, and even complaining and blaming is very pleasing to the eye, which is not offensive.
Just like now, I feel sorry for South-South but I understand her mood better.
I can’t help secretly blaming myself. After all, it’s all my fault.
Just about to say something to ease the embarrassment, Lu Xun suddenly came in pushing Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan’s wheelchair knee was covered with a thin blanket, and he could not see the specific situation.
My heart thumped and I felt a little sad. They disappeared a few days ago, but this time they met …
South-South also seems to be surprised to say hello to them in a hurry and left.
I didn’t even stop her.
Ye Xiangyuan eyes rested on me.
I looked at him for a few seconds and lowered my head.
He may be angry.
Once, he had some Gu Changyu backing meaning. This time, maybe he will mistakenly call South-South on purpose …
When I was thinking, Ye Xiangyuan pushed his wheelchair to stop in front of me.
He didn’t care about South-South affairs, but said, "Chang Yu is free these days, and she will come to the hospital to take care of you."
按摩I was dumbfounded.
Gu Changyu smiled at me.
Lu Xun took her by the shoulder and said, "I hope you can spend more time with her."
That’s very nice, but I’m a wounded person. What can I do with her?
Besides … They informed me instead of asking for my advice.
I have a choice to accept their arrangement.
But I really don’t want to get along with Gu Changyu. Her lifestyle is totally different from mine …
Besides, what does Gu Changyu want to take care of me?
Are you spying on me?
I’ve been busy, and Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun’s words echoed in my head for a long time, but I can’t get back to God.
Finally, I bit my lip angle, and I didn’t object after all.
Gu Changyu did come to the ward to accompany me every day in the next few days.
At first, I, she would taunt me or persuade me to leave Ye Xiangyuan like this, and I was quite conceited.
But fortunately, she didn’t say anything, and she always studied quietly with her architectural credentials.
I breathed a sigh of relief.
If she continues to blame me privately and force me to stay away from Ye Xiangyuan, I don’t know if I can live with her anymore.
That afternoon the door was knocked again.
I didn’t think much about Gu Changyu either. These days, she comes at noon and stays late.
I didn’t expect Han Qingshan to come in.
He was wearing a patient’s face and his face was swollen, but it didn’t affect his calm demeanor at all.
I was a little surprised and asked him, "How is your injury?"
He moved his hands and feet and said with a smile, "It’s almost ready."
I don’t believe that he blocked a lot of punches for me. It should be that he hurt his bones and muscles.

Emile heard the footsteps slightly locked, her eyebrows looked bad, and she looked at Master Shan.

Master Shan’s fat face and juryman gradually disappeared, squeezing out a small white flower and smiling as much as possible to make his expression humble. Lord Emile just misunderstood.
The attitude towards Master Shan suddenly changed, and Emmel’s expression narrowed and squinted, ignoring it.
Master Shan was so embarrassed that he continued to kiss and tell with a sad face dozens of meters away. Dear Lord, I think we should talk about things together.
I finally got a little reaction when I heard Amy’s beautiful eyes blink.
Master Shan is covered in plague. It is the right way to choose the right one. If you try to catch this dead fat like a halfmagic man, it is estimated that you will pay a lot of money. Besides, who knows if he has explosive skills? In case of explosive, the whole black pearl will have to be buried with him.
Emile thought about the gains and losses, and finally decided to combine them to benefit both sides.
The frost is gone, and Amy’s facechanging kung fu is also powerful. Of course, but now it’s not even, it’s you, me and seven.
Master Shan’s face flashed a bit angry and soon converged, and the sound gradually became cold. What does the Lord of Emmel mean? Didn’t you just say equally?
Emmelle’s old jiān giant kid is sophisticated. She Fuchiyama suddenly lowered her profile, but she knows that the other party wants something from herself.
It’s common for drow to seize the opportunity to extort money severely.
Grandpa Shan never budged from his fat face and argued that the fifth fiveyear plan and the old Martin are mine.
桑拿会所Emile and Master Shan bargained in this way, coming and going, threatening and luring.
Finally, I discussed that Master Shan broke out the potion of four or six, and Master Shan four or six, but in front of me, this old Martin inlaid with religious fragments was going to be given to Master Shan.
Don’t forget to scream
The trapped beast still fights. Old Martin’s eyes are wide open, his green eyes are shining, his eyes are shining, his limbs are prostrate, his throat is threatening, his eyes are growling, but he is sliding around looking for an opportunity to escape.
After the fragments of the clergy were entangled in scarlet spider silk, old Martin’s body consciousness returned to a lot, and he stopped rampaging and being beaten stupidly.
After temporarily possessing wisdom, old Martin gave full play to this body’s dynamic xing, which quickly and accurately wounded three senior Zall defense circles and suddenly appeared several loopholes.
But the priests who had been eyeing the drow all the time kept old Martin from making a move.
Sou a fat tall figure suddenly jumped out of the Zall encirclement and went straight to Old Martin.
Old Martin recognized this same kind with the same plague skills with his vertical pupil, green awn and big pupil.
Before old Martin asked, Master Shan’s fat swelled with thick green plague and wrapped them up instantly.
Old Martin was about to scream desperately but suddenly stopped. What do you mean? It turns out that Master Shan did wrap two people in the plague, but that was in the eyes of the drow.
At this time, Master Shan was covered with green fog, while the opposite old Martin was swinging around a few centimeters away, but he was rolling with a terrifying green plague. Master Shan grinned and a flash of J and jīng mans flashed in his eyes. Follow me!
Old Martin saw him suddenly move before Baishan wanted him to, and the thick green plague around him moved with him.
Eyes moved, old Martin’s footsteps moved with the pace of Master Shan, and he paused. Master Shan coldly ordered, Don’t forget to scream!
Old Martin’s eyes flashed a obliteration after listening to it, and then he converged and opened his mouth and screamed miserably.
ouch ~! Ow ~ ~! !”
When Amy saw the plague moving, she immediately ordered the drow soldiers around to make way.
Listening to the tragic cry in the thick green plague, Amy’s eyes twinkled, calculating how to seal up Master Shan’s plague and completely control him. But if the other party shows flaws, Amy, the poisonous woman, will never let go.
As the thick green plague moves, the drow soldiers are carefully covered in scarlet flames, which block the plague.
While moving and confusing the drow outside, Master Shan explained to old Martin in a low voice, We are a pulse that just attacked you, and we also tried to win the trust of those damn drow, and now we take the opportunity to escape while the plague blocks our sight.
Old Ding Mo doesn’t follow closely in the eyes of Shan Ye a few meters away, flashing with doubts and jǐng admonitions.
Master Shan sighed lightly and threw a bottle of miniature therapeutic agent in the past. The sound became more and more sincere. This is a therapeutic agent. You can try it.
Old Martin’s eyes flashed at the tiny healing potion, and he glanced at the hardsupported fragments of the clergy in the palm of his right hand. He had no choice but to swallow the potion, and the fragments of the clergy were almost dead.
The green mountain in the vertical pupil’s microcoagulation eyes trembled. Old Martin looked at the mountain and his eyes were slightly more kind. There were indeed some healing agents.
Master Shan tried to make his expression look serious. Can you still release the plague when we rush to the west together?
Old Martin shook his head sadly. Without the fragments of the clergy, he was a lizard monster whistling. One or two people suddenly accelerated and rushed to the west.
The Zall warrior just adapted to the speed of Master Shan’s movement and was unwilling to get close to the plague, which made him break through the encirclement.
Emile zheng mind turn short of breath roar give me attack the plague they are a group! !”
Said the wrist a shake two erythema machetes in hand shape play she burned after in anger.
Pursuing the fireball in Master Shan’s hand constantly caused some interference to the Zall soldiers. Seeing that Master Shan was about to escape from a hundred meters away, the Zall soldiers looked at each other and drank scarlet, and the shining speed suddenly doubled.
Master Shan cursed the bastard and grabbed old Martin’s neck, and the speed was faster.
Old Martin’s eyes were slightly condensed and he was able to resist for a few days, and then he was grabbed by Master Shan and ran.
Far away from Simon, shouts came like noisy waves. Master Shan’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and a flicker of doubt flashed through his heart.
Get a little closer to those people who are waiting to hear the noise. Grandpa Shan’s face suddenly sank.
The cool breeze blew through a uniform with bursts of moisture, and Emperor Reese smiled before the Black Pearl Whistle War.
Behind him, a tall, wide, fluttering white flag is embroidered with two demon horns and dense threads, and a sense of cold and hard metal flashes from time to time, and the momentum of Y and N Sen Black Mountain is terrifying.
A large number of lowlevel halfmagic people lead and attack the weak drow team in the intermediate halfmagic people.
Even though the drow was ready, Reese planted an ambush at the Black Pearl to report that the Black Pearl was in a plague. Bitter Reese immediately ordered the halfmagic army that had been stationed near the Black Pearl to rush to attack.
Although Amy’s sāo wife jointly took off the experimental base, it didn’t stop them from expanding for the halfmagic people.
Long before the experimental base was attacked, 5.5 thousand magic people were waiting for their chance in a hidden cave in the Black Pearl. I didn’t expect that God would die and the drow would have a plague.
Even if the Black Pearl didn’t attack the experimental base, the halfmagic man wouldn’t let go of this city, which occupies a very favorable terrain.

Seeing him leaving, I hurried forward and said, "Maybe you are wrong about me. I am really timid …"

Ye Xiangyuan stopped and narrowed his eyes. "Not on the contrary."
I looked at him.
He smiled. "I can’t be wrong when I give it to you."
I’m really annoyed at this. I don’t want to keep the surface calm and the cold face. "You are master Ye’s family. You have many means to force me to agree, but what’s the point?" If you want to spread the word, there must be thousands of girls willing to marry you. "
Ye Xiangyuan was not angry when I grabbed the white. He took those dark eyes and slowly swept me. "I think it’s very interesting."
I "…"
桑拿网  title=In the end, it was unpleasant and I walked out without saying a word.
Ye Xiangyuan Yuzryha smelled me and I refused without hesitation.
He didn’t insist on giving me a deep look.
I don’t know at this time, Xiao Yejin woke up in a daze and called her aunt when she opened her mouth.
I stare big eyes and look at it in disbelief.
Xiao Ye Jin pursed her mouth with meat and a pair of chubby hands rubbing her eyes. What’s more, he shouted at me softly and waxy, "Hug …"
I realized that I really wanted to hold him in my arms and knead him well. It was so cute.
But suddenly I caught a glimpse of Ye Xiangyuan and I hesitated again.
Since I don’t want to get involved with him too much, I’d better keep my distance from his nephew.
Xiao Ye Jin may have waited for a long time before I hugged him, and his eyes were shining with tears.
My heart is breaking.
I’m hesitating to listen to Ye Xiang from afar. "Aunt has something to go and say goodbye to her."
Xiao Ye Jin lay on his shoulder, wronged and bent his mouth, but waved his little hand tenderly.
I reluctantly smiled, "Goodbye, Xiao Jin …"
In winter, the north wind is cold and biting, so I wrapped my coat and walked to the street.
I took Ye Xiangyuan’s car to my car and took a taxi at the intersection I wanted at school.
The cold wind roared by, and I watched the traffic lights change constantly, while the leaves galloped away in front of me and soon disappeared from my sight.
I don’t know why I suddenly feel depressed.
When I got home, my father watched my mother bake purple potatoes in the oven in the kitchen.
The warm air coming from my face with the smell of fireworks made me cry instantly.
My parents have to go to Africa, but they are worried that the chess game will hit me too much and stay with me.
I have been independent since I was a child. Maybe this time it really worried them.
My dad turned around and smiled and asked, "Why are you stupid?"
It happened that my mother came out with roasted purple potatoes and a face of doubt.
I quickly held back my tears, changed my shoes and ran over with a smile.
After eating, my mother called me to my room
She touched my head and said, "We haven’t chatted for a long time."
I couldn’t help laughing. "Mom, you are so serious."
She also smiled lovingly at me and said, "Your father and I have been busy after work for so many years, and we have been running around the world to get along with you too little and lack communication …"

I turned my head and found that Han Shu was still sleeping soundly with his eyes closed, and his handsome face was a little tired.

Thinking that he came back overnight, Gao Xiaoxiao bowed his head and kissed his face without thinking about it.
Just getting up to leave her waist, she suddenly crossed her arm, and then she sat down again and was closely attached to each other. The man said in a low voice in her ear, "Do you want it again?"
Gao Xiaoxiao one leng immediately white his meaning face bouts of burning and stiff.
"Ha ha" Han Shu was in a good mood, opened her eyes, bowed her head and rubbed her hot little face and said, "Will you wait on you later and let me sleep for a while?"
"Who wants you …" Gao Xiaoxiao put aside his head and couldn’t say those two words.
She tugged at her waist and arms, blushed and said, "I’m going to get up. You let me go."
Han Yan looked at her with a smile for a long time until Gao Xiaoxiao was angry.
Gao Xiaoxiao cringed and got up to see that he had continued to sleep with his eyes closed. This just took the pajamas at the end of the bed and quickly covered himself.
When I finished washing, it was already more than 9 o’clock.
Although I have left my job, it is a good time for the Korean family. It is not good for the old man to sleep so late.
Gao Xiaoxiao went upstairs in a panic and found that there was an old Korean lady sitting there watching Korean dramas in the living room.
When she saw Gao Xiaoxiao, she smiled and said, "Why did Xiaoxiao get up so early? Don’t you sleep with Ah Shu for a while?"
Gao Xiaoxiao’s face just receded and the burning came back bit by bit. She came back so late that no one should have seen it. Unexpectedly …
The corner of my eye glanced into the corner of the living room, and all the answers were instantly answered by luggage case.
"Ha ha" Korean old lady was happier when she saw her blushing and smiling. She called Aunt Lian warmly and said, "If Xiaoxiao wants to eat breakfast, just tell Aunt Lian to let her make it for you."
Gao Xiaoxiao touched his face and explained, "Uh, grandma, I’m sorry. I overslept a little today, Xiaobai …"
"Oh, Xiaobai, I have asked Xia Xia to send it to kindergarten."
Gao Xiaoxiao nodded and followed Aunt Lian into the kitchen.
Simple after breakfast, Gao Xiaoxiao found a tray to hold a bowl of porridge with a few side dishes and carried it back to the building.
She quietly pushed open the door and came to sleep. I didn’t expect the bed to be empty. There was a swish of water in the bathroom.
When I walked in, I felt that the whole room was filled with an indescribable smell. I couldn’t smell it here, but it was obvious when I came in from the outside.
She put the tray in front of the sofa, walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, opened the curtain department and opened the window to let fresh air in.
After hearing the door open, she turned her head and saw Han Shu coming out in a dark blue robe, wiping her hair with a towel on her head.
"Why don’t you sleep for a while?" Gao Xiaoxiao walked over.
Han Shu smiled and put a towel in her hand, put her arms around her waist and bowed her head and kissed her.
A refreshing smell of shampoo rushed into the nose, and Gao Xiaoxiao’s cheeks were slightly hot. He grabbed his robe cloth and was kissed by him for a long time.
I don’t know when she was almost hung up by him … I could feel the change of some part of him.
That’s enough … Gao Xiaoxiao blushed and pushed his arm. "Let me have breakfast first."
Han Shu buried her whole face in her shoulder socket, pulled open her collar and mumbled, "But I want to eat you first."
Come and see the second watch later ~
☆ Xiao Xiao said that I am a very good driver.
Gao Xiaoxiao doesn’t have any perfume, but I don’t know what happened. Han Shan likes her body. This faint smell seems to be fresh and soft, full of people’s exploration.
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao was blushing and burning by his kiss, realizing that his lips were constantly pushing from his collarbone. He said, "It’s almost 1 o’clock. Stop that now and let me come."
It’s only late, Ki. She knows that he needs a lot and will try her best to cooperate.
But it’s broad daylight and grandma Han Zhai is sitting upstairs …
Han Han was unwilling to suck hard again and looked up when he heard Gao Xiaoxiao’s light shout.
His face is very soft, his mouth is smiling, and his eyes are very gentle and tender. "I’ll take you with me when my wife is on a business trip."
品茶"…" Gao Xiaoxiao finally landed and tidied up his clothes. His cheeks were red and he asked, "What are you going to work to take me to do?"
Besides, isn’t there a Su orange?
"I can’t sleep if you don’t go to bed at night." Han Shu said and bowed her head and kissed her a little red and swollen lips.
Gao Xiaoxiao gave him a white look and pushed him away. He went to the tea table and took out all the food in the tray and put it on the tea table. "Come and have breakfast. It’s still hot."
Han Han walked over with long legs, bent down and reached for it, but it was opened aside. There was naturally a ring in the gift box that she tried on last night.
Gao Xiaoxiao was embarrassed to see that he was holding the delicate female ring with his long fingers.
"Xia Xia chose this for you?" Han Tao looked at the female ring handsome eyebrow frowning slightly.
Gao Xiaoxiao "er …"
It’s not really Xia Xia’s choice. It should be time’s choice
"tacky!" Han Han abandoned the pie mouth and then took Gao Xiaoxiao’s right hand to put the ring on.
Gao Xiaoxiao looked down at the finger diamond ring and looked up at his eyes and asked, "Aren’t you tacky?"
"tacky to tacky, but since it’s from my sister-in-law, let’s wear it for fun." Han Yan smiled and added, "I’ll buy a pair that’s not tacky later."
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao frowned. "No, I don’t usually wear these things. Just have this one and grandma gave me a set of jewelry."
"That has to be there, even three years ago."
After that, he used to sit on the sofa with bowls and chopsticks and began to eat breakfast.

When I was under house arrest in France with my parents and Xiaojin, I never showed my concern in front of them because their age would increase their psychological pressure.

But Xu Xin is an adult, and she is braver and stronger than me, so I can’t help telling her my worries.
Xu Xin said, "I’m not afraid that so many people can’t keep it unless they attack for days and nights, but this will definitely attract the attention of the outside world, and I guess they don’t want to be exposed."
Her analysis is very reasonable
But my nerves are still tense, perhaps because Ye Xiangyuan is not around, and I am also worried that he will be attacked.
After waiting for about half an hour, the first attack stopped
Several guards were slightly injured and the medical staff are dressing them up.
On the enemy side, except for the first one who entered the second floor, several others sneaked into the courtyard, and others did not even touch the door.
This said that Yuan Xi and Ye Wen stopped them effectively.
But I didn’t let my guard down, fearing another attack.
Okay, at this time, Ye Xiangyuan and all of them are back.
Gu Changning walked at the front. He came quickly and seemed to want to approach Xu Xin, but he turned a corner to ask Xiao Jin if he was injured.
Xiaojin is very exciting. "I’m fine. Aunt Xu’s lost is fine ~"
I’m a little funny.
Gu Changning’s personality is really awkward. If he stagnates in front of Xu Xin and has something to do with Gu Changyu, I am afraid that his generation will not be able to make Xu Xin love him again.
I was sighing that Ye Xiangyuan came to my side and held my hand and asked softly, "Are you really okay?"
His eyes fell on my feet.
I was busy saying, "It’s nothing serious, just a small cut."
He touched my face and whispered, "I’ve heard it, but fortunately it’s not a bomb."
I am also very glad to hold his hand and say, "Are you all right?"
Ye Xiangyuan gently nodded, "I came back immediately after hearing the news."
I silently calculated that the whole attack lasted for an hour. Did they go out of the sea?
But I didn’t ask much.
Xu Xin said, "It’s just timely thanks to you, or I’ll be injured."
The first time I tackled her, I dodged the bullet and really saved her.
But she has thanked me. Why come out now?
I saw her eyes glance at Gu Changning, and suddenly she came in vain.
She said this before Gu Changning on purpose. If Gu Changning had her in her heart, she wouldn’t embarrass me again because of Gu Changyu.
I’m very grateful to her.
And Gu Changning sipped his mouth and looked at me with a passive attitude.
Didn’t thank me, but the fundus was not so obvious
That’s enough.
Ye Xiangyuan took me to Lu Xun and said, "Follow-up things you deal with."
Lu Xun moment.
Ye Xiangyuan took another look at Gu Changning and didn’t assign him.
He took Xiao Jin and said, "I’ll take you upstairs to have a rest." He paused and looked at Xu Xin. "Help yourself, Miss Xu."
Xu Xin nodded
Ye Xiangyuan took me and Xiao Jin to the floor.
I went to the stairs and looked back at the living room.
Lu Xun has left Gu Changning and Xu Xin with Yuan Xi.
Xu Xin sat on the sofa and looked down at the mobile phone. Gu Changning was still there.
Section 34
桑拿会所Two people just want to ignore each other.
I secretly shook my head.
When will they be reconciled if they go this way?
Xiaojin went to the door of his bedroom and stopped to say that he still wanted to study the model, so he didn’t go to the bedroom with us.
I smiled a little. The tip of his nose is really big.
When I returned to my room, I suddenly found that Ye Xiangyuan’s shoulder was injured and I couldn’t move with one hand, while I hurt my ankle and could walk slowly.
Ye Xiangyuan helped me to the bed and sat down. Then I held my leg and opened the gauze and looked at it.
He was sure it was a small wound before he sat beside me and touched my face and said, "Are you scared?"
I shook my head and nodded again.
I didn’t really think about anything at first, but I was a little scared afterwards.
He kissed my forehead and said, "People are sent by Li jiaqi’s confidants to save Li jiaqi."
As soon as Li jiaqi was arrested, someone came to save him. It seems that he is still very promising and there are many loyal people in his hand.
Chapter 391 He meant no harm
I couldn’t help grabbing Ye Xiangyuan’s hand and saying, "Will they stop until they rescue Li Qi?"
Ye Xiangyuan was silent and said, "Fortunately, this is a country after all, and they have a lot of scruples. If they go abroad, it may be more troublesome."
But he didn’t deny my question.
Said Li jiaqi people will definitely move again.
I thought for a moment, "Will it be stable to hand him over to the country after Li Qi has explained the matter?"
Ye Wen has been judging Li jiaqi, and it is estimated that there will be a result soon.
Ye Xiangyuan stroked the back of my hand and said, "Leaving Li jiaqi here is also the way to lead Han Qingshan. We are afraid that Li Yuyan’s chip is not enough. Li jiaqi is, after all, a supporter of Han Qingshan. Li jiaqi is very difficult to hope for that position. He will definitely not let Li jiaqi fall from grace and want Han Qingshan to be caught. We will immediately send Li jiaqi back to the imperial city."
I nodded and understood their plan.
Is it necessary to catch Han Qingshan and everything will be over?

Chapter 51 Gentle remedy

There was a quiet atmosphere in the quiet apartment, and just when two people were having sex together, the smell was so rich that Lan Jingyi frowned.
But at this moment, she has exhausted all her strength, and it is difficult to move.
The sun shines warmly into the room, but she feels cold. She hates that man. He is incredibly strong.
It took about five minutes for Lan Jingyi to hold up her arms and sit up and stumble out of bed. She wanted to leave, which made her hate the tiny apartment. She hated Jiang Junyue.
However, the door that could go out was unlocked, but to her surprise, Jiang Junyue actually locked a lock outside, and that lock was to lock her.
Sitting down on the carpet, Lan Jingyi began to wake up. At this moment, she had to face up to herself and Jiang Junyue.
He should not marry himself because he wants her to be his woman.
品茶论坛And she would never be a man’s lover. That would be unbearable for her.
I remembered the first time and compared it with the second time. Finally, Lan Jingyi got over it. The first time, she owed him once. Now, after this second time, they just paid off. From then on, she owed him money.
Confused and thinking, I don’t know when the door opened and fresh air floated in. Lan Jingyi was picked up. She smelled the familiar smell of the man and couldn’t help saying, "What are you doing again?"
"Wash and order medicine" Low-soft man, when he carried her into washing hands, she finally opened her eyes. The man in clothes made her unable to see his body, but his face and neck were scratched one after another. "Did you buy medicine? Go like this? "
"Silly, I wore sunglasses." I held her in one hand and pulled out a pair of super ink from my pocket with one hand. "Well, that’s it, remember?"
As soon as the tears came out, they flowed down the cheeks and into the corners of the lips, which meant that when she first met him, he was wearing this ultra-ink. Of course she remembered.
"What’s the matter?" He unscrewed the tap and spilled warm water into the bathtub. He put her in before he got rid of his clothes.
"Jiang Junyue, you bastard" has soft legs, but Lan Jingyi can’t get up, but her hand is moving and waving at Jiang Junyue. "I hate you. I hate you to death."
"Ha ha, hate it, hate you again. You are also my woman." The overbearing smile was already naked, and Jiang LaCrosse stepped into the bathtub and immediately picked up Lan Jingyi and sat on his thigh.
Lan Jingyi gently closed her eyes and leaned against Jiang Junyue’s chest. The picture in the bathroom was strange to the extreme. She also wanted to struggle and escape from Jiang Junyue’s arms, but she knew the result before she acted.
For one thing, she has been severely overdrawn, but she can’t beat him and he can’t outrun him.
Secondly, it has been strengthened, hasn’t it? Is it necessary for her to be melodramatic at this time?
Lan Jingyi lazily leaned against Jiang Junyue and let him lift the water inch by inch to wash her body.
Can it not hurt when water passes from time to time? She is covered with large and small bruises everywhere, either scratched by Jiang Junyue or accidentally injured herself in entanglement.
Shi Jiangjun is not much better. Her hands are heavier than his. It must hurt to see him sitting in the water with a fresh red wound, but it’s all her from head to tail.
People’s hearts are made of meat. Thinking of what his mother did, Lan Jingyi felt a very complicated emotion in her heart. She couldn’t explain why she didn’t pester her until the man’s hand fell on the root of her thigh. "What are you doing?"
"Don’t move, wash it clean, Shu" is gentle and gentle, and it is gentler than Lanqing in memory, so that Lanjingyi can’t help but unload her heart.
Slender fingers and soft, slowly pulling Lan Jingyi’s place, but what she felt at this moment was not the taste of lust but a warm care.
After "Hua" washed her last place, Jiang LaCrosse walked out of the bathtub and walked into the bedroom with a bath towel to wipe her body. Unfortunately, because of his wet body, he usually wiped it here and there and got wet.
Ok, he wrapped her in a blanket again, and when he put her to bed gently, she was very tired. Lan Jingyi really wanted to sleep. She was so sleepy and tired.
After standing and staring at Lan Jingyi for five seconds, Jiang LaCrosse suddenly got an extra bottle in his hand as if by magic. He unscrewed a mint fragrance and floated in the room. He unfolded Lan Jingyi’s blanket, but when he wanted to separate Lan Jingyi’s legs, he was unexpectedly resisted by Lan Jingyi. "Don’t … Don’t touch there."
Jiang Junyue looked down through the narrow gap and saw the faint redness, swelling and stabbing pain. It was a long time since I felt it. "Don’t be afraid that it won’t be strong again. If you don’t like it, I won’t touch your good medicine."
Perhaps it was his hypnotic sound that relieved her tension, or perhaps it was his words that made her feel at ease. In the end, Lan Jingyi was as good as a bathtub, or Jiang Junyue drugged her.
Lan Jingyi finally closed her eyes and went to sleep quietly when Qinliang ointment was applied and the burning pain subsided quietly.
Sleeping, she has been dreaming, one is Liu Wentao, the other is Jiang Junyue, and her mother and Liu Xiaoqi can’t stop changing pictures. In the dream, she wants to catch Lan Qing, but she can’t catch "Mom … Mom …" Whispering that her forehead has been beaded with layers of fine sweat.
The body was wrapped in a warm embrace, and finally Lan Jingyi slept soundly.
Thick fragrance wafted to the nose and woke up. After a whole day’s sleep, Lan Jingyi opened her eyes and found that she had never slept in the bed in the original small apartment, but it was so ironic to sleep in this bed at this moment. But where did Lan Jingyi jump out of bed? She was about to get angry when she was wearing clothes before. A set of casual shirts came into her eyes, and Chanel, a woman, was limited to spread out. There was even a set of black underwear inside. I didn’t expect Jiang Junyue to be so cautious.
Carefully pushed open the door and looked at the man in front of the dining table. The white shirt cuff was rolled up slightly. If it wasn’t for seeing it with my own eyes, Lan Jingyi couldn’t believe that a man who loves cleanliness like that would go to the kitchen. Lan Jingyi hesitated whether to go out. When the man turned his back on her, he seemed to have eyes behind him and said, "Come to dinner when you are full. Your mother is still waiting for you to deliver meals in the hospital. Hurry up."
"How did you confuse my mother again?" Lanjingyi didn’t good the spirit rushed over and punched him on the back.
"HSS" a cold HSS Jiang LaCrosse yi tooth grin "pain"
"You asked for it" sniffed the room full of food. Lan Jingyi was welcome to sit in the dining chair. I have to say that she was really hungry at this meeting, but the table full of food once again surprised her. The dishes were either her favorite or Lan Qing’s favorite. Did Jiang Junyue love them? She never knew or didn’t want to know.
Or a coincidence.
No matter if he takes chopsticks and eats them, he owes her a low head and frowsty eating. In fact, she is afraid to look at him now. After all, after going through the scenes before going to bed, she just feels uncomfortable with him now.
Blue-and-white porcelain soup bowl skimmed the oil flower soup and put it in front of her to "drink black-bone chicken soup while it is hot"
Lan Jingyi consciously looked up at "Who wants your kindness", but it was this look. She was shocked and put down the soup bowl. She was turning around. Jiang Junyue carried a long blood stain through his white shirt and glared at her eyes. "How did it bleed?"
She woke up and grabbed his arm. "Let me see."
I don’t care if he resists Lan Jingyi’s hand and pulls his loose casual shirt. Suddenly, there is a scratch in his eyes. At first glance, his nails are crossed. "Go get the medicine and I will help you." She is a little guilty. These are all her hands. I didn’t expect her hands to be so cruel, but he also deserved it. "You deserve it. Who let you bully me?"
"Then you are a hag." She would never have done that if he hadn’t been strong to her.
"Well, the hag and the male hag are just a pair."
Lan Jingyi pie pie "Don’t you want me to be your woman?" Does he want to marry her now? What did he say? She always remembers that being a woman and being a wife are two different things. She didn’t want to promise because she understood what he once said, but she still won the hand today. At this moment, she really should hate him, but she remembered that she had forgiven him for the first time, and she was really divorced once. Now he is strong for her once. They are really even.
Sure enough, Jiang Junyue didn’t respond to her words, took the medicine and handed it to her "gently"
Hehe, he didn’t want to marry her, and he didn’t want to marry her when he was bitten by a dog.
The ointment was slowly coated with the last little bit, and her fingers were severely erased. "Psst" has always been gentle and gentle, which suddenly increased the strength, which made Jiang Junyue’s conditioned reflex call out suddenly.
"Does it hurt?"
"Can it not hurt? Lan Jingyi, I didn’t get back at you like this when you calculated me."
Well, didn’t he make a mistake once when he couldn’t open the pot, or did he lose himself and his favor?
"Jiang Junyue, I want to borrow one million dollars from you." If you owe one hundred dollars, you owe one million dollars, and you owe it as much as you can, and then you can pay her back. You will still not owe him in the future.
Chapter 52 Leng Qing don’t borrow.
"Jiang Junyue, I want to borrow one million dollars from you." If you owe one hundred dollars, you owe one million dollars, and you owe it as much as you can, and then you can pay her back. You will still not owe him in the future.
"Don’t borrow"
"I’ll write an iou and I promise I’ll pay it back to you in the future."
"Don’t borrow"
"Hey, my mother is still in the hospital. What do you want?"
"Lan Jingyi, is this your attitude of borrowing money?" Jiang Junyue looked at Lan Jingyi with his jaw in his hand and deep eyes. He didn’t even understand himself. He couldn’t say what was wrong, but he had it, didn’t he?

A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously

Now, Emperor Yu is incarnate, and four waves of water appear in all directions. Those four water waves are also the symbol of the perfection of Emperor Shun Han Hai Boxing. However, it is not so easy to realize the essence of Emperor Shun’s Juexue.
That’s …
A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously, Fang Yun has appeared in another strange place. And within the scope of his telepathy, impressively there is a spirit can’t penetrate into the box. Moreover, the restricted area is still very large.
wow! Water waves, Fang Yun shape a longitudinal, heavy water waves, toward the induction of flyby.
In the middle of the vast ocean, there is a dome-shaped space with a huge area.
In the dome-shaped space, it was dark. Through the darkness, you can see a stretch of primitive ridge. This huge ridge is very strange. Because the upper, lower and left sides of the ridge are all seawater. In other words, this dark ridge is actually suspended in the sea out of thin air.
In the middle of the dark ridge, a huge god, with eyes like lanterns, stubble beard and awkward muscles, lies quietly in the dark ridge. Its eyes are closed and motionless. And four bronze chains as thick as rivers locked its hands and feet respectively, and the ends of the chains were connected to the dome-shaped optical film and disappeared.
This is what Fang Yun saw when he arrive. Even though he was prepared and knew that it was extraordinary here, Fang Yun still felt an unparalleled shock when he really saw it.
Devil! Ancient fiend living real ancient fiend! !
Now that it has become a legend in ancient times, here is a living ancient fiend!
Fang Yun finally understood the meaning of eternal repression in the altar murals. San huang imperial edict, personally suppressed, is this ancient fiend!
Combined with the frescoes he saw before and the records in Modern Times, Fang Yun has almost understood the ins and outs of this place.
In the early days of ancient times, there was chaos. It was a time when many fiends ruled. These fiends can easily smash the stars three hundred thousand miles away, and can also easily pull up a mountain as a weapon.
Because of their bodies, they are very huge and strong.
Strong power, accompanied by strong self-esteem and desire. For fiends, the way to show their self-esteem and comfort their desires is to overthrow other fiends. So the ancient land, a war. The fiends’ terror destroyed the earth in ruins.
San huang was born, but it was after the fiends ruled the earth and chaos for a long time.
What is described in the murals is exactly what happened in the ancient mainland when san huang was born, fought in the north and south, and calmed down. At that time, many fiends were knocked down by san huang. And some powerful, refused to surrender, and hard to destroy the fiend strong, was sealed by san huang.
And this huge fiend sealed in the ridge, there is no doubt. It is such a fiend!
bang! Fang Yun took a long breath of cold, stupefied looking at the ancient fiend deep in the dark ridge ahead. This fiend’s body is covered with horrible scars, some of which are weapons and some are thunderous. There is no doubt that before the seal was here, this fiend also experienced war and was extremely strong.
In the small world of ancient times, there was such a living ancient fiend with a seal. Fang Yun didn’t know what it meant to the recent ancient times, whether it was Zongmen or the mainland.
Never suppress … no wonder to suppress forever! Such an ancient fiend was born, and I don’t know how big the waves will be!
Fang Yun look dignified.
The pattern of tigers eating dragons in the world is chaotic enough. If there is another ancient fiend, it is really finished. It is not a good thing for the cadres and the world.
Go in and have a look.
Fang Yun thoughtfully for a moment and immediately decided to enter this huge ridge comparable to De Huang.
The Universal Clock of Heaven and Earth can break all seals, but this one is banned by san huang’s seal fiend. Fang Yun also dare not careless, offering the universal clock of heaven and earth, and stepping into it. Then carefully into the black, huge dome ban.
Boo! Black covered the dome of the whole ridge, and a concave point was trapped, and then the universal clock of heaven and earth squeezed in little by little.
Master, this place, there are strange. I feel a lot of resistance!
Just go in, the voice of the universal clock of heaven and earth immediately sounded. Unlike imagined, this optical film is not just a thin layer, but extremely thick, at least tens of feet thick.