Just a moment,The attacks of the seven strongest were all resisted by Wright,Why can’t Wright in a short time。Of course this short trick,Wright’s vindictiveness is also consumed very badly,If it goes on like this,Before long, the vindictive energy in Wright’s body will be exhausted。

Wright will naturally not continue like this。
A shot repelled the strong man with a long stick,Wright marksmanship。
at the same time,The magic in the body also works quickly,【Gravitational space】Cover these seven powerhouses instantly。
This gun contains blood red grudge,Guns like flames,【Astral】Reappear,Through the void。
And this shot,Against the seven strongest,The light magister in the leader position。
Face this shot,Desli felt an unprecedented crisis,He feels completely locked in,The surrounding space oppresses itself。
Desi Li waving his hands,Just like Wright’s gravitational space,He comprehended the law of light【Light mysterious】,Can put aside the magic spell,Directly use magic to display the mysterious,The threads of countless light elements in his palm gather,The milky white soft light forms a piece of white silk cloth。
The long spear that pierced the entire mountain pierced the silver-white light energy.‘White silk cloth’on。
In an instant,The white silk cloth seems to block the spear,But it only hindered Wright’s shot,Was pierced by this turbulent shot。
At the same time, Desli flew back quickly,Want to avoid this shot!
But Wright’s shot is gaining momentum,At the same time, the gravitational space is instantly suppressed on Desi Li’s body,Wright’s spear is also faster than Desli.!
When the spear was less than half a meter from Desli’s head!
A four-winged angel,The power of light burst out all over,Actually blocked Wright for a moment。
“boom!”Seeing his body pierced by Wright,This four-winged angel blew himself up。
Self-detonation,Wright had to step back and dodge,And Desli just followed this force to escape far away。