Self-massage can effectively treat gynecological diseases

Self-massage can effectively treat gynecological diseases

[Introduction]Gynecological diseases are common and frequently-occurring diseases in women, but because many people lack due knowledge of gynecological diseases, lack of health care for the body, and various bad living habits, etc., the physical health gradually declines, leading to some female diseasesBeing entangled and incurable for a long time brings great inconvenience to normal life and work.

  ● For migraine, rub both hands with both hands at the same time and massage the lower part of the big toe of both feet. The headache can be relieved in about 5 minutes.

  ● The chest tightness extends from the palm of your hand along the direction of the front chest ribs, and massages your hands alternately.

At the same time, you should cooperate with breathing, inhale slowly with your nose, and exhale slowly with your mouth.

  ● Swelling is often seen before menstrual cramps.

The massage site is the tibia breast, which moves up and down from the outside to the nipple, and gently massages with the palms of the left and right.

  ● Menstruation does not call palm rotation to massage the outside of both knee joints and complication joints. It is better to apply a little force to feel soreness.

  ● The massage part of dysmenorrhea is under the umbilicus to the small abdomen between the pubic bones. Press the top and bottom of the palm and massage back and forth from left to right.

  ● Constipation around the umbilicus, holding the palms 100 times each clockwise and counterclockwise.

Then push down from the right abdomen from bottom to top, then from right to left in the middle and upper abdomen, and finally from top to bottom on the left abdomen.