In the phone,Strictly heard the question of Liao Wenjie,I didn’t react it for a while.,Think about it,Still unclear。

“Situation is like this,I conveyed an intelligence in the neon side of the neon.……”
Gold is strategic supplies,Since ancient times, it is,Rare and stability,Decided it is a worldwide strategic reserve resource。
Throw it into gold in the industry、electronic、An important role in the field of space,Single is to resist inflation、Strengthening social attributes of national currency internationalization,Its value cannot be replaced。
At least,Appear‘New gold’Before,Gold can’t be replaced。
$ 2.40,Non-native import,Really a lot。
“I see,You wait a moment,I will call you later.。”Grand,Strictly listened to Liao Wenjie,Hastily hang up the phone。
Liao Wenjie took the mobile phone,Driving straight to the police,Gold’s things are not urgent,The old man has a more tricky case,Need to handle as soon as possible。
Police aircraft parking lot,Mobile phone sounds,From a strict。
Short conversation for two minutes,Liao Wenjie hangs up the phone,Possibility of thinking。
Strictly speaking a concise in the phone,Abbreviated into two words,want to,The World War I German buried European trophy in Africa.,Gold buried locations and sources are not suitable,under these circumstances,Two hundred forty tons of gold become chicken ribs。
Do not take,Be reluctant,Will others;Take,Such a big pile of gold,It is inevitably leaking the wind during transportation.,Bad influence。
so,How to get gold,And not being perceived,Is a question worth thinking。
This problem does not require Liao Wenjie considering,What he has to do,It is the proven to be 400 tons of gold.,And contact the fastest speed。
If you compete for too much force,That is simpler.,I want to make it a long buried underground,Will never be dug。
in addition,Strictly exist for gold,Holding a question,After all, the nine sergeants of the buried gold were missing.,Forty years,There are also many private adventure teams to desert tourism.。
“Empty hand is not the style of my work,Nine uncle and Yan Chi can testify,My geese has been moving.……”Liao Wenjie,I close the door,No two steps,The face is a familiar face。
Liao Wenjie:“……”
“How can you be here?,You track me?”x2
“Let me explore friends……”x2
Short silence,Liao Wenjie smiled,Waving and wild,The latter is thinking about what he leaves.,Relying on the side of the car waiting。
Wild rumor mouth hooked up,If you don’t make a mistake,Liao Wenjie received a call in the office,Let the opposite side ready。
“Not only the senior assistant of real estate companies,Still the boss of the same consultation company,Nowadays a police identity,This man is getting more and more mysterious.。”
Knowing that it is good to die,Smart women should keep mystery,Instead of being tempting by the mystery of each other,She still can’t help but interested,More curiosity than in the cruise ship。
I want to know how to understand!
office,Old Zhang takes out the folded file,Serious road:“Ager,This case is a bit strange,Information is in the file,What do you understand?……I don’t understand,So don’t be a difficult me.。”
Liao Wenjie,Ten lines,gradually,His expression is unhappy from the beginning,It’s stunning.,Finally, double-eyed,The mouth of the mouth evogens difficult to cover up。
Three days ago,Three men and two women at home,Challenge tension-stimulated soul game,One of the guys who are idle to the egg,Also prepared a bottle of corpse。
game over,One person died on the spot,Pacific distortion,Dead phase,As if it is seen what horror,The scene was excessive and dead。
Follow,Two young people die,One person jumping building,One person swars a knife suicide,Before death, I still kill my own my own mother.。
Five goes to it,Only the last two。
“Ager,Pay attention to the expression,A bit……Seepage。”Old Zhang can’t help but remind it,I want to say that Liao Wenjie smiles very metastically,Everyone’s colleagues,I don’t fall to his face.。
“Excuse me,This case reminds me of some unpleasant memories.。”
Liao Wenjie has brought,Pack the file bag,Can’t wait to go out of the office:“Old,Needless to contact others,The case is handed over to me,Will send the report to your hand with the fastest speed。”