Scalding soy sauce is very easy to infect

Scalding soy sauce is very easy to infect

In a hurry, many people first think of what to apply in the affected area, such as red syrup, toothpaste, soy sauce, yellow sauce, etc., that this will not only relieve pain, but also reduce inflammation.

In fact, this approach is not advisable.

  The toothpaste applied to the wound, the soy sauce is not unsanitary, but also beneficial to the growth of bacteria. Other non-symptomatic ointments will also heal the wound, which will make the wound more susceptible to infection.

When you arrive at the hospital, it will not only affect the doctor’s diagnosis of burns, but also add extra pain to the patient during the cleaning process.

  If you are burnt at home, the correct treatment method should be to immediately remove the clothing soaked in hot liquid, pay attention to the action should be light, do not smash the skin; wash the affected area with tap water for 15 minutes to 20 minutes as soon as possible; then use a clean towelWrap it up and go to hospital for treatment.

  In addition, it should be noted that after cleaning the affected area, if the blisters are not broken, do not pick up the blisters, because the damaged skin may cause infection; if it is a hand or foot burn, the affected limb can be lifted, higher thanHeart position; if it is an eye injury, it should be washed with water for 5 minutes, then immediately sent to the hospital, do not apply any other drugs, so as not to make the affected area more serious.

  In fact, after the burn, the more painful the wound, to some extent, the lighter the burn, which proves that the nerve endings of the affected area are not damaged, and can also eliminate the pain.

So don’t panic because of pain and pain.