The fact is true,When things get to this point,United States、Especially the capitalists around Detroit have givenAMCOf these workers posted“Diao Min”s Mark,Which company will dare to use these workers in the future,I don’t think I can stepAMCFollow??

On some things,The capitalists are very united,They can fight each other to death、Mutual annexation,But in dealing with workers,Their attitudes are very consistent:Must work together to protect the interests of the capital class,Workers who threaten the interests of capitalists?Let them die。
And obviously,AMCOf these workers,Violated the limits of capitalists,They definitely don’t hesitate to take this opportunity to kill a hundred.……Anyway, the U.S. never lacks industrial workers。
“As for this matterAMCImpact……I thinkAMCVery likely to go bankrupt。”
“you thinkAMCWill go bankrupt?”Rosemary was shocked by what her boss said:“impossible?”
Again,Even ifAMCThe current market share has been so low that it is almost negligible,canAMCAfter allAMC,One of the four largest automakers in the United States,With more than two billion dollars in assets,Such a big company,Went bankrupt?
Rosemary can’t imagine this kind of thing will really happen。
“unlessAMCBe able to find at least within a month1.2Billion dollars in capital injection,otherwiseAMCDead,”Chen Geng asserted:“But you thinkAMCNow that even the bank refuses to lend them money,They can find so much money in a month?”
onceAMC,Choosing to let French Renault Group control in exchange for Renault Group injection9000Million dollars in funding,But that isAMCofM998The series prototypes passed the Ministry of Defense’sHMMVProject team testing、And the Chrysler Group is still struggling、Chrysler“family”And the Ford Victoria Crown two models do not exist at all、The workers did not force the entire management to resign。
now what,M998The design work has not yet been completed,The Fernandez prototype car at this time“hummer”Has reached the second stage,In the case that the design has not been completed,This meansAMCinHMMVThe opportunity was completely lost on the project!
andAMCPractices of workers and unions,He threw a stone on his grave:Even if someone wants to followAMCCooperation,But who would dare to provoke such a group of uncles who always forced the company management to resign??
Forget it,Can’t we bother to hide。
Rosemary couldn’t say a word。