I propose to Daxie Hotel,How about it?”

I heard the Emgrand Hotel,Wang Rua is a change in the face of Zhou Miao Miao.。
Diwu Hotel is not a few thousand pieces of a meal.,If you come to the famous red wine,That is just a place where Gold is。
How does ordinary college students may have the ability to eat there??
“Xia Min,This is not very good.,It is too expensive there.。”
Wang Ru San is a little difficult to watch Lin Xiaomin。
But Li Hui is open at this time.。
“master,Let’s go to Daxie Hotel.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Zhou Miao is a bit surprised to Wang Rua。
However, Zhou Miao is not worried that Li Hui has no money to pay.,Just I didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng actually really had a slaughter of the appearance of them.。
“Lee,I can tell you.,The emperor hotel consumption is a few thousand pieces。”
“Forehead,You said this,I suddenly felt that I didn’t have much money.。”
Lin Xiaomin looked at the timidity of Li Hui’s face.,I can’t help but get more in my heart.。
Wang Ru is, I feel embarrassed.。
“Do you want us to change?,After all, it is indeed very expensive.。”
“Hey-hey,That is not,As long as the seedlings are not wearing small shoes, it is good.。”
Zhou Miao is so stunned.。
“Lee,I will give you a small shoe.?
You don’t give me something today today.,Now I will call you my parents.,Tell them you bully me。”
Say,Zhou Miao is really a mobile phone.。
Look at this,Li Hui rushed to seek wrong。
My mother is very interested in Zhou Miao.,I have Qin Su Ya and Xu Ru.,Mom has already warned yourself,Now Zhou Miao will call again.,Then he feel that his mother may follow it directly.。
“Don’t don’t,I’m wrong,I have money,rich。”
“Humph,This is almost。”
Seeing the two people,Wang Ru sat and Lin Xiaomin are very surprised.。
The most important thing is that the information revealed in the two words is too amazing.。
I have already seen my parents.。
soon,The driver sent four people to the door of Emgrand Hotel.。
Since the four people have time, it is time to eat.,Emgrand Hotel Although the price is expensive,But it is high-grade,People who have dinner still have a lot。
When Li Hui is asked if there is no private room,It’s all being packaged.。
It’s good to have a few girls, don’t mind if there is any private room.,In the end, Li Hui rose a relatively air-conditioned place to let several girls sit down.,Then start ordering。
When I saw the menu of the waiter handed over,Li Hui Feng stunned directly to the price of those menus.。
A white chicken actually wants a thousand blocks,A plate of cucumbers more than 100,Li Hui Feng feels that this is simply grab money.。
In this moment,He suddenly understood why his apple can sell 10,000 pieces.,Because rich people are still a lot。
Lin Xiaomin took menu,It is also the price above the menu.。
She has heard Zheng Da Shao, and there is some expensive,But but I didn’t expect it to be so excited.。
“Wow,This is too expensive.,Do you want to eat here?。”
I heard Lin Xiaomin,Other two women are agreed。