Gao Boyi did not tell each other,He chooses Zheng Minmin,In fact, I also want to be a test.。Specifically,It is to do a big business in the future.,Slowly to achieve your ideal,Implement your will on this wide land。

He has no bottom in his heart.,Just want to see,Can you turn a person’s thoughts?。
Zheng Minmin, from the family,Just is a good test object。
Otherwise, Gao Biyi is afraid to eat each other to dry,Even the Zheng Minmin pregnant,There is no reason to tell her so many words.。
“There should be a great ideal in the hearts.?One uniform world??”
Zheng Min could not hide the worship,Gao Biyi is easy to capture。
“In fact, my ideal,It is the tax of every farming.。”
Gao Bao is self-laughing。
“Trusters also put them like a woman.。Although the grain does not divide at home,But home,Pay for rent every year,This is no matter how many years,all the same。
Small home is so,The country is also the same。”
Zheng Minmin is rare to say serious and serious。
Gao Boyi wants to educate her,For a long time,Size of commercial tax,How much far tax does not know,Therefore, the country canceled the agricultural tax。
on the contrary,At that time, many places farmily have subsidies.!in this era,It’s really unimaginable.!
One time,Gao Biyi feels some of the meaning of eating。Because of these,The other party is also completely unaffected and imagined,Instead, we will think that you are a madman in the depths.。
It is like a lot of people who have never seen themselves.。
“Stop,Go back,Nothing today is no matter。”
Gao Biyi said,Disappointed,Almost no cover。
Zheng Minmin went to Gao Baoyi,Grab your big hand,Press in your own chest,Faces are shameless to take steam。
“The world of the capital is very large,I can’t feel it all.。But you can serve……Time day,Too tense。”
Be too nervous,So I should take you as a sacrifice.,Vent?
Gao Baoyi is unable to pull back,Signature each other’s legs。
Waiting for Zheng Minmin to take the wings,He whispered:“Unify the world,Wife and wife,Hougong Jiali 3,000,Total Tree,I can easily do it.。
Including the income of you。”
“so……”Zheng Minmin asked someone。
“In fact, these,But it is the rest of the people.。Unified world,The Emperor did。Later ridiculous shameless generation,Have more reluctant me,No matter how I do,It is impossible to exceed them。
you say,What should I do?,Isn’t it a living??”
Zheng Minmin seems to have a little understanding Gao Baoyi’s mind.,But I feel that something is wrong.。
“There is a woman named Zheng Minmin now.,In my arms。There will be Zhang Minmin in the future.,Wang Minmin,Zhao Minmin, etc.,Every woman will share,Even them will give birth to me.。
So later,In the future,I will live in a big prison with these women.,Then I do this day after day.?”
Zheng Minmin suddenly somewhat distressed。
This is a man who thinks through things.。
Because it is seen,So sometimes feel pain and loneliness。People immersed in a beautiful illusion,Nature will be very happy,Even if they know one day,This is not true happiness,Falling into extreme grief。
But after all, is it happiness??
“Alang,Feel……When can I wait??”
Zheng Minmin asked with a mosquito as small voice。
“You are very urgent?”