“Good good,Listen to you!”

Wang Xingzhi is too troubled,Finally compromise。Although my wife is more utilitarian,But taking care of this family is also doing my best,So some things,Wang Xingzhi often keeps one eye open,Close one eye。
The pampered wife and daughter’s attitude towards niece is indeed a bit worse,But after all, I gave my niece a place to stay,Family is different from surgery,most of the time,There is no way to weigh the pros and cons。
Smiled helplessly,I’m afraid this blind date was mixed with most of the water,That developer named Zhang Tianlai wants to win the hospital expansion project is the real goal。
“How much they promised you?”
Wang Xingzhi looked at Jiang Xinmei,Eyes full of love。
“What’s the money,I just think Mr. Zhang’s son is not bad,If Jiajia likes it,There is nothing wrong!”
Gently punched Wang Xingzhi’s leg,Achieved my goal,Jiang Xinmei smiled very happily……
Home away from home,Wang Qiaoqiao and Han Genji sat on the steps casually。
Early spring evening,The wind is still a bit intrusive,But Wang Qiaoqiao didn’t have the slightest discomfort。
“I scared you just now?”
Wang Qiaoqiao looked at Han Genji beside her embarrassedly,I may not be able to be at home a few times in my life,I had such an unpleasant experience for the first time,think carefully,Actually quite terrible。
Apologetic in his eyes,Such an unpleasant thing,No one wants to meet。
“I’m more courageous,The scene just now is trivial,I have experienced the worse。”
Han Genji smiled openly,Recalling the last time in Binzhi Rugui to Li Chengen and Chen Keqing,Han Genji only felt that except for death,Nothing else matters。
Wang Qiaoqiao turned to look at Han Genji,Originally questionable,But thinking that Han Genji and Xiang Chen are friends,Those doubts in my heart will disappear without end。