“Uh,is it possible,Long Jianfei knows that you will go to the tomb,So put a fake, the palm。”

“impossible,Long Jianfei generation of heroes,Act,Can’t do this!”
It is negative,He has a victory to give Long Jianfei,Although it is very uncomfortable,But the character of Long Jianfei is very respectful.。
“Big brother,Act,Does not mean that he will not count,and”
Liao Jie said:“He worried that after death,No one is your opponent,Deliberately leave a false cheats,It is not possible to practice you.。”
People with people,Liao Jie is thinking that if he is Long Jianfei,Will definitely do this。
“Hahaha,Unfielder,You are too small to see the dragon sword.,He is not that kind of person。”
Do not,It’s so too true.。
Liao Jie shook his head,Although it is amazing,It is also a Wanzhong unlucky.,Any cheats,There is no problem in the sky,Deavese no problem,There is a problem, he is not qualified to refute。
But the talents of the sky are sacrificed.,Single said
That is a history of blood and tears.,No turning,From head to tail,It’s not being cheated,It is on the way to be cheated.。
“Unfielder,Man of few words,Your knees sit well,I will protect the law for you.,I will practice it now.!”
“and many more,This matter is not a hurry,In all the dragon sword”
“No one,I believe Dragon Sword,He is an old good man。”
The day of the day grabbed the running road,Pressing his dishes on the carpet,One-handed shoulders,Hold the palm cheats in one hand。
Wind protrusion,Cheats turned to the first Buddha Feihua。
“Unfielder,Unlocked,Gas-keeping Dantian,I use the true gas to guide,Teach you the first Buddha Feihua。”
“Big brother,calm down,Don’t be chaotic,If you can’t do it, it is my flying day.。”
“Hahaha,The sage is still so love to laugh.!”
WhoTMLaughing with you!
Liao Jie speakelessly sigh,The sky is too enthusiastic,He can’t resist it.,In this case,I can only gamble.。
Gambling a generation of hero’s dragon sword
Heavenly poor,He swear and gambling poison do not share the sky,Today, I have to break the ring.。
Chapter 163 If you look, you are also copying.
“Unfielder,First style,As the name suggests is a light power method.,I am again。”
The sky is watching the cheats,Running theory while,Help Liao Jiexue,Precisely,Is letting Liao Jie’s physical maturity。
It is very confident to yourself,Three big days,Guarantee into the bones,Liao Jie wants to be difficult。
“Big brother,If you come to the palm, you will be apt.,Add a door to a light job??Also specialize in the first style,Is the Buddha also feel that 36 places go to the top?”
Liao Jie wants to cry without tears,Regret that there is no nightclub in time.,At that time, the sky was smashed.,Disrespectful,He has a good black pot under the decisive back,And two paragraphs,Take two cheats far away,Since then, the brothers will never meet each other.。
Only blame people are not shallow,He is still too faceless.!
“Buddha how to think,How would I know,You are too much ideas.,Not clear enough,So the talent,A martial arts still so waste。”
It’s not a matter of the sky.,Black Liao Jie two sentences。
For five minutes,The first style is taught,Tianyi changed to the second type of teaching。
He knows that Liao Jun roots,It is a natural martial arts,Plus himself next to him,Learn the nine-style one night,Roots are not a problem。
Until later,Hard work,Forty-dozen is enough to cross the world。
Another five minutes。
“Third style of Buddha,Yes”