[Can you eat Flammulina velutipes?

[Can you eat Flammulina velutipes?

Women’s conditioning after childbirth is very important.

The diet of lactating women is particularly important, which also affects the fetus.

Flammulina velutipes can be eaten during lactation. Flammulina velutipes is also good for fetal development.

There are many things to pay attention to when eating Flammulina. It must be cooked and eaten.


Flammulina can be eaten during lactation.

The benefits of enoki mushrooms during lactation: enoki mushrooms are edible mushrooms cultivated in autumn and winter and early spring. They are famous for their smooth caps, crisp handles, rich nutrition, and delicious taste.

According to measurements, Flammulina velutipes contains a full range of essential amino acids in the human body, including more lysine and arginine, and higher zinc content, which has a good effect on enhancing intelligence, especially on children’s height and intellectual development.”Mushrooms”; Flammulina velutipes can also effectively enhance the biological activity of the body, promote metabolism in the body, facilitate the absorption and utilization of various nutrients in food, and is highly toxic to growth and development.


Need to pay attention to eating Flammulina lactata during breast-feeding: Neither lactating mothers nor the general population should eat uncooked Flammulina velutipes, because it contains colchicine, and it is easy for people to produce toxic dicolchicine by oxidation.

In addition, when buying Flammulina velutipes, whether it is white or yellow, the color is particularly uniform, bright, and has no original fragrance and smell. It may have been smoked, bleached, dyed, or treated with additives. Pay attention to its remedies and residual amounts.Whether it meets the standard may affect health and cannot be purchased.


Flammulina velutipes is not a back-to-milk food, so it will not return to milk when breast-feeding.

In addition, Enoki mushrooms have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, which can remove heavy metal salts from the body. At the same time, Enoki mushrooms have a relatively high zinc content, which is also very beneficial for the baby’s brain development.

However, Flammulina velutipes is cold, so you must pay attention to the right amount when eating Flammulina lactation, so as not to cause discomfort.