at the same time,Aizi feels your own spirit,Become very sensitive,And this sensitive intuition,It seems that some guidelines have been obtained.。

Faced with a must,A purple raises hand is a palm,Suddenly stronger,Experimenting this poisonous fire without resistance……
And in the appearance of the stars,Purple in front of you,As if it suddenly changed a person,not only“Painting style”Void,And the image,Effectively change,The whole person is glitter!
Hoheng is different when it is not transformed,Some like a Chu Deiren《Fossil》Before——Body bloom flame like gold,At the same time, a long hair has become a golden color.。
See this change,Picking the star heart,I quickly recruited other other five-year poisoning fire.,Akin(zi)Hit,At the same time,I made a poisonous fire,Complete six……
Other stars,At this time, the instinct is quiet.,Said with a small voice“A purple actually has the force of resistance”、“Usually, I definitely fight bad ideas,Hidden”、“Small teacher,You are not the opponent of the master,Quickly ask for money”。 (x81) /x81/
Then face the siege of poisoning,Aizhist’s foot solid mutual attack,Although I fail to make a palm of the original,Directly destroy the poison,But between fists,Can also be drifted,Some of the viral flames cannot infringe on her body.。
After an event,Ai seems to be more harmonized,Palm,Just listen to a dragon,Sound from Azity……
Jin Guang is extravagant, Azuro is round、Right palm,After the hand is launched,A dragon shape,Spray it with palm,Surrounded by itself?Directly around the six toxic fire、Swallow four?Other two do you want to take the opportunity to attack,Also being detailed、Dragon scale!
It is a dragon eighteen palm?Dominated“See the dragon in the field”!
Picking the stars are not compromised——Aizi is so powerful?Don’t really be Master?Teach her a powerful Kung Fu?
This is not like the Kung Fu of the Star.!
If it is in the middle of the earth,But this is only for a long time?
Star martial arts?Because“Effective”,Especially within ten years of entry, this time?It’s much more faster than ordinary martial arts.?So develop the nature of all disciples。
But actually have more dangers and not to say,In fact, it has reached the middle and late.,Star assignment martial arts and all toxic work,Subsequent。
Chu Deirers are on the side?Not purely watching?But it is already emptied……
Come back to China?
of course not!
Dragon Eighteen Palm,I want to know,Not suitable for Azu,How can Chu deer??
The reason why Azi can look like a model,It is because of the Sudanese?Guiding A Zi’s spirit,She is just going to make a move。
As for why A Zi will have similar“Tire”True gas?Also able to have your own spirit?Contact with Chu Deirers?
This is just before the Chu Deirers.“Ferry”Discover……
In Fuzhou,Chu Dee people feel?Your own skill is close“Unrequited”,Just for how to embrace。
After a period of practice?When entering Sanxiang?The Chu Deirers have been fully reached.“Unrequited”Previously a successful situation?At this time, Chu Deirers“Taoism”Learn more profound,It can also get more from the badge.,“Ferry”The key is displayed!
During the success,Will enter,at this time“Tire”Part of the liberation,Not completely unable to actively mobilize……
and“Ferry”The key is like“Ferry”These two words written——Deal。
“Taoism”It is necessary for this virtual、Too much time,Exhausted、Aerospace gas,Come to breakthrough。
If it is ordinary person to cultivate this“Taoine release bad”I really have some troublesome,After all, this is the micro-late、Liberated“Tire”,What malfunction can be spent?
This disaster,In front of the tet,Is it not going to break??
However, the Chu Deiren thought of a way.,That is the internal force used in the north.,Put this part“Tire”Transplant……
Chu Deirers are not confident,helping others“Ferry”,Not count。
The theoretical level of the sum,There is no problem,Chu Deirers also surely。