Liu Yijun, the number one sly fox in Hunting Fox, has a doorway wearing a fake neck brace

Liu Yijun, the number one “sly fox” in “Hunting Fox”, has a doorway wearing a fake neck brace
“Hunting Fox” is being broadcast on platforms such as Beijing Satellite TV, and the villain Wang Berlin in the play is also gradually showing its cunning side. This seemingly gentle and gentle and elegant businessman, in fact has an unfathomable city, not only to manipulate the stock market.The behind-the-scenes trader is also the number one “sly fox” who absconded overseas and spent eight years with the “fox hunting team”.On April 24, Wang Berliner’s actor Liu Yijun admitted in an interview with the media that the moment when Wang Berlin chose evil, he also became his own grave digger and started a life of fear and parallel.”I think for him, the more wealth he gets, the less secure he feels.His insecurity is in his heart, and I have done some performances, such as the strangeness and panic he sees in the world outside the window. The more money he has, the less insecure and panicky.”Golden glasses, casual suits, Wang Bolin, who appeared in the image of an approachable Confucian merchant, is not like a scheming villain, and even the bridge section that was held by his brothers when he first appeared, it still has the meaning of” victim “, And Liu Yijun expresses the complexity of the characters in the switch between “elegant boss” and “severe boss”.”For example, his relationship with Hao Xiaoqiang (stock market trader), when I was looking at him, in fact, there were still eyes hidden behind my eyes. Behind this face was another face. What he saw was a person who wanted to cooperate with him.Collaborator, and the real me is actually a manipulator, he is completely in my palm.So the drama of the two of us is often the more ‘moving’ he is, the more ‘quiet’ I am.”Liu Yijun bluntly said that he tried many emotion expressions in” Hunting Fox “, although it is difficult to make it clear, but I believe that the audience can feel the fluctuations of different stages of Wang Berlin from their interpretation.”Sometimes the performance is unsatisfactory, but it is more of a feeling.Maybe you will sympathize with King Berlin at a certain moment, you may feel that he is pitiful, and sorry for him, you will have a lot of feelings, because the life experience of each viewer is different.”In the play, Liu Yijun ‘s first scene was to visit his wife Qian Cheng after killing his brother Qian Cheng. He deliberately chose to wear a fake neck brace to highlight the contrast of the characters.When he got back to the car, he tore the neck brace away, and the character’s appearance was clear.”Is the character’s” fox character “derived?This man is a decent CEO who is a man of all manners and a business elite. I just want to put the feeling of the characters into it.That neck brace is showing weakness. Later, when it was torn apart, it was to tell the audience that it was a fake and there was no need to wear it. Through this little detail, the fox’s cunning things were revealed naturally, rather than deliberately.”The shooting of” Hunting Fox “has traveled to many places in Europe and Africa. During the time of shooting overseas, Liu Yijun was not idle, engaged in photography, tasting food, and going out to visit. There was no embarrassment in his unfamiliar life.”I myself enjoyed the Czech public transportation system, and I changed the train three times to find out their rules.Then I also carried my backpack alone, stuffed a camera, bought a long-distance bus ticket and went to CK Township. I stayed overnight and took a lot of photos.I also took their train to visit a very famous human bone church. I could n’t lose it anyway. I ‘m not afraid.”Sauna, Ye Wang editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Wu Xingfa