“You mean we have to take precautions this year?“Mayor Zhao asked in surprise。Because Pingyang Town has been affected by the disaster for several years,It stands to reason that this year’s probability should be low!

Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Things are impermanent!Let’s prepare in advance!Otherwise it will be too late if something goes wrong。What year was the flood,It’s so miserable。If everyone prepares in advance,It’s not that big loss!”
“I agree with President Xia,This year we still have to prevent in advance,just in case,We should learn the lessons of last year,On this matter,We can’t have any fluke in our hearts”Ouyang Hong said to Zhao Zhenzhi with a serious face。
Mayor Zhao nodded,So I wrote a few words on the notebook。
The three talked about other jobs in the town,I don’t think it’s noon,Ouyang Hong mentions,The three of them went to Lao Yang’s noodle restaurant again。
This time,There are a lot of people traveling。So the business of Lao Yang’s noodle restaurant is very good,The three of them waited for a long time,Got a seat。
When the meal comes,The three of them ate and chatted。Ouyang Hong whispered to Mayor Zhao:“Now is the peak of tourism,So we stopped repairing agriculture,You have to check it often。Such as hygiene,Does anyone make random bids,Destroyed our signboard of leisure agriculture”
“Mayor Ouyang is right,Public security is also one of the links,Look at how many cars parked outside,Breaking a car is a big deal,So the parking lot has to be specially responsible,It is best to let the police station send people out to patrol from time to time”Xia Jian reminded Mayor Zhao to wake up。
Finished eating,Ouyang Hong and Mayor Zhao returned to the town government,Xia Jian drove to Donglin Township。The scenery along the way is very charming,But he has the intention to look at the same,Not to mention that he is still driving。
After three hours,Xia Jian’s car stopped at the gate of Li Dongmin’s house。It’s like three o’clock。The sun hung in the sky,Like a person feels extremely hot。
Xia Jian stood in front of the big wooden door,When I was about to knock,But the door opened at this time。Li Dongmin looked at Xia Jian with surprise,She said with a smile:“I hear the sound of cars,I really didn’t expect it to be you“
Xia Jian watched Li Dongmin open the door,Jumped onto the car again,Drove Da Ben directly into Li Dongmin’s compound,Then I stopped and got off。