After the unity of the two sides, the well-being of the people of Taiwan will be fully improved.

  This newspaper Beijing November 11 (Reporter Jin Chen) The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a routine press conference on November 10, and the spokesman Zhu Fenglian answered the reporter on the recent hot topic. Zhu Fenglian said that the DPP is based on the political private benefits of stubborn "independence". Social public resources of Taiwan’s livelihood well-being. The wealth created by the Taiwan people’s hard work, if not used to buy weapons, do not use the use of "money diplomacy", and use for the development of the economy, improve people’s livelihood, and Taiwan people will not be so dissatisfied with the situation. Looking forward to the future, after the unity of the branches, the wealth created by the people in Taiwan is as used to improve people’s livelihood, and the people’s livelihood well-being will be fully improved. There is a reporter asked, Taiwan’s retired general said recently said that the PLA farther appeared in the Southwest airspace of Taiwan Island, which was fully authorized in his own country. Its speech causing concerns within the island.

The main committee of the Taiwan Main Committee said that this statement is not agreed, and it will be demonstrated. What is the speaker comment on this? Zhu Fenglian replied that Taiwan is part of China. The People’s Liberation Army maintains the integrity of national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and launches military operations.

  "Tomorrow is the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Air Force.

I saw a sentence touched, share with you: ‘As a pilot, how to express love for the motherland? It is to complete the mission of the motherland, and protect the airspace of the motherland.

‘"Zhu Fenglian said, we are also, protect the sovereignty and territorial maintenance of the motherland, protect the interests of the branches of the people, take care.

  Asked by the reporter, the Taiwan defense department has declared that this year, the People’s Liberation Army has entered the southwest airspace, and the military on both sides of the strait is difficult, and Taiwan will bear greater military pressure.

What comments do you have? Zhu Fenglian said that the People’s Liberation Army held a relevant training activity, which is resolutely defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is a powerful interference against "Taiwan independence" splitting activities and external forces. "Taiwan independence" provocation is more than a day, and Taiwan has a difficult day. She said that we are willing to strive to strive for peaceful unified prospects with the greatest sincerity, but never leave any space for the "Taiwan independence" split activities.

The root cause of the main situation in Taihai is the "two national theories" and "Taiwan independence" and "Taiwan independence" forces, and the external power is constantly "unique" provocative.

  On the continent, I have known Su Shichang, tour of Xi Xi, Wu Qi, said that according to law, the above "Taiwan independence" stubborn molecule is discharged. When Zhu Fenglian answered questions, Taiwan was China’s indivisible part.

The state adopts "Taiwan independence" refractory molecules and has a full legal basis. Zhu Fenglian said that the actions of open-minded national sovereignty and territorial integrity, we will not help, will be discharged from "Taiwan independence" stubborn molecules.

This is the meaning of maintaining national sovereignty, security, and development interests, but also to ensure the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.

Any gall is daring to test the law, it will will be discharged according to law.

  There is a reporter asked that the disconnection of "Taiwan independence" released by the continent includes "Never allow it to associate a company and the Golden Lord to be profitable in the mainland", will this affect Taiwanese investment and normal economic and trade exchanges on both sides? Zhu Fenglian said that the main supporters of "Taiwan independence" stubborn molecules and their golders were combined according to law. The purpose was to curb the "Taiwan independence" split, in order to maintain Taiwan’s peace and stability, in order to protect the rights of the two sides of the country. There is a direct or indirect relationship with "Taiwan independence", enterprises, enterprises, and "single independence" stubborn molecules to provide supporters in the limit.

Fundamentally, this will help to promote normal economic and trade exchanges on both sides, which is beneficial to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Taiwan compatriots.

  Zhu Fenglian said that the French net is resurred, and it is not leaking.

"Taiwan independence" stubborn molecules, including organizational, planning, implementation splitter countries, involving organizational, planning, and implementing splitting countries, destroying the unified behavior of the country, and colluding the external forces to seek "Taiwan independence", seek the "legal platform independence" Golden Lord, etc., will be severely punished according to law. (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.