Usefulness of friends

Usefulness of friends

Friends who often criticize them behind their backs say, “He did not compare well with me when he was studying, but he was luckier than me.

“” He is often a clever person.

“” He has nothing to show off at all.

“” He will never surpass me in my life.

“Strange, aren’t those people their friends?

When they met they didn’t know how to make a deed, but behind them they looked down on each other.

  A friend is frustrated, and his friend will say, “He is so ambitious, I already knew he couldn’t.

“A friend succeeds, and his friend will say,” Actually he is not so capable at all.

“Even if his friend is the best dancer, he would say,” He is not the best.

“His friend is the best musician, and he would say,” A lot of people are better than him. ”

“His friend flew Huang Tengda, and he would say,” He’s lucky.

“It’s hard to admit that someone growing up with us is better than us.

  Good friends can share happiness and share frustration together. However, for some people, friends are the people they most despise.