“Yes,Big brother!”Desi Li and Lie both smiled excitedly。

“All right,You guys go down too,Desi, you are responsible for designing a plan,Fight for the mass destruction of the Puang Empire。strong,Take care to lead our army。”rare,Ernst had a fierce look on his face,“I have endured those heretics for a long time,Since they don’t believe in the light,Not willing to die,We had to send it off。”
Chapter Six Turning Over
“Great master of light,I beg you,Save us。”
“Rumbling!”A big hand made of ice,Most of the lord’s guards who dominated in front of civilians were photographed to death,Little half fled。
In the center of the guard guard,A fat noble in a white robe is directly turned into mud。
But the owner of the big hand,A solemn middle-aged soldier,His complexion is also very solemn,Looking north。Let the whole body cold out,There is a layer of ice covering hundreds of meters,A slender sword fell in the palm。
In the northern sky,A streamer cuts through the air,Already locked him away。
Dozens of seconds later,A thin figure stays in front of the middle-aged soldier。
The two did not communicate at all,The ice and the light collided strongly,The sword and the spear cross。
Half a minute later,When the thin figure almost forced the middle-aged soldier to an end,A cyan arrow pierced his back,Blast off。The middle-aged soldier looks pale,Fly away quickly,Half of the corpse with a thin figure。
This is the battle between the Holy See of Light and the Royal Family,After five years, the first time the sanctuary powerhouse fell。
deceased,Illuminati,Sanctuary Dervish,Harris·Tracy。
Killer,Royal camp,The First Duke of Baihe。
The royal camp launched an all-out war,Sanctuary powerhouse attack,After that, ordinary troops went to occupy。And the response of the Holy See is very simple,Send the same sanctuary powerhouse to kill,The two sanctuary powerhouses meet,There will be an attack。
Because the royal camp was first designed,Xian Yin died of the two great sanctuary powerhouses of the Holy See,Afterwards, the Holy See sent the leader of fanaticism‘strong’,Kill the two powerful sanctuary in an ambush。Of course at the same time,Wright also shot once,Killed an advent angel of the Holy See of Light。
Just three months,Five sanctuary powerhouses have fallen,Two royal camps,Three Illuminati。