Tianjin Adjusting Work Injury Insurance

  Tianjin Northern Network News: Recently, through the approval of the municipal party committee, the municipal government, the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau issued the "Notice of the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau on Adjusting the Treatment of Work Injury Insurance Treatment in Tianjin" (人 社 社 [2021] 9 No.) For 15 consecutive years to adjust the treatment standards for the long-term treatment of work injury insurance, benefiting workers and employees and supporting afforders. Up to now, the treatment adjustment work has been implemented in place. ● Baochang step-by-step adjustment adjusts the treatment standard in accordance with the work injury level, of which the injured workers’ disability allowed by the disability level increased by high to low, 1,78 yuan, secondary disability 168 yuan, level three Disability is 158 yuan, and the fourth level is 148 yuan. After adjustment, the per capita disability allowance to reach 4046 yuan; the work-injury retirees increased by 60 to 30 yuan in the growth pension, and the number of work injury subsidies will reach 625 yuan, and the support relative pension is increased each month. 73 yuan, other support relatives increased by 55 yuan per month, and after adjustment, the per capita support relative pension reached 1680 yuan, reflecting the fairness and rationality of the system.

  ● The lower limit of the guaranteed life setting is fair, the principle of retrieving, the work and injury personnel in the position and retirement set the lower limit according to the disability level, namely 3,874 yuan, second level 3706 yuan, three 3537 yuan, four level 3369 Yuan; a minimum lower limit of the support relative pension treatment, that is, the spouse is 1631 yuan, other support relatives 1222 yuan, effectively protect the basic living standards of workers and support relatives.

  Next, the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau will continue to do its best, and the power injury will continue to increase the sense and happiness of work injury and ensure the sustainable development of the city’s work injury insurance system.

(Jin Yun news editor Sun Chang).