Wang Kai’s Qing Ping Le designed sitting posture, performing Song Renzong’s human touch

Wang Kai’s “Qing Ping Le” designed sitting posture, performing Song Renzong’s human touch
The ancient legendary drama “Qing Ping Le” directed by Zhang Kaizhou and starring Wang Kai and Jiang Shuying is being broadcast on Tencent video.In the play, Wang Kai plays Song Renzong and Zhao Zhen, trying his best to balance the relationship between the parties but still unsatisfactory. Ten netizens say he is the most complicated and tangled emperor.Wang Kai said in an interview with the media that his understanding of Song Renzong’s character can be summarized in three REN characters-“Benevolence, Forbearance, People”.”Benevolence” refers to Zhao Zhen’s benevolent heart as an emperor. He will lead Liang Jiajia to death in his whole life with a word of his own, and he will blame himself for the donation of tens of thousands of soldiers because of his radical meritorious heart;”Patience” is patience. When Zhao Zhen was young, he could do whatever he wanted with pro-government. After pro-politics, he realized that he was trapped by the monarch’s responsibilities and could not do whatever he wanted. More often, patience was needed.He told his daughter Hui Rou that the accusations of admonishers in Chaotang sometimes made him feel intolerable, and even wanted to hit the dragon column, he could only bear it.”Person” is the side of Song Renzong as an ordinary person.Wang Kai said: “I think Song Renzong is also an ordinary person. He has too many responsibilities on his shoulders, so he has a choice between love and responsibility in this tangled relationship between the emperor and the ordinary peopleIt’s really difficult.He basically has no home, and his family affairs are also state affairs. This is the more difficult place, and it is also the place that attracts me. How to put this ‘difficult’ performance into play.It is really difficult to want to perform Song Renzong’s human touch.”Wang Kai enlightened that he designed a small detail for Song Renzong in the play. When he was facing up, he was sitting in front of him. Whether after discussing with the minister or in his own Funing Hall, it was not a very correct sitting posture, orHalf-slanted, or leaning.”I hope that Song Renzong will be able to relax except for the upside, because he will become a person only after he relaxes.He was an emperor only when he was up, he must be there with dignity, other times he was a ‘person’.In the play, the relationship between Song Renzong and Empress Cao has been slow, and many netizens are anxious for the empress.In recent episodes, middle-aged Zhao Zhen and Cao Danshu have finally opened their hearts to each other.In Wang Kai’s view, Zhao Zhen and Cao Danshu both had good faces and had arrogance. The two had misunderstood the first time and did not explain it clearly. Afterwards, they had been lacking in communication and dissatisfied with each other, resulting in a stalemate in the relationship.”But you said they are not true love?So why did Song Renzong have a national affairs, so he went to the queen to talk to the queen first, not Miao Miao, nor Zhang Qunhan.They still know each other better.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie editor Tong Na