suddenly,The glass window above their heads suddenly burst,And those glass shards are driven by some force,Like swords,Straight down,Inserted into those American soldiers。

One of them had an unlucky boy who was inserted on the spotMid neck,A lot of blood rushed out,Seeing too much blood loss,Will not survive。
The other injured American soldiers were stabbed by glass shards.,But not fatal,They raised their guns,Fire around without hesitation,Bang gunshot,Pedestrians on the roadside hold their heads。
“Nine o’clock on the left,There is a mutant mouse upstairs!”With someone’s voice,The soldiers Yiyan pointed their guns at the nine o’clock direction on the second floor。
After a burst of fire,There was a heavy gasp from upstairs。
Three guys in black suits appeared on the street,They wear the same blue badge on their chests,The one just talking is one of them。
Two men in black rushed upstairs,In the room riddled with bullets from the second floor at nine o’clock,Dragged a dying mutant boy,Dragged him onto the street。
This mutant teenager looks very young,At most 13 or 4 years old,Thin body,Big head,Dark skin,A pair of eyes have lost their original luster due to the gradual passing of vitality。
“Which gang are you from?Why attack soldiers!”One of the men in black looked at the mutant boy who was about to die,Said impatiently。
The mutant crowd on the street poked their heads,Looking towards the heart of the street。
“I am from the Red Mist Alliance!Kill if you want!”The boy managed to shout,A look of death。
boom!Gunshot!The black man in question shot decisively,Shot this brave young gang member。