On the hatred of Wujianmen,He is a very deep one。

With Li Ming carrying the oath stone,The mighties of the Three Realms made an agreement with an oath。
Although Wujianmen and Nuwa camp are not completely peaceful,However, the power of this level of the True God Taoist ancestor is sworn not to take the initiative.。
According to this oath,Whether it is Li Ming,Or Tang San’s burial、Sun Wukong can’t deal with the master of Infernal Affairs。
“What the predecessors said is very,Don’t say it’s senior,Wukong and I can’t do it。only,That resentment can never be forgotten。”
Tang Sanzang also sighed deeply。
“I remember you always admonished Wukong not to kill。。right now。。Haha!”
Sun Wukong, who was lying innocently with a gun next to him, showed a simple expression。
These two,One is my own master,Another big figure in the Three Realms who taught him,I can’t afford it。
“senior。。。”Tang Sanzang showed a bitter smile,“in fact,I’m not here to ask seniors to deal with Infernal Affairs。”
“That’s weird!”Li Ming was a little surprised,“Then what do you ask me for?Isn’t it because you want to resurrect those three guys??”
Tang Sanzang and Monkey King’s eyes lit up at the same time:“Senior has a way?”
Li Ming shook his head,“you guys。。I also heard that Bodhi said that I have a clone that wanders in the chaos,Is to enter the eternal world!”