[Can confinement eat an old hen?

]_ Postpartum_ can you eat

[Can confinement eat an old hen?
]_ Postpartum_ can you eat

In daily life, people often use old hen stew to eat. The so-called old hen refers to the older female chicken. People usually pay special attention to the age of the chicken when eating chicken, because of different genders and differentChickens of different ages contain different nutrition and cooking methods are different. Women need to eat some nutritious food during confinement. Can we eat old hens at this time?

Can confinement eat an old hen?

But for confinement women, this issue needs to be explored in depth.

Because everyone knows that confinement is a very important thing for a woman. It is a matter that can affect a woman’s life, so no matter what it is, it is sloppy.

So, let’s do a good study on whether confinement can eat old hens.

Everyone knows that old hens are very good supplements, and that women need to eat more tonic foods during confinement to help recovery, but experts want to remind that tonics can’t eat old hens during confinement. This is why.

Because the old hen is rich in nutrition and is a good product for tonicity, the nation has always had the habit of stewing the old hen for the mother to eat after the birth, so as to achieve the purpose of nourishing the mother’s body.

Can confinement eat old hens, but found in life that many mothers immediately supplement the old hens, coupled with other nutrient-rich foods, there is still insufficient milk or little lactation, which cannot meet the needs of babies.

In fact, one of the reasons for lack of milk or no milk is to eat old hens immediately after delivery.

The old hen is rich in nutrition. Why does it return to milk after eating it?

This is because women’s blood levels of estrogen and progesterone are greatly reduced after childbirth, and then prolactin can play a role and promote the formation of milk.

The hen’s meat contains a certain amount of estrogen. Therefore, eating old hens immediately after delivery will increase the content of estrogen in the maternal blood and inhibit the effectiveness of prolactin, so that it will not function, resulting in maternal milk deficiency and even milk return.
Can confinement eat old hens? Androgens have an anti-estrogen effect. Rooster meat contains a small amount of androgens. If the mother immediately eats a steamed cock, the milk will increase.

The old hen contains a certain amount of estrogen, which has the effect of returning milk. Is it not possible for the mother to eat the old hen?

Here refers to 7 postpartum?
It should not be eaten within 10 days. Of course, after 10 days of childbirth, can the confinement child eat the old hen. In the case that the milk is excessive, the old hen can be stewed.

In addition, because the old hens are more fatty and have poor postpartum constitution, women with relatively weak gastrointestinal digestive functions, such as eating the old hens too early, will easily affect the digestive function of digestion, thereby affecting the digestion and absorption of nutrients.