Spine erect,Zhao Feng reminds me,Accompanied by a constantly strengthening heartbeat,Charge up——

This blow,Broken chains,Took back everything that should belong to Zhao Feng!
Bone veins!
Start with this,Reproduce the legend!
Zhao Feng only felt an invisible force derived from the shot,Congeal but not disperse,Echoing with the spine,Like an invisible bone。
“Come again!!”
Take advantage of the situation,Zhao Feng pushes hard,Every impact,That invisible bone will grow by one point,With the tenth impact falling,The invisible force melts into the bone,For a while“pulsation”From the spine。
“It’s bone veins!I feel my bones!”
Zhao Feng is overjoyed,But the subsequent discovery made him confused again。
After ten workouts,The broken spine is repaired by itself,But there was a gap of nearly five centimeters between the repaired bones,This gap is not fatal,But if you force the gap to squeeze,It will definitely cause Zhao Feng’s height to shrink seriously。
1.75 meters tall,very common,Zhao Feng is also very satisfied,He has no intention to increase,But don’t want to be short,Face this problem,There seems to be no better solution。
Just when Zhao Feng was in a dilemma,He suddenly felt the beast instinct in his body passively triggered!
But what surprised Zhao Feng even more,Although the beast instinct is triggered,But in a wonderful state,Different from the previous obedience to Longyin,This time the instinct is the fear of the strong。
Even dragon,Can’t make the beast instinct show this shivering panic!
Zhao Feng must pay attention,I found something like black charcoal hanging from the ceiling。
“It’s the spine cut!”