Shaoxing accumulated a total of 107 cases of non-symptom infections in the local confirmed case

  On the evening of December 12, Shaoxing City held a press conference in the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia epidemic in Shangyu District, introducing the exhibition of epidemic prevention and control.

  The progress of the prevention and control of Xinzhong pneumonia epidemic in Shaoxing City was introduced.As of 12:00 on December 12, Shaoxing City accumulated 107 cases of local confirmed cases, 1 case of asymptomatic infection, there were 105 cases of confirmed cases in Shangyu District, 1 case of asymptomous infection, 2 cases in Yuecheng District, currently 108 casesThe cases were isolated in the city designated hospital, and the condition was stable.The relevant partial diseases have been regulated, and the classified management and environmental murd of the environment has been strictly carried out.

108 cases were found in the probabilistic investigation and all employee nucleic acid detection.

  Prevention and Control Work (1) Solidly carry out the regulatory control work.

The province is equipped with 150 strengthening people to enter the Shangyu District, public health, industrial information, public security coordination operations, the provincial and urban three-level circulation team joint efforts, comprehensive, meticulous, accurate epidemiological investigation. At 21 o’clock on December 12, there were 1928, and 3,384 secondary contacts had been discharged. 2,712 centralized isolation were implemented, 1768 home hard tube controlled, and 527 copies.

Strengthen the exercise of the epidemic point, to disinfect the epidemic point and the sealing area involved, discover the infected people, resident, work points, and take the end of the vehicle, the place to stay, the end of the item is implemented, The local area and facilities of the sealing zone, the control area, the local area, the public toilet, the public seat, and the fitness equipment are disinfected, and all kinds of epidemic sections are killed by 10,000 square meters.

  (2) Organization launched a nucleic acid detection of all employees. From December 7, Shaoxing City Nucleic Acid Detection Base was enabled. The city was tapered in the city to take on nucleic acid testing.

Since December 11th, the Provincial Health and Health Committee emergency distribution group is 3, which is expected to be completed before 24 on December 12th, officially put into use on December 13.

At 8 o’clock on December 8, the first-round nucleic acid sampling test was carried out on the key area of ??Shangyu District. 1,200 medical staff entered the streets of Baiguan, Cao Yu Street, enabling 75 sampling points. A total of more than 10,000 sampling test work . On December 10, the organization launched the first round of nucleic acid detection in Shangyu District and sampled.

At the same time, in order to strengthen risk management, other districts and counties have also launched all nucleic acid testing, as of December 12th, the above areas have a total of 10,000 copies, and have completed the test.

  (3) Do a good job in dissection control.

Emergency enabling spare quarantine hotel, in accordance with the "one-point" program that has been developed, the hotel is completed within 24 hours, the hotel is vacated, "three districts and two channels" transformation, peripheral environment physically partition, material security supply, management team The assembly and other matters ensure that the secrets are adapted, and the secondary secret can be included in the first time. At 20 o’clock on December 12, the city has enabled 58 isolation points, and 5526 are isolated. Among them, 25 of Shangyu District, 2,712 isolated. At the same time, strengthen the supervision of the standardized operation of the isolation hotel, the city’s hospitality, public health and health law enforcement officers, supervise and inspect the isolation hotel, and urge each of the isolation points to regulate management, effectively prevent risks.

  (4) Do a good job in medical treatment.

The Linjiang Branch of Shaoxing People’s Hospital is opened within 1 hour, and the case of cases are prepared. The city urgently calls 20 negative pressure ambulances to carry out the transfer of positive infected people.

Effective treatments were taken in the first time of mild patients, focusing on playing unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, preventing and reducing mildeworthy. On the evening of December 11th, after the emergency, the hospital (City Hospital), a hospital (City Hospital), stably and orderly to transfer 267 heavy patients and 644 ordinary patients to major hospitals in the city, and the Tour of Linjiang Hospital on the same day All cases were transferred to the Affiliated Hospital of the Arts and Science (City Hospital). The spokesman said that the next step, Shaoxing will continue to conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the provincial party committee, under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and municipal government, continue to work hard from the current epidemic disposal, and resolutely win this epidemic, Blocking war.

  The press conference also introduced the material security during the extent of Shaoxing City.

It is understood that after the exhibition of the epidemic prevention and control, Shaoxing has implemented in a timely manner of living materials safeguards in the sealing area and control area.

  Shaoxing City According to the mesh management requirements, Shaoxing has established the town street, village (community), the three-level protection of the three levels of the community, and implements the rapid development of the net whistle, Cao Yu, Dongguan, Xiao Yue, Liang Lake , Fenghui 6 town street living materials demand statistics. With statistics, there were nearly 180,000 residents, more than 40 million people, starting from the afternoon of December 12.

  After clearing the task on the afternoon of December 11, the headquarters immediately issued the instruction, Shaoxing City mobilized, implemented 6 districts, county (city) and 6 town streets, a security mechanism, Baiguan Street For supply, Cao Yu Street is guaranteed by Yuecheng District, and Dongguan Street is guaranteed by Keqiao District. Xiaoyou Street is guaiced by Zhuji City, and Lianghu Street is guaranteed by Zhangzhou City. Fenghui Town is guaranteed by Xinchang County.

All local tissue sources of goods are organized, and the personnel will be arranged to carry out supply. According to statistics, nearly 10,000 people invested in the staff, including nearly 6,000 people in Baiguan Street.

In the case of the task, the first batch of materials was delivered to Shangyu at 6:10 in the morning of December 12, and more than 180,000 live materials ensure that all served in the residents on December 12. This area (city), county (cities) is responsible for consolidating, collapse, and paying attention to quality through a third-party professional company with strong reputation. Shaoxing Market quality management department introduced in advance, quality and food safety.

During the transportation distribution process, do a good job in vehicle and personnel. At the same time, enrich the town street, village (community), lifetime of the three-level grid power, and safeguards to the community in time, to the household. In addition, on the morning of December 12, it was also released to the majority of residents to guarantee the notice, clear delivery time, standards and methods, arranged for the living security of difficult people and urgently needed goods, and publicly opened town street, village (Community) Item Insurance Contact, Contact Information, Expressive Disease Channel, timely, solve problems for the majority of residents. At the same time, the majority of residents abide by the epidemic prevention provisions, maintain a good mentality, advocate frugality, and work together to defeat the epidemic. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.